Ohhhh, Claire, I could get hooked on this feeling, I thought.

Couldn't hold still. Had to move. Wow. I started gently stroking myself in and out, in and out, and after only a few repetitions my cock was slippery with her nectar. The head was rubbing up against her clit, or close enough that it got her attention, and she began to stir. She pushed back slightly as I pushed forward, she moved her legs a bit to give me a better angle, and I started thrusting more vigorously.

I guess we were dry humping, but there was nothing very dry about it. Her vagina was oozing, my cockhead was spearing between her pussy lips and slurping up over her clit with every stroke, which turned her on more and made her even wetter.

"Unnngh. Unnngh. Unnngh." She was grunting with every thrust, her ass cheeks were slapping lightly against my abdomen, her thighs felt like they were bathed in olive oil, I was moving, she was moving, my cock was moving... and then it happened. Pulled back a little too far, pushed up a little too high, and the head of my aching cock pushed itself into her steaming vagina. She let out a yelp and I froze.

"Aiiiii! Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, oh, oh, wait, wait Danny, wait. Oh, shit. Oh wow."

I didn't move a muscle. Neither of us did. And then, she moved. She pressed herself down onto me. She wasn't backing off, she was pushing me deeper.

"Ohhhhh, godddd. Ohhhhhh, sooooo big! Ohhhh, more, please, more."

I moved my hips a quarter-inch closer, and the head of my cock seemed to pop completely into her amazingly tight, wet cavern. Now it was my turn.

"Ohhhh, god, Claire. That feels so amazing. You're so damned tight. Your pussy is so fucking tight."

I pulled back slightly and pushed in deeper, not far, but every millimeter was completely new to both of us.

"You're stretching me so big, Danny. I don't know, I don't know. God, it hurts, but it feels so damned good. Push some more. Push some more, please."

I was never happier to oblige. I pushed, kept steady pressure on my hips, felt myself penetrating her more deeply, felt her gasping for breath and pushing back against me. Then, I hit a wall. Her cherry.

"Owwww, stop! Back off, back off. Oh, there, that's better. Wait. Let me do it."

She pushed back against me and I slipped in again as far as I could, then she pulled back and pushed against me. She repeated it, out, in a fraction deeper, out, in a little more, again and again, lubing up the short section of her vagina that had trapped my cock. I let her do the work. She thrust down on me a little harder.

"Owwww, ohhhhh, shit that's good."

She pulled up and thrust down on me again. I was starting to lose it. I tried to think of something else besides her tight wet pussy, her creamy round ass, her full tits, and my throbbing cock inside the vise-grip of her sex.

"Ohhhh, better." She pushed down harder and something changed. "Better." She backed off and thrust on me again. "One more ought to do it." She backed off and stopped.

"When I say go, push into me as hard as you can. Ok?"

"Are you sure about this? Do you know what you're doing?"

"I know, Sweetheart. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to fuck your brains out. Now, Go!"

I wasn't quite ready, but she thrust back hard and I responded. She yelped, cried out, and most of my cock disappeared into her sweet pussy. I withdrew a bit and pushed harder, through an impossibly tight canal until my hips were crushing her ass cheeks. Then I stopped.

"God, damn, I'm so full, so full. I think I feel you pressing against my throat. Oh my God, Danny. Is this real? I hope this is real. I hope this is really happening. Fuck me, Danny. Fuck me please!"

I started up with the ancient music, the rhythm that men and women have shared since the beginning of time. I felt drunk. I felt possessed. I started pounding myself in and out, her ass slapping with every thrust, my cock feeling like it had grown bigger than ever before.

Then I slowed down. Stopped. This wasn't right.

"Why are you stopping?" she pleaded.

"I want to see your face while I'm fucking you. I have to look into your eyes, Claire."

I pulled out of her and we quickly stripped her out of her skirt and blouse. She laid on her back, bend her knees, spread her legs wide, held out her arms, and pulled me into a deep and tender kiss, a lover's kiss, a kiss for making memories. We kissed for a long time, then looked into each other's eyes and grinned like fools.

"You're sure?" I said.

"I'm so sure, so completely sure."

I reached down and guided my hard dick to her entrance. She held my gaze as I pushed into her. Her eyes grew big, but she didn't close them, she didn't glance away. I pushed and her pussy opened, stretched, invited me in, offered me more, led me down into the unexplored cavern of her love, and I let myself sink all the way in until her bush and mine were crushed together. I drew a nipple into my lips and twirled my tongue around it while I started a slow, deep rhythm with my hips. Her knees were drawn back, which let me sink even farther into her. She grabbed my ass cheeks and began pulling me hard against her. Pretty soon I was pounding her, and with each push to the depths I brushed my pubic bone against her clit.

She met my thrusts with her own. She pushed up against me with her hips and moaned at all the new and intoxicating sensations and sounds.

"Oh, Danny. Oh, just keep doing that. I'm on fire again. Danny, Danny, Danny. Fuck me, please. Fuck me. Oh, god, oh, baby. I'm going to cum again."

I was really out of control by that time. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, I didn't want to hold on, I needed release, I couldn't stop, I pounded her sweet pussy with all of my strength. But warning bells were going off.

Somehow, she sensed it.

"It's ok. I can't get pregnant right now. I'm safe. Cum in me, Danny. Fill me up with your cum. Please. Oh, god, Danny, I'm there. I'm cumming. Please cum with me. Oh, shit! Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh."

Her pussy squeezed my cock, her hips pounded into mine, her whole body shook like an explosion had gone off in the next room. I thrust into her once more and let myself go.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhh. Unnnnggggh. Claire, Claire, uhhhhhnnnggh."

I started pounding her again as jet after jet of my cum pulsed deep inside of her, mingling with her nectar, flooding her, overflowing her, squeezing out of her all around my hard cock. I kept thrusting and shooting my load, and for a moment I wondered if it would ever stop.

But it did, of course. I slowed my pace as my orgasm subsided, dropped my full weight onto her, and panted into her neck.

I was wiped out. But then I realized that she couldn't breathe, so I forced myself up onto my elbows to give her some room. Her chest was heaving, we were both covered in sweat, we were dazed, floating in some kind of post-passion stupor, our minds blank, just the sensations of that blessed release glowing, warming, pulling us together.

We looked into each other's eyes. She was aglow. Her eyes had a softness about them, a tenderness, something brand new. She reached up and touched my cheek, brushed the hair out of my face, and ran her teeth over her bottom lip as she seemed to be memorizing my face.

"You're a wonderful man, Danny. So full of love, so generous, so sensual. You rock me to my very soul. I know what I said before, about being a virgin. But then, I didn't want to be a virgin anymore, and I only knew of one man I wanted to take that from me. No, that's wrong. I only knew of one man I wanted to give that gift to. And oh, Sweetheart, you did not disappoint. I'll never forget this. Nothing will ever top this. No matter what happens in the years to come, I'll never, ever forget how beautiful and sensual and feminine you made me feel tonight."

I kissed her forehead. I kissed her nose. Kissed her cheek.

"I don't have any words, Claire. You've made me deliriously happy. You're such a beauty, such a delight, such a complete woman. Such an incredible friend."

She smiled.

"Oh, Danny boy. I think I'm addicted to you. And I think I'm ready to do this a few more times before the sun rises."

We laughed together, our lips came together, we held each other tight, and neither of us went back to sleep.

This is the last of 3 installments about Claire and Danny. These stories are works of fiction and are entirely the product of my own fevered brain. Any resemblance between persons living, dead, or otherwise is purely coincidental.

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