If you read my most recent story, "Foot Lover?" in it you learned that I recently met and became involved with a Domme named Miss Diamond. After a wonderful night in Chicago at the airport we've stayed in frequent touch and made arrangements to get together to meet when possible, which isn't often enough by my measure. And in between we do lot of talking. I'm crazy about her. This is a romantic fantasy.

As luck would have it I found a good reason to make a trip to her base of operations. It was all set up. She told me that she had 'big plans for our meeting in Philadelphia'. Those words were ringing in my ears as I sat on my northbound flight. So were my clean-shaven pubes and the pink satin panties she sent, which she explicitly said I was to wear on the flight and to be wearing when I saw her. I was so excited to be seeing her again. Any time we meet it is another adventure in my journey of soft submission, and every time my heart is so full of affection and joy at spending time with this amazing woman who changed my life. I knew Philly would be no exception. The panties she sent and the 'big plans' admonition had me super excited, and also full of a good kind of nervous apprehension and nervousness.

The flight was uneventful, except that I kept feeling the panties against my shaved privates, making it physically impossible to stop thinking about seeing her for even a minute, which frankly I didn't mind a bit. I took a cab and shortly arrived at my hotel in Center City area, on Chestnut St. It's quite a nice place. Ms. Diamond recommended it. When I got there, looking around the lobby, it showed that she is a woman of taste. As promised, I texted her that I had arrived at the hotel, then I proceeded to check in, drop my bag in the room, got cleaned up a bit, and went down to wait for Ms. Diamond, who would be arriving in the lobby in a few short minutes.

When she walked into the lobby, she nearly took my breath away. A little black dress on the right woman looks so good. On this woman it was mesmerizing. She has the beautiful figure eight shape with hips to die for. Petite and soft in all the right places, she looked sexy and elegant: sophisticated. She was also wearing a cute little silver necklace and a small black bag with just enough shimmer on it. It complimented her dress perfectly. What can I do to describe her better than beautiful black hair, pulled back revealing her pretty face? Deep brown, sincere and penetrating eyes, perfect skin, the color of a caramel candy or a mocha cappuccino. She threw her arms around my neck and exclaimed, "Mattiiieeeee! My Mattiiieeeee!" I can't help but smile when she says my name like that, drawing it out at the end in a cute sing-song kind of way. We made some small talk. I love the softness of her sweet voice. It's quite a contrast to the powerful force of nature that lives within her.

She was carrying a small suitcase. "Let's bring this up to our room, I want to check it out, anyway. I can leave my toys and things up there while we go to the restaurant." I took her bag and we walked over to the elevator bank. She put her arms around me and squeezed me tight. "We are going to have soooooo much fun tonight Mattieeeee boy," in the cute, sweet voice that melts my heart.

We got to the fifth floor and walked down to our room, the bag trailing on its wheels behind in my right hand, my left hand holding hers. I opened the door and as soon as we went inside she kissed me. It was the same kind of 'kiss of possession' I remembered from Chicago. Not a soft, romantic kiss, but more a powerful declaration of taking me as a possession, if that's possible. Perhaps that's not what it was at all, but with our roles and my submissive nature, that's the way it seemed to me.

The kissing went on a for an unhurried minute or two, her hands exploring and groping me all the while. "Are you wearing your panties, Mattie girl?" "Mattie girl!" Holy shit! Did she call me, "Mattie girl"? Yes, she did. "I'm hungry, and I need a drink. And trust me, you need a drink or two for yourself, Mattiiieeeee!" she warned.

We went back downstairs to find a drink then some dinner. In the lounge, she ordered us a couple of mango margaritas, plus a shot of tequila for me. "Bottoms up, Mattiiieeeee" she said, handing me the shot, a very mischievous grin and a sparkle in her eye. 'Bottoms up'. Who knew what a foreshadowing that would turn out to be?

We had dinner at the hotel's tavern. She made it a point that she would order for both of us, so I perused the menu and decided to have a burger and fries. She had a chicken dish. The waiter seemed a little put off when she told him, almost emphatically, "No, I order for both of us. While we ate there was lots of lovely eye contact, the kind two people who genuinely like one another share, light hand touching, small talk, and laughter. The best way to describe what the atmosphere and vibe between us was like is 'romantic'.

After we finished eating, she announced that, "Tonight is a special night. Tonight, you're my girlfriend". She emphasized the word 'my', but girlfriend is what was ringing in my ears. She had a mischievous look in her eye and smiled her beautiful smile at me. I looked at her kissable lips, and I start to melt. Here she was, bringing my fantasy to life. She silently motioned me to slide around the booth and sit closer to her with the her finger. We kissed a passionate, lover's kiss. It was heaven. And then she was back in character.

"Kiss me with lesbian kisses," she said.

"I don't know how to kiss like a girl."


Next thing I knew she was kissing me and feeling me up under the table through my pants. "Help me, girl. Pull down this zipper" She kissed me again. Simultaneously I pulled my zipper open. Immediately her hand was inside, her lips still kissing me the whole while as she felt my pole up and down in it's satin wrapper.

"You're so hard, and so nice and smooth just like my pussy, and just like I like it."

"You make me so hard, Ms. Diamond. So hard. It feels sooooo good."

"I know it does, Mattie. I know it does." I was jelly. Her jelly. She could have spread me on any kind of toast she wanted. I was that deep under her spell. "Let's go upstairs. Now."

We found our way back up to our room pretty quickly. Ms. Diamond was on a mission, and didn't waste any time at all. "Strip to your panties." In not time, there I was in these pink, satin panties, with a lovely two inch black lace details around both leg openings. There were more 'lesbian' kisses, her hand rubbing on my erection through the panties.

"Take your panties off, Mattie girl." My hard-on was rigid and pointing straight up and out. "Well look how happy wearing those cute pink panties has made you. Come over here. On your hands and knees in front to this ottoman, Mattie girl." Pretty much everything she was saying after 'Mattie girl' went right over my head.

She had me lie across ottoman and secured my wrists by some kind of cuff restraint to the front legs. ""Spread your knees." I spread my knees apart and she wrapped some kind of similar cuff inside each knee. When she was done, my knees were locked on place. I couldn't close them, and couldn't open them further, either. Then there was a clicking under the stool and I realized my knees were connected to my wrists by a chain of some kind. I wasn't going anywhere.

I would have gone along with anything she wanted without the restraints, and I told her so, but she explained the restraints to help me to expand and enjoy my D/s experience. They would add a real sense of powerlessness in my submission to her. They did. Did they ever!

For just a little while she left me there trapped, waiting. My ass was on one end, and my head on the other. I couldn't move my legs and knees, and I couldn't move my hands, either. I would never let myself be put in this position by someone I didn't trust. Good thing I trusted her, because there I was. I pretty much knew what was coming next, but the hows and the whens and the actual experience? Those were all foreign to me and they were all racing around my brain at the same time. I had surrendered mentally and physically, and Ms. Diamond was right where I wanted her. She was there with me, controlling this situation. I was willingly powerless. She had the power.

She came back and positioned herself behind me. I felt a slippery finger start toying with my brown rosebud. She toyed and slid and circled around and around, stopping occasionally to add more lube to her finger.

"You ready, Mattie girl? Are you ready?"

"Yes Ms. Diamond. I'm ready."

Her finger penetrated me and she worked the lube inside me and all around. In a minute her tiny finger was slipping in and out with ease. I was in heaven, it felt so good, but she as just getting started.

"These are called 'anal beads' Mattie girl. Have you ever played with anal beads?"

"No, Ms. Diamond, never."

"Well, this is your lucky day!" And with that I felt the first bead penetrate my behind. It wasn't much bigger than her finger, but right behind it another felt a little bigger. And then another. Bigger. And another. There must have been six, or seven, and I could feel them all up in me. My erection was so powerful!

She began to play with the beads, sliding them out in out of me. Slowly, pushing them in.

"Whose ass is this? Answer me: 'This is your ass, Ms. Diamond,'" she directed.

"This is your ass, Ms. Diamond." And she pulled them out.

She reached under me and grasped my hard cock. "Whose cock is this?" I knew the answer. "This is your cock, Ms. Diamond." Back in the beads went.

She pushed them back in. "This is your ass, Ms. Diamond." Out they came.

Squeezing my cock. "This is your cock, Ms. Diamond." In.

In and out, again and again, with me reciting over and over, and a little squeeze on my cock right as she pushed them in. This went on for a few minutes. It felt so good. I felt so powerless. Then one last time she pushed them in and she left them there.

I could hear her walk to the other side of the room, behind me in the part of the room I couldn't see. I heard a lot of rustling, and moving, and what sounded like some snaps clicking. "I love this toy! One end for me, and the other one is for you, and plenty of vibration for both of us. I just love it! You're going to love it, too!" She sounded excited and happy. She came and stood before me. "It's time for my new girlfriend 'Mattie girl' to show me some appreciation." I could see she was wearing a harness with a brown flesh colored, and lifelike dildo protruding in front. It looked to be about six, maybe seven inches, and contrasted with her round, feminine hips in the most kinky and erotic way.

"Are you ready to suck my dick, Mattie girl," she taunted? "Tell me you want to suck my dick."

"I want to suck your dick, Ms. Diamond."

"Not very convincing," she answered. She rubbed the brown tip of the dick back and forth on my lips. "Keep your mouth open and lick my cock. In between, ask me again nicely to put it in your mouth. You know you've always wanted this, Here it is."

"Please let me lick and suck your cock, Ms. Diamond." I opened my mouth, and "Please put it in my mouth, Ms. Diamond. Please let me suck your dick. Please fuck my face. Please," almost pleading.

She laughed. "Now that's more like it!"

She continued slowly moving the strap-on around my lips, and then she was slapping it on my cheeks a bit. "Keep your mouth open and your tongue out, Mattie girl!" Then she slowly slid it into your mouth, while saying I'm so cute cause because I was so nervous. She slid it in and out slowly, pushing just a little further back with every stroke. Owing to my complete lack of experience and being face-fucked, I started gagging. She backed off momentarily and told me to relax. I could feel my saliva was flowing freely. I felt a trickle running down my chin.

She took firm hold of my head. "Breathe through your nose and relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to fuck you." After about the third or forth time into the back of my mouth and throat, my gagging abated a bit and she was able to penetrate almost to the hilt of the six or seven inch plastic cock. I was at her mercy. And my own cock was straining, fully erect. Apparently it didn't object to the situation.

I felt Ms. Diamond's hands tighten on the back of my head guiding me slowly into a faster pace and deep into the back of my mouth and my throat. I never felt so powerless, so used, so vulnerable in my life. No, I didn't hate it. It went on for a few minutes. If it was a real cock, I think it was long enough for an orgasm.

She pulled it out and I could see it was slimy with my saliva. "Good girl, Mattie. Good girl. Such a good little cocksucker. Aren't you going to thank me for letting you give your first blowjob?" I couldn't answer. My breathing and my mind were both racing to much to talk. She giggled. "So cute. You are just too cute for words. Adorable."

She came around behind me and pulled the beads out of me, and even though I was still pretty lubed from the beads and the dildo was still wet from my mouth, she put some more lube on my bottom and then she put some on her 'cock'. This was about to be my first real pegging. I was excited. Very. My cock was drooling under me, I could feel the wetness of my pre-cum.

I felt the head of my new boyfriend at the hole where the beads had just been. "Tell me if it hurts," she said. "Not that I'm going to stop, I just want to know," with a laugh. She pushed into me and there was no problem, it all went in without too much discomfort or pain. Then she turned it on. "It vibrates too!"

She started thrusting, at first slowly and deliberately. I could feel the vibration. After a few minutes she was fucking me faster. And then even faster. Everything felt so good. My hard-on was down just a little, maybe, but the scene had me completely turned on emotionally, intellectually, and physically. She started moaning, and her pleasure came on quickly and powerfully. She was fucking me hard at that point. It seemed as if the intensity of the vibrations increased substantially along with the speed of her thrusts.

"I am cumming! I am cumming." She came with the plastic cock that was in her pushing it's partner in and out of me. From the sounds it was a big one.

"That was awesome. I love fucking your ass, Mattie girl. Your ass is mine, isn't it?"

"Yes, this is your ass, Ms. Diamond."

She backed out of me and came around and affectionately stroked my face. "Are you okay with all this now?"


She released me from the restraints and we moved to bed. She had me lie on my back at the edge of the bed and spread my legs for her and she edged up to the bed and pushed the dildo back into me. I could feel that the vibration was still on. And then she started fucking me again with a slow rhythm. She took my once again fully hard cock in her hand and slowly stroked me. Her hand felt perfect wrapped around me, hold it, pleasuring me. I really liked this position. Not only did the dildo and her hand feel good, but we had eye contact and it just felt great to feel so connected to her. The vibration deep within me felt amazing.

"Fuck me, Ms. Diamond, fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

"You like it, don't you, Mattie girl? You like me fucking that tight ass of yours. Say it!"

"I like you fucking my ass, Ms. Diamond. I LOVE you fucking my ass!"

It wasn't much longer and we both came. I erupted in spurt after spurt. She was crying out and moaning. I have had a lot of powerful orgasms. I don't know that I've ever had a more powerful one.

After taking a sweet shower together and toweling off, she gave me back my panties and put a pair on a matching pair herself. She had two silk robes that were a matched set to the panties for us to wear, too. They were the same pink with the black lace detail around the arms that the panties had around the leg openings.

"My lesbian love's not a virgin anymore, is she?"

"No, Ms. Diamond. I'm definitely not." We climbed into bed, and I fell into her arms.

"You are the sweetest, Mattie girl, the absolute sweetest," her beautiful brown eyes gleaming into my own.

"No, you are, Ms. Diamond. You are." It was like the corny, "I love you", "I love you more" thing, but between two people who care for one another in a different context. She asked me to describe my emotions and feelings before, during, after, and in great detail. It was a very affectionate and lovely scene.

She held my head softly to her breasts, and whispered, "Tell me. Talk to me. Open your heart and mind. How do you feel, what are you thinking, Mattieee girl... uh, Mattie boy?"

I told her I didn't think i wanted to play with the restraints very much in the future, but that they did add to this experience. The sense of powerless and the gift of powerlessness to her evidenced to me how much I do trust her, and how willing I am to try things to please her. I told her how much I appreciated her, and how happy I was that she was the one to help me fulfill my longings and desires. In the warmth of afterglow I made promises of my dedication, loyalty and affection, and I told her that after the night we had had, that I was ready to ready "sell my soul to Ms. Diamond".

Till next time...

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