Kanken resource list

A compilation of resources for the 日本漢字能力検定 and adjacent kanji related topics. Compiled by the bros and sises in the kanken chat, ly guys 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
If you think that a resource / blog / website / ... should be added to this list feel free to post it and @ me (julian) in the channel (#general-forum -> kanken post on the TMW discord server) or shoot me a dm.

REGARDING ALL DISCORD FILE LINKS: if you click on a link and it says "This content is no longer available." just paste the link into discord, send the msg and click on the file in discord, dl should work then ^^

Misc stuff for all lvls:

Must have dict for ppl studying for kanken - converted by dict anon

Kanken dict for yomitan
Kanken dict for mdx

Google IME dictionaries

Starting at j1k standard IME entries often don't contain the word that you're searching for - this can help:
dictionaries to install in google IME
舊字體・歷史的假名遣ひ IME stuff

Backup font

in the same vein: at some point (not neccessarily j1k/1k if your standard font is good) stuff all looks like 〼 if you don't install a good backup font
hanazono does the trick
there's also this page for checking your font coverage
(source for the font used in kanken dict at the bottom ^^)

Anki decks / questions for all levels

Anki user that has uploaded multiple decks based on the kanji.jitenon dict - for individual kanji study
Kanken Yojikukugo deck based on yoji.jitenon.jp
kanken.jitenon - has a bunch of questions for most types up to lvl 2 - from there on out sparse

Create your own decks using:

Kanji colorizer addon - create your own cards with stroke order diagrams
massive anki sentence bank based on novels (/audiobooks) and anime - search for words that you want to create cards for

For testing out lvls / grinding questions

Note on all those games

There have been reforms since the release of some (all?) of them so they might not cover all of the kanji required / might not 100% reflect the real deal

3ds games

3ds game "Kanken Training"
3ds game "Kanken Training 2"
3ds game "たのしく・おもしろく 漢検小学生"

ds games

ds game dump with p much all kanken games - use ctrl + f
game dump on internet archive
250万人の漢検プレミアム 全級全漢字完全制覇

Collection of past tests AND mock tests from prep books (lvls 10-1)


一級 and 準一級 have been showing a tendency to get harder, keep that in mind when doing older test papers

Past tests
Answer sheets
original msg with more info here -> msg


QM Complete Jouyou Kanji Writing Deck

Kanji Study App (Android) (APK should be available online)

Deck based on https://kanken.jitenon.jp/ by unknown

website with questions for lvls 3-2 - mainichikanji.com


漢字検定準1級 「30日合格プログラム」 漢検準1級 app-anki deck

website with questions - jun1mondai.com

みかす questions/resources
問題集 stuff for j1k/1k


build a base using these questions
漢字逞筆-anki deck
漢字逞筆 website

mock exams
straight to the drive -> drive
drive with questions from http://nekonokainushi.blog.fc2.com

other resources
みかす questions/resources
問題集 stuff for j1k/1k

Websites of 'foreigners' who passed

Brett Mayer's Kanken Site (1級 passer) (useful lists of kanken relevant vocab/kanji/phrases/kokuji/info)
other kanken passer Site for more insight / experiences from foreigners / + tips for higher levels

Blogs / twitter accounts

blog from the user 颯(はやて)
blog from someone that tried to go for manten on 1k
拾萬字鏡 twitter profile

Hard quiz


A dict - 『和製漢字の辞典2014』


Other supplementary dicts

Yomichan dicts converted by tism
Epistularum's MDX collection containing 日国 and 大漢和辞典/the 諸橋

Random google sheets with kanji stuff (not necessarily kanken)


zip of random sheets found on tism's computer

Decks (not necessarily kanken)

luckystarsnake deck

MDX file that contains the font used in kanken dict - Iwata GKyoukasho ProN

use mdict-utils to unpack

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