Instead of getting furious or worried a lewd smile went through her lips and she felt happiness that their incest saved Rania's marriage. She was well aware of divorcee's status in the Muslim culture, especially in India. She never wanted to see her daughter got divorce.

She laid on her bed and thought about the scenario and cursed her why that nefarious idea didn't strike to her mind before but a cheesy grim went through her face. Her brain worked at the speed of light and made a plan in her mind. She went to a lab brought a container in the evening and gave it to Rania. She told her that she needed her Urine sample in the morning for the test for a new doctor to consult, which Rania provided without getting suspicious.

Her mother took it to the lab for the pregnancy test and took the result to the doctor she consulted earlier. The doctor confirmed the pregnancy report and congratulated Rania's mother. She was filled with joy and returned home in the afternoon. She took Rania to her bedroom and said.

Mother:Rania, tell me everything I ask truly and don't tell me lies.

Rania:About what Mummy?

Mother:I know you and Shani are having fun together, just confirm it.

Rania:What do you mean?

Mother:I mean you both are fucking eachother, tell me is it true?

Rania kept quiet for a moment and then said, "Yes."

Mother:Wow, wonderful, I am not angry on you but happier with this act of yours because it has saved your marriage.

She couldn't believe what her mother said.

Rania:What do you mean Mummy.

Mother:Look at this report you are pregnant Rania. I only wanted to make sure that if it was Shani or someone else.

Rania:Mummy, I am not a whore.

Mother:Then what was this, fucking your own brother is worse than be a whore.

Rania:I know but I was carried away by my carnal lust.

Rania's mother smiled back at her lewdly and told her that though she had committed a great sin but she had saved her future life. She also admonished her strictly to keep that illicit relation secret from everyone and never disclose it with her closest friends even.

She then discussed her wicked plan with her and finalized it after a few changes Rania suggested. She asked Rania to call her mother in law and tell her that she wanted to talk to her. Rania called her Mil who responded very rudely but she told her that her mother wanted to had a word with her.

Mother:Hello jee, sister I have consulted a very good doctor and she has prescribed some medicine to Rania and now she has given me another medicine for Suhail, she has asked me that the couple should mate after this medicine. She has assured me that Rania will conceive surely this time.

MIL:Hmmm, in that case I'll ask my son to try once more and send him to your home.

They talked in a cautious manner for a minute and then she hung the phone with a smile.

Mother:Rania, she has fallen into our web and now it depends on you to satisfy your husband.

Rania:But what medicine you have planned to give my husband?

She smiled lewdly at her and said.

Mother:As we are quite open with eachother, let me be open with you. I'll give him a sexual medicine called Mvitra. It will give him extra erection and time delay.

Rania:How do you know about this medicine?

Mother:Your father had erectile issues and he tried different medicines but this one proved out the best. Your dad has apple stock of this tablet, I'll crush it into powdered form and give him so that he couldn't know what it was.

Rania:Mummy you are a fiend.

Mother:Yes. to some extent but you are way ahead of me because the idea of cheating on your dad never came to my mind.

Both laughed on her comment and shared a lot of thoughts together. Suhail arrived later that afternoon and Rania's mother gave him the medicine with milk. Rania got dressed up sexily and waited for him in her bedroom.

Her husband got instant hardon as he saw her in sexy makeup and a see through dress. The medicine started to effect and he thought it was his wife's sexiness caused that erection. He lost all controls and they started to fuck eachother in a few moments.

He enjoyed fucking Rania a lot but on the other hand Rania missed her brother's thick cock and wanted her husband to finish as soon as possible. The medicine had excellent effects and Suhail fucked her three times in a couple of hours.

He got tired and felt pain in his back but his cock was still hard. Rania gave him a thorough blowjob and helped him in getting relaxed. They went for a short nap and Suhail left her house happily after the dinner.

Rania's mother asked her impatiently about her entertaining time. Rania gave her every detail of her fuck session and told her that the medicine turned out to be an excellent one.

Rania's mother told her that two things had been proven that her husband was sexually week and an impotent man because this medicine only effects the sexually weak people. She also asked if she got satisfied by him or not?

Rania told her that she only got one orgasm and now missing her brother's cock. She kissed her mother, winked an eye and went into the bedroom to join her brother.

After a few days Rania's mother took another pregnancy test which confirmed her pregnancy again and she took that lab report to Rania's MIL. She became overjoyed after finding her pregnancy test report positive and brought Rania home with honor.

Rania didn't want to go to her in law's house that soon but her mother told her that she would bring her back after a few weeks.

End of Part one.

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