To find out how this decadent, debaucherous evening began, check out Part 1...
Pierre, the mysterious Frenchman visiting my city, continued caressing my ass cheeks and asshole. To demonstrate my approval of this activity I slid up more on the luxurious hotel bed and spread my legs allowing him greater access. His soft touch ran around my globes, along my crack, and then up to my balls. Despite having just had a pulsing orgasm shooting my load in Luiz, I was already getting aroused again. Pierre's touch was light and smooth and just enough to tease me and get me going again. This gentleman definitely knew his way around another man's body.
"Mon ami," he said, "I would love the pleasure of intercourse... how you say? Fucking ze ass? It sounds so crude in American slang."
"Pierre, I don't care how you say it, so long as you do it."
"OK. I will 'faire l'amour' to your strong, sexy American buttocks."
At that point I was getting so lost in the rising tide of erotic energy that all I could do was let out a groaning hum and roll my head back in ecstasy. Pierre knew exactly what to do at that and began concentrating more of his time around my puckered hole which was beginning to really strongly desire some insertion.
As Pierre continued caressing around my hole he slid a little closer to me and softly said, "Ah... le cul. Such a source of pleasure."
Just as I was getting so aroused I started shaking with anticipation, Pierre got up, got the lube and a condom from the bedside table, and started preparing himself to give his love to me. I had lost track of Luiz and Pedro but, in that moment, I caught a glimpse of the two of them stroking each others' chests and just generally being sensual.
The next thing I knew, Pierre had replaced himself behind me. He had a rubber on that delicious dick and a generous amount of lube. He had more lube in the palm of his hand and he began slowly rubbing it all around my hole. I started shaking again with anticipation as this amazing French lover was preparing me for the most intimate thing two men can do with each other. His cock was rock hard and he was about to give me the kind of pleasure available only from a rock-hard cock. He kept pressing his finger further into me getting my sphincter to relax and prepare for its incoming loving—did I mention that he was extremely good at arousing a man for sex?
"I am ready to enter your 'trou du cul.' I hope you enjoy..."
With that, he began pressing the head of his dick into my slick hole. It felt amazing; I swear—when someone is fucking me, whether with a dildo or an actual dick, my ass feels as if it wished it could suck the dick right inside. Pierre had done a beautiful job of lubricating me so that he slid in easily. I soon got lost in the feeling of fullness of this warm Frenchman's dick inside of me. There's nothing quite as entrancing or fulfilling as giving my body to another man for his pleasure. Some experience a power dynamic of being dominated or being submissive. I don't much care about that. I just enjoy the feeling of something physically loving me.
Before I could get too lost in the delicious moment of insertion, Pierre pulled back and began a slow, relaxed fucking of my ass. There's nothing quite as amazing as the feeling of a completely lubricated cock sliding in and out of my ass. It drives me wild. It was always the most amazing sexual feeling, even back in my college days when I first discovered man sex. Pierre somehow managed to get even closer to me while he was still fucking me and, next thing I knew, his hand was roaming over my chest. It was all too much for me and I completely lost track of everything during that sensual, sexual act.
I don't know how many minutes it was—it seemed almost eternal in the moment—but eventually Pierre started speeding up and I knew exactly what that urgency meant. Soon he would explode and a torrent of his man milk would erupt inside the condom currently sliding in and out of my slippery ass. I greedily welcomed his increasingly frantic thrusts until finally I felt that tell-tale swelling in his cock and then the eruption of jizz inside me.
"Sacre bleu... that was... très incroyable... mon ami. You are truly a lover of the highest regard," he managed to pant out in between his slowing thrusts. As his orgasm subsided I could feel mine building. Just at that moment Pedro, whom I had hardly touched to that point, could tell how close I was. He reached over to stroke my cock and his hand no more than reached it and it jerked suddenly and started spraying cum all over Pedro's arm and the bed. That caused my ass to start massaging Pierre's cock again which gave him a second wave of pleasure.
Pierre rolled back away from me on the bed and his cock slid lazily from my love hole. He rested, silently for a few minutes. I rolled over onto my stomach to rest and regain some composure after that mammoth orgasm. I was only there for a few moments before Pedro moved around so his head was near mine.
"I hope that later I can ride that beautiful cock of yours," he said, full of earnestness. One great thing about gay sex is that there's really no pretense. We all want it, so everyone is completely open about it. Sure, there are some social guides to follow and not every encounter ends up as sordid as this one, but generally, there's very little pretense before two (or more) men hook up. We just get it on. I love that frankness and openness because it allows me to find a lot of enjoyment I might not otherwise get.
"Pedro, honey... I'm going to need some rest for a moment before I'll be ready to fuck you. Believe me—I want to. That tanned Brazilian ass of yours is VERY tempting."
"OK. I let you rest now. You enjoy more of the show with Luiz and me."
"Sounds like a deal."
As I felt a little stronger I moved myself up to the head of the bed so I could recover and Luiz and Pedro could have plenty of room to enjoy themselves. Luiz was hard again by the time I had gotten to the head of the bed and propped a couple pillows under me. I drifted off in a daze-like trance as the two naked Brazilian boys began playing right in front of me. The two of them laid across the foot of the bed kissing, groping, and grabbing each other like horny teenagers whose parents had left for the weekend. I didn't catch all the action in my dazed state but I noticed that very quickly they ended up stroking each others' cocks while they kissed. They were intertwined in a writhing embrace of hot, sweaty, masculine sex as they explored each others' bodies.
I don't know how much longer it was, but eventually Pedro broke their embrace and stood up next to the bed. Luiz didn't need a hint to get up and stand behind him and continue their caressing while upright. Knowing what was inevitable, I grabbed another condom and the well-used bottle of lube and handed both to Luiz. He broke away from Pedro just long enough to slide the condom over his dick and then he squeezed some of the precious, glistening lube over his dick. Pedro was more than ready for him and was already spreading his cheeks and leaning back into him. Luiz had to do little more than just sliding the tip of his cock right into Pedro as his ass was so ready to welcome it. Luiz continued pushing intently into Pedro until the two were joined in carnal bliss.
Luiz then clamped onto Pedro's torso and began pounding his ass with a ferocity of someone desperate. Pedro whimpered and whined in pleasure at his strong, male fucking. I could swear I almost heard Luiz start to grunt in exertion. His pace continued strong as he built to a climax and then Pedro collapsed forward on the bed as Luiz's assault on his prostate hit its target and caused him to climax. Watching Pedro cum like that was super erotic. His orgasm triggered Luiz's own orgasm and he filled Pedro's ass with his load.
After watching that amazing and primal display of male sexuality I felt I was almost ready to get back into the action—and into Pedro. The only problem was that my dick wasn't quite ready yet. The first two orgasms had left me so spent that I still wasn't ready. Pedro, at least fifteen years younger than me and horny as a cheerleader on prom night, decided I needed some coaxing so he pushed my feet back and my knees up so he could get in close and tease my dick with his tongue. Not only did he give my member a memorable tongue-bathing, he also used a spare finger to caress my ass. He must have noticed how horny ass play gets me.
After a few more minutes of that I was starting to get aroused again. Pedro noticed and started swallowing my dick in his mouth. That had its intended effect and I got hard all over again. I knew that Pedro was eager to mount my with his wanton ass and ride me for all I was worth. I pulled my ankles back to my thighs and spread my legs as far as the would go. That was all the invitation Pedro needed to continue his plan. Luiz was following the action so he had a condom and the increasingly depleted bottle of lube ready to go for him. Next thing I knew, Luiz had rolled a condom over my dick and Pedro had climbed up on the bed and was holding my cock guiding it right into his sweet little ass. Just as with earlier in the evening, it felt amazing to be in the grip of a warm, slippery hole.
Pedro took his time getting started. He started out by spending a few minutes just sitting there on my dick to savor the feeling and get ready. After enough time of being impaled on my dick he started to slowly move up and down. Even in my younger days I didn't have the leg strength to bounce up and down on someone else's dick. Pedro's feat was amazing from just a purely physical standpoint. Oh, and did I mention this gorgeous Brazilian was riding my cock?
Because we had both orgasmed a few times already, Pedro rode me to a very slow, sensual climax. The sensuality of the whole thing gave me a super strong desire to kiss him but, since he was facing away from me bouncing up and down on my pole, he wasn't available. Pierre could tell what I was feeling and he rolled over and started probing his tongue in and out of my waiting mouth. For just a moment I thought of some kind of clever pun about "French kissing" but was too lost in the moment of Pedro bouncing on my cock and Pierre licking my teeth to care to say anything.
Once again, the throes of ecstasy kept me from doing any kind of meaningful time keeping but eventually Pedro got close to his own orgasm. He quickened his pace and fucked me with all the might in his Brazilian thighs and calves. Eventually he erupted into a torrent of cum that splashed all over the comforter of the bed. Honestly, I wouldn't want to be the hotel staff after the wild gay sex party we were having. I couldn't manage a third climax so soon after the two previous so eventually Pedro just quick fucking on top of me and climbed down. I was spent but also semi-hard and really needed a drink and some rest before I continued on.
Luiz knew my drink of choice—vodka cran—and poured me one. Pierre had some white wine and the two Brazilians drank something with sparkling water and juice in it. I just lay back on the bed with my cock slowly going back down and enjoying the warm relaxation of the cocktail. The evening had been an amazing indulgence of sexual activity and I didn't want it to end just yet despite how tired I was getting.
After a few minutes, Pierre broke the silence...
"Mes amis, we are enjoying our most carnal desires ce soir—tonight. We will relax for a few more minutes and then I have a surprise for you that you will enjoy!"
Continued in Part 3."

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