"Pff!" The dragon girl giggles as you pull up her shirt, accidentally tickling her a bit as you do. She raises her arms, allowing you to remove it entirely, and reveal her smooth stomach. "C'mon, Anon. You really wanna do this? I'm a dragon, you know." She grins at you smugly. "We're a bit tougher than humans."
Ignoring her attitude, you pull off her jeans, revealing her panties along with her bra—a matching set of black and purple. Despite her tough talk, you could see a bit of wetness on her panties.
"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you," she murmurs as you pull down her panties. You blink, surprised—instead of any hair, a tiny patch of dark purple scales marks her pubic mound, smooth skin leading to her glistening pussy
She licks her lips as you trace a finger around her slit, feeling her clit beginning to poke out. her eyes follow the outline of the bulge in your pants, but she still seems more amused than aroused, even as you slip a finger inside of her.
"Holy shit," you mutter. Her pussy was like a furnace—practically burning your finger as you seek a sensitive spot, pressing against her walls. "That's something." You're a bit worried your dick might melt if you put it in, but you'd gone this far now, and couldn't turn back unless you wanted to be teased about it for months.
"Hahaha…" She laughs nervously. "I know, right?" Her eyes betray a deeper feeling—a flash of nervousness, as if worried you would back away. "Think you can handle me?"
"You tell me," you grunt, pulling down your pants. Your bulge is even more prominent now, cock straining against your boxers. Then your boxers drop, and your dick springs out, achingly hard as you press it against the dragon's groin, feeling her internal heat meet your pulsing rod.
"Pffhahahahaha!" She bursts out laughing, looking down at your member. You grit you teeth—you didn't think dragons were that big—you considered yourself above average in terms of size. Was it really that much of a difference? "Anon!" she gasps, finally composing herself. "That's way too big! I'm never gonna able to—" Before she can even finish, inspired by the rush of confidence from her words, you thrust inside her.
"AAAHH!" Selen screams as you penetrate your, a tight, wet heat pressing against the tip of your cock. You barely make two inches inside before you have to stop—peculiar, since she'd told you her hymen had broken centuries prior. "Fuck! Gimme some warning, would you?"
"You still sure about me not being able to please you?" you murmur, a smile still on your face. From the red on her cheeks, you could tell that that hadn't been a scream of pain.
"L-look, Anon, just take it slow, and—"

"Ah! Ha, ha! Ffuck!" the dragon pants, exhausted. She'd stopped being an active participant three orgasms ago—she was just too sensitive, having cum almost a dozen times already as your cock dug at her sensitive spots, pressing against her womb. "S-slower!" she begs.
"Rrgh!" Instead, you do the opposite, thrusting into her harder than before. Her clawed hand digs into your back, leaving furrows in your flesh—her human hand isn't much farther behind, though the wounds a little lighter.
It only inspires you to be rougher in return, your teeth sinking into her shoulder as you bite down, claiming her body as your own. Selen had already done so to you multiple times—this was just payback. She shudders in your grasp, another orgasm wracking her body as you press agianst her g-spot.
Good timing, as you're about to cum too. At this point though, you're too far gone to think of anything other than releasing inside—you practically roar out your orgasm, driven to bestial heights by your mating with the feral dragon girl.
You pull her body close to yours as you tip over the peak, cock twitching as you seed her womb with your hot jizz—she lets out a surprised gasp as she feels your cum splash into her deepest parts, stuffing her womb with your semen in seconds.
When you pull out, gasping for air, she just lies there, her ruined pussy leaking cum slowly onto the sheets. It takes her a few minutes to come back to herself, a low growl in her throat as she rises.
"Dumbass," she whispers into your side as she cuddles up to you. "You can't just cum inside me like that… you better take responsibility." Her tone carries none of the normal playful teasing, instead showing you a surprisingly vulnerable side of her as she lays her scaled hand on her stomach, as if feeling her womb, stuffed with your seed. "Shit, I might really get pregnant…" she murmurs, clicking her tongue. "You're crazy, dude."
At that, your cock rises again, and she gasps, looking at your member as it returns to full strength in only moments after hearing those words.
"W-wait!" she chokes out as you roll back on top of her. "At least gimme a few minutes to—fuck!"

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