I also added the ability to tweak some of the settings through command line arguments. Simply launch the program through the command line and supply arguments specifying what you would like to change. Here is a list of all of the valid options you can specify.

This sets the key used to toggle the mouse locking. You can see a list of virtual key codes here. http://www.kbdedit.com/manual/low_level_vk_list.html

vkid=0x6B (Default: 0x6A)

This will manually change the resolution that the program uses to determine the center of your monitor. It will already try to guess your monitor's resolution automatically, and then divide the two heights to get the center. If for any reason, it is having some troubles

width=1920 (Default: Automatic)

This turns on a debug mode which will list some verbose information about the current state of the program. This will use up another thread to fetch the info, so unless you're troubleshooting, I'd suggest keeping it disabled to save that extra little bit of performance :)

debug=1 (Default: 0)

These three are for managing the sound that is made when you toggle it on and off. The first is to disable it, the second is to set the frequency of the sound, and the third is to set the duration (in milliseconds)

sound=0 (Default: 1)
sound_freq=1000 (Default: 1000)
sound_dur=100 (Default: 10)

This is to set the delay between checks of the toggle key. The lower it is, the more accurately it registers but it may cause a determent to performance.

interval=100 (Default: 30)

Pub: Jan 04 2019 21:22 UTC
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