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07 November 2018 – Bobsweet Standard is a feature-rich robotic vacuum cleaner that beats the competition in almost every aspect.
After a long day at work, where you had to deal with your boss and sometimes your colleagues, all you want to do is to come home and enjoy the free time with your family. Certainly, you do not want to spend the spare time vacuuming or cleaning the house. Unfortunately, cleaning is part of the tedious chores that we must perform. If you have a furry pet living with you, then vacuuming must be included in the daily routine, otherwise, the fur will accumulate and make lots of mess. On the good part is that there are robots that can replace this tedious task, and one of the best company of robotic vacuum cleaners manufacturers is Bobsweep.
Bobsweep is a Canadian company, that focuses on developing and building automatic vacuum cleaners. There are many models of bobsweep, depending on your needs and budget. The most versatile is the bObsweep Standard. It provides four main function: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting with the UV light. Because it is equipped with tens of sensors, it will detect all the obstacles around the house, as well as any drops, hence it can work independently without you worry. Furthermore, the top display will allow you to program a cleaning schedule for every day of the week. Combing all these, with the largest dustbin you can find on the market, bobsweep Standard need minimal maintenance. The device is available in two colors, red and silver. If you have a hairy pet, then you may consider the PetHair model from Bobsweept. All the PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop reviews from tens of hundreds of customers are really pleased with this product, which was specially designed to clean the fur from carpets, wood tiles or any other surface. It also comes with a remote control, through which you can plan the cleaning, or you can use it like a joystick to clean particular areas. Any bobsweep model will sense when the battery will go below 15% and go to the docking station by itself to recharge the battery.
For more information about Bobsweep, you can read the Standard Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop reviews on Home Depot website. Also, you can order any Bobsweep from the online store.
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Bobsweep is an amazing manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners based in Canada.
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