Piper Cherry was itching up a storm after her dance performance out in fellow Teacher Damon Rice's Wood Shop class. She quickly realized at her expense that sawdust was not her friend. Not only did she scratch repeatedly like her dog with mutant fleas, her once stunning and all too revealing wine colored dress was a blizzard of tan stains that just wouldn't brush away. It was as if she had wrestled with the students rather than merely danced erotically for them like a hardcore stripper at the club Cashanova. Dust residue impossible to fade away completely clung to her like glue but you knew that, see it's stuck to you too. She knew that her dress had to go or the itch would linger even after any showering up in the girls locker room. Big mistake! One she would be more prepared for if...yeah...next time.

"I'm glad I keep an extra dress in my car for emergencies like this. The problem is if I go get it I'll be stopped and questioned by every guy in school. If Dewey Knowles sees me like this he might start digging in my back yard. Fucking Werewolf!" She smirked even in misery. "I'll be scratching all day long if I don't grab a shower. I'm just glad my new little buddy Brandon Foster gave me the heads up that the girls locker room was vacant this hour. Having him cheerlead with my girls will boost his confidence in who he wants to be." Her joy ended as fast as it was inspired, "Uggggh! Stupid me wanting to tease the boys so badly. Never again will I be that careless. Who am I kidding I'm always the rebel. As if I'd ever been in a Wood Shop before today." She rolled her eyes, "Live and learn Pip, live and learn."

Making her way to the gym in stealth mode like a Jane Blond movie, not wanting to be seen looking so dirty, Piper literally tiptoed and peeked around every corner for prying eyes. At one point she even laughed at herself while posing as if she had a gun in her hands. Luckily from the Wood Shop to the gymnasium wasn't clear across the school.

Reaching the locker room she heard the girls upstairs laughing and squealing, mostly from their tennis shoe soles on the floor, and opted to seek help. Hugging the rail cautiously she found a friendly face relatively close to the top of the stairs. One in the cute but all too nerdy brunette Megan Love she knew she was in luck. The girl seriously owed her for showing her boyfriend how to eat pussy and get their relationship on a better trajectory for success. Megan was her first true ally at Horton-Dexter when connecting with the students, Piper knew she had her errand girl. Out on the gym floor with other young adult women playing volleyball right at the point of choosing teams she called out to the girl twice in low volume but failed to reach her. Growling under her breath Piper just belted out..."MEGAN!"

Piper's voice carried from the staircase leading to the locker room area like thunder in the Heavens. Startled by the outburst Coach Ruth Dunbar eyed Piper with a scowl before motioning Megan off the floor to join Piper in her obvious hiding. Ruth turned away she didn't want to know.

"Hi Piper." Megan sprinted to her side with a giddy smile then noticed the peppered dress full of sawdust particles, "What happened to you?"

"Don't ask! I need your help." Piper pulled her out of sight by snatching her wrist and tugging her along to the bottom of the steps, "I'm taking you out of class for about ten minutes or so. You can repay me for that day in my office with Dick."

"Dirk!" She giggled knowing Piper was referring to her boyfriend by Dick on purpose. "Sure! What do you need?" It was obvious but she wanted to hear it.

"I need you to go to my SUV...white Ford Edge in the Teacher's parking. I don't have my car keys on me so I'm going to trust you with my door code. Punch in 69696. Once you gain access there's a grey dress in my back seat, I need you to bring it to me."

"69696? Too funny! Whirl Twirl Orgasm?" She mocked the use of 69! Sadly even in her moment Piper grinned sharing her humor. Seconds of giggles later Meg asked, "Why can't you go get it?"

"Because I'm going to be showering in the girls locker room while you retrieve my dress. Don't ask questions...you already know I'm a dirty girl." She laughed patting Megan on the shoulder, then grit her teeth brushing where she touched. "Cuties! Sorry!"

"So bring the dress to the locker room. Got it! Can I ask another favor of you for doing this?"

"You already owe me." Piper winced while scratching her ass beneath her skirt, she just knew it was red and had raised up white scratch marks. "What is it?"

"Can you show me how to give really good blowjobs?"

"What!!?" A fidgeting glare of seriously Piper didn't argue, "We can talk about this later. I have to shower and be out before your class is over. I don't want Ruth to raise hell with me." Megan stood firm with her arms folded over her sizeable chest, defiantly grinning. Piper groaned, "This has to be now?" The girl nodded enthusiastically.

"You already took me out of class. Take Dirk out of Science too."

"He has class with Roger Dundee right now?"

"Yep! I hear you two have a hot date. So awesome! Mister Dundee is such a stud."

"How well I know. Fine! I'll...well shit! I don't have my phone with me."

"I'd let you use mine but I don't have his number. Good thing I'd probably send him cute selfies." No she wouldn't, the girl was too shy for that. "Ruth has a cell." Megan pointed out, "She's already wondering what this is about. Just have her call Mister Dundee."

"Go get my dress I'll figure it out. Hurry back as fast as you can. Break the sound barrier and don't hold your tits. FLY BABY BIRD...FLY!" She sends Megan off with a slap to her ass and a cast of her hands as if tossing her to the wind. Megan laughed as she danced in circular steps backwards before leaving. "I swear. These kids expect way too much out of me. How to give a good blowjob? Ugggh! I do have talent."

"What's going on?" Ruth approached, standing at the top of the staircase looking down after seeing Megan sprint through the gym on her way out. Now she wanted to know!

"I needed her help. Excuse her this hour please. Oh, and do you know Roger Dundee's phone number?"

"Yes. May I enquire as to why? You should already have it Miss Hot Pants."

"Wearing a dress Ruthie!" She fanned her skirt out just a bit to emphasize Ruth's mistake, "Because I don't have my phone with me and I need to get in touch with him. P-R-O-N-T-O!"

"He has a class in session. It's against rules to be on the phone during..."

"Well aware Grandma!" Piper flared her eyes chuckling, "Don't make me use your whistle to get your attention." Palm held out with a stern look in her eye Piper insisted, "Phone?" Ruth shook her head then noticed Piper's dusty dress and her random scratching fits.


"Killer bees! No, I was out at Damon's wood shop and got too close to a keg of sawdust. I'm going to borrow the showers during your class if you don't mind. I'll hurry so the girls don't witness it. I just asked Megan to run to my car for a spare dress I keep in there in case I ever needed a change of clothes. Which I do! Bad enough I'm ready to shred this one off like a wild animal in my scratch fest." Taking Ruth's phone after meeting half way on the steps, once Ruth found Roger's number in her contacts Piper stepped away. "I'll bring it back in a second."

Across the building In his classroom, right in the middle of a verbal lesson on metamorphosis Roger felt his cell vibrate in his front pocket, yes it felt good. Faltering in his presentation he lifted it from it's hiding place alongside his crotch to spy who his caller was. Seeing Ruth he wondered if perhaps it was a butt dial. Answering it he heard shallow raspy moans messing with him. "Ohhhh, Roger...I want you inside me so badly. Don't mind my new perfume...it's called Ben Gay." He knew it wasn't Ruth's voice, but the moment did decrease a beginning erection due to his cell's vibrations.

"Nice try Blondie." He turned away from his overly curious students. "Why are you calling from Ruth's phone?"

"My phone is in my office charging. I'm at the gym right now so I borrowed Ruth's cell last second. I need a favor...I know...I know...everyone needs favors these days."

"What do you need that can't wait until Saturday?" He chuckled.

"Can you send Dirk Bentley to the gym?"

"Dirk Bent...ohhhh? Dirk...only one in my class...right! Soooo...why am I doing that again?"

"Personal. Counsellor stuff."

"Uh huh! Surrrre! I will ask you about this later."

"Patient/ Counsellor confidentiality, sorry Handsome. Tell him to haul ass." She hung up on him right after, mainly to itch without him questioning her groans of agony. Once silent Roger called out to Dirk and told him to go find Counsellor Cherry in the gym his presence was required. Of course, Dirk being Dick...smugly said, "She wants me." Even knowing his girl Megan was in the gym and might be dying for all he knew he made it appear totally on his needs, Piper's if it were true. Roger hoped for his sake that wasn't reality, he knew Piper was capable of anything. Not that it would ever sway him from that sexy ass blond bombshell, it would take a whole lot more than any petty rendezvous...student or not to keep his cock out of Piper Cherry. Dirk left the classroom with swagger. Whatever!

Returning Ruth's phone Piper smiled at her, "I hope there's a boat load of soap I need it. Wash cloths in the linen cabinet?"

"Dispenser's by every shower head. No wash clothes just towels. Did you roll in sawdust?"

"You might say that. Damn dust is making me a Whole Lotta Rosie." Ruth had no clue of the song by AC/DC, the band still stuck in Piper's head from the Wood Shop CD player. Turning tail Piper hurried to the locker room, Ruth warning her she had thirty minutes before her students would be swarming the locker room themselves. Hives indeed! Fucking Queen Bee!

Entering the shower room Piper stripped naked, heels kicked aside before prowling about to find a clean towel, one to dry off with, one to fashion as a washrag. Whatever remedy could be used would suffice, Piper just needed to feel clean. Wasting no time she stepped into the communal shower and fired up a scalding hot round of water before basking under the downpour. Extra towel used to soap up she set about cleansing herself thoroughly, time and time again to make certain her itch would fade.

Doing her best to avoid getting her hair wet she tossed it about to avoid the torrent, problem was in taking her dress off it was very possible sawdust even got into her hair, she would have to deal with that because wet hair would look incriminating. On her fourth soaping Megan returned with her dress, Dirk right behind her like a lost puppy finding his way home. While Megan wasn't stressed over Piper's nudity, Dirk lost his composure pumping his fist in the air hissing, "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" His girl wincing at him for his outburst he quickly looked away from Piper's glistening body and made excuses, "So this is the girls locker room." He used the surroundings rather than immediately letting Megan know it was seeing Piper naked, all wet, and soapy that got his enthusiastic response. "Nice benches they look sturdy."

Spotting Megan lingering outside the shower room Piper frowned at she bringing Dirk into the locker room without any warning. Her boyfriend spying on Piper from head to toenails made the Counsellor tense up. Why she would let it bother her she had no idea really. It wasn't as if a good fifty students hadn't caught glimpses of her private parts. Even more the guys in Detention whom had the privilege of getting her naked, she them on her very first day supervising the hoodlums of Horton-Dexter. After that day her ambitions exploded, including her hormones. Game on bitches!

Pointing at Dirk with the threatening dagger of her right hand's index fingernail she made it clear he was to keep his distance. Obeying but hardly looking away his hand went straight to his crotch, unzipping his jeans and whipping out his less than eventful pecker which was at full erection. Rolling her eyes at him Megan looked at Piper with a hopeful expression.

"Help me Miss Cherry." The girl shrugged with her hands held behind her back, expressing a hint of innocence, more reluctance. "Dirk says I'm not doing something right."

"Try getting another lover." Piper chuckled then put her hand up, "Just kidding Dick." He flipped her off with his left hand while rubbing his cock with the right, he was ambiDIRKtrous.

"Fuck you're sexier than my dreams made you out to be." He blurted regardless of what Megan would think of his reaction. "Are you really going to show my girl how to give me a better BJ?"

"Oh no! I'm not going near that thing. I'll coach her from here, but let's be clear I'm only getting her started." Piper instructed, "We only have fifteen minutes or so, so get your wench ass busy."

Megan quickly dropped to her knees in front of Dirk and peered up, fondling him. He was so busy jerking off looking at Piper sudsing her tits again he hadn't even glanced at Megan. Megan pouted and tried to pry his hand away from his cock in order to suck him off. His grip like a vice circulating Megan was ready to give up.

"HEY!" Piper noticed his preoccupation and snapped, "Let her do her job or go back to class. I don't have time for this shit Dick."

"Sorry! Your tits are amazing, I love your nipples."

"Look down at Megan, you're giving me the willies." Bad enough the itch was still irritating as much as Dirk was.

"I gotta willy for ya." He chuckled.

"MINE!" Megan growled at him loud enough to make him jump.

"ALL YOURS BABY!" He was still looking at Piper, but finally released his dick into his girls custody. Megan jumped in taking an inch of his pecker into her mouth. Piper instantly saw his problem with her.

"Take it all in Mickey."

"Megan." The girl giggled then took in another inch.

"Oh, come on!" Piper rolled her eyes while scrubbing her perfect ass with the soaped up towel at a contorted angle, one that left her bulging chest ripe for his inspection. Nipples impossibly stretching at the water slowly cooling down he was drooling like a Saint Bernard eying a steak.

"I want to." Dirk whined looking at Piper's curvaceous rack, then her ass as she switched profiles. Her butt crack pried apart to clean up inside herself, Piper's anal pucker targeted Dirk gaping like an eyeball bulging. He had to bite his knuckle as inspiration struck. "Can we show Meg how to do anal?"

"Not even." Piper shook her head bending over to pry her cheeks wider still in order to rinse between them. His vantage point was not dead center at that point but close enough. Wincing at Megan's timid efforts Dirk was losing patience, he wanted to jerk off over Piper more than suffer through his girlfriend's less than aggressive methods of giving head. Cleansed yet again Piper leered over at Megan with disappointment. "What part of all of that...don't you understand? If his balls aren't mashed against your chin you're not doing something right."

Megan hesitated with a pout, "I've never gone that deep before."

"I KNOW!!" Dirk grumbled.

"Show me Miss Cherry." She whimpered ready to give up.


Piper shut her water off and grabbed her dry towel dabbing at her body while stepping out of the stall to get closer. "I'm not doing this you are. Wrap your mouth around his...dirk." He nearly laughed at her mockery, if it weren't for her being totally nude and right next to him changing his attitude. As Megan obeyed taking in the two inches she was accustomed to Piper threw her towel over her shoulder and bent over to place her right hand at the base of Megan's skull and pushed her on to his cock deeper.

Eyes bulging at the assisted encouragement Dirk kept trying to reach out and grab Piper's tit. Swat after swat prevented his clutching her breast. Finally, Piper took Dirk's hand and forced it to replace hers on Megan's scalp. Stepping around her backside she then took Dirk's free hand and locked it to the other side of Megan's head. "There! Now pull her toward you, and push your hips inward until your nuts touch her chin." He chuckled faintly and took the initiative in pursuing this venture. As Megan choked he fucked her face. Waving for release Megan slapped his forearms.

"Stop fighting him Mickey."

"Yeah! You're mine bitch." He grew cocky.

"Shut up Dick." Piper slapped him upside the head, her tits jiggling in the process. "All you did just now was show her how deep to go. Force is only initiated if she's willing to give in to you." She fidgets looking at Megan, "You are willing right?" Megan shrugged. "Hands to yourself Dick. Let her adapt to going that deep now that she knows she can take you all in, not that there's much to take in." Piper jested flicking his earlobe before looking about for her secondary dress laying on a bench. Clock ticking she knew she had to get dressed with only ten minutes or less before the tide came in.

"Back and forth that deep. You can do it Sweetie." Still Megan seemed reluctant to go all the way with any steady repetition. "Does she jerk you off this slowly?" Piper cocked an eyebrow while flipping her dress out in front of her for a front and back inspection. Dirk grit his teeth wanting to say yes but knew saying no would end his BJ.

"No she's got a fast rhythm, just not with her mouth."

"That's a lie." Megan pulled away nearly shedding a tear, "I just don't know how to please him. I'm hopeless."

Putting her grey wraparound dress on but not tying the sash it was more becoming of a robe at the moment, Piper halting with the sash looking at it. "Is it because I'm watching you?" Megan winced with a single shoulder shrug. "Let's try this." Piper uses her sash to blindfold Megan tying it behind her head, "There! You can't see me or him. I want you to just lose yourself in the moment. Take all of him into your mouth, use your tongue to tease his foreskin." Megan greedily jumps into her practice session. Piper moving behind cups her hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. "Let her find herself." spoken in the softest of whispers. He heard her but was more in tune with Piper's nipples touching his t-shirt, trailing his back without thinking about her nearness. Once she did she eased back by an inch and with one hand pulled her dress closed.

"Ohhhh fuck! That feels awesome." He had to murmur, unfortunately it was Piper's nipples that he was complimenting, not Megan's brewing moans. His girlfriend was growing invested in the moment moving in a solid friction, her warm wet tongue gliding under his shaft tantalizing his foreskin. A minute longer Dirk was really enjoying Megan's attempt. "Gonna cum." He growled beneath Piper's palm over his mouth, she smiling at Megan's sudden persona change.

"That's it Sweetie, don't stop for even a second." Piper prodded the girl, "Make him fall to his knees." Hearing Piper's advice Megan gripped Dirk's hips and swallowed him even deeper, his balls wallowing along her drool soaked chin. Megan's frantic, "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm's with each tonsil tickling thrust Dirk was shaking. His limbs weak under the building pressure of eventual detonation, Piper removed her hand from his lips and just massaged his shoulders. She needed his shirt to wipe his drool off of her palm anyway. He was growing lost in their joint efforts and groaning.

As if counting in her head Piper predicted his ejaculation to the second, his tensing body rallying a liquid explosion into Megan's mouth. Carefully lowering him to his knees Piper let him hug Megan, her mouth spewing cum all over his shirt in her choking. Piper had to look away before gagging herself. Leaving the young lovers to gather their composure Piper put on her heels before going after her sash. Untying it from Megan's scalp she pulled her dress together and bound her bodacious body tightly. Nipples stabbed through her pale grey material as if nothing in the way.

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