As far back as I can remember, I've always had a thing for feet and pantyhose. I was lucky enough in the past to have had two different girlfriends who enjoyed having a boyfriend into their feet. One particular girlfriend liked wearing pantyhose without panties and she loved straddling my face and having me smother under the gusset as she grinded her pussy into my mouth. This aroused her so much that it didn't take long for her to come. It aroused me also - to a level of dictating my sexual preference for nylon & feet fetish that lasts to this day.

Anyway, skip forward a few years and after having been married (and still married) to a wonderful lady, who, unfortunately, doesn't really care for my fetish interests (at this point I should state that she did at first, and on many occasions would playfully put on pantyhose and let me have my way with her pussy and feet, but after a year or two into marriage that changed), my preferences didn't diminish. Despite my wife's lack of interest in that department, I have never cheated nor never had any desire to do so, but my story took an unexpected twist...

I had worked in the travel industry for many years as an agent and for a large portion of the time had been stationed at a once bustling office in a main town. At the height of the company's success this office supported something in the region of 25+ staff. The company still remains one of the busiest in the country but on the completion of a bypass this once busy office became a satellite support hub for the main office in the city where most of the staff were moved to. That left four of us to maintain the town office, there was : Leanne - office manager, an attractive blonde forty-something with prominent breasts which seemed to be straining in the clearly visible lacy bras she wore under her flimsy white blouse. She was a nice person, firm but fair, and with a good sense of humour. Susan was a little older than Leanne, she was an attractive red head, not slender but not really overweight either, she just looked like a woman who had kids. One thing that was super sexy about Susan was that she had a way of looking into your eyes with a cheeky smile which left you wondering about what was going through her mind at the time. Susan would be the one that I would describe as a sexy milf. Susan had a great fun personality and a filthy sense of humour. Gemma was the one I was closest to. She was in her thirties and married with two kids. She had raven - black hair and as dress protocol required, would wear it in a pony-tail. Gemma was stunning, she was a girl next door type with an immediately alluring, almost make-up free face that captured the attention of all who set eyes on her. Many male and female second glances were a common occurrence when passing Gemma. We shared a similar sense of humour, bordering on the absurd, and shared the most intimate of details.

Being a travel agency, the girls had an almost stewardess type uniform which comprised of a navy-blue blazer and skirt worn with a white blouse and an attractive, elegant looking sky-blue, white and navy scarf. The office preference was for navy-blue opaque pantyhose with black or blue pumps but sometimes the girls would wear black nylons and different deniers of black and navy. My desk position allowed me to see the underneath of all girls desks and I would spend most of my day with a hidden boner from the constant shoe dangling and dipping of their nylon toes in and out of the shoes.

Gemma and myself would quite often moan to each other about the usual hum-drum of relationships, families, kids, schools etc. and it was nice for each of us to have each other to listen to. We were close enough to freely talk about intimate sexual things but I had never disclosed my foot fetish thing to her. For example, I knew from her that she had super-sensitive nipples and that she liked having her neck kissed during foreplay, this was the nature of our intimacy.

So, one quiet day we're talking in the office and Gemma is sounding pissed off at her husband Charles, saying that he can be a lazy and self-serving idiot at times. "All day long yesterday, I was running about." she said. "I was in here till five, and then I had to go straight home and take Lucy to her dance lesson and sit there for an hour while it finished. On the way out of the building I stumbled a little on a wheelchair ramp and twisted my foot. Later on whilst we're on the couch watching tv, I told Charles about it and I asked him to rub it for me and he refused because he doesn't like feet. Can you believe that?"

I mumbled in response, somewhat distracted by the fact she was rubbing her nylon foot as she was telling me.

"I should have married a gentleman like you James. I bet you rub Michelle's feet for her, don't you?"

"No, not really, to be honest. If I offer she probably thinks I'm looking for sex."

I wasn't thinking about what I was saying, I suddenly realised I'd left myself open for scrutiny.

"I don't get it, why would she think that your looking for..." Gemma started to say.

A sudden realisation dawned on her face, along with a sinister smile.

"James! Have you got a foot thing? Well I never..."

I didn't need to answer, I could feel myself glowing red on my cheeks. Gemma howled with laughter and disbelief. I was squirming in my seat, feeling so, so uncomfortable. A bombardment of questions followed, what did I like about feet? What did Michelle let me do with her feet? What type of feet did I like? What did I get out of it? Did I lick them? Did I sniff them? and then the ultimate question, What did I think of her feet?

I told her what I thought about her feet, that from the little I've seen, they looked beautiful. She looked behind her and then wheeled herself over on her chair. Leanne and Susan were down the hall talking with a customer so the office was clear. I could feel my boner come on in anticipation of what was about to happen. Gemma raised a gorgeous and perfectly formed navy-blue opaque foot onto my lap. I began to tremble.

"Go on, have a good look, have a good feel. In fact, here..." she kicked off her other shoe and raised the other foot, "massage this one for me please, since Charles wouldn't do it last night."

I shifted in the chair trying to hide the boner as I cupped the heel of her foot in my left hand and raised it a slight bit. I wrapped my fingers around the top part of the foot and began pressing my thumb gently into and around the arch. Gemma tilted her head back and moaned quietly. I carried on rubbing and I squeezed my hand around her heel which seemed to give her great relief and pleasure.

"Wow, done like a frigging expert James! I can tell you enjoy it as much as I do."

My dick was in pain at this point as it strained against the fabric of my trousers. Gemma gently pulled her foot away and slid the other one into my hand. It felt as moist and warm as the first one. I rubbed eagerly, desperate to please her. She turned her head to the side to check the office, Leanne and Susan could still be heard in conversation.

After a few minutes of massaging Gemma raised her foot higher.

"Here, you deserve a little reward for that James."

She playfully rubbed her big toe along my lips and parted them, she slid it in. The smell was musty and overpowering and the taste a beautiful mix of sour and salty sweat, better than I could have ever imagined. My tongue went crazy trying to lick every part of her foot that I could, my lips became sore from sucking. Gemma moaned and then pulled away quickly as we heard Leanne and Susan saying goodbye to the customer. She quickly wheeled her chair back to her desk with a sly smile on her face.

So there I sat, stuck behind the desk with a raging boner, terrified that Leanne might ask me to get up to do something and end up in a position where I couldn't hide it. Luckily that didn't happen but Gemma didn't make eye contact with me for the rest of the afternoon which had me worried because I didn't want any sort of awkwardness to exist between us. To my relief and surprise, my phone buzzed with an alert. I opened it up, it was a message from Gemma. Somehow, she had been able to take a picture of her foot and send it to me with the caption "They're missing you already!" I nearly came there and then. I looked across to see her winking with a beautiful cheeky smile. I didn't know of it was pure lust or love, but from that moment I wanted to be with her. We'd known each other all this time and we were very close friends but what had just happened awakened something deeper in me and that image of her beautiful face winking gave me palpitations.

The rest of the day was a blur to me as I was reliving the moment over and over in my head. I tried to recapture the memory of the scent, the taste, the feel of the nylon pressing on my face.

Hometime came around quickly and as we followed Leanne towards the door Gemma sneakily pecked me on the cheek when they weren't looking.

"I wonder what the foot fairy will bring you tomorrow?." She whispered in a low sensual tone as she brushed past me going out the door. I felt myself trembling with nervous excitement and then coupled with the feeling of immediate loss as I watched her walk away into the evening. I was part of something now and I wasn't sure where it was taking me...

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