Chapter 1

I had never really considered myself an especially kinky man. Sure, I could be known to beat off several times a day if I woke up on the horny side of the bed. But on the spectrum of fetishes that men find themselves with, I liked to think that I was around average. In high school and college I usually spent my free time casually flirting with women, but I rarely ever made a move. I never questioned my sexuality, and would consider myself pretty straight. Except for that one time in high school when my childhood friend Fred gave me a blowjob.

Since graduating college and getting a job, I didn't spend that many hours socializing face to face with people. Once I got off the clock I would head home, order some food through a delivery app and play games with my friends. Eventually I would log off and head to bed, scrolling through my phone for a bit and maybe jerking off. Nothing out of the ordinary really. That is, until he reached out to me.

I would be lying to say I didn't occasionally think about him. When we had hooked up, I was dating our mutual friend Sadie. We were at a house party and I brought some blunts to share. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, most of the partygoers were more of the drinking crowd. So Sadie, Fred, another female acquaintance of ours named Gina, and I smoked the majority of them by ourselves. Once we were halfway done with the second one Gina and Sadie decided to tap out. Fred would normally help me finish it but I guess he was feeling the cross fade that night because he declined to hit it again as well. Never one to turn down a challenge I finished it by myself.

Lying on the grass and looking at the stars I was at total peace with the world. I guess I drifted off to sleep though because the next thing I remember is Sadie shaking my shoulder telling me it's time to find a bed. I looked around and saw that Gina and Fred were already inside. The host of the party's parents must have had it off pretty good, because there was no shortage of bedrooms. Fred waved to Sadie and I once we were inside and exclaimed that he found a room with a California King sized bed. Sadie gave me a curious look, but Fred seemed so excited that I ran into the room and jumped on the bed. After a few moments Fred jumped onto the bed to the left of and Sadie reluctantly crawled in on my right.

Now would probably be a good time to mention that Fred was openly gay. I had no problem with his sexuality, as he had been my friend since elementary school. But hindsight being 2020, I can now understand why Sadie was a little uptight about our sleeping arrangements. Sadie curled up next to me and I draped my arm over her and saddled my pelvis right beneath hers. My dick quickly arose to half chub, and Sadie whispered that it wasn't too late to find another bed. I felt bad leaving Fred all alone though. Gina had no doubt found a nice quiet room to herself and locked the door behind her. I whispered back that I was just fine cuddling with her, and she chuckled and quickly dozed off.

After Sadie was sound asleep (which never took very long) I rolled onto my back. I glanced over to Fred to see if he was still awake. His face was being illuminated by his phone screen, and I peered closer to see what he was doing. Sure enough he was on a gameboy emulator grinding through Pokémon Emerald for what must've been the tenth time. He must've felt my gaze because he turned his head to ask if I was enjoying the show. "That nap I took outside must have refreshed me, because I'm just not that tired anymore" I said quietly.

In the process of leaning over to look at his screen, I hadn't realized my semi had been pressed up against his leg. He, however, had noticed, and reached down and grazed his hand across it. If I had been in a fresh state of mind I probably would have brushed his hand away and told him I didn't play for that team. But being that I was high as a kite and he had an innocent and unassuming expression on his face, I let him keep his hand there. I didn't know that I would get that aroused from it. My dick was quickly ascending to full mast, and Fred seemed very entertained by that fact. He removed his hand and reached his arm around my shoulder to pull me in closer to him. Resting my head on his chest I got a whiff of the detergent of his shirt mixing with his deodorant and felt at ease.

"We probably shouldn't be doing this with Sadie right there. She would literally kill me if she woke up right now." Fred whispered.

"We're not even doing anything, silly" I responded.

I brought my hand over to fully cuddle him and I felt my forearm brush against something on top of his abdomen. Curious, I brought my hand back and put it on the elastic of his pants. Beneath my hand I felt a rod that took my whole hand to cover. Looking up to Fred's face, I realized I had always just assumed he had a small dick. Anytime we changed in a locker room together he made sure to always be facing the locker as if he was ashamed of something. Usually, that is the sign of someone who is not confident with their package. I had never considered the fact that he might have been ashamed for the wrong reason. I slowly ran my hand along the extremely thick shaft of his dick until I was nearing his upper abdomen. At this point my mind was blown by the size of his member, and without thinking I quickly went to reach under his sweatpants and sweatshirt. "No, no, no. Not right now Mike." he said sternly while intently looking to see if Sadie had awoken. "Follow me to the bathroom in 5 minutes."

Quietly, Fred got out of bed and walked out of the room, looking back at me to point in the direction of the bathroom. Once he was gone I rolled onto my back again and tried to process what just happened. I had never had the desire in my entire life to put my hand on another man's dick. But right now the only thing I could think about was trying to figure out exactly how big his was. Maybe it was because my head was still clouded, but my decision had been made. With one last look at Sadie, I crawled out of bed and crept over to the door.

Standing in the hallway, I wandered around for a bit trying to find the bathroom. The problem was that all the doors to the rooms were closed because the house party guests occupied them. I really didn't feel like walking in on someone doing the deed. So I stopped walking and just stood there looking at all the doors. "Over here you doofus" Fred called from behind me.

Turning around, I quickly scanned him from head to toe and realized he must have taken the time to calm down his erection. There was no noticeable bulge in his pants, and his face looked damp like he had been sweating. As I walked into the bathroom he closed the door behind me and looked me in the eyes. "I had to splash some water on my face to make sure I wasn't dreaming. You know I've had a crush on you since I was a kid?"

This sudden proclamation of passion caught me slightly off guard, but I responded that I had no idea. Fred leaned his arm against the sink and looked me up and down. Feeling like I was being appraised I struck a pose and winked at him, trying to lighten the mood. He laughed and before I could process it he pulled me in for a kiss. I reciprocated, and even though I thought kissing a man with a beard would be gross, it really wasn't that bad. It was just a tasteful kiss with no tongue. Plus his beard was soft and plush from all the maintenance he put into it. After a couple moments he pulled away and said that that was his first kiss. I was mildly shocked, even though I knew that hardly any kids at our school had come out so the pickings were slim.

I leaned forward and went to put my hand on his crotch. He intercepted my hand and told me he wanted to give me his first blowjob. And who would I be to turn down that request? "Yeah sure go ahead" I responded nonchalantly.

Now my dick was not something I was ashamed of. At a little under seven inches and decently girthy, it had given the few women I had been with a good time in bed. But none of them had been able to take the whole thing in their mouth. I'm not egotistical enough to think it was because of my size though, it was probably due to their lack of experience with giving bjs. But Fred was about to prove my hypothesis wrong.

Undoing my button and pulling down the zipper, Fred got onto his knees and began pulling my pants down. He began rubbing his hand along my crotch over my underwear. My dick slowly sprang to life, inflating it what felt like record time. Once I was fully erect Fred wasted no time and started to run his tongue around the head of my cock. It felt like he was trying to lick through it like a tootsie pop. I already felt like I was close to cumming. No female I'd ever been with and used their tongue like that. Shortly after he began to work his way down my shaft. He kept bobbing his head further and further towards my pubes until he had me down his throat. He held it there for a second, then began sucking like a shop-vac while taking my entire length in and out of his mouth. I grabbed onto the sink with both of my hands as I tried my hardest to not make any noise, but I was damn close to finishing already. I tapped Fred on the shoulder to let him know, and he gave me a look that said bring it on. A couple seconds later I blew my load into my friends mouth.

Fred took his time getting the last remnants of my jizz, even giving me one good lick up and down the shaft for good measure. I curled my toes into the linoleum tiles in sheer ecstasy. What happened next I did not expect. Fred slowly stood up and then started to kiss me with my cum still in his mouth. And unlike our previous smooch, this one had a lot of tongue. Feeling my juices get swapped between our mouths is something that the thought of would disgust the hell out of me. I would never let Sadie do that to me. But Fred had so much confidence and passion in how he did it that I had no qualms. I trusted my friend completely and was along for the ride. After we broke off the kiss, we both took a minute to swallow and just stood there looking at each other.

Fred then turned on the sink and drank some of the tap water to wash out his mouth, and I followed suit. He opened the bathroom door and I followed him out and shut off the light behind me. Once we were outside the bedroom, he put his finger up to his mouth to indicate that we had to be stealthy about this. I walked in first, and could hear the sound of Sadie lightly snoring. I knew it would take a lot to wake her up at this point as she was a heavy sleeper. I crawled into bed and laid down on my back next to her. After seeing she made no movements, Fred laid down next to me and pulled out his phone to resume his Pokémon grind.

It was at this point that I realized I had never discovered the true size of his dick. Still curious, I tried to reach into his sweatpants again but he quickly swatted my hand away. "We can save that for another time" he said, smiling slyly at me.

I frowned, but accepted that for whatever reason he wasn't comfortable letting me see it. I curled up into him and watched him search for a shiny Magikarp for an hour or so, and ended up falling asleep with my head on his shoulder.

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