So let's review some of the things you can do to fatten your buds. 1. Increase Carbon Dioxide Supply Your plants, like any other green plants, use carbon dioxide to combine with light to make the sugars used in bud fattening. Combining a lot of light with a lot of carbon dioxide promotes adequate sugar production.

Lower humidity in the last 24 hours before harvest-How to Fatten Up Buds Lower humidity can increase resin quantities. 3. Stop watering 1-3 days before harvest-How to Fatten Up Buds When you stop watering your plants will get stressed and they will think they are dying and will put all of their effort into reproducing

Water them regularly and keep them fed with quality nutrients as the buds get plenty of sunlight. Step 2: Feed Them Bone Meal Speaking of key nutrients, the one that should be at the top of your list for fattening buds is bone meal.

Pub: 23 Sep 2022 10:53 UTC
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