"Joelen!!", Tory squealed and ran over to hug and kiss the absolutely smoking sexy girl. Jenny felt a twinge of jealousy until Tory beckoned her over and pulled her into a hot three-way kiss with the sexy newcomer. The girls pulled apart, strands of wet saliva dripping from three sets of lips and the blond whispered into Jenny’s ear, "She was mine before you, but I’m glad to finally meet you and I’m soo happy for you both!" Without warning the back of the mid sized tank trunk burst open and out stepped a drop dead gorgeous brunette and a stunning dark haired girl each carrying huge hoses.

As Joelen introduced the two girls Jenny felt a wet tingle in her panties. The brunette Lizzie, was a complete smoke show, short and stacked with huge jiggling tits, curves to die for and a small cute tight banging ass. The dark haired girl, Benita was a bit taller with even bigger breasts and an ass that Jenny just about creamed herself over. Without a word, Lizzie dragged her hose to the hot tub which began slowly draining the water out of the hot tub. Jenny’s eyes widened yet Joelen assured her, "Don’t you fret one bit sexy, we’ll put this tub back better than before when we’re done." After a few minutes when the tub was fully drained the other girl brought her hose up to the edge of the tub. Joelen ran back and flipped up a lever on the side of the tank truck. Almost instantly a creamy bubbling liquid came bursting out of her hose and began rapidly filling the hot tub. Jenny gasped and Joelen took off her hat and shook her long shimmery blond hair. "Yes that’s exactly what you think it is!" She bent over to slip her finger into the front of the hose and let some of the creamy liquid fill her cupped hand. She sauntered over to Jenny and slid her fingers into Jenny’s dripping mouth. Jenny’s eyes rolled back into her head and immediately recognized the sweet creamy taste of warm cum. Tory came close to lick some of the cum dribbling off Jenny’s juicy lips and Joelen joined in and the girls shared a gooey cream filled sloppy three way kiss. Jenny’s knees buckled and Joelen giggled. "Don’t ask how this happened just enjoy. I know all about your and Tory’s naughty fantasy."

After a few short minutes the tub was full of creamy cum. Jenny pushed the button to start the tub’s jets and the cum began to bubble. Joelen unzipped her coveralls, let it slide down to reveal a fuck me red two-piece skimpy bikini. Lizzie stepped out of her coveralls to show she was dressed in an even tinier yellow bikini. Benita slid out of hers to show off her shapely body barely contained by a neon pink bikini. Jenny could not help but notice the bulges contained in each girls bottoms and just about creamed herself again. Jenny slid into the warm gooey bubbling cum and couldn’t help herself. She came instantly adding her load to the full tub. Tory followed and Jenny could tell that she came hard as well. The two embraced letting the gooey spunk cover their creamy bodies and kissed hard. This had been a fantasy the two had shared since they first started chatting on that website on what seemed like ages ago. Neither could believe this dream had finally become a reality.

Joelen, Benita and Lizzie slipped in and joined Jenny and Tory. Lizzie and Benita pulled Jenny into a hot kiss, reached down into the tub to dump handfuls of the sticky jizz over their heads, let it drip down over their faces, lips and tongues as they kissed lustily. Tory and Joelen hugged and slid their cream covered bodies down below and came up with huge mouthfuls of gooey spunk. The two shared a huge cum kiss with streams of delicious cum dripping off every inch of their slippery bodies. Lizzie climbed on to the edge of the tub and spread her legs wide beckoning Jenny over with her finger and slid it in her mouth. Jenny waded over and ripped off Lizzie’s bottoms and slid her cum covered cock into her sloppy mouth. At the same time Jenny felt Benita reach down and yank down her own bottoms. From beneath the bubbling cum bath she felt Benita spread her legs. Lubed with cum she slid effortlessly into Jenny’s throbbing pussy. Jenny slid between Lizzie and Benita moaning with every thrust and suck. Jenny’s body rocked between the two sexy sluts and their cries of passion echoed through the woods. Joelen and Tory came to each side of Benita with giant mouthfuls of cum and began sharing the sweet juice in a creamy jizz filled three way kiss as Benita started to pound Jenny’s slippery cunt. Lizzie’s threw her head back and came hard into Jenny’s gooey mouth. She slid down and pressed her creamy body tightly against Jennys and shared the hot load she had just blown. Benita fucked Jenny even harder as she sucked licked and ate the cum from Joelen and Tory’s juicy mouths. Jenny screamed as Benita came deep up in Jenny’s quivering pussy which made Jenny cum even harder into the bubbling spunk.

Jenny could still feel spurts of jizz oozing as the five girls faced each other. As hands slid over cum covered bodies they shared the most incredible gooiest spunk dripping five way kiss. Five juicy spunk covered tongues lapped, licked sucked each other and five wet moans filled the air. Lizzie came first, followed by Tory, then Benita. Finally Tory and Joelen came together each adding their creamy load deep beneath the bubbling cum filled tub. Joelen sighed lustily and quickly stepped out of the tub to run back to her truck. She quickly came back with five champagne flutes which each girl sank into the tub to fill them with loads of juicy spunk. Jenny and Tory encircled their arms and drank from each others glass. They pulled each other tight and shared the biggest cum filled kiss each of them had ever had in their lives. Joelen, Benita and Lizzie filled their own glasses and shared a huge wet gooey juicy spunk filled kiss of their own. The five girls came together in the center of the tub and filled their glasses once more. They shared yet another sloppy creamy gooey jizz filled tongue kiss and collapsed against each other licking the dripping cum off every inch of their exposed bodies. Finally the five cum drenched girls pulled themselves out of the tub and let their slippery bodies shine in the moonlight. Suddenly Joelen walked back to her truck and flipped the lever to let more cum gush out of the hose filling the tub to the brim once again.

"Ready for Round Two??"

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