This induction is non-erotic. Its aim is to make the reader feel happy and relaxed.

It will be more effective if you follow the instructions.

Take a moment to get comfortable.

Are you ready?


The most important point of relaxation is breathing.

I want you to take a deep breath in.



3... and release.

Once again, in, 1, 2 and release on three

Very good, focus on the rhythm.

Focus on the words,

and relax.

With how much people stress out these days,

We forget to relax.

To take a break.

But that's why you are here isn't it?

To relax.

The only way you can relax is if you want to.

And nothing matters as much to you as relaxing.

You want this.

You need this.

Allow it to happen.

You want to get the most out of this experience.

To relax as much as possible.

To do that you must follow the instructions.

Only then will you get the most relaxation from this.

Are you ready to begin?


You have taken the first step well done.

Now I want you to imagine beach.

This beach is warm and sunny.

The sand is soft, molding itself around your body, creating a relaxing layer of warmth

The breeze is light and calming.

The sound of the waves crashing is peaceful, calming and relaxing.

You are alone on this beach and no one can enter without your permission.

Can you imagine this beach?


Now I want you to focus on the waves.

Hear them crash into the shore.

Without even realizing it your breathing is matching the waves.





Letting this happens is natural, calming and relaxing.

After all, the waves are relaxing, and all you want to do is to relax.



The more you breathe, the more you can feel the tension flowing out of you.

Just like the ocean flowing out so too does the tension.

Let every crash of the waves pull some more tension from you.

The hardest part of relaxing is to switch off your mind.

So, I am going to help you.

What is going to happen is I am going to count back from 10 to 1.

And at every number I want you to relax more.

And with every number the sound of the waves will grow stronger.

And your mind will become increasingly blank.

All the thoughts swept away out into the massive ocean.

Your eyes will be drawn to the screen.

Can you do that?


Let us begin.

10, The ocean is rhythmic and relaxing, allow your mind to drift off.

9, Sinking into the warm sand. You are alone here, no need for your thoughts.

8, Feel the warm breeze blowing all your thoughts away.

7, So relaxed right now, all you need to do is let go of your thoughts.

6, Allow yourself to relax further.

5, Your eyes feel heavy but are locked onto the screen.

4, A calming buzz is picking up in your head.

3, Every new thought is making think even harder and harder.

2, When I reach one, you will stop trying to think and it will fell so good, so relaxing.

1, No thoughts.... Now.

Its good to see you with no thoughts.

You are more relaxed, more peaceful.

My words enter your mind, helping you to feel wonderful,

Only your subconscious can read this now.

It feels good doesn't it.

Giving up all control.

The more you relax a well of contentment grows within you.

Right now, all you can imagine is the beach and the words on your screen.

And it feels wonderful.

It makes you feel content, so wonderful.

Now I want you to imagine sinking slightly into the sand.

Let it mold around you until it is the most comfortable bed you have ever felt.

On the count of three you will slowly wake up.

Letting all the comfort and contentment rise with you.

1, Feeling your eyes start to focus.

2, Allowing your thoughts to drift back, feeling the pleasurable warmth of them.

3, Completely back with us now.

This my first time posting here. I have always wanted to write an induction and what's the point of keeping it on the hard drive. If this worked for you, awesome. If it didn't please let me know how you think it could be improved, as I said, its my first work, I don't expect it to be that good.

Pub: 07 Jan 2021 12:44 UTC
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