iOS & iPadOS : Guide to Piracy & more

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Apple by default won’t let you side load apps, hence restricting you to install apps only from the App Store. But you could Jailbreak which requires your device and the iOS version you’re running on to be supported. It also allows you to install other tweaks.


1. Check this site out on how to jailbreak your phone:
2. Also check out these youtube channels related to jailbreaking and more: iDeviceMovies, iCrackUriDevice

Alternative to Jailbreaking

If you're bothered with jailbreaking you could side load apps, but its limited to 2 apps and requires you to “refresh” ( You'll have to connect to your computer : Mac/windows) every 7 days inorder to use it.
Here’s a guide explaining the whole process of side loading:

App Recommendations

All of them are free and found in the appstore and do not require JB, and is available for both iOS and iPadOS unless mentioned

Raindrop :- Used for storing links and stuff, it’s also got a safari extension for adding links straight from the browser.

1. Hyperweb: (An extension for safari) : A really good adblocker, which lets you add custom script (//make the custom scripts a hyper link to take to the useful scripts page ), custom styles, better search, etc.

2. NextDNS: This is a private dns app which removes in-app non-server ads. (For most apps from appstore which have ads in them).

1. PiPifier : Allows to play any video in picture in picture mode (Extension for safari, open extensions bar on safari, and click on pipifier)

I recommend using paid VPN's like Mullvad. For more vpn recommendations:

  1. Windscribe (10GB per month on adding email)
  2. Proton VPN: Unlimited.


  1. Safari is pretty good, but if you want more you could use:
  2. Orion browser: Still on beta, it supports many chrome and Firefox extension, and has an really good inbuilt Adblocker. ( , you’ll have to install TestFlight app ( from App Store for it to work)
  3. Firefox Browser: Comes with inbuilt Adblocker (not the best but does the Job) and an inbuilt dark mode.

PDF Reader:

  1. Xodo pdf reader
  2. Adobe pdf reader

PDF Scanning:

  1. Adobe Scan
  2. Microsoft Lens

Reddit Clients:
Slide (FOSS)
Apollo : Really good ui but freemium.

Use “Video lite” app which provides adblock, pip, background play for YT and similar streaming apps. (With Close to native app experience) - (use adguard dns( ) for no ads(once the trial period gets over))

Few Cool Shortcuts/Automations:
Open the Link and click on “Add Shortcut”, and you could do the task by clicking the required shortcut from the shortcuts app.(You could also add a shortcut widget to home screen for quick access)

  1. - Removes water from the speaker grills
  2. -Dictate text to notes.
  3. - Show clipboard and more.
  4. - DL videos from DM,YT,Twitter,IG stories, IG post, IGTV, Tumblr, Fb

Movie Apps:
These are apps which are currently available on App Store, they’re disguised to not get removed and hence requires you to enter ‘777’ in the search in order for it to work. They have lot of ads, to get rid of them: and open settings app, then install the profile.

  1. Goyok:


  1. Color widget ( : widgets for home screen.


  1. Bitwarden : Password manager
  2. Authy: Generates 2 factor authentication for apps. Also supports cross-platform.

Email client:

  1. Spark: Better swipe gestures than the default app.


  1. You create a shortcut for any website you need from the safari app by ‘Share-Add to home screen’
  2. You can do this for streaming Spotify/Tidal/YT music w/o ads and don’t wanna sideload the app, but you have to keep the tab open. For that, turn on “desktop site” and open Spotify web player.
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