Paula felt a rush of warmth and was almost disappointed as Inga eased her hips back against the table. But now Inga moved to the right side of the table and began the series of motions again. Paula allowed herself to surrender to the delicious touch and enjoy the experience.

Paula felt Inga lift the towel off her body and set it aside on the table. Inga's warm hands immediately begin to massage the large muscles in her butt and Paula felt more warm oil being rubbed into her skin. Inga was now standing at Paula's right side and her left hand spread palm-down over Paula's right ass cheek and slid under her thigh. Inga paused and applied pressure to Paula's thigh and Paula responded by raising her hips now off the table, her weight being supported by her knees. Inga returned to her soft strokes down and under Paula's thigh but then her hand turned and cupped Paula's pubic bone. Inga paused and Paula could feel her hand widen and her fingers trace down the inside of the "Vee" between Paula's legs. The feeling that rushed through Paula's body was electric and she craved more.

After three strokes, Inga's hand slowed and as her hand traced upwards between Paula's legs she felt Inga's middle finger slide between her lips. Pausing for a second, as if to judge her reaction, Inga made several similar strokes pausing more each time. Paula's mind was not processing anything but the pleasure and she felt a second of disappointment when Inga eased her hips back to the table and said quietly,

"Turn over on your back now."

Paula rolled onto her side and then continued until she was lying fully on her back. She felt Inga lift Paula's head and place a small pillow under her head, below the padded circle that had supported Paula's face.

Paula was now comfortable being naked and didn't think about the towel. Inga moved to the foot of the table and worked the tops of Paula's legs and then moved to the head of the table.

Paula was conscious of Inga standing at the head of the table and then felt her lean over her, extending her arms down to Paula's abdomen. As Inga extended her reach over Paula's head Paula could now see the fullness under Inga's sports bra. Her breasts now only inches above Paula's face. Paula could see Inga's nipples strain outward against the tight fabric.

Inga moved to Paula's side and began to massage her lower abdomen and using the soft kneading motion worked over Paula's rib cage and then under her breasts. Each stroke moving further upward. Paula ached for the touch and now when Inga's hands finally pressed against the bottom of Paula's breast, Paula reflexively lifted her hand and placed it on Inga's hip. As Inga explored Paula's chest and began to circle her nipples, Paula began to trace her hand down the smooth tight curve of Inga's ass and the tight fabric of her stretch pants.

Paula was now completely lost to the sensations and not conscious of her actions. She was aware of Inga's left hand alternately rubbing and then teasing Paula's hard nipples and Inga's right hand tracing the inside of Paula's right thigh, moving ever closer to the still-sensitive bare skin.

Paula's right hand was moving on its own and traced up the small of Inga's back and Paula's fingers traced the edge of the straps over Inga's left shoulder.

Paula had no expectations and was now simply enjoying the sensuous touch of another human being.

She was surprised but not disappointed as Inga paused and lifted the sports bra off and over her head. Paula looked up and saw Inga's firm medium-sized breasts with large dark extended nipples.

Inga returned her hands to Paula's body but her right hand was now exploring intently between Paula's legs. Paula's hand slid in front of Inga and felt the firm weight of her breasts and as Paula touched Inga's nipple, Inga's head tilted back and Paula felt Inga exhale.

The fingers of Inga's right hand were now spreading Paula's lips and exploring inside and Paula could feel her clit responding. Inga's left hand moved to the head of the table and she leaned down, her nipple an inch in front of Paula's lips.

Reflexively and hungrily, Paula parted her lips and raised her head to take the large offered nipple. As she felt a woman's nipple for the first time she felt her body respond to the new exciting experience.

She could feel Inga's breathing but as Paula felt her lips close on the nipple she knew her body could not stand much more of Inga's simulation. Inga's experience allowed her to know exactly where Paula was and her fingers probed deeper and lifted upwards to the spot she knew well and Paula convulsed in orgasm. Paula's lower body rocked upward off the table and her arms clutched at Inga. Inga wrapped her arms around Paula's chest and steadied her until her breathing calmed and then eased her back to the table.

Paula lay spent on the table and Inga covered her with a warm towel.

"I hope you enjoyed your massage," she smiled after Paula began to recover.

Joni and Marge enjoyed massages at their gym sometimes after workout classes so after the unique experience of her wax treatment, Joni felt more comfortable as she lay on the table waiting for her masseuse. She felt tingling sensations from the treatment between her legs but found it more erotic than uncomfortable. She had been shocked when she saw her reflection in the mirror of the treatment room but she reminded herself the whole reason she was on this girls weekend was to experience new things.

Things changed a bit as the door opened and she realized the massage would be conducted by a masseur instead of a masseuse.

"Hello my name is Sean" said the cheery voice as he entered the room.

Joni inhaled quickly and was glad she had chosen to spread the entire towel over her body.

"Jane is one of my favorite clients and she said that you would enjoy the same type of massage she prefers so let's get started" he said.

Joni collected herself and tried to relax as Sean began to arrange things in the room, turn down the lights and adjust the volume up on the soothing music being played.

Joni rose up on her elbows as much as she dared to look at Sean. He smiled back and continued his work. He appeared to be in his late 20's or early 30's and was very good looking. His blonde hair was short and although tanned he didn't have the "beach boy" look that Joni found unappealing. He was very trim and rock solid but had the physique of a gymnast not a linebacker. Joni had to admit that Jane had good tastes. From her side view she could only see that he was wearing black spandex workout shorts like a biker and a bright blue tank top.

Still nervous, Joni eased back to the table and tried to slow her breathing. She wondered if she would have felt better if the masseur was older and less attractive but decided this was better.

As Sean began she could tell he was experienced and was not overly firm with his touch. She was beginning to relax and enjoy the attention. Attention was one of the reasons she was here after all!

Sean tactfully folded back only one corner of the towel at a time and engaged in light conversation. Joni had to admit to herself his touch was very exciting and she might reconsider her gender choice of therapists in the future.

As Sean settled into his work she drifted off and he worked quietly. After working her shoulders, arms and upper back he positioned her arms to hang off the sides of the table and turned his attention to her legs. Beginning at her feet he progressively moved up her legs and when he moved to the side of the table and begin to massage her thighs she began to feel her body respond to his soft warm touch.

As Sean worked her thighs he folded the towel upwards as he went and her legs were now exposed. Although she didn't have the confidence of her friend Marge, she was pleased that her legs were toned, at least for a 40 something woman she mentally added.

Sean had worked everywhere on her backside except her butt and she tensed a bit as his hand finally slid far enough under the towel to knead the cheeks of her butt. Although the same strokes that her usual masseuse used, the touch of a man was different and she could not keep her body from responding. She could feel warmth between her legs and her nipples stiffened against the towel on the table. Sean's touch became softer and the strokes were longer as the oiled palm of his hand slid easily over her ass and down her thighs. As his hand slid between her legs she could not help herself and felt her legs spread.

Sean sensed this and his strokes up the inside of her thighs began to first move gently against her sex and then with increasing force until his hand stopped, cupped her and raised her slightly off the table. She could not stop herself from enjoying the sensation and gladly raised her hips. She could feel her arousal build and was disappointed when Sean gently stopped and eased her back against the table.

He raised the towel and politely turned away and said, "I'm ready for you to turn over now."

With a mixture of disappointment and relief Joni rolled over onto her back as Sean spread the towel over her body. Joni closed her eyes and tried to relax as Sean placed a pillow under her head.

As Sean began at her feet she stole glances at him as he worked and realized that he was even better-looking than she thought. She laughed mentally as she envisioned him as a male dancer at some of the bachelorette parties she remembered as her sorority sisters began to marry years ago.

As his hands slid up the fronts of her thighs it was almost as if she could feel the energy move right up inside her and she felt her nipples harden.

Sean moved to the head of the table and after massaging her neck and temples he leaned forward over her to continue his strokes down the tops of her arms. She began to meld into the table. He moved to her right side and gently placed her right hand at the edge of the table. As he leaned over her to position her left hand similarly, she felt the spandex of his shorts fall against the open palm of her right hand and realized that the solid mass she felt was his cock. As he stood and folded the towel up to expose the tops of her thighs, she looked and realized for the first time the large bulge in the front of his shorts.

Joni had seen enough online videos to realize he was huge.

As Sean began to work her thighs the touch aroused her even more as his hands moved just to the edge of the towel. As he leaned over each time to work her left leg his cock seemed to fall subtly into her hand. Joni's head was swimming with stimulation and the combination of his hands on the tops of her thighs and his crotch against her hand she began to move in rhythm to his touch. Sean's hands now moved solidly against her pussy as he continued to stroke up her inner thighs and she began to moan softly.

Joni was no longer in control of herself it seemed and she turned her hand inward so that her right palm was now firmly against the front of his shorts. Her exploring fingers confirmed that he was very well endowed and he became even harder and larger. The tip of his cock now rising against the elastic waist band as if trying to escape.

Sean reached his left hand up to the edge of the towel and pulled it away from her body, she now lay completely exposed to him but her passion kept her from any awareness of embarrassment. His left hand now found her straining nipples and his fingers traced circles around the dark areolae. His right hand pressed firmly against her pussy and she could feel his fingers begin to explore inside.

Her right hand, although at an awkward angle, continued to explore and she had to feel him. Her fingers clutched at the waist band and he stopped and quickly removed his tank top. She marveled at his young sculpted chest and he turned away as he slid his shorts down over his hips to his feet and stepped out of them. Knowing that he had her full attention he turned back toward her and she could see his massive cock, tilting solidly upward.

As his hands returned to her straining pussy, Joni wrapped her small hand around his cock and began to stroke him as the full weight and size of his cock lay against her abdomen. Sean's fingers now found the exact spot of maximum sensitivity and she was close to the edge for the first time in months, maybe even years. In a flash her body tensed and exploded in orgasm.

She wasn't finished though and she had a primal urge to see him cum. She rose up off the table brought her left hand over and now stroked his immense cock over her chest and as she remembered what Paula said in the sauna, she looked him in the eyes and as she worked the monster cock with both hands, she felt a torrent of warm cum flow over her chest. Sean grabbed the table to steady himself and Joni was possessed and continued to drain every drop from his full balls. As he stopped, she rubbed the warm cum into the soft skin of her chest.

Sean reached for a warm moist towel and still conformably naked, wiped Joni's body. As the moist towel collected the oil Joni thought of Penny's comment and hoped her unexpected skin treatment would produce positive results.

As Joni left the massage room in her thick robe, Paula was just emerging from her room.

"How was your massage?" Joni asked.

Paula was pleased and surprised at Joni's initiation of conversation and although she was still conflicted by her experience she smiled and said "It was soothing."

The girls smiled and headed back to the showers.

Feeling refreshed from their showers and now back in their comfortable warm-up outfits, Paula and Joni were directed to the nail salon at the spa. Sheila, Marge and Jane, were finishing their treatments and Jane smiled and asked, "Are you enjoying your day."

Paula looked for the hint of a knowing smile on Jane's face but was pleased to see Jane as the picture of discretion. Perhaps Inga had not mentioned anything to Jane. Joni blushed but nodded excitedly and Paula laughed as she noticed the change in Joni's behavior.

As Joni and Paula were directed to two open stations, Jane said they were going downstairs for Mimosas and would be back to meet them when they were finished.

Paula found a shade of dark red that she would not have chosen at home and as Joni considered a bright red, Paula was surprised by her choice. Joni looked at Paula for concurrence and asked Paula, "Do you think it's a little too......well....slutty?"

Paula laughed aloud and assured Joni that it was perfect for her hair and skin color. As the technicians went to work, Joni began to talk excitedly about the evening ahead and how much she was enjoying her girl's weekend. Paula found that Joni met her husband her senior year of college and they were married one year out of college. Although she enjoyed raising her two children and was now enjoying her free time and career their home life was routine and she was hoping for a little more excitement.

Paula found herself genuinely liking Joni and was thinking about her own life. She began to feel fortunate for the time at college and her first three years after law school where she had a chance to experience some freedom and excitement. Although there were times when she felt their home sex life was too routine, she thought of the events of the past few months and felt even more fortunate.

Paula's mind drifted momentarily to Tom and wondered how his weekend was going.

As the technicians finished, Paula saw Sheila, Marge and Jane enter the salon. They were laughing and Paula wondered if they had only had one Mimosa.

Paula and Joni joined the others and they walked back through the reception area and out the door. Paula was surprised that no one had mentioned their spa charges which must have been substantial.

Paula looked at Sheila and said, "When can I settle the spa charges?"

Sheila smiled and said "Penny will explain that later."

Paula wanted to ask more questions but decided to wait.

After a quick lunch of salads, the girls went to their rooms to change, add make-up and meet downstairs for cabs to Anne's shop. By now everyone was talking excitedly like old friends. Paula had feared that if anyone didn't get along the weekend would have been pretty awkward but her fears were unfounded.

As they entered the boutique, Paula and Joni were impressed by the styles and selection. It seemed to cater to mature women who enjoyed current fashion yet sizes and styles fit more mature figures.

Anne and Penny were already there and Penny had several outfits already chosen so she devoted her efforts to add her input to the others. Anne welcomed the girls and introduced Paula and Joni to Erma, a middle-aged Latina with a pleasant smile and a measuring tape around her neck. Anne explained that she found it helpful to have all their actual measurements on file since all clothing lines seemed to have different interpretations of the basic numbered size conventions in women's clothes.

Paula and Joni followed Erma to the alterations section of the shop and Erma quickly filled out a pre-printed form for each. She explained that they would add that to the store's computer so that they could be accessed at any of Anne's shops.

As Paula and Joni joined the others, each had several outfits in hand. Penny smiled and told Paula and Joni to follow her to the dressing rooms.

Joni looked surprised and said, "I haven't picked anything out yet."

Penny laughed and said, "Don't worry dear, we took care of that for you."

Penny pulled aside the curtain at the first dressing room and motioned for Paula to enter. Paula looked and noticed several colorful outfits hanging on the wall hooks.

Penny said, with a mischievous smile, "Come out as soon as you change and we'll let you know if we approve."

Penny hurried Joni down the hall to another room and Paula closed the curtain and considered the first outfit. A grey pin-striped suit.

Although Paula had a closet full of suits this one had a stylish cut to it and the jacket gave her torso a long lean look. She liked it and knew that with the right blouse it would be something she felt very comfortable in.

Paula walked tentatively out of the dressing room hall into the typical mirrored area. Penny, Anne, Jane and Erma were waiting. Penny said, "Turn around dear, let us see."

Paula felt a little self-conscious but admitted the well-cut suit looked good on her frame. Anne and Penny both exclaimed their approval. Anne noticed Paula look at the price tag on the right cuff and before Paula could be shocked at the price, Anne said, "We offer a substantial discount for our club."

Penny and Jane nodded emphatically and Paula decided to ignore the financial aspects for now.

Erma approached and gave the outfit a few professional tugs and adjustments and then nodded her approval.

Just them Joni joined them in a classic "little black dress." Joni was continuing her new animated behavior.

She looked into the full length mirrors and pivoted one way and then the next but turned to the group and said, "I couldn't wear this in public."

As she turned, Paula noticed the dress fit perfectly over her trim petite figure and showed a fair amount of her firm thighs. The front however, was cut deep to the waist. Although it fit her perfectly Paula could imagine Joni was uncomfortable and Paula had to admit she wouldn't be comfortable either. Paula acknowledged that Joni certainly had the right figure for the dress.

Penny was first to speak and said, "Don't worry dear, Erma can shorten the hem if you like."

Joni looked at Penny in disbelief and self-consciously pulled the dress down and tried to pull it together in the front.

Marge appeared wearing a bright red fitted jumpsuit that clung to her hips and looked stunning.

She said, "Joni don't be such a prude." "Most women our age would kill to look as good in that dress as you do." "Stop pulling at it and relax."

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