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The Adventures of Tim Bodge

By THodge

Chapter 7

Tim, seated in the Captain's chair, asked, "Sarha, could you call Pauline to the bridge. Please"

Pauline was in bay 2 training. When Sarha called, Pauline transformed back into the girl Tim picked. It only took a few minutes to reach the bridge. Getting to the bridge, she said, "Tim, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, you have been doing A lot of training. Please have a seat." Tim said.

Pauline started looking around to see where to sit. She looked up at Tim, and He pointed to the station just down in front of Tabitha. Tabitha pointed to it also and flipped a few switches. The station came alive.

"Pauline, would you like to be our new Tactical officer?" Tim asked.

Going down to the station and sitting down, Pauline said, "Yes, I would love to be the new Tactical Officer and a member of this crew. Thank You."

Both Tabitha and Tammy jumped up, running over to Pauline and a Group Hug.


A few days have passed, and everything is OK. Tammy is working on her flower garden, Tabitha is in her room reading, Pauline in bay 2 training, and Tim works out in the fitness room.

Sarha Calls each one, asking them to please come to the bridge. They all show up wondering. "Why the call, Sarha." Asked Tim.

"Tim, on the scanner, we have a Hospital ship. There are four other ships around it. None of them have their Transponder's on. I cannot raise the Hospital Ship." Sarha said.

Tim walks over to his seat and signaling the girls to do the same. "Sarha, Are we within range of their scanners? If not, make us cloaked, Please." Tim was checking out the scanner, trying to see what type of ships are over there.

Tim told the girls with an authoritative voice, "I need scans and all shields up, all weapons ready. I need information asap."

"Sarha, can we have some probes sent out, two to each ship?" Tim asked.

"Tim, what do you want the probes to do?" She is having the bots getting the probes ready, waiting for Tim to tell her what he wants to be done."

Tim was questioning himself now. 'We are outnumbered and outmanned. If I get too close, I could get us all killed. Wonder If Sarha has any special weapons!' "Sarha, do you have any special weapons that we have not talked about?"

"Tim, Yes, but you must understand, we have nano-bots. They are extremely dangerous. They can be programmed to do about anything." Sarha said.

Tim was now sitting with a unique look on his face. "OK, Sarha, Tell me about these nano-bots. Why are they so dangerous?"

"Tim, they are all programmable. If you program them wrong, it could backfire. Say you program them to blow-up something, and it is gone. They will keep right on going and blow-up anything in its path." Sarha says.

Tim, Thinking, 'If I have them programmed to blow a hole in a ship, that might stop them.' "Sarha, how many nano-bots can be loaded into a probe?"

"What do you want the nano-bots to do?" Sarha said.

"I was thinking about having the probes deliver the nano-bots to each ship. Each nano-bot attaches itself to that ship. We would give them a time limit, then blow a hole in the ship. But first, I need the information." Tim said.

"The information is starting to come in now. I will start with the four additional ships. They are all corvette. Each corvette is about 500 meters in length and about 125 meters broad, with 2 engines in the rear. Possible 30 crew members. Weapons, one Plasma cannon were firing straight ahead. Tammy tells Tim.

"These corvette ships are equipped with thirty crewmembers aboard. Three remain in coverage in the vicinity. The fourth one is connected to the hospital ship. On the fourth ship, there are only twenty crewmembers. The others may be on the Hospital ship."

"Tabitha, since we are cloaked, take us in a little closer, Please," Tim said

"Tim, in each probe, we could have up to thirty nano-bots. I can program every nano-bot to do whatever you want to be accomplished. I will be able to set the timer for any amount of time or communicate a signal, depending on which you would like." Sarha said.

"We will do the communicate a signal." Replied Tim. "OK, arranged the whole thing, but then for only the three outside ships.

I want two probes for each of the three ships. One to go towards the front and place the nano-bots all around the ship's upper half. The next probes to do exactly the same thing, but in the direction of the lower half.

For the fourth ship, I would like to have two more probes set-up to do the same, but they are going to be activated by a second transmission signal.

"Tammy, can you give me information about the Hospital Ship?" asked Tim.

"The Hospital ship only has ten bodies on it. It is impossible to tell which is which on the ship's crew. There are three bodies in a single area. The rest are throughout the ship." Tammy said

"OK, this is how we are going to do this, Sarha set the probes and nano-bots up like we just talked about, set it up for transmission signal, Tammy you will stay on this ship. Tabitha and Pauline will be with me. Girls get your suits and weapons and meet me in the cargo bay. Sarha, send out the probes as soon as you can and make them cloaked." Tim states

"Tim, I need to transform into a different body. Is that going to be a problem?" Pauline asked.

"That is OK. Will it be something that fits into our environmental suits?" asked Tim.

"Yes, it is the same form, but without the boobs." Pauline smiles.

"That fine if you feel better that way. Now go get suited up." Tim laughs.

"I'll call Jim, telling him what we found and are doing." Tim informed Sarha.

Sarha was placing the call to Colonel Jim Timberside. Tim was talking to Jim, "We came upon a Hospital Ship, Four pirate's ships. We are doing a boarding action now. Could you send a relief force? Thanks."

"I would like you to keep your eyes on the scanner for all things coming in, and if it does not have a transponder signal blow it out of this space." Tim, telling Tammy.

"OK and be careful." Tammy said, bending over and gave him a kiss. "For luck."

Tim was heading down to the cargo bay. Meeting the girls and heading for one of the dropships. Opening the door, and all entered. "You girls do not leave my side for any reason. Fire only when you see the pirates."

Tim making sure that all the switches have been set and then double-check the switch for being cloaked. Pulling out as soon as the cargo bay door was open, Heading to the Hospital ships far-side. Tim needed to be on the opposite side to ensure that the air-locks upon the Hospital Ship were shut down. As soon as he was confident that they were shut, He would blow the fourth pirate's ship.

Mooring on the far-side, opening up the dropship's door. Tim checked to make sure no one was there to welcome them. He stepped out together with the girls close behind. Tim was looking at his wrist monitor, seeing the floor's layout. While Sarha over-laid where everyone was. They walked across the loading bay, verifying every few steps that no one was there. Tim seeing the Hospital ship's air-lock door was open, started forward, Tim telling, "Tabitha to watch the rear." Tim went over and shut the air-lock door.

Backing away, Now telling Sarha, "OK, let us start the party. Give the signal for the first three ships. Wait for 1 minute, then do ship four."


Tammy was seated at her station, listing to Tim's conversation. Wondering what was about to happen and how will it change things. Sarha was about to give the signal to start the action.

"Tammy, have you ever seen an explosion in space?" Sarha asking

"No, Why?" Tammy asks. Still watching the scanners for anything at might show up.

"You might not want to watch around any of the pirate's ships. There will be bodies coming outside, whole, and pieces. Along with a lot of other things."

"Thanks for the warning." Tammy said

Sarha is now checking with each probe, making sure they are where they are supposed to be. Each probe checks back in, confirming all nano-bots are attached to the ship's and are ready. Sarha is now telling all probes to return to the ship. Once all probes are on their way, Sarha sends out the signal.

Tammy watched the viewscreen, hearing Sarha give the signal. She sees all kinds of small detonations from all three ships. She thought that was not so bad. But within a few seconds, there were now more gigantic explosions. The ships were breaking apart, now, she could see some of the things Sarha was talking about.

Still watching, seeing a flash, next to the Hospital Ship, thinking it exploded. Now seeing it was the fourth ship. Realizing Tim would have closed the air-lock doors by now. She now witnesses the fourth ship as it was just about to start breaking away from the Hospital Ship. Tammy was hoping that the ship would move farther away before any more explosions happened. The ship's engines started to explode, shoved the ship's father away in the right direction. The gigantic explosion was instantly ripping the ship in half.

Now all that was left of the four ships were components and fragments.


Tim and the girls were moved to the staircase, proceeding up to the next deck. Tim did not want to take the chance of meeting a pirate in the lift. According to Sarha's sensors, the three individuals were on the next deck up. When they got to the top of the stairs, Tim said, "Tabitha to stay in the back and watch the rear." Opening the door slowly, listening. Hearing voices coming from the left. Tim signals the girls to stay against the left wall.

Tim was coming to a corridor junction, signals Tabitha to the opposite side to watch his side of the hallway. Making sure it was all clear. Slowly moving to the left, to the direction the voices came from.

Slowly walking down, the hall, hearing the voices get louder, one he heard was a female the other, he could not understand. The female was asking for him to leave her alone. Tim made his way to the door, looking around the corner, seeing the female and a second female. The second female was lying on the floor. The pirate was about 6 feet tall and had 4 arms, one of those arms had a weapon.

The female that was talking seen Tim, her eyes lights-up. Tim was shaking his head. She must have understood because she started to move, so the pirate's back was to Tim. Tim signaled Tabitha to stand guard outside by the doorway. Pointing to Pauline, pointing to her rifle and to the pirates' right leg knee cap. Pauline gave Tim the thumps-up sign.

Tim now signals the female to get down to the floor, she sees and understands. When she goes to the floor, she covers the second female.

Tim showing Pauline three fingers, Tim moved to the other side of the doorway, checking Pauline, she shakes her head, and Tim counts down with his fingers. They both open fire at the same time. Pauline's leg shot's and Tim's Headshot take the pirate out.

Tim enters the room, moving to the pirate to check him out. Pauline gets up and heads towards the females. Tim asked, "Are there any other's prisoners?"

"No, we are only ones left. The rest were taken away yesterday. My friend here is hurt."

"We will take both of you back to our ship. Can you walk, how about her?" Tim asked, pointing to the female on the floor. "We will have to hurry."

"No, she will not be able to walk, she has been hurt really bad, but there is an anti-gravity sled over there." She was heading over to get it.

"Tell Tabitha we are bringing out two females, and you and she are to be the rear guards. I'll take the lead." Tim tells Pauline, Tim is now bending down to help place the other female onto the sled. Tim was lifting her up from the floor, and her arms start falling down. There are four of them. Tim stopped for a moment.

"She is a friend and has been with me for five years." The female said.

Tim finished placing her on the sled, Fastening her to the sled. Now, Ready to move.

Tim was leading the way back, the same way they came. Reaching the corridor junction, he stops to check, not seeing anything, he kept moving. Looking back to keep checking on the two females making sure there are no problems.

Tabitha and Pauline were coming up to the junction, checking like Tim said, seeing two pirates and the pirates seeing them. The pirates started firing, Tabitha jumped backward, and Pauline jumped forward. Now on both sides of the corridor, the girls could cover each other.

The pirates were feeling brave, seeing their victims are little, thinking it will be easy. They had been lucky, being this close. If they stick their little heads around the corner, all the pirates had to do was reach out and grab them.

Tabitha had been looking at Pauline, understanding the pirates were just too close to fire at. She had taken off her gloves, and her claws came out. Seeing what Tabitha had in mind, she changed into a Felines, and her claws were out also. Both removed their helmets and boots.

The pirates came round the corner, anticipating seeing their new victims. Once they came around, both girls jumped upon them. They did not have any chance, the girls' claws were at their faces first, raking across their eyes. At exactly the same the girls had their feet clawing the pirates' lower half. One of the pirates got a hand on Tabitha's arm. Tabitha turned her head and biting into his neck, her fangs, punctured his Jugular vein. The entire thing lasted just a couple minutes.

By the time Tim heard the shots and got back to the junction, the fight was over. He looked around to see if the girls were hurt. What he saw was two Felines licking their paws and smiling. Tim asked, "Is everything OK, Here now?" Looking just round the corner, seeing two dead pirates, their bodies clawed to pieces. "I guess there was no problem here, right?" Turning to head back to the other two females.

With everyone back on the dropship, Tim headed back to the ship. Parking the dropship in the bay and having doctor Marus and Doctor Wellbe there to help get everyone to the medical bay for a check-up.

Tim was asking Tabitha and Pauline to come up to the debriefing room after being checked out.

Tim and Tammy were sitting in the debriefing room, waiting for the other two. Tabitha and Pauline were walking in sitting down. Tabitha said, "Why the debriefing room?"

We will be meeting in here after each mission we have. Pauline was looking around the room, seeing a large viewscreen at the front. Chairs formed a semi-circle facing the viewscreen. Tim was sitting to the far-right side, so he could see everyone.

Tim was looking at each girl and a smile on his face. "Ladies, Each and every one of you did a fantastic job today. I'm extremely proud of each one of you."

"So, each of you knows, Sarha has assigned a cloaked surveillance camera for each person on the away team. This is, so we know what you seen and did. Hoping to help keep us alive. Everyone knows the cameras are all over the ship." Tim said.

We will start with the bridge. Sarha was doing the replays for the debriefing. The viewscreen comes alive with Tammy sitting at her station, seeing the spacecraft's detonations, with all the wreckage floating about." Tim stops there, "Tammy, how do you feel about what you were seeing there?"

"Tim, I had no idea what to expect, but to see three ships, gone in less than two minutes with about one hundred individuals on them. It was a shock to me." Tammy replied.

"Tammy, I hope you will never ever get used to the jolt and remember it is lives. But at the same time, remember these are pirates, they know what to expect." Tim said.

"Now, for Tabitha and Pauline, you both did an excellent job, we will go directly to the struggle." Tim said, the viewscreen lights up again, split-screen, showing both overhead views of both girls.

The first thing is seen Tabitha looking around the corner, seeing the two pirates. Tim was stopping there.

"Tabitha, what were you thinking at that time?" Tim asked.

"I was about to shit my pants. They are so big, the smile on their faces made me mad. Thinking they didn't think very much of me." Tabitha replied.

Tim is telling Sarha to restart, this time, it is going to Pauline's overhead view. Seeing that, she looked around the corner at the same time as Tabitha.

Tim break's it there, "Pauline, what are you thinking about that time?"

"Well, it is time to put my training to work, but what do I change into?" Pauline replied, "Then seeing Tabitha, removing her gloves, I knew."

Tim signal Sarha to restart, the next thing seen is the pirates coming around the corner with big smiles, then the sudden look of shock on their faces, seeing both girls turn their claws into deadly weapons.

"I knew you could do it. Sis, you and Pauline make a great pair of fighters." Tammy squealed

"Tim, the pirates are now trying to start the Hospital ships engines." Sarha breaks in.

Tim was getting up from his seat and heading to the bridge, with all the girls following.

"Pauline, you are the Tactical Officer. I want the ship's engines taken out, only the engines, the pirates will be there for the relief force to pick them up." Tim said.

Pauline was sitting down at her station, lighting up the control panels, and prepared the guns. "Weapons are ready, will be taken out both engines, only."

"Fire, when ready." Tim said

Pauline was pressing the switch. Everyone is watching the screen, seeing the two engines explode. Pauline said, "Tim, the ship is now disabled."

Tim, since they have left the debriefing room, having them all sit at their stations. "are there any questions about the mission today?"

"What are we going to do about our two guests?" Tabitha asked.

"I'm glad you asked, Sarha, what did you do with the guests?" Tim said

"Tim, since they both knew each other for so long, I had the bots move a second bed into the medical room. Now both are asleep. I will have Doctor Marus keep a watch on both. If that is OK?" Sarha replied.

"That find. Please call me when they are awake." Tim replied.

Tammy wants to know, "Did the one female have four arms? If so, didn't the pirates also have four arms?"

"Yes, on both counts. The one female. Said she knew the other for over five years. Sarha, can you have the Medical bays doors closed and locked at all times, that we are not there? Also, move Mister Scrappy into medical for support, just in case." Tim said.

"It is being done now!" Sarha said.

"Are we going to wait here for the relief force to show up?" Pauline asked.

"Yes, just in case more pirates show up to assist them, not knowing their buddies are missing." Tim answers.

"Tim if the girls don't mind, may I keep my Felines form?" Pauline asked.

Both Tabitha and Tammy, "Yeah, Certainly, we'd love to have a new Felines alongside us."

Tim grinned back at them, "OK, then you are now a Felines named Pauline." Immediately, she became a Feline. There were hugs all around. The girls started to cheer and started talking about things they would help her with. Tim is currently being overlooked. He is simply sitting around with a huge grin.

"Sarha, When the girls would like to know where I am, tell them I have gone to the Medical Bay to check up on our guests." Tim said.

Tim was making his way to the medical bay to see how the new individuals are doing. Approaching the medical bay doors, they automatically open. Stepping inside, seeing Doctor Marus standing in the corner along with Mister Scrappy. Sarha instantly appears next to Tim.

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