"Goodbye, pet. I'll be back in a little while. Be a good girl and don't go anywhere while I'm gone, now."

Your smug face was the last thing I saw as you chuckled, gazed into my worried, anxious, wildly aroused eyes, and closed the doors of the closet, leaving me bound in pitch blackness. I heard you tie the plastic tie around the handles of the doors; I knew that's what you were doing, as we had tested it just minutes before to make sure that it wouldn't come undone with my struggles (that sent a shiver down my spine) but that if I threw my body against the doors with reasonable effort, the tie would break, freeing me from the closet. Once free from the closet, I'd be able to untie the knot partway up my back and the rope harness you tied onto me would fall away. In my current position though, the closet was too narrow for me to get my hands that high up and I was bound tightly. You assured me that if you came home to find me outside the closet for any reason short of emergency, I would find no pleasure whatsoever in the punishment you had planned, and I knew from past experience that you would follow through with your threat.

It all started just a short half hour earlier. I knew I was being a pest, nipping at your earlobes, whispering filthy things in your ear while you were trying to focus on what you were reading.

"I'm trying to focus," you growled, with just a hint of a playful smile behind your eyes. "Do I need to tie you to the bed to get you to leave me alone?"

"You might just," I nodded solemnly.

In one fell swoop, you picked me up, threw me over your shoulder, carried me to the bedroom, and tossed me down onto the bed. Just as I started to regain my bearings, I felt your hand grab my hair, pulling me face down onto the bed. I felt your weight press down against my back as you jerked the hand in my hair so that my head turned sideways so I could breathe. I felt you tie my hands crossed behind my back and get up off the bed. You pulled me up to stand next to the bed, your hand once again gripping my thick curly hair as I scrambled to follow, unable to move quickly with my hands bound. By the time I'd caught my breath, you had my entire upper body decorated with a basic, yet very effective, rope harness, including a crotch rope that was already starting to feel slippery with my juices and felt fantastic against my clit, for the time being anyway.

I stood there, gazing at you with lust-filled eyes, waiting to see what would happen next, when something startled me out of my reverie.

Your phone alarm.

"Ah, fuck. That's my 5pm reminder that I need to get to the hardware store before they close at 6 today. Sooooooomeone has been telling me how much they want that new shelf put together and how it can't wait."

"What's one more day?" I asked, hopefully.

You looked thoughtful for a moment, then chuckled. "Now now, I wouldn't want to disappoint my loving partner. But it would be such a shame to waste such a good rope harness, wouldn't it?"

And that's how, with an adjustment here, an addition there, I wound up in my current predicament. How you easily pulled the crotch rope aside to slide a vibrator into my dripping wet pussy. How you tied my legs together at my thighs, knees, and ankles. How you teased and sucked at my nipples, only to attach clothespins to them when I moaned with pleasure. I didn't know where you were going with this, but this was exactly what I'd intended when pestering you and didn't pay much attention to where this was going to go.

Until you stopped, opened the closet, and started removing the clothes from the lower bar.

"What are y-" I started to ask.

"Shhhh," you responded. Then you picked me up, bent my legs, and placed me gently on the floor of the closet.

"I... no... what?..." I stammered. I do NOT like small places. Or the dark. It's not a full-blown phobia, and we have played with those things before, but you have always stayed right with me as we did.

"Shhhhhh," you soothed, kissing my forehead and gently brushing my hair off of my face. "You'll be perfectly safe."

Then you did your tests, made your threats, and closed me into the darkness. I struggled against my bonds, mostly just for the pleasure of it and to soothe and distract from the unease I was feeling, as I knew I was going exactly nowhere. You wouldn't leave me alone like this, right? You were obviously just pretending to go out to fuck with my head, right?

That's when I heard the key turning in the lock of the front door. Then the garage door. Your car radio that you listen to so loudly we sometimes get complaints from the neighbours.

No no no no no. You wouldn't. You wouldn't leave me alone, tied up in a small dark place. You're definitely faking. You just wanted me to think I was alone. You definitely snuck back quietly into the house. You're just fucking with my head.

Then why did you make sure I could get myself out under threat of intense punishment if the place wasn't burning down or something? Wouldn't you have just sat outside the closet listening for me to safeword as needed if you weren't going to actually leave?

"Sir?" I called out. No response. "Honey?"


I was completely, utterly alone.

I sighed as I closed the closet door on you. The disbelief, the lust, the fear in your eyes was an absolutely intoxicating combination. It made me almost grateful that we were interrupted by my hardware store reminder, though after that look in your eyes it was almost too difficult to tear myself away...

I tied the double doors together with a fresh plastic tie after we'd proven the first one could be broken and stayed back for a minute, listening. Some struggling (I felt a warm flush of arousal at that), but no suuuuper heavy breathing, no crying. Part of me wanted to soothe you with my voice, but the larger part, the darker part, the more dominant part of me wanted to see how you'd do when I pushed your limits like this.

I am, however, only human. I wanted to hear the delicious sounds I knew you'd be making later, so in addition to connecting my phone to the app that controls the vibe in your pussy, I also called my phone with yours so that as long as I remained on the call, I'd be able to hear you. I muted the call on my phone so you wouldn't know I was listening in.

Once I drove off, I stopped the car about half a block away from our place. I took a good long listen, just to make sure it was safe to leave. I heard you call out "Sir?" That sent a thrill of arousal coursing through me. When you didn't hear a response, you called out in a tiny voice, "Honey?"

Poor dear. I could hear the fear and uncertainty in your voice. If I had still been in the apartment, I might've cracked at that and come to soothe you. But that half block was enough for me to stick to my resolve and experience the honour and pleasure of your submission. The knowledge that as much as it is 100% within your power to free yourself from that closet, you'd choose to endure the panic and worry and pleasure and frustration that you'd soon have. All for me. All for me and my pleasure. The knowledge that you, my beautiful creature, my beautiful pet, were submitting to me and my pleasure, which in turn would give you pleasure.

I turned the key in the ignition to start the car again to be on my way to the hardware store, but not before pressing a few buttons on my phone to start up that vibrator locked in your cunt by the crotch rope. Not too much, certainly not enough for you to achieve an orgasm, but juuuust enough to frustrate you. And to elicit that delicious small yelp and thud as you jumped as best as you could in your bonds, startled, not to mention the whimpers and moans that played through my headphones as I began on my way.

Upon the realization that I was alone, tears began to form in my eyes. I took a few deep breaths, collecting myself, reminding myself of how pleased and proud you'd be when you eventually returned to find me right where you left me. Basking in the warmth of the praise from you I imagined. God, I am such a fucking slut for praise.

As I started to calm the fear, I felt my pulse quicken for another reason. I could feel myself submitting to my current situation. To your will. To you, even in your absence. Knowing I could get out if I really needed to, but choosing instead to please you. To submit to you. To put your pleasure ahead of soothing my fear. And in turn, those thoughts sent a shiver of arousal through my body as I symbolically struggled against my bonds again, rubbing the crotch rope against my clit, though it didn't have enough slack to do more than tease me.

As the warm feeling of submission washed over me and I settled myself into the darkness, I felt the vibrator spring to life in my cunt and let out a startled yelp. Ohgod, it felt sooo fucking good. I realized that this must be the new vibrator, the one that either of us could control via Bluetooth in our phones. I let out a soft, deep moan, knowing that although you'd left me on my own temporarily, you'd never leave me outside your control. Moaning in the knowledge that not only did you control my location and movement in this moment, but my pleasure as well.

For a few minutes, I basked in the feeling of my restrictive bondage, the darkness closing in around me, and the pleasure and arousal building between my legs. I knew that this was why you didn't blindfold me; with a blindfold, you can keep telling yourself that the world is still going on around you. But in this pitch blackness, even with eyes wide open, it feels like the world you knew, the world where you could see, is gone and you're just floating, alone, in your own world altogether. I sank even deeper into that warm feeling of submission, the heat coursing through my body almost, but not quite, matching the heat coursing between my legs. I tested my bonds again halfheartedly, really only to satisfy myself with just how deep under your control I really was.

As I relaxed into the sensations, I left the closet in our bedroom behind. I was on another planet, no, another plane of existence, where all that existed was the darkness, my bonds, that constant buzzing between my legs, and, of course, your control over me. And locked in this world, I wanted, no, I needed to cum. I started to struggle more in my bonds, hoping that the addition of that ever so teasing stimulation of the crotch rope against my clit might be enough to put me over the edge, but it wasn't. I sat there, panting in arousal and fatigue, with my efforts having gotten me exactly nowhere. Keeping me exactly how you wanted me, a mess of submission, arousal, and frustration. I noticed I was whimpering and started to beg, even knowing that my words would do no good as there was nobody on this planet, on this plane of existence, or even in our apartment to hear them...

It didn't take long for me to get to the hardware store; it's not far. But I knew for you, the short drive there and the short time it took me to find what we needed probably felt like an eternity. I grinned slyly to myself at the thought of how frustrated you must be by now with all that teasing as I got in line at the store. Cripes, how many people have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than go to the hardware store? This line was going to take forever... good thing I had my toy to play with. Your whimpering in my ears (not to mention the thumps of you struggling in that small space against your bonds trying to get more stimulation) was a truly wonderful soundtrack to my shopping, but now that I had some downtime, it was time to play.

Almost as if on cue, before I even had a chance to open the app controlling the vibrator in your pussy, I heard your desperate moans of "Please.... Please.... Just a bit more.... Need to cum so bad... please..." Ah, my poor, desperate, needy pet. It sure didn't sound like that small, confining closet was bothering you anymore. As far as you knew, there wasn't even anyone to hear your useless pleas. But it sure sounded like it was time to see just how much you would beg, even knowing it was futile...

I opened the app and turned the vibrator up juuuuuuust a little, and I heard your begging turn to moans. As your moans became whimpers, I turned it up just a tiny bit again. I heard rhythmic thumps through the phone and imagined you squirming, doing everything you can to rock your hips to get just a bit more stimulation, finding it nearly impossible from the position you're in. I repeated this cycle a few times- turn it up, moans, whimpers, up, moans, whimpers until I could tell you were on the edge.

You see, my dear pet, you have a tell. I have never pointed it out to you before, as I far prefer for you to think I just magically know, but you're really quite consistent. When you start to get close, your moans get much more high pitched, and when you get very quiet all of a sudden, that's when I know you're just about to cum. So as soon as I stopped hearing your moans through my headphones, I turned off the vibrator and grinned evilly to myself as I listened to your thuds and sounds of frustration and denial.

I edged you a few more times before I got up to the cash register to pay. I must say, the wait felt much shorter with such a lovely symphony playing in my ears. As I paid, I left the vibrator on its lowest setting and then was able to edge you twice more as I walked back to the car. Since you seemed to be having sooo much fun, I decided to set the vibrator back on low, toss my phone onto the passenger seat, and take this opportunity to take care of my own arousal before I got back onto the road. As I listened to your begging, whimpers, and struggles, I started to undo my pants...

Was I imagining things? Did this vibrator somehow... respond to my voice? One moment I was begging for more, the next, I... I thought it turned up just a little? Yes, it was definitely going faster. I started to moan. It felt soooo good... but just as before, it reached a plateau and I needed MORE. I started to whimper and, obligingly, the vibrator turned up again. "Okay," I thought. "Yes this is a fancy new-fangled vibrator but this is definitely your MO." Were you here after all? Could you hear me? I knew you were controlling the vibe and my momentary thought of it responding to my voice was ridiculous but I just couldn't figure out how you had such perfect timing.

Perfect? Scratch that. Cruel. Cruel timing. Little by little, you turned up the vibrator, and just as I was on the edge, just when I was about to crash over that blissful wave, it stopped completely. I thrashed in rage, frustration, and denial. I kicked my bound feet against one wall and threw my back at the other (careful to avoiding breaking the tie on the doors), and only succeeded in hurting my feet, giving the clothespins on my nipples a painful twang, and giving myself a nice bump on the back of my head. After three more edges, I was crying hot tears of frustration. I was simultaneously enraged and thrilled by the mystery and control. HOW THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING THIS? HOW COULD YOU KNOW WHEN TO STOP WHEN YOU'RE NOT EVEN HERE? WERE YOU HERE OR NOT?

Then, the vibrator seemed to stay on low for longer and I thought the edging was over. Thank god. The constant low-level stimulation was frustrating as all hell, but way more tolerable than the edgi- oh, shit, there you go again. Maybe you'd finally let me orgasm this time? The vibrations increased until I was right on that glorious edge again... and then they stopped. Again. And one more edge. I burst into quiet sobs, moaning, whimpering, nearly incoherent, please, please, please let me cum, I need it so bad, please, please...

"Oh, my good girl, you certainly don't disappoint," I said to myself in a low voice as I fastened my belt, satisfied at the soundtrack of your begging that helped bring me to orgasm. I wondered, after your brief reprieve, what to do for the way home? Ah, I knew what I would do. I pressed a few buttons on my phone and tossed it back onto the passenger seat, knowing I wouldn't be needing it until we were together again.

I couldn't be sure, but it seemed like the edging was over. Or maybe it wasn't. After that first short reprieve, I'd thought it was over, but it wasn't. My nerves were fried and I was just a pliable, submissive, blubbering mess. I felt warm, floating away into subspace. As if from outside my body, I heard myself let out a quiet moan as the vibrations began to increase again. The vibrator had been turned to high. I had a brief thought "Don't give in, it's just another edge," but it slipped away, almost before I registered it. The thought "Maybe this time..." similarly slipped away, even before I could experience the glimmer of hope. I was just a vessel, feeling the sensations you wanted me to feel, and loving every moment of it.

As I approached orgasm, my moans became louder, higher pitched, and my breath quickened. I came as I let out a soundless scream, writhing in my bonds, riding out the intense orgasm for what felt like hours, days, years, in my lightless, timeless prison. I let out a soft, weak, exhausted moan when I was finished, but the vibrator continued its buzzing. "No..." I panted. "Please... too much... too sensitive..." In spite of my mumbled, incoherent words, the vibrator continued, dragging me inexorably toward another climax.

And again, I came. And again. And again. Maybe. I'm not sure, I lost count after 3. It could have been just those 3, it could have been 20. All I knew was that by the time the vibrations stopped, I was too exhausted to writhe or pull at my bonds anymore and all I could do was let out a soft, nearly inaudible, constant moan. As you gently lifted me out of the closet, placed me on the bed, and undid my bonds, you kissed me on the forehead and told me "I'm so proud of you, my good girl." I fell asleep to the sound of your voice just as the clock clicked to 6:30pm.

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