We slept way too late today, and were just taking a few quiet moments to ourselves before getting started on unpacking the last few boxes from our recent move. We had been procrastinating on it, but decided today would be our deadline for getting it done. After all, it's hard to feel like you're home when you're partially living out of cardboard boxes.

I heard your breath catch a little in your throat and looked up from what I was doing to see you rocking back and forth in your chair with a very familiar look on your face. I could see you trying so hard to focus on playing your video game, but the look of arousal on your face told me you were fighting a losing battle (and not the one in your game).

You looked so sexy, being so obviously horny and trying so hard, and failing, to distract yourself. You were curled up in your chair wearing pyjama shorts, thick reading socks that went halfway up your calves, and one of my t-shirts. Absolutely adorable. You caught me looking at you and gave me a pained look. "I know we have a lot to do today, and we were going to start in like 10 minutes but I just need it so bad..."

I checked the time on my phone. Ordinarily, I'd love to tie you to our bed, a chair, our table, whatever really, and tease you mercilessly until you're desperate with need, begging to cum, but I needed your help with things today and really wanted to just get it done. Just because I couldn't turn you into my usual bound, quivering mess of a partner didn't mean I couldn't be a little bit cruel in other ways, though.

"Do you need some help being a good girl so we can get our chores done today, pet?" Your eyes glazed over and a shudder ran down your spine as I started to put that detached, calm, dominant tone in my voice and call you those names. You nodded slowly, probably to avoid begging right from the beginning.

"I didn't quite catch that, pet." I said, expectantly.

You licked your lips. "Yes, I need help being a good girl, please."

"Much better, good girl. Now, I want you to bend over the arm of that chair, hands on the other arm."

You hopped up exuberantly, giving me a playful look. You gazed into my eyes as you bent backward over the chair, arching your back to highlight your breasts, and put your hands on the opposite arm of the chair. You knew that was not at all what I meant, and you looked ridiculous in such an awkward position. I tried to keep a stern, warning look in my eyes as you started giggling, and I couldn't help but be amused at your silliness. This was one of the things I absolutely love about you.

After we both recovered from the giggles, you settled into the correct position, but your gaze followed me as I started to walk toward the bedroom.

"Eyes forward, pet." I needed to assert my dominance and get us back on track. You complied.

I returned with one of our implements from the bedroom and unceremoniously felt your slit with my fingers. "So since that pussy of yours is just begging to be touched, I was going to give you a quick orgasm before we started unpacking, just to tide you over, but your shenanigans seem to have taken up too much time for that, so you'll have to wait until we're done." I could hear your breathing quicken as you determinedly kept your eyes forward. I loved when you gave me such golden opportunities to be mean with my dominance.

"But I'm not completely heartless," I continued. "I promised you a distraction from that needy cunt of yours."

You'd been a good girl, keeping those eyes forward, and hadn't seen me readying the paddle, so you didn't even have time to register the sound of it moving through the air before you felt the impact and let out a deep groan. "And don't you dare move those hands from that chair arm or it'll be a week in denial and not just the afternoon. I don't have time to tie you down."

Another whack of the paddle. Your hands gripped the arm of the chair tighter. "Yes sir, thank you sir," you gasped.

I knew you couldn't take more than about 10 strokes of the paddle, and even that was only for intense punishment for you, so after 5 strokes I switched to spanking you with my bare hand. Besides, I preferred to feel with my skin how the heat blossomed over your reddening bottom.

Once your ass was a deep shade of red, I gently pressed my palm against your right butt cheek and you took a deep breath and clutched the arm of the chair. "Good girl," I murmured. "Now you won't want to sit down while we're unpacking and we'll be done that much sooner! And you're not thinking about that desperate, needy pussy anymore, are you?"

"N- no, sir," you moaned.

I grinned and laughed, I hoped a little bit cruelly. "Then what's that, running down your legs? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you liked having your ass beaten, or at least your pussy does."

You moaned at my words and mocking tone.

"Since you seem so set on getting some stimulation on that needy, desperate pussy of yours, not to mention lying to me about it, but aren't allowed to cum until our chores are done, I have just the thing for you. You'll love it. Now, stay just as you are, pet. Eyes forward."

I left for a minute and returned with a small dollop of toothpaste on my fingertip. I teased your soaking wet slit for a moment before massaging the toothpaste into your clit with my fingers.

I clapped my hands together and said "Alrighty, let's hop to it!" You slowly stood up and made it about 3 steps before your clit started to burn intensely. I grinned just a little evilly and waggled my glistening fingers at you and said "I gotta wash my hands. Meet you in there."

The unpacking went rather uneventfully, but the task was made thoroughly more enjoyable hearing your moans and whimpers as your clit burned while you tried to focus on what we were doing. After about half an hour, you started to get quieter, and I knew the sensations were starting to subside. After another 15 minutes or so, I said "Okay, break time! Want to come sit?"

"I'll stand," you said, grinning, skin flushed with arousal and exertion. "You weren't wrong about not wanting to sit and efficiency." Your hair was sticking to your sweaty face and perspiration poured off your body. I imagined I didn't look much different. You leaned forward onto a stack of boxes to rest.

I quietly left the room and returned with the tube of toothpaste. As soon as you saw it, your eyes widened. I could see the arousal and apprehension dancing in your face, and the expression was delicious. I knew you were so torn between needing the reprieve and needing the stimulation, simultaneously needing and dreading the burning pain. You began to whine.

Wordlessly, I left the room and returned with the bottle of hot sauce. I held it out and said "Moan, whimper, gasp all you want, it's a fucking turn on. But I cannot. Fucking. Stand. Whining. So if you're going to whine, I'll give you something to whine about. And once this is on your clit, even if you safeword, we can wipe it off to decrease it a bit, but the burning isn't going to stop until it wears off on its own. So are you going to be a good girl," I held out the toothpaste, "or are you going to be a whiner?" I held out the hot sauce.

In response, you bent over the stack of boxes, closed your eyes, and took a deep breath as you weighed your options. You looked at me, then looked away and said "I'll be good." You closed your eyes in preparation for the much milder burning of the toothpaste (at least compared to the hot sauce). Instead of pulling down your shorts, by now soaked through, to apply the paste, I placed the tube of toothpaste in your hand. You opened your eyes and looked at me as I watched you, expectantly, arms crossed.

Wordlessly, you squeezed some toothpaste onto your finger, not breaking eye contact with me. "Not so much, pet, you only need about half of that," I instructed as I wiped away about half of what you had squeezed out off your finger. "A little goes a long way."

As you applied the soon-to-be burning substance to your own clit, because I commanded you to, you continued to gaze into my eyes. "Remember- one whine and I have zero qualms about adding the hot sauce to the mix, and you know I will wrestle you to the fucking floor if I have to." In truth, I did have some qualms as I didn't know if the combination of the two substances would cause any damage, but I was confident that just making the threat would be enough to avoid that contingency. Worst case scenario,

I could always apply the hot sauce to your asshole instead. And, clearly, the threat was enough to send a both fearful and pleasurable shudder up your spine.

Once your eyes satisfied me that you understood the rules and the consequences, I added one more thing. "And just so you know, since you were so intent on having your pussy stimulated today, I'm setting a timer for 45 minutes, and if we aren't done by then, we'll be adding another application."

As much as we had started with playfulness, silliness, and giggles, and we both knew that's how we would be afterwards, at this exact moment, you knew I was not fucking around. You knew that unless you wanted more intense, burning, painful and pleasurable stimulation, you officially had a time limit. You weren't sure if maybe you did want more, but as the burning sensation between your legs grabbed your attention, you did your best to focus on completing the task at hand. I was pretty sure that together, we could get it done within the time limit, and as much fun as it was to tease, torment, and dominate you, it was also a fucking turn-on and I was starting to want you badly too.

I smirked to myself as we got back to work and I heard you struggle to keep your breathing even. Every so often, I would hear a moan or whimper and it sent a flush of arousal through my own body. It seemed we were both quite eager, as half an hour later, we were unpacked and our new home was finally complete.

I grabbed the last couple of empty boxes and trash bags and took them to the bins outside. When I came back inside, you were naked, waiting for me with a hungry look in your eyes. I took your hand and led you to the bedroom, both of us eager between the teasing, the anticipation, and the thrill of finally having our new home just the way we wanted it.

As you sank to your knees in front of me and started pulling down my pants and underwear, I reached for a vibrating dildo and handed it to you. "Fuck yourself with this. No cumming 'til I do."

You started licking up my thighs, pausing briefly to gasp when you first penetrated yourself with the toy. We locked eyes as you licked and sucked between my legs. Watching you fuck yourself with a toy while gazing into my eyes and pleasuring me with your mouth was a major turn on, and after all the buildup, I was getting there quickly. You sped up fucking yourself with the vibrator and started playing with your spent clit, which made you moan almost continuously, causing your lips to vibrate slightly between my legs.

I threw my hand out behind me to brace myself on the wall as I let out a groan of my own. Fuck, your mouth felt so fucking good. You looked up at me with pleading eyes, slowing down your hands between your legs to keep yourself from cumming before you finished me off. Your desperation simultaneously brought me closer while making me want to keep you on the edge just a bit longer. You could tell I was trying to hold off to keep you on the edge and started licking and sucking with renewed vigor and desperation.

All at once, I came all over your mouth and face and felt you squirting all over the floor at my feet, our eyes still locked together in blissful ecstasy. In that look was not only our physical pleasure of the moment, but the love we had for one another and the deep, quiet contentment of our life together.

As our orgasms subsided, I found myself sliding down the wall supporting me, only to slip in the puddle of our combined juices and fall hard on my ass. I let out a startled "Oof." You said wryly, "You know, if you liked that, I can grab the paddle..." and we both burst out laughing. You stood up, a little bit giddy still, and gently threw a towel at me.

"Serves you fuckin' right." You grinned.

"Was it too much?" I asked, concerned.

"Mmm, no, it was absolutely perfect. And it sped up the chores, so that's always a win. Almost makes me wish we had some more boxes to unpack..."

"Hold your damn tongue!" I laughed.

You held out your hand to help me up, and once I was back on my feet, I pulled you in for a tight hug and a kiss. As we got ourselves cleaned up and started preparing dinner together, I looked at you and me in our completely unpacked apartment and could only think, "Damn, this feels like home."

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