The large, white, claw-foot tub sat there at the end of the tiled room. The setting sun was sending salmon-colored rays through the skylight. Lilly thought it looked surreal as she approached the tub, noting the reflection of the orangish-pink along its porcelain rim. She turned on the hot water, then tempered it with the hot until she could feel the warmth spreading from her fingertips to her wrist. She was nearly lost in the feeling when she noticed it had gotten quite a bit dimmer than when she first began. The sun was gone now, and he would be home soon. She smiled softly. With the tub half full, she reached to the translucent glass canister on the floor. Scented Epsom salts would be perfect for this evening. She used two, large scoops of the coconut scented salt, then, for good measure, added a few capfuls of the foaming formula he favored after a long day.

Lilly heard the front door open and close. Her heart raced every time he came home. The end of the day, when everything from the outside world could be put away always made her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. She was daydreaming again when another sound broke into her thoughts, "You know I adore you in this robe. You always look like you are waiting just for me," he spoke into her neck as he nuzzled into her hair, lightly biting at her shoulder. The black and gold satin robe had been a gift from him last Christmas. Lilly loved the luxurious feel of the fabric over her bare skin, and deep gold color always highlighted the flecks of gold in her skin, and eyes, and her "mane" of hair, as he would call it.

"Mmmm, My Lilly... My Lioness," he growled softly in her ear as he reached around her waist to undo the robe's sash.

"I am always waiting just for you. Whom else would I be awaiting, Lover?" Lilly let her arms fall to her sides as he slipped the robe off her body. Her nipples were at once taut from his deliberate nips at her shoulders and neck. She stood there with the cool air flowing over her nakedness as the robe fell to the floor. She heard his belt buckle coming undone behind her as his mouth kept moving along her skin. She felt him move away and then felt a rush as she realized he was now fully naked behind her. As much as she wanted to turn around, the building tension pushed her towards the tub where she entered slowly.

Lilly settled herself into the scented warmth and drew her gaze upwards along his strong, beautiful, and now naked body to meet his eyes. He had a fire in his dark eyes that always brought her loins to wanton passions. His body was formidable and strong from his dedication to staying fit, yet he had a softness about him which she adored. His natural manhood always made her catch her breath. He was not fully hard, but she saw its fullness and she became alert to the increased salivation in her mouth. She waited to see where he would choose to join her, as it was never a given. She enjoyed being able to lean against him in the bath, but just as much as she enjoyed him leaning back against her, where she could bathe him with soap and sponge, and kiss his back and neck as he often did to her. Which would it be?

He gave a little nod of his head to the left, signaling for her to slide up and allowing him to be seated behind her. Lilly moved forward as he stepped into the bath with her. His long legs slid to either side of her and one, gentle but firm arm reached around her to pull her back against his chest, then held her close just like that. She felt him inhale, then greatly exhale, as if he were finally at ease. They both rested in the bath, allowing the salts to work their magic, relaxing their muscles, rehydrating, and offering the calming aromatherapy they both enjoyed. Yes, this was her most favorite part of their day. It was a silent bonding of their bodies and selves. Lilly thought to herself she could fall asleep just like this as her own body relaxed into his.

His hand, which had been resting just over her left breast, gently began to graze her skin downward. Her nipples were still hard. In truth, they were always hard, not from sexual excitement, but just ... were. His fingers found one protruding tip and he rubbed back and forth between his forefinger and thumb. Lilly was not sure if he meant to cause the excitement as he was so verily apt to do, or just enjoying her body at his leisure. His other hand came up, cupped with a handful of the warm water. He let it fall over her captured breast, then again over the other. He repeated the bathing of her breasts as he continued to roll her nipple between his fingers. He gave a gentle pull before moving to the other nipple, causing Lilly's breath to hitch.

These little sounds were like notes of a symphony to him. He could feel her body responding to his touch. He knew she would respond to most anything he did, and he loved that she was so responsive. In truth, it was easy for him to bring her to quick orgasm when he wanted to make her cum. This was not his plan for this evening though. Tonight, there would be plenty of time to release. His focus was to see just how long he could keep her on that delicate edge of orgasm. He wanted her tension so he could play his symphony on her body, until the development met recapitulation. Ahh, but first, the exposition.

He played with her nipples, alternating between the slight pinch and pull with the flowing water, meant to relax. He felt her legs begin to fall open, a natural response as she began to open for him. His left hand reached down to her leg, lifting it up and over his. His right leg then lifted over her other leg. This left her flower fully open to the water and his explorations. She rested her hands on his thighs and let him enjoy her body. His right hand returned to her left nipple, effectively pinning her to him, as he began to seek out the gentle folds of her petals. His fingers found the folds and he could feel a slickness, even in the water, as she became aroused. Very good he thought to himself.

Lilly was doing her best not to rush the sensations she was feeling. It was always a fight for her to keep her composure when he was exploring her. Her body wanted to give in to the pinnacle of each pleasure. She had learned long ago that she could either orgasm or cum, or both. For her, an orgasm could happen internally, like an explosion of everything inside her head, leaving her in an utter bliss, heady and often disoriented. Sometimes she would even release an orgasm physically, her body producing the creamy, white cum he would spend a great deal of time lapping with his talented tongue. Then there were times, she would endure both simultaneously, the true climax for her, when her body and mind would let go of everything of this world and she would feel as if she were in space, floating, satiated.

She felt him purposefully play with her nipples, lightly pinching and pulling at them. She felt him spread her legs, leaving her open and exposed to the warm bath water, and open to his fingers. They found the folds of her womanhood, what he called her "petals", like a flower. He rolled them between his fingers, pulling at them gently to open her further. His teeth found the back of her neck and she yielded to his mouth. There was no escaping him like this. She could feel his hunger and it fed her want. Her breathing became a bit quicker as she felt his fingers begin to play with her opening. She kept waiting for him to slip inside of her. The penetration would send her into what she presumed would be the first of many orgasms to come. She enjoyed his ministrations, just feeling his fingers grab, and pinch, and pull, at her nipples and her petals, but he would not enter her. She reached down to grab his hand, to make it go inside and he stopped.

"Leave your hands by your sides and just enjoy this Lilly. I want to give you something special if you will just work with me and enjoy this. Let me show you what you can enjoy. Will you do this for me?" he asked but spoke firmly into her ear. He knew where she was mentally. Her body could not tell any lies to him. He had spent a great deal of time learning her responses. He could tell when she was getting worked up. He would need her to communicate tonight though, because she would begin to hold back, her kinesiology would change. She nodded her head and placed her hands on his thighs once more. He kissed her neck where his teeth had left light marks on her tender skin. "When you get close to orgasm, give me a word that will be simple for you to say. What word will that be, Lilly?"

He was making her think. This would both engage her compliance and help her to refocus from the heightened sensations he had been leading her through. He had only begun, and she was already wanting her first release. Not so fast, he thought. Not tonight. Nothing will happen quickly tonight.

"Dingo," Lilly answered quickly, too quickly.

This caught him off guard a bit. It was her safe word. Hmmm, he thought as he kissed down her spine, bringing goosebumps to her skin. No, that would not do. That was only to be used if she needed to come to a full and immediate stop. He did not want the communication of something so important to get lost in this exploration. "Not your safe word, baby. Choose another," as he continued to kiss her, rising back to her neck and down her shoulders.

Lilly hesitated. Why could she not come up with a word suddenly? For her expansive vocabulary, this should be easy, but it is not? She was feeling frustrated. What was he trying to teach her? "Teacher," she blurted out. She was a little tense now from this small annoyance with herself and the requirement.

He smiled against her shoulder. "Teacher is fine." Now, let's get out of this bath before the water gets cold." He gave her nipples a quick, hard pinch, making her yelp a bit as she rose. As she did, her ass was directly before his face and reached out to give it a firm slap. She turned to look at him smiling and whatever frustration she was feeling before melted away.

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