""we just want to talk about what you did."

"I’m so, so sorry," he said. "I don’t mean any harm. I really don’t. I’m not a mad rapist or stalker or anything. I came to give you these." He held out a W H Smith bag to Jay which she took and opened.

"A box of Milk Tray?" Jay asked

"Yes," the man replied. "I am so, so very sorry for touching you earlier. It was wrong, so very wrong. It’s just that seeing you in the shop I couldn’t stop myself. I’m not a pervert or anything, really I’m not."

Jay threw the chocolates on the bed and crossed her arms again.

"What about fingering me? Did you do that because you thought the lady would love Milk Tray?" Jay asked in a serious tone

"I couldn’t help myself. You were just there, bending over. I thought you were teasing me. You looked so inviting and when I touched you, you didn’t move. You seemed to be okay with that. You didn’t move away from me and I got a bit carried away." he replied. "And the chocolates are sort of an apology and a thank you."

"A thank you?"

"Yeah. A thank you for my first ever blow job. Well, to be honest, my first ever time with a woman."

Both me and Jay looked wide-eyed at each other and then I said,

"You’re a virgin?"

"Yeah," he replied looking at his feet.

"How come?" asked Jay

"I’m not very good with woman, never have been. I’ve always been naturally shy and for many, many years I’ve suffered with a stammer. It’s only recently gone with a lot NLP treatment, you now, Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s been awful growing up. Girls laughing at me when I approach them to ask them out and them telling their friends about it so they can all laugh."

I knew Jay would relate to this. Her brother had a stammer for many years and she told me how lonely it was for him. Very few friends but a lot of teasing and unfriendly comments.

"But you can’t go around touching woman up." I said. "You could get banged up for that and put on the sex register for life."

"I know, I know," the man answered looking down and, I think, close to tears. "It’s wrong. So very, very wrong. I’ve tried to ask so many girls out over the years growing up, but the stammer always made me sound like I was, well, you know, special. The girls took the piss by stammering back and called me nasty names. It was horrible. Even though I have conquered it now, I’ve given up trying. The closest I can get to a woman now is a discrete touch. I work as a photographer’s assistant in a studio and I can’t even talk to the clients if they’re female. Luckily my manager is understanding and deals with them himself or his wife will if she’s helping out that day, although, I find it hard to talk to her also and she is so, so pretty."

"What’s your name?" asked Jay, sounding sympathetic

"Paul," he replied

"How old are you Paul?" she continued.

"Twenty last month."

Twenty and still a virgin, I thought to myself. He really has had it bad.

"Well, Paul," she said. "You’re not stammering now. What’s to stop you asking girls out now?"

"I don’t know how. I’ve missed those teenage years of learning about girls and finding out about the gains and pitfalls. I’ve never even kissed a girl. I would probably get that wrong. I’ve never seen nor touched a woman’s breast and I’ve never touched a woman’s pussy before…until today"

Jay’s eyebrows raised at that comment and it was a surprise to me too.

"Is it only sex shops where you touch woman up?" I asked

"Normally. I thought that the only type of woman I who went in those shops would be women with a bit less morals. I mean, they’re go there for sex toys and DVD’s and stuff. A quick touch and a grope would maybe be expected, judging by the type of bloke who goes in them."

Jay uncrossed her arms and put her hands on her hips. Her breasts were jutting out against the thin fabric and her erect nipples were clearly evident. Even though we were now having a serious conversation with her groper, I hoped she was still feeling horny. I glanced over at the bed and saw the carrier bag lying empty. A quick glance in the wastepaper bin confirmed a suspicion I had earlier when Jay said she was having a wash. In the bin was the opened and empty anal douche packaging. On the floor next to that was Jay’s G-string. All we had to do was get rid of Paul then the fun can begin.

"Do you normally get away with it?" Jay asked.

"I’ve only done it a few times. Normally the women have a quick look around to see who touched them but I make sure I can find a way out quick."

"And I suppose you then run home to have a wank over it?" she continued.

"The nearest toilet actually," he replied still looking down, ashamed. "Well, toilet, bushes, alleyway, anywhere I can get away with it.

"Ever been caught touching someone?" I asked. In a strange way I was actually starting to feel sorry for him.

"Only once," he replied. "I patted a woman’s bum as I passed her in another shop. It was only a light pat; I didn’t grope her or anything, just a light pat. She screamed the place down and pointed at me shouting ‘that pervert just touched my arse!’ I froze, I didn’t know what to do or say. I didn’t realise she was with a group of friends, both men and women. They chased me to Oxford Street. I only lost them in Selfridges."

"And how long did you hide in there?"

"Long enough to find the toilets." He answered quietly.

"Have you never tried a prostitute?" I asked, "I mean, you’re in Soho often by the sounds of it, excuse the Pet Shop Boys pun."

"They’ve approached me but I can’t even talk to them," he answered shaking his head. "They start talking, asking me if I’m looking for a girl and the answer I want to say is yes, but I just can’t reply. I just walk away. Like I’ve said, I’m not good at talking with women."

"Well, you’re talking to me now, aren’t you?" Jay said approaching him and taking his now shaking hands. "You have to stop touching woman up. That’s a definite no-brainer. It’s not the sort of thing that a box of Milk Tray will make better"

"And you could get seriously hurt." I said. "One day you’ll touch the wrong woman and it will have serious consequences for the rest of your life."

"I will, I will stop touching them," Paul replied still looking down and nodding. "I promise."

"You have to mate," I said trying to emphasise the point. "No good will come of it."

"Will you keep your promise?" Jay asked firmly.

"I’ll try."

"No, you won’t try to promise, you must keep your promise." Jay said, holding his hands firmly so he got the point.

She looked around at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. There was nothing I could do to make him keep his promise. I desperately wanted my shag. Hoping Jay would get the hint I nodded at the bed and then at Paul’s direction as if to say, ‘if you want a shag, get rid of Paul.’

Jay smiled at me and winked. ‘Good,’ I thought. ‘She’s got the hint.’

Then unexpectedly she said to Paul,

"If I let you kiss me, will you definitely keep your promise?"

Paul looked up and I don’t think he knew how to answer that question. After a moment he said quietly, "Yes. I will keep my promise."

"Okay then," said Jay smiling and she gently wrapped her arms around his neck and he put his hands gently on her hips. She slowly leant forward and pressed her lips to his. A few moments went by before she released him and asked,

"Paul, you have watched people kiss before, haven’t you?"

"Yes." He answered quietly.

"Well, we’re going to try that again except this time open your mouth and use your tongue."

She put her arms back around his neck and kissed him. This time his mouth opened and I could clearly see the tongue movement from both of them as Paul experienced his first French kiss. They kissed for about thirty seconds before stopping for air, although Jay kept her arms wrapped around his neck. Paul was clearly flushed and I’m fairly sure I saw a small smile. They stood looking at each other for a few seconds before Jay leaned in again and carried on kissing him.

Their mixing tongues were more evident now. They kept switching head positions while keeping the tongues intact, traces of saliva mixing into each other’s mouths while Jay was holding harder around his head, pulling him onto her, not letting go.

Another thirty seconds passed before they stopped for air again and then continued. Each time they seemed to be kissing harder and faster with more urgency. I stood watching, hoping they would finish soon so me and Jay could get on with our shag.

The next time they stopped kissing Paul started to kiss and nibble her neck which made Jay give out little gasps and she started to rub his head and back, letting one hand slip down to momentarily touch his bum cheek where she rubbed him before returning to hold his head close to her neck. She moved her head back and he kissed her all around the sides and nape, his hands all the while staying firmly held on to her hips

They resumed kissing and I could tell that Jay was now even more turned on than before and it was clearly evident that it was having the same effect on Paul as the unmistakeable hard on was showing through his Chino’s again. She moved a leg up to rub on his, the bottom of her dress lifting giving me a glimpse of her bum cheeks and pussy that I thought I saw had a slight glistening to it.

A good few minutes had passed and I had to make the decision on what I had to do to get my shag. Jay kissing another man had made me hard and I wasn’t getting any action. Her movements on Paul had made him completely hard and he had started to move his hands more towards her back and onto her bum cheeks. He started rubbing her down her arse and around edged both hands closer to her bum crack causing little groans to come from her.

‘Fuck it,’ I thought and made the decision. I was hard and wanted a piece of the action. I could have parted them, shook his hand, and wished him on his way, but I didn’t. I walked up to Jay and gently undid the bow around her neck holding her dress top up. With both hands I reached around and pulled it down to her waist exposing her beautiful firm breasts and erect nipples, rubbing my hands over them as I did. Jay didn’t stop me. She pulled her face away from Pauls so he could get an eyeful.

His eyes were out on stalks. He looked from one to another and he gave a little gasp.

"You can touch them if you want." She said smiling at him. He bought both arms up and with shaking hands, gently started to squeeze and caress them. He rubbed her nipples very gently, barely touching them as if he was holding back. He really hadn’t touched a woman’s breasts before I could tell that Jay knew it.

She kissed him again, keeping his hands clamped on her breasts which he fondled gently. She pulled back, looked down at his hands then looked him in the eyes and said,

"Pinch my nipples."

I watched as he did so, very gently between finger and thumb. Jay shut her eyes and let out a small sigh. Then said, "Harder."

He pinched and squeezed them, not too hard but enough to make her gasp. She held on to the back of his neck and demanded, "HARDER."

He squeezed, very hard. The nipples were almost flattened under the pressure and Jay’s legs almost gave way. She kissed him hard, pulling his face into hers at he continued to squeeze not just the nipple but both breasts.

With one hand she reached down and grabbed his hard cock through his Chinos. She squeezed it and rubbed it along its length before undoing each of the buttons, one at a time. His cock fell out and she rubbed it harder, all the while keeping his tongue in her mouth.

As they kissed, I grabbed hold of either side of Jay’s dress and swiftly pulled it down to the floor leaving her fully naked.

They stopped kissing and Paul looked Jay up and down. He let go of her breasts as Jay kicked the dress away and started to unbutton his shirt. She pushed it off his arms and letting it fall on the floor undid his Chino’s fully. She slowly dropped to her knees, pulled his shoes, and socks off then tugged the Chino’s down along with his boxers. She threw them to one side and looked up at his naked body. He had his hands to his side, still looking unsure on what to do next. Jay put her hands on each thigh then slowly started to take his cock into her mouth. She sucked the helmet top, rubbing her tongue around the tip and teasing his small hole then ran her tongue up and down its length, keeping eye contact all the while. She slowly started to take him fully into her mouth, sucking up and down until he was fully in. She bopped her head backwards and forwards keeping her mouth wide as he rubbed up against the inside of her mouth running down into her throat.

He put his hands on the back of her head and, like before, started to fuck her mouth. She kept her mouth wide open, letting him get the full sensation of the inside of her mouth and as face-fucked her. She then gripped his cock with one hand and clamping her lips around the shaft, started to properly suck him as she ran her other hand behind him to trail it up and down inside his bum cheek. She sucked each ball in turn and returned to deep throating him.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and, very gently, started to trail her teeth up and down his helmet. He shuddered at this and I thought he was going to cum, but he stayed quite still, not giving any indication of doing so, little shakes coming from his legs

She stood up and kissed him again, both in a locking embrace before she let him go and lay on the bed with her legs wide apart. Her smooth and now wet pussy opened a little, inviting and ready to be filled. He stood still, unsure, I think of what to do.

"Lick her." I said pointing to her very wet pussy.

"Yes," she said. "Come and taste your first pussy, Paul."

He knelt on the floor and, leaning forward, put his tongue to her pussy and started to lick her, up and down and around her clit, which made her squirm and start to pant. After a few seconds she started to give him helpful directions.

"Up a bit, a little more, yes, there, there with the tip of your tongue. Don’t put it anywhere else, just there. Now a finger…that’s it. Aaaah…keep going. Now another finger…faster, that’s it, a bit faster…now another finger. That’s it. Like that. Don’t stop."

Paul was finger fucking her with one hand and squeezing her breasts with the other, occasionally pinching her nipple very hard. He started slow with her pussy, slow movements at first but buoyed with Jays directions, started to speed up, mouther clamped over her clit the whole time.

As I watched this I got undressed. I needed some of this. I moved around to the other side of the bed and from behind her head leaned my cock down into Jay’s mouth. She took it down hungrily, forcing it down her open throat while moaning and giving fast grunts as Paul worked on her pussy. I leant forward and put both hands on the bed by her legs for support and started to fuck her open throat, the sensation of letting it slip easily up and down was supreme. It felt so fucking good and I was extra excited watching Paul on his knees, face and fingers stuck to her cunt, give her pleasure.

With her hand she withdrew my cock and moved herself away from Paul’s fingers and got on all fours, her arse facing Paul while she faced me.

"Lick my arse." She said, looking back at him

Paul looked up to me and I nodded, ‘it’s okay.’

He used both hands to part her arse cheeks, leant slowly forward and pushed his mouth as fully in as he could. Jay jerked as she felt his tongue probing and, leaning forward, I could see as he ran his tongue up and down and around her arsehole. He then started to move in and out, very gently as his tongue entered her arse as deep as he could stretch. Jay let out a little scream of joy then carried on deep throating me. I moved with her movements and continued to fuck her mouth, occasional little gags coming from her when I got deep.

"Spit on my arse and finger it," she ordered, taking my cock from her mouth, and proceeding to wank me. Paul didn’t hesitate. He spat a few times and let his saliva dribble around her perfect puckered hole before gently and slowly inserting his middle finger. It slid in easily and he proceeded to slowly finger fuck her while rubbing her clit with his other hand.

"Another finger," she commandeered and Paul obliged. He spat again and lined his forefinger alongside the tip of the other. He pushed both fingertips in and her arsehole stretched easily to accommodate them. They slowly went in until they were in, up to his knuckle and he started to build up a rhythm of pulling them in and out, from tip to knuckle very quickly. He spat a few more times and soon was finger fucking her arse quicker and quicker while keeping up pace on her clit.

Jay legs started to shake, her hand getting tighter and more urgent on my cock before she started to yelp, then scream as she squirted a jet of her pussy juice backwards over Pauls hands and on to the floor. She shuddered for a while before saying to Paul, "Enough, enough, stop." Paul withdrew his hands and Jay collapsed on the bed. Paul looked up at me as if he had done something wrong. "It’s okay," I said moving up to sit at the head of the bed. "She just needs a couple of minutes to recover."

Jay was lying face down on the bed, arms out in front of her, breathing heavy, legs still shaking and trying to get her breath back. I sat back on a pillow and without thinking, started to rub my erect cock slowly. Paul knelt on the floor, unsure of what to do. I patted the pillow next to me and he sat down, also rubbing his hard, erect cock.

I looked down at Pauls cock. It was big with a good girth, slightly bigger than mine. It glistened with pre-cum that pooled slightly as he rubbed the foreskin up and down on the helmet.

I had to break the awkward silence.

"So, where do you live Paul?" I asked.

"Wimbledon," he replied. "I live with my mum and Auntie Carol. My dad left when I was young."

"That’s a shame," I replied. "I suppose living with two old women and not having a father around has been tough."

"It hasn’t been easy," he answered. "I’ve felt smothered for several years now. They mean well but sometimes it can be a bit much with their fussing and all that. But I’ve not had any friends so I never really go out anywhere. Most of the time is board games and Strictly Come Dancing. But I’ve found a flat near the high street and will be moving out soon."

"Good for you." I said.

"Thanks," he replied. "Having the stammer led to me living at home and not wanting to move. It was like, a sanctuary, a place where no one would tease me. But now I’ve conquered it, I am going to move on and get on with life. I’m just lacking confidence.

"You’ll be okay." I said, still absentmindedly wanking.

Paul had also started to slowly wank to stay erect during the conversation. I bet he’s never sat having a normal conversation, naked and wanking with another man before. It really is a day of firsts for him."

I took my hand away from my cock and held it out to him.

"Steve, by the way."

He looked at it, hesitated, and then shook it firmly.

"Really nice to meet you Steve," he said smiling.

Jay then got up on her hands and knees. She turned her head and through her dishevelled hair that had fallen over her face said in a mock posh voice,

"Paul, would you be a dear and come over here and fuck me please."


"Jay." I said

"Okay Jay."

Paul stood up and positioned himself behind her. She waggled her arse at him and spread her legs wide. Paul got on his knees and buried his face deep between her arse cheeks. Jay wasn’t expecting this. She gave a squeal and moved herself back to accommodate his now exploring tongue. I leant around and watched as his tongue attacked her arsehole. He licked up and down from cunt to arsehole before forcing the tip into her small pink, tight hole. Jay reached around and held his head there as he pushed his tongue deep into the hole. She started to moan and pant, the sensation sending spasms through her legs.

He moved his head down and started to lick her cunt lips and down to her clit. Up and down he went and then repeated putting his tongue into her arsehole as deep in as he could.

Jay gave little yelps then half-shouted

"Fuck me now!"

Paul stood up and with his thumbs parted her lips and lined his hard cock helmet to her hole. With one swift movement he plunged deep into her. She gave out a yelp and gripped on to the side the bed.

He proceeded to fuck her, holding on to her hips for support and keeping the movements swift and strong. He started to back almost fully out before sliding the length of his cock into her. He moved his hands on to her shoulders and started to pull her on to him, keeping the pace up as he rammed, hard into her.

He reached around with both hands and started to pinch her nipples, gently at first but, as Jay started to scream, harder and harder until they were almost flat with the pressure.

She nodded very fast and between little screams and yelps shouted,


He squeezed and squeezed as he carried on pumping hard into her. Both her nipples became very red under the pressure and for a split moment I thought they might split.

Jay squealed and panted, the pain with the pleasure running through making her back herself on to with hard movements, his cock embedded in her up to his root.

After a couple of minutes, she pulled herself off him and pushed him on to the bed. She squatted over him and gently lowered herself down on to his cock, gripping it by the shaft. She held on to his chest and started to fuck him with slow movements before building up to a fast rhythm. She threw her head back as she fucked him, mouth opened wide and panting as she engulfed his cock in and out of her very wet cunt. He had his hands on her breasts, pinching the nipples before pulling them to him for him to nibble, with the odd hard bite, making Jay scream and hold his head, not wanting him to stop.

Paul started to grunt and shouted.

"Oh fuck, I’m going to cum soon!"

Jay pushed herself off him and lay on her back, opening her legs wide, pussy lips open and ready.

"This way," she puffed, trying to get her breath back

He fell on her, plunging deep into her pussy and carried on hard fucking her. Their faces locked, tongues searching frantically in each other’s mouths, lines of saliva trailing between them as his arse lifted up and down with great exertion to force his cock as deep into her as he could reach.

He pulled his head back and shouted,

"That’s it, I’m going to cum!"

He started to back out but Jay wrapped her legs around him, locking him in place.

"No," she puffed holding his face. "This way. You’re losing your cherry properly."

He fell back in her and gripped her shoulders, arse moving up and down, in and out of her, fucking her as hard as he could pound in to her causing her to scream and dig her fingernails into his back.

His fucking got faster and faster and he started to shout "Fuck…fuck!" as he started to fill her deep with his cum, years of pent up frustration letting loose in my wife’s cunt. At his point of climax, Jay’s legs started to shudder with her own orgasm. She started to scream but then locked her mouth on his neck and sucked hard, digging her nails into his arse, pulling him as far into her as she could, taking his cum further and further into her.

His pumping slowed and he stopped and collapsed on her. Jay released her mouth from his neck and bought her hands to his face and pushed her tongue into his mouth. They lay still kissing for a while. Gentle, with less urgency now, more affectionate, and not so hungry like.

"She held his face and said,

"You are fucking marvellous. You are going to make a lot of lucky girls very happy."

They kissed again for a short while before he moved his cock out of her with a ‘plop’ and stood up. I stood and handed him a box of tissues so he could clean himself up a bit. Jay didn’t move. She lay on her back; legs wide open, puffing to get her breath back and I could see a pool of cum starting to trickle from her wide-open cunt.

I was still very hard and Paul, noticing the fact and realising that I hadn’t had my turn yet, started to get dressed.

"Steve," Jay said quietly between breaths, still not moving. "Get Pauls number."

I picked up my phone and typed in his contact details as he dictated them to me. I then rang his phone.

"Keep our number," I said. "If you need anything, any help, any advice, Ring us."

Paul stored the number and put his phone in his pocket.

"Come here, Paul." Jay said, not moving from her position on the bed.

He knelt down by her head and she pulled him to him and gave him a long, slow gentle kiss.

"You’re going to be okay now, Paul." She said holding his face in her hands. "No more touching?"

"Never," he replied with a smile.


"I promise." He replied.

"Go out and explore the world. Find yourself a nice girl…and fuck her brains out. The only thing she’ll be telling her friends is what a great fuck you are."

She gave him a quick kiss and he stood up, walking around the bed top where I stood. I held out my hand but instead of shaking it he flung his arms around me and hugged me, obviously forgetting that I still had a hard on, now pressing against him.

"Thank you," he said as he held on to me. "Thank you."

Thanking me for letting him fuck my wife? Well, that was different.

He let go and walked to the door. He gave a quick wave and, as he opened the door and left, I swore he had tears in his eyes. I wondered when he would notice the massive love bite on his neck.

I turned to face Jay with my hands on my hips and a hard on ready for some eagerly waited for action.

She hadn’t moved her position. With her middle finger on her right hand she was slowly scooping the trickle of cum leaking from her pussy and bringing it to her mouth where she slowly licked it off before going back for more. She than inserted two fingers and scooped all she could out and into her mouth, not stopping until she was sure she had it all. I stood watching this until she was done, hard on ready to go.

She moved over the bed and seeing a small pool of cum on the bedsheet, proceeded to lick it all up and swallow it down.

"I don’t want to give the housekeepers any more work," she said as she did this. Satisfied that she had got it all she looked over at me and seeing my hard on said,

"Slow down tiger. I need a drink first. Can you go down to the bar and grab a bottle of something?"

"Really?" I asked. I desperately needed my shag now

"Really," she answered. "And if you think it’s going to be a quick bang when you get back, you’re sorely mistaken. I am still incredibly turned on and this evening’s agenda is fucking. Fucking, fucking, and fucking. Got that?"

"Okey dokey," I answered pulling my clothes on and hoping my hard on would diminish before I get downstairs. An evening of shagging was going to be a challenge. After everything that’s happened today I reckon that I’d only last thirty seconds, a minute at best, before I unload.

Part Four cumming very soon

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