johncena141 collective#

johncena141 requirement and extraction guide#

  • Requirements for our releases.

GNU/Linux P2P Pirates Matrix Community#

  • For technical support, come here.

Not allowed:

  • Speaking other languages than English.
  • Sharing of private information of any kind.
  • Talking about politics or other controversial topics, using vulgar language, sending NSFW media.
  • Linking to Youtube, Reddit, Tiktok etc.
  • Recommending or asking for help with using software that we disapprove of such as lutris or steam.

  • Only members of johncena141 can share pirated game files, in order to ensure a safe environment.

johncena141 torrents on

  • The only official site on which we upload for now.


  • Our GUI game launcher.


  • Installer-less proper alternative to winetricks focused on speed and reliability.

johncena141 script repo#

  • For hackers only :)
Pub: Oct 03 2021 13:08 UTC
Edit: Mar 31 2022 23:27 UTC
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