syshost page
collective names: Ev(e)/maven/zen
host names: alex/ben/tsugino(or any variation)/haru
host prns: he/xe/it/(she) +
p-did system + unlisted mental/physical issues

Order from most to least fav for all
active interest: zeno, milgram, aikyou (biz), no salvation

music: vocaloid, 2000s pop, nightcore, hyperpop

others: omori, dinoverse (twdak/vtsom), alnst, shtdn, kagepro, mp100, pjsk

characters: maeno aki, mikoto kayano, tsugino haru, kujima (loveit), maia (loveit), hatsune miku, maya higuchi, kochi haruno, fuyu ushirono, satori nakahara

basic dni, i dont care much? As long as you're not weird I'll probably just not engage at all or block if i dont like you, maduzu apologist (this includes if you excuse shipping marutoku characters with "mazu ships them" regardless of what the ship is), you like kuroaka but hate fuyuaka (/r), heavily lovemail/hatemail maeno aki/think you like him more than i do, think you like zeno more than me

thin ice
main zeno ship is kuroaka, russians (especially zeno fans), zeno is your main interest, you're on public zenotwt

byi (extended, short version here)
autistic bitchass that talks about his special interests an unhealthy amount, I gatekeep zeno/maeno from people i dislike and may sometimes go overboard with shittalking over that, do not reality check me it doesn't affect anything, i may act hostile when talking to you about zeno unless we're close + saying you love maeno or youre an irl/kin of tsugino might result in me being mean, maeno aki yumejoshi, do not make fun of me for getting upset about petty things regarding zeno (example: genuinely spiraling due to being too busy to hyperfixate on zeno), if you couldn't tell yet I'm "delusional" about zeno/maeno, i may act hostile if you bring up /r kuroaka to me and we're not close, i get genuinely upset if i see someone insulting maeno, defensive about mikotos system rep (I don't like you if you're a singlet and say mikoto is demonised/0909 is selfcest/refuse to acknowledge johns name), I'm affectionate towards anyone i like regardless if platonic or romantic, I have a hard time differenciating what is and isn't venting/have a hard time communicating in general, I will bring my mental illnesses up if i think we're close enough, I believe all my relationships are pointless and im meant to be alone, despite this i still have a severe fear of being lonely, I joke about my mental problems, having an ed is a currently prominent issue I have and I will frequently talk about it unless you're uncomfortable, do not body shame me even as a joke regardless if i brought it up first, if I get an fp it is likely I will talk less to my other friends and I'll most likely come back to that once I'm over my fp

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