how to build the super mario 64 pc port

binary will be in build/

Before Building#

  • get the sm64 US rom in z64 format, rename to and put it
    in the sm64pc root folder
  • you can also use the japanese rom (except rename to .jp instead of .us)
    and when you run make you would pass VERSION=jp

Building on Linux#

  • install gcc make glfw-devel libusb-devel audiofile-devel
  • make -j9 TARGET_N64=0

Building on Windows#

  • install msys2 and start "MSYS2 MinGW 64-bit"
  • pacman -Syu
  • restart msys2
  • explorer .
  • copy sm64pc source code folder to the directory that opens in explorer

NOTE: in these commands when you see -j9 replace that with the number of
cores/threads to use when compiling (in my case 9)

pacman -Syu
pacman -S git make auto{make,conf} libtool python3 gcc \
  mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2 mingw-w64-x86_64-pkg-config

cd sm64pc

git clone --depth=1
cd audiofile
CC=x86_64-pc-msys-gcc CXX=x86_64-pc-msys-g++ ./ --prefix=/usr/
cd libaudiofile
make -j9
make install
cd ../..

make -C tools clean
make -C tools CC=x86_64-pc-msys-gcc CXX=x86_64-pc-msys-g++
make -j9 TARGET_N64=0
Pub: May 05 2020 14:06 UTC
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