Claire was a very physically attractive woman who dated Nate, a guitar player for a small band. Nate was a scrawny, effeminate, hideous boy with a small penis whom Claire only agreed to date out of pity. He didn't satisfy her at all. She had to fake orgasms just to keep him happy. Worst of all, Nate was completely oblivious to the fact that he didn't satisfy Claire. He thought that he was God's gift to her for some reason. Nate was also utterly obsessed with Claire. He constantly texted her, wanted to be with her, talked about her, etc. All Nate cared about was Claire, and she hated it. She was sick and tired of this clingy, little creep who thought he was sooooo good in bed. She wanted to dump him in the most painful way possible. Eventually, she came up with the perfect plan to do just that, which involved her stunningly attractive neighbor, Brett.

It was a chilly Saturday night. Claire was lying on her bed, naked. She picked up her phone and called Nate:

Claire (in a seductive tone): "Hi, Nate. Why don't you come over to my house tonight, big guy?"

Nate: "I would love to, but my concert has been rescheduled to tonight for some reason! This is the most important concert of my life! We will be performing in front of ten million people! We are scheduled to perform in twenty minutes. I've spent every night for the past two years preparing for this moment!"

Claire: "If you come, I will give you that blowjob you've always wanted."

Just ten seconds later, somebody knocked on Claire's bedroom door.

Claire: "Oh, hold on Nate. Someone's at the door."

Claire got up from her bed and opened the door, only to see Nate himself, panting heavily as he said:

Nate: "Claire, I just canceled the concert and ran here as fast I could! Blowjob!? Blowjob!?"

Claire pointed at Nate and laughed.

Nate: "What's so funny?"

Claire: "Nate, my darling, why don't you have a seat on that chair over there. I have a surprise for you."

Nate: "Ok! Sounds exciting."

Nate sat on the chair next to Claire's bed. Afterwards, Claire got up from her bed, grabbed leg cuffs from her cabinet, and cuffed Nate's legs to the chair legs.

Nate (looking a bit nervous): "Uh, is this part of the act?"

Claire: "Uh, yeah. Sure."

Nate (with a look of excitement on his face): "Oooh, kinky! This is going to be amazing."

Claire giggled.

Claire: "Yes. Yes it is."

Claire went back to her bed and lied down on her back.

Claire: "Oh, Brett! You can come out now!"

Nate: "What!?"

A few seconds later, Brett stormed out of Claire's closet, completely naked.

Claire's thoughts: "Wow! I have always wanted to see him naked! He is the hottest hunk of man my eyes have ever witnessed! He is six foot three, has gorgeous blue eyes, dark, thick hair, a beautiful, chiseled jawline, the perfect, sharp nose, a beautiful smile, swagger that makes my heart melt, a strong, muscular body, strong legs, a breathtaking bubble butt that I just want to grab and pinch all night long, and enormous hands. And his dick nearly reaches his knees!"

Even Nate had been staring at him for a minute or so, seemingly oblivious to what was about to happen.

Brett: "You ready, Claire?"

Claire giggled.

Claire's thoughts: "Oh, my! I think I just got pregnant from hearing his voice! It's so dark yet so soothing. How is it possible for a human being to be this perfect!?"

Claire: "I've been ready for a looong time."

Suddenly, Nate realized what was about to happen and began to cry.


Brett and Claire laughed hard.

Claire: "Too bad, soy boy."

Nate: "I can't watch this. This is too much."

Nate tried to get out of the chair but was unable to due to the leg cuffs.

Claire: "You're not going anywhere, cuck. You're going to watch every second of this. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two about how to actually please a woman."

Nate: "No! No! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Brett hopped onto Claire's bed and they began to make out and cuddle, with Nate having a perfect view to see all the action.

Nate cried harder than Claire had ever seen a human being cry before. Tears that could fill several buckets flowed out of his eyes and all over his body. At the same time, he also had a raging erection from seeing all of this. He was getting turned on by seeing his little girl with a real man.

This was a dream come true for Claire. She had always wanted to see him cry and suffer while she fucked someone who could actually satisfy her.

Brett rammed his enormous cock in Claire's vagina and she moaned. Moaned harder than she ever has in her life. Claire placed her arms all over Brett's butt, squeezing, slapping, and pinching it. Brett kissed Claire all over her body. He placed her arms all over her breasts and then down to her butt.

Suddenly, Nate unzipped his pants, whipped out his penis, and began masturbating. He stroked his penis with great vigor.

Claire (so loudly that everyone within a 5 mile radius could hear it): "Brett! Brett! Brett! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Nate (as he cried and stroked his dick): " moaned that hard when you had sex with me!"

Claire: "No...(moans)...shit...(moans)...Sherlock...I...(moans)....faked all....those...(moans)...orgasms.(moans)"

Claire: "Harder, Brett! Harder!"

Brett began to thrust harder and harder and Claire began to moan harder and harder.

A few minutes later, Brett cummed inside of Claire.

Claire: "Those were the greatest ten minutes of my life."

A few seconds later, Nate cummed out all over his pants. Nate had stopped crying, but he was still sobbing. He was absolutely heartbroken and devastated by what he had just witnessed.

Claire got up and went to the cabinet to get the keys and then to Nate to unlock his cuffs. A few seconds later, Claire hopped back onto her bed. Brett and Claire covered themselves with her blanket and began to cuddle. They cuddled for minutes while Nate just stood there looking absolutely crushed, waiting for Claire to say something.

Claire (in a seductive tone): "Oh, Nate."

Nate (with a look of hope in his eyes): "Yeah?"

Claire: "Fuck off."

Nate began to cry again. He got down on his knees and began to beg.

Nate: "Claire! We were meant to be together forever! No!"

Claire: "It's over. Please leave, you pathetic, worthless, sack of shit. I never want to see you again."

Nate: "Please! I LOVE YOU!"

Claire: "I HATE YOU!"

Nate hopped on the bed and tried to kiss Claire. She responded by kicking him in the balls as hard as possible, knocking him off the bed.


Claire: "Stop being so melodramatic. Girls don't feel that much pain when you kick them between their legs."

Nate: "Please! Give me one more chance!"


Nate begged for a second chance for several minutes before giving up.

Brett and Claire gave each other a fistbump as Nate ran out of the room and cried.

Claire: "How about Round Two?"

Brett: "Don't mind if I do!"

Claire and Brett began to engage in intense sexual activity once more.

Meanwhile, as Nate left Claire's house, he came up with the perfect plan. There was a tree in Claire's backyard with a branch that extended to the window of Claire's bedroom. Nate snuck into her backyard, climbed up the tree, and slid down the branch until he was able to get a perfect view of Claire and Brett's love-making.

Nate: "Oh, yeah!"

As Claire and Brett had sex, Claire looked at the window and saw Nate sitting on the tree branch, looking at the two have sex and aggressively masturbating. Claire became furious.

Claire: "Brett! Pull out!"

Brett pulled out and Claire walked towards the window, filled with rage. Nate looked at what was happening, confused as ever. Claire opened the window and Nate realized that Claire had caught him. He tried to escape, but Claire successfully reached out, grabbed his arm, and yanked his body into her room. Claire aggressively slapped Nate several times and screamed vivid profanities.

Claire: "You creep! Get out! Get out!"

Nate: "I'm so sorry! I just can't help but watch my beautiful girl enjoy herself with that hunk of man over there. It makes me feel so happy and excited."

Claire: "I am not your girl, you creepy sicko!"

She kicked him in the balls once more and he fell to the ground. She kicked his body and he screamed in pain.

Claire: "You bastard! You pathetic little wanker! I am going to call the police!"

Brett: "Claire, don't be so mean. He didn't mean any harm. He can watch if he wants to."

Claire: "He spied on us without our permission! Stop apologizing for this piece of shit."

Brett: "Claire! Be nice."

Claire: "Ok, fine."

Claire stopped kicking Nate.

Nate: "Please, let me stay! I really want to see you two fuck! It's soooooo sexy!"

Claire: "No! You've already seen us do it once. Your free trial is over. There's no such thing as free porn. Even 'free' porn sites make money through ads. I'm not going to let you beat your meat in front of us without making any money from it! If you want to see similar content for free, go to"

Natee: "But I want to see you! You're the only woman in the world I'm attracted to! You are everything to me!"

Claire: "Fine! I will let you watch us have sex once a week, sixty-nine dollars per session!"

Nate: "Sixty-nine dollars per week!? My entire post-tax income is seventy dollars a week!"

Claire: "Wait, let me finish. Sixty-nine per week plus strict regulations you must comply with."

Claire went to her desk, took out a ballpoint pen and piece of paper that she attached to a clipboard, and wrote down the terms of the contract. Afterwards, she narrated it to Nate:

Claire: "You must NEVER touch me nor even say a word to me during each session. Even if you utter the word 'hi' to me, you will have to pay a two-hundred and fifty dollar fine. You must ALWAYS stay AT LEAST five feet away from my bed for the entire time. If you come closer than five feet, even by mistake, you will have to pay a five-hundred dollar fine. You CANNOT record ANYTHING that happens here. If you do, you will have to pay a one-thousand fine. Better hope you have a good memory. No phones allowed. Before you enter my bedroom door, Brett will search your pockets and bags (if applicable) and confiscate your phone if one is found. You will NEVER get your phone back once it's confiscated. If you break any one of these rules more than once, I will call the police, tell them you raped me, use that pantyhose in my closet with your sperm on it to back my claims, contact every major news station to get them to cover my story and destroy your reputation, and do everything I can to get you to rot in prison for the rest of your pathetic life. And by the way, I will also do this if you don't pay a fine within one week of the day it was incurred."

Nate: "So let me get this straight. You want me to not only pay you ninety-eight point six percent of my entire post-tax income, you also want me to comply with extremely strict rules that seem virtually impossible to not break, and if I break one of the rules just once, even by mistake, I will have to pay a fine that would be impossible for me to afford and within just one week of the date the fine was incurred, and if I fail to pay the fine within one week or break the rules more than once, my education, job prospects, reputation, financial situation, and life in general will be absolutely ruined forever, and all of this risk just to have the opportunity to watch you have sex with another man once a week without the ability to even record each love-making session?"

Claire: "That's correct."

Nate (without irony): "Yes, that sounds great! Thank you so much for this generous offer! I am eternally grateful for this."

Claire handed the clipboard and pen to Nate. Nate enthusiastically signed the contract and handed the clipboard back to Claire.

Claire: "Our first session will start this Saturday at six o'clock. Your first sixty-nine dollar payment will be due the following Sunday. If you show up more than ten minutes late, the entire session will be canceled but you will still have to pay the sixty-nine dollars. NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"

Nate: "Thank you so much! You're the best."

As Nate turned around and headed towards the door, Claire decided to give Nate one last surprise.

Claire: "Oh, Nate. I have one last thing to tell you."

Nate eagerly turned around and Claire spat on Nate's face.

Claire: "Now fuck off!"

Nate: "Yes! God answered my prayers! Claire's beautiful saliva is now on my face! I'm going to keep this on here forever! Thank you!"

Claire, not expecting a positive reaction from this creep, grabbed Nate by his collar, dragged him to her bathroom, and washed off the spit with soap and water.

Nate: "No! No! No! Please! Let me keep the spit! It's the last time your fluids will ever contact me ever again! NOOOOOOO!"

Claire: "Haha soap and water go brr."

After washing the spit off Nate's face, Claire dragged his body to the top of her staircase. She then kicked his body down the stairs in an extremely aggressive manner, leading to a tooth falling off and a large cut on his forehead.


Nate: "Ok. I will always love you forever!"

Claire: "I will always hate you forever!"

As Nate walked out the door, he said to himself:

Nate: "Ah, that's my girl."



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