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One good afternoon, Maxim's new life began. The place of action was Professor Colt's suite. At the appointed time, the professor let him in. The bed was beautifully lit with professional lamps. Several cameras were ready not to miss any posture or movement. And a slide show with classic images ran on a laptop. Maxim's assignment was simple: copy the poses of those classic heroes and let himself be carried away.

Timid but also strangely excited, Maxim stripped. Naked he presented himself for inspection by the professor. A friendly nod was all our young athlete needed to jump to attention. It took him a while to copy the poses of those famous images. A beautiful body was not enough here. That body was self-evident: Maxim trained with almost religious dedication. All known and unknown muscles of his body were in top shape. Professor Colt had recognized the classic beauty of this 20-year-old boy right away when he timidly approached him with a few questions after his lecture.

But the body was no problem at all to be a faithful copy of the images that had been admired for centuries by connoisseurs of male beauty. It was the attitude, the look that made the difference. Fortunately, the soft, mysterious, and at the same time, pleasantly present music helped here. Sensual orchestral sounds made Maxim more and more fuse with his role. The photos and video recordings were proof: he increasingly coincided with the young Greek gods. And once that stage was reached, Maxim was ready to jump into a newer time. Professor Colt, of course, had carefully directed that development. Slowly the images from classical antiquity gave way to the studies that the Renaissance masters had made of those sculptures. As is known, these studies were the beginning of a revival of classical antiquity. It is also well known that that revival was even more sparkling than the original. This bloom was also reflected in the fact that the Renaissance masters were less and less guided by the reluctance of the ancient Greeks to portray the male sex in its natural beauty and size.

Maxim was not at all troubled by thoughts of this historical change. He did not wonder where that change came from but unconsciously registered the increased freedom. For example, our athlete was hardly aware of the fact that he himself showed that increased freedom. His whole body followed the growing boldness of the Renaissance statues and his sex grew with it.

That mental and physical growth did not stop when Professor Colt's presentation came to an end. The carefully selected orchestral music was even more sensual and stimulated Maxim to live up to it completely. In a half-dreaming erotic state, Maxim touched his hard cock while he penetrated his anus with the fingers of his other hand and massaged his prostate. To the rhythm of the music, Maxim brought himself closer and closer to a climax.

Of course, an erudite and cultural man like Professor Colt had carefully selected that music. A quick highlight would be as much waste as the walking around dressed and innocent of this delightful boy who listened to the name Maxim. With such a name you deserve an unforgettable highlight. And so the music worked towards a climax each time, each time a peak continued to fall back and start again with the march to ecstasy. Maxim was now in such a state that he had to completely surrender to this manipulation.

Unsurprisingly, the effect of that time-delayed climax was increasing excitement and ecstasy. Maxims whole body was shaking and sweating with excitement. His boy's ass was bathed in sweat and mucus as Maxim's fingers slid in and out with increasing speed and speed. And with intense play, Maxim's nipples had grown so much that they were standing as if to compete with Maxim's delicious male cock. All blood vessels were swollen while Maxim's balls were filled to the limit ...

And when the music finally reached its peak, of course Maxim's body couldn't stay behind. Big jets of sperm shot up triumphantly. Shockingly, Maxim's chest was covered in greasy white blobs, as if his body wanted to rival the white of the classic marble.

Shockingly, Maxim's ecstasy also calmed, without incidentally returning the athlete to a somewhat normal state. Still, under the influence of his erotic intoxication, the young man rubbed his own semen and mixed it with the generous amount of sweat that had already made his body glisten. The resulting mix of bodily fluids was not only pleasing to the eye but was also irresistible to Maxim himself. He scraped the emulsion off his stomach and chest muscles and licked his fingers. Lethargic and tired from the exertion, he continued doing this until his chest appeared clean. Only the smell betrayed something of the wonderful spectacle in which this body had played the leading role.

Along the way, Maxim again saw the professor and the hotel room where he was. Any initial shyness was still gone. The experience had been so profound that that timidity would disappear for a long time. That, of course, had been exactly the professor's intention. More than pleased with the result, Professor Colt thanked the athlete and asked for his permission to use the material for further scientific and aesthetic research. Maxim immediately agreed. The young man seemed to withdraw into some sort of sleepy state until he suddenly changed his mind. Professor Colt looked irritated at his lab animal. But that irritation was not necessary. Maxim set one condition on camera for the use of this material. The condition was that the tests could not stop. For the sake of science, Maxim was looking forward to all subsequent experiments in which he could play an important role. What scientist in the field of aesthetics and eroticism would not agree to that condition.

With Professor Colt's assurances that subsequent experiments would soon follow, with orders to keep himself in optimal shape for those experiments, and with all necessary contact details, Maxim left Professor Colt's hotel room. Maxim did not notice his clothes were any tighter than usual and so random passers-by got a wonderfully exciting image of a Greek athlete. Trained observers could smell that this paragon of masculinity was indeed practiced in the classical Greek arts.

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