How to use

  1. Download and install the IDE that you want from the JetBrains website.
  2. Go to Wait for it to finish loading online IPFS gateways, and click on an available link.
  3. Download the linked file labelled on the banner at the top. Extract to a new folder.
  4. Launch the IDE you installed, and start the free trial. If you've already started it or it's expired, that's fine, just continue to the next step.
  5. Click on the Options menu button on the bottom left corner. Click on Edit Custom VM Options... and then add the following in the dialogue box that opens:

Be sure to replace the path to ja-netfliter with the actual path.

So you see 'jetbrains' after the equals sign? That's using the ja-netfilter framework and passing the name of the project as a parameter. That jar file will then look in the directory for the plugins and config also in that project. We've got config-jetbrains, which contains the following:

  • dns.conf
  • power.conf
  • url.conf

All these files make checks to the traffic in the JetBrains IDE software and block or modify it.

We've also got plugins-jetbrains. This contains jar files that are present and identical to the jar files in the latest ja-netfilter release on gitee, same as the ja-netfilter.jar file itself.

The last two lines of what we pasted are needed to work on Java 17 and above, as per instructions from ja-netfilter.

  1. Close and restart the program.
  2. Now on launch the traffic will be going through the framework. Go back to the gateway we accessed earlier, and find the IDE that you installed on the list. Click on the row of asterisks (*****...) and it will copy the key to your clipboard.
  3. Go the the IDE, and click on the Options icon again on the bottom left hand corner. Click on Manage Licenses... and click Remove License. Confirm and click Remove License again on the pop-up.
  4. Click on the Activation code radio button, and then clear everything in the text box, replacing it with the key we copied from the link.
  5. That's it, ensure that the activation code shows an expiry date in the future. It won't expire, this is just how the program works.
Pub: 06 Jun 2024 09:25 UTC
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