Last week they'd had a surprise party and Marjorie hadn't realised that she was the surprise guest. Andrew had tied her naked to the bed and frankly that wasn't difficult. She liked being tied down and fucked. Don't we all? He'd also blindfolded her and the other guests had tiptoed into the room naked and she nearly died (of joy?) when Andrew took the blindfold off.

The guests, particularly Desmond, who had a sixteen inch cock and was thus a favourite of Marjorie had queued up and fucked Marjorie to a standstill, something that nobody could ever recall happening. In fact, even Susan and Doris had both fucked her twice too.

Andrew was keeping score on her tits. Every time one of the blokes come in her mouth or pussy, Andrew would make a mark on her with a black magic marker (it turned out to be a permanent one!). At every fifth cumshot he would make a slash across the previous four to make the fifth before starting again. And so on. Halfway through they turned Marjorie over and doggy fucked her and Andrew was a bit miffed when he couldn't reach a breast to make his mark. So he had to start again using Marjorie's bottom as his canvas. When it was all over she'd taken thirty cumshots and four from the girls. He hadn't marked them as he wasn't sure how. The obvious answer was to change the magic marker to another colour for the women, of course. In fact the total count was thirty four, which wasn't too bad for a party.

Sorry, I got a bit off message there. Back to the plot. After the party, Andrew and Susan took Marjorie to bed and he wanted to teach Susan about Marjorie and Doris's favourite fucking position. It really all started with Marjorie, (didn't it always?) who liked to mount Andrew on top and slowly fuck him and bring on her own orgasms without making him cum. It was a risky business as a wiggle out of the ordinary might make Andrew deliver a "bucket load," as he would say. And that was the end of the story as they had to start again. Which wasn't that hard anyway. Doris decided to get in the act and found Andrew as satisfactory as Marjorie did.

I very much enjoyed this position as I was in a constant pre-orgasmic blur of lust, just avoiding the killer cum which would end it all. I like fucking Susan and had been doing so since Susan was twelve years old when her brother Alan and I used to spitroast her. She had thoroughly enjoyed it from day one and five years later, she was ready to try anything. Everything in fact.

Susan had grown from a scrawny flat-chested kid to a shapely young woman with good shapely tits and a tight ass. She was another one who enjoyed my "bucket loads" and was quite capable of bringing me off at will. She'd also developed a taste for Doris and Marjorie and become adept at fucking them as well. Unusually for a women Marjorie and Doris's arses really turned her on.

So after Susan and I had washed our shattered and now spotlessly clean Marjorie and tucked her into bed, we followed, one each side of her to comfort her.

Susan said, "Andrew, that party has made me very horny. Can we do something about is with Marjorie in the bed?

I replied, "I wouldn't worry about Marjorie. She'll either fall asleep or join in

Marjorie said, "I heard that, I won't interfere as my pussy is so sore and what were those marks you wrote all over me, Andrew?"

I replied, "That was the score, darling. I had to start a new score on your ass when the guys turned you over to doggy fuck you."

Marjorie said, "so how many times was I fucked Andrew?"

"Thirty blokes fucked you darling and the four red marks were two each from Doris and Susan who sort of joined in towards the end. And I missed out completely."

Marjorie said, "Then you can do Susan with my blessing, I'm going to sleep now. Enjoy, Susan"

I gently slid out of bed and got back in next to Susan. "Now did you say you were a bit horny, beautiful?" She was lying on her back and her large breasts were jutting out, beautifully firm and I started kissing her nipples which arose alarmingly under my lips.

"She said, "That's lovely Andrew, before we get down to it, could you go down on me?"

I said, "I'd be delighted, come and sit on my face." Which she did. "Susan, what a pretty cunt. I remember it was a lovely part of your body when you were twelve. I never thought that one day, you'd be sitting on my face. Susan, you taste and smell delicious."

She said, "Andrew, what are you doing down there? Are you sucking my clit into your mouth? It's exquisite. Why aren't you saying anything?"

I pulled my lips away and said, "Stop talking Susan. Go with the flow, relax and I'll be listening to you come to the boil very soon." I picked up her clit with her mouth and started the slow steady rhythm again. Susan was starting to get steamed up and it wasn't going to take long. I pulled my mouth off and kissed her vagina. She went wild and I went back and sucked up her clitoris again. Boy, she was wet and I reckon she's going to cum any minute now."

Susan cried, "Oh Andrew I'm cumming, oh God, what's happening to me Andrew." And she came.

She was quite a cummer too. I reckon she came about half a cup of fluid. It was white and milky and sweet to the tongue. She obviously enjoyed it because she sort of slumped on my face. She lifted her head up. She said, "Fuck Andrew, that was incredible. Nobody's done that to me before"

I replied, "Well Susan, there's a little more to our repertoire than we knew before. Just lie back and relax. The main course is coming up so you'll need all your self control and it could take a couple of hours. Marjorie can go for at least that and usually stops when I cum."

Marjorie said sleepily, "I was awake through all that Andrew. You brought her off beautifully and I think you've probably got a lover for life darling. I know the rest, now back to sleep."

It was a prophetic statement. Marjorie and I were lovers for five years and after that Susan and I shared our lives and though I was very upset when Marjorie "threw me out" I can see why she did it and we stayed casual lovers until I moved overseas. By that time Doris had died of Leukaemia and in my arms. Ron had left her for Jenny, even though he knew Doris was sick and Ruth had gone to the Slade and had no interest in her Mother. Roger had been killed on his motorbike on the way back from University. So why wouldn't I see her out. Doris was one of the dearest women in my life.

Susan had migrated overseas. No wonder I went with the flow.

I was ready for Susan's new experience now. So I said, "Susan, mount me."

She looked a little confused so I helped her to straddle my cock and encouraged her to slide her pussy down my cock and all the way in. She felt wonderful, that tight little pussy stretching around my cock, and I enjoyed putting my hands around her ass and pulling her in tightly and snugly to me. Her pretty and very large nipples were on my chest and our mouths together as we kissed.

She said, "Ooh Andrew, this is lovely. I've only experienced you on my back or doggy. Or in my mouth of course. So this is lovely."

I said, "Remember Susan, it's your job to cum and you do that by pulling out of me most of the way and I pull you right in again. With any luck, you'll have your first orgasm."

Marjorie said, "Susan, it always works for me, but take it easy as my darling boy will cum if you make the wrong move."

I said, "I thought you were asleep, Marjorie."

She said, "Darling, how can I possibly sleep while this is going on. I've never seen it third hand, as it were and I'm getting very horny again, but don't worry I'm too sore to join in. Susan. Enjoy!"

Susan pulled out of me and I cupped her delicious bottom and pulled her right back in.

She moaned, "Oh God Andrew, I'm cumming again. This is wonderful. Two hours you said?"

I said, "I'm OK and try fucking me very slowly too. All the way in and out. I can handle it but go very slowly or we won't last." She slowed down and moved in and out of me inch by inch. The feeling was delicious and I think a bit more sensual than Marjorie or Doris as she was younger and sweeter.

I said, "Are you OK Susan?" She nodded and closed her eyes. I could feel that she was concentrating and about to cum again. She opened her eyes wide and I could feel another half cup squirting over my thighs. It was lovely. She collapsed on my chest and I thought she'd gone to sleep. When Marjorie and I first did this, she really did go to sleep!

We went pretty well, Susan was cumming regularly now and was showing a bit of expertise. But I was starting to cum myself, my reaction to Susan being so strong and perhaps more emotional. We'd been fucking for about an hour now and thought I'd better let her know what was happening at my end.

I said, "Darling, it's going to be a short session as you're making me cum and I can't hold out any more. Are you ready for me?"

Marjorie chipped in again. "Susan, it looks like Andrew is finished. Give him a fast, deep fuck and he'll deliver that "bucket load" into your pussy like he does for me."

Susan looked at me. I didn't realise her eyes were so dark blue. Maybe it was the passion. She fucked me hard and deep as Marjorie had recommended and within a minute I was cumming my heart out in her pussy and pulling out, I had enough cum left for a good mouthful down her throat.

She was soaked and I hoped we had clean sheets. We'd been through a few pairs lately and I want her to be comfortably, dry and warm. Half an hour later with dry sheets we cuddled up with Marjorie and slept the sleep of the dead. It was a night and she said to me later that she thoroughly enjoyed the day; Marjorie twice and Doris once ("I must have missed that one.") she'd experienced very good oral sex on my face and enjoyed several orgasms and a huge load from me to finish. Her final little murmur was:

"Andrew, we must have more parties."

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