I was bent face down over the bed, horizontally. Off to the side of the bed was a single tether that usually attached to a thigh restraint, holding my legs open. Right now, it held both my wrists together above my head. She stood behind me, so close I could feel the fabric from her dress on my bare legs. She slipped one arm under my waist and lifted me enough to slide a pillow under my hips. It made standing in that position easier and I was grateful.

"Comfortable?" she asked.

"How the fuck am I supposed to be comfortable in this position?" Not grateful enough to not be a brat, though I was comfortable.

She smacked my ass with her hand and it stung. "You want to try again?"

"Fine, I'm comfortable... thank you," I added to avoid another smack.

She stepped away and I could hear her behind me sifting through our toy chest looking for something. I couldn't see what through the mess of hair that covered my face, and I didn't try all that hard. Not knowing what was coming was half the fun and I loved the anticipation.

"Tell me what you said earlier." It was a command, not a question, as she found what she was looking for and returned.

I smirked and shot back, "I don't know, what did I say earlier?" The bratiness hadn't quite left me yet.

SAMCK. Something hit my ass and it took me a second to identify the familiar sting.

"Try. Again."

It was a riding crop, I realized. I could handle a riding crop. So I continued our little game, turning my head towards the bed to hide my smirk. "I don't seem to remember..."

She leaned over me, grabbed my hair from the base of my neck, and lifted my head up. Her grip was firm but her words were gentle. "Wipe the smirk off your face and try again pet." Her lips were close to my ear and the breath from her words sent goosebumps down my neck. I couldn't see her face but I think we both had the same smirk as her grip tightened in my hair.

"I said your fat ass will just have to be cold in the shower, sucks for you."

She released her grip and stepped back.

"You know, I meant fat ass in like, a nice way. Like you just have a lot of ass and it's nice." I was digging my own grave and enjoying every second of it.

"Mhmm... And the hogging all the water part?"

The riding crop swished in the air behind me, but I continued, "I just didn't want to be cold... sucks for you."

SMACK. SMACK SMACK. The crop came down on my ass hard, 5 times, and I pulled at the wrist restraints. Swiftly, she leaned over me again and grabbed a fistful of my hair from the base of my neck.

"You're going to regret that." She said softly, and kissed my neck before stepping away. "What do you think? 15, 20, maybe 25 for a bratty comment like that?"

"15 sounds fi-"

"I wasn't actually asking you. I think we'll go with 25 and see how bratty you feel after. Shut up and keep count."

How the fuck was I supposed to shut up and keep count?

The crop came down on my ass and silently, I counted in my head. That seemed to be the correct response because she continued. 9...10...11...12...

I made of point of at least waiting until 15 to make another bratty comment.

"Seriously, these are like a 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. The cats have slapped me harder than that and they were just playing." I was expecting a harder smack, or for her to pull my hair again but she just sighed.

"You know you really should learn to shut up and be grateful for a warm-up when you get one. Did you really think I'd let you off with just 25 beats for that smart-ass comment? ...Or that one?" she added.

For the first time I didn't know what to say. Luckily, she wasn't looking for an answer.

She placed the crop on the bed beside me, slipping it off her wrist, taking her time to line it up parallel to the edge of the bed. "Up. Sit." She commanded.

I climbed onto the bed and sat in the center, my wrists still attached to the tether in front of me. My ass felt warm on my legs as I tucked them underneath me.

Gently, she came up behind me and moved my hair so it fell over my back and out of my face.

"Close your eyes."

I did as I was told and she placed a blindfold over my eyes. It was made of lace and if I wanted to, I could open my eyes and see through it. I didn't. I loved the feeling of the blindfold over my eyes. It was a small mercy that allowed me to escape into subspace without guilt. I wasn't in control with a blindfold on. I didn't exist, except to feel.

"Turn over and lay down." She left one hand on me as she guided me onto my back, still horizontal across the bed. The tether twisted with which ever way I lay and didn't need to be adjusted. I felt her slide off the bed, and then pick up something that sounded like a small chain. I wasn't sure what it was, but it sounded like a leash? Maybe nipple clamps?

Returning to the bed, she climbed over me, one knee between my legs pushing up against my pussy. I could feel her lean in close and then she kissed me, gently. First my lips and then trailing down my neck just the way I liked. I knew something was coming - something painful always followed when she was extra gentle.

She made her way down my neck and then to each nipple, sucking and biting in a way that made my lips moan, and my clit throb. When she was done, she placed the metal object on my chest and I jumped from the cold but didn't say anything.

"What's wrong? Don't like the cold?"

She knew I fucking hated it. I gave her an angry little whine but held my tongue. She way playing me and I loved it.

"Wanna take a guess?" She meant at the toy.

"Nipple clamps, obviously..." I was sure now.

"Mmm, nipple clamps, sure."

Why was she being a smart ass now? She took one nipple and then the other, and careful placed the clamp around each. It stung as she let go, enough that I revelled in the pain but not enough that it was excruciating. I trusted her not to actually hurt me.

When she was done, she gave them a little tug and asked, "and what's this?"

'What's what?' I thought. I didn't know what to say.

She pulled the clamps upwards towards my face and the pain increased as it pulled my nipples with them. I arched my back, but still, it wasn't excruciating, and I could feel the throb in my clit grow.

"What's this?" She rubbed something against my lips, and it felt like another clamp. 'Three-way clamps!' I realized and inhaled sharply.

"Now you see..." And she laughed softly, in a way that mocked, but didn't make-fun.

I could feel her weight shift on the bed, and then I gasped at the feel of a sudden touch. She grazed my clit ever so softly with the back of one finger. I had only tried a clamp down there once before out of curiosity, and never while playing with someone else. This she knew.

"I think you'll like this pet."

Touching me no more than necessary, she pinched my clit between her fingers, exposing the it from the excess skin as much as possible, and placed the third clamp around it. I gasped as she slowly released the clamp and the pressure increased, moaning by the time it was on completely.

"I do... I do like it," I whispered.

This time when she leaned into kiss me, she placed her hand around my neck and squeezed. My body felt so overloaded with sensation. I was so hot. I wanted her to fuck me right that moment and let me come. We kissed greedily and when she pulled away and I could breathe I wish she hadn't.

"Please..." I whispered.

She laughed. "Please what? You don't think I'm going to let you come already do you?"

I was so frustrated. This was so much worse than 25 with the ride crop. This was so much worse than 50 with the riding crop. All I wanted in that moment was an orgasm. I didn't answer, trying not to make it worse.

"First, you're going to eat me out. Then we can consider whether brats deserve orgasms."

I was going to protest, but I felt her weight shift on the bed and she was straddling my face before I could get words out. Instinctively, I stuck my tongue out and found her pussy, closer than I expected. As soon as I found her clit she moaned and pressed her weight against my face. I loved this part too. Giving her orgasms. There was no thought on my part, only my desire to get her off as I followed her pleasure through the sounds of her moans.

I spent time playing with her clit, licking the sides, going deeper, as far as my tongue could reach into her pussy. That always got a nice reaction. I struggled to breath but I didn't care. I was still so hot. There was only one thing on my mind and that was orgasms.

After a few minutes she sat back, pulling her pussy away from my mouth. She unclipped one wrist from the restraint above my head and brought my hand down, just below my mouth.

"Continue," she breathed, straddling my head, and now arm again.

I knew what she wanted and easily slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy. There was no resistance. She was dripping down my chin. I fucked her the best I could in this position while my tongue found her clit and picked up its familiar pattern.

Her moans made me forget the pain of the clamps, and I slipped a third finger in. Her pussy tightened around them, making them harder to move as she got close. Consistency, as I was told, is the key to a good orgasm, and I kept up the rhythm with my tongue. I could feel her legs start to shake around me. As she came, they pulled in and I could hear hands on the wall above my head searching for grip. Her pussy pressed into my mouth and she moaned, her legs shaking around my head.

I could feel her breathing heavily above me as I slipped my fingers out, and she climbed off. My hand fell to the side, my face wet, and I could feel her moving on the bed as she lay back on the pillows perpendicular to me and caught her breath. She put her feet on my stomach as we breathed and they pulled the clamps still attached to my nipples and my clit. I moaned, still waiting for more.

"I'll be back," she said, leaving the room after a few seconds. She came back with

a damp wash cloth, I assume having also cleaned herself off, and gently wiped my face and then my hand. "Good job pet."

"Thanks," I smiled. Yes, I was proud of myself every time I got her off.

"Can I have orgasms now... please?" I tried. I figured she'd be more inclined to give me an orgasm now but she did her little taunting laugh again.

"Do you think you deserve an orgasm?"

"I mean, based on that performance..."

She laughed, and so did I.

"You're funny," kiss, "but not yet," kiss.

She trailed her hand over my body, following the chain of the clamps. Just like before she took her time touching one nipple, and then the other, tightening the clamps ever so slightly as she went. I could feel her slink her weight off the bed by my legs and expected her to tighten the one on my clit as well but she simply flicked it as she went and a shot of heat pulsed through my body. My hips lifted, and I shuddered.

"You'll leave these on while we finish your punishment. Should they slide off, well, sucks for you."

My brain was torn between the fact that I knew how much nipple clamps hurt when they're pulled off, and how she just straight up stole my line. Thankfully that malfunction prevented any more bratty comments from leaving my lips.

I could feel her standing in front of my legs at the edge of the bed, as she grabbed my hips and rolled me over.

"Stand," she said, as she once again fitted the pillow under my hips so I was comfortably standing face down over the bed, careful this time not to jostle the chain on the clamps more than necessary. Any movement of the clamps sent warm waves of pain washing over me, but I had no complaints. She then leaned over, and reattached the loose wrist to the tether, so both hands were once again above my head. I leaned into the bed as much as I could without pulling on the clamps.

"This time be grateful for the warm-up, and count them. Tell me every time we hit a 10. We'll do 30."

I could tell she had picked-up the crop that had been laying on the bed because a familiar swoosh and breeze echoed her words.



The first one came down and I tried not to move so as not to pull off the clamps. She started gently. 6...7...8...9...


Then they came down harder. Warm-up's over I guessed. 17...18...19...

"20." I was hot by this point. The room was stifling. All I wanted was an orgasm, and it was impossible not to writhe on the bed. The chain on the clamps pulled as I moved, and it was a frustrating predicament to be in. The more the clamps moved the less focused I was on the smacks from the riding crop, and the less focused I was the more they stung. But I couldn't help but move because the more the smacks from the riding crop came down, the hotter I got, and the more I wanted to move.

We were at 25 now and she placed each, heavy smack more carefully than the last. My body was tense, whether I realized it or not, as I tried not to move for the last 5, but I couldn't stay still. I pulled to the right, my legs bending from the sting of a particularly hard blow, and it pulled the clamp off my right nipple. I screamed.

"OW. Ow ow ow ow ow owww!" It fucking hurt.

She paused at 25, moved in closer behind me, and gently rubbed the sore spots on my ass while I caught my breath. Unexpectedly, she bent down and kissed my ass.

"Sucks for you." She said, and pulled away. "5 more."

The next 2 smacks came down and in the same way, my left leg buckled and the shift in my weight tugged the left clamp off my nipple on the bed. I screamed again.

"Aw what's wrong pet?" She taunted. She knew very well what happened and how much it hurt.

"Please..." I whispered. The word left my lips unconsciously but I knew I wasn't begging her to stop, I was begging her to fuck me. I was overheating from the pain.

"Is this what you want?" I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't even hear her open the lube bottle. I didn't know she had put down the crop until I felt a cold, silicone dildo slide hard into my pussy.

I gasped. "Yes! Yes... Please..." She fucked me hard and I melted further in the bed. It felt so good, especially with the third clamp still on my clit. "Please... Please let me come." I begged. I didn't care how pathetic it sounded.

"What number?"

How was that a response to what I said?

She repeated. "What number are we on?"

Then I realized. "27..."

"Well then, 3 more and you can have your orgasm." Roughly, she pulled the dildo from my pussy, and I moaned irritatedly at the feeling of suddenly being empty.

"Ready?" She asked again.

"Please just get it over w-", I complained, but she cut me off mid sentence with 28, 29, and then 30, all hard and fast blows. Then immediately after the 30th blow, her hand found the chain on the clamp on my pussy and pulled, sliding it clean off.

I had never felt anything like that before and screamed. Both my legs buckled, pulling on the wrist restraints.

She came up behind me and rubbed my back as I collected myself. I felt my eyes wet behind the blindfold, but I knew it was from being so frustrated and so close to an orgasm for so long, not the pain of the crop or the clamps. She leaned over me again, and kissed her way down my back, slowly.

"So, what have we learned from tonight?" She asked.

"That people will overheat and die if you don't let them come."

She gave a little laugh, and then suggested, "how about you don't hog all the water when we're in the shower together? Yes? No?"

"Mmm, I guess..." For the second time that night I think we both had the same smirk on our faces.

"You don't know when to quit, do you?"

"I really don't... Please, can I have an orgasm now?"

"Up," she said and guided me back onto the bed on my back. She was gentle now, and I took that as a yes.

I heard the sound of a bullet vibrator start and then the feeling of it against my clit on the lowest setting. I was so sensitive by this point I knew I would come in less than a minute. She could tell I was close too.

"Ask properly before you come without my permission and I have to punish you for something else."

I shot the words out so fast. "May I come please?"

She paused before answering, making me wait a few moments longer as the anticipation built. "You may pet."

And with that she turned the vibrator up to the next setting, and I came hard onto nothing. She didn't even have to fuck me. I came quickly with an orgasm so intense it left the 'thank you' just a whisper on my lips.

As the orgasm faded, I rolled onto my side, the restraints allowing me, and she lay down on the bed next to me like a big spoon. I could feel her head propped up on one arm, and knew she was looking at me as she ran her hand up and down my side. She took her time releasing one wrist and then the other.

"How's your butt feel?" She asked.

"Good." I smiled.

"And your nipples?"


"And your clit?"

"Really good" I laughed.

She let us lay like that for a few minutes before retrieving the damp wash cloth, and wiping the wet off my pussy.

Still spooning me she finally asked, "Ready to take this off?" She traced her fingers over the blindfold but waited.

I appreciated that she didn't rush to take it off. It gave me time to collect myself before returning to the real world. I don't think I have the words to describe the feeling of opening your eyes after they've been closed for so long in such a scene. It's an oddly emotional experience, the same as taking off a collar, or cuffs. I'm always grateful for the time spent with the blindfold even after the scene is over.

"I am." She had given me plenty.

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