Paula begins her first weekend with "The Club". Part 5 in the "Paula's Discovery" series.

After accepting Sheila's offer, the subject never came up again until one day when Sheila told Paula that the next weekend for "The Club" had been set for early May. Paula was invited to attend and the other four girls were looking forward to meeting her. Sheila mentioned that Marge would also be bringing a new girl to join in the fun.

Paula questioned herself now that the issue was forced by a firm date but took a deep breath, mentally checked her personal calendar, and accepted.

As if reading her mind Sheila added, "There is car show in Indiana that same weekend and Hunter will be setting up the trip with Tom and a couple other guys."

Paula was excited at the prospect of a fun girl's weekend and the chance to make some new friends. The girls fired up Paula's laptop and soon two first class airline tickets were purchased. Sheila said that Penny and Anne were taking care of the hotel and dinner reservations and "some other arrangements."

Paula let the last comment slide for now and began asking about what to pack and what outfits they would need. Sheila said that there would definitely be some shopping and part of the fun was wearing the new outfits right away that weekend.

This "weekend" begins Thursday evening when they arrive late at the hotel following their flight. Paula would wrap up things at the office early and Sheila would come by and pick her up on the way to the airport. The return flight was scheduled for early Monday afternoon so she would clear her calendar until Tuesday morning.

Tom arrived at home while Paula was making a light dinner. He entered in his usual good mood and asked about her day as he slid up to her, kissed her check and slid his hand down to her ass. Paula had her hands full of salad but smiled and wiggled her "stripper butt" back against Tom's hand, pleased that Tom still wanted her after all the years they had been together.

"I hear that Sheila is taking you out of town on an adventure next month," he said teasingly.

Paula paused and said, "It sounds like fun, are you still okay with me going?"

"Of course," Tom quipped. "Besides, I assume that gives me a pass to go to the car show," he said slyly.

Paula paused at his choice of the word "pass" but decided to discuss it later. She filled their plates and they carried them to the TV room in their usual routine.

As Tom gathered up the plates to walk to the kitchen, Paula began her usual routine of rinsing the dishes as she loaded them into the dishwasher.

As if he could see into her mind, Tom said, "Hunter tells me some of Sheila's friends are a handful."

Paula paused and turned to face Tom.

"Sheila has told me about some of their adventures." "Does that bother you?" she asked.

Tom stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her and playfully squeezed her butt.

"He also said that he doesn't ask a lot of questions...but that the sex after she comes home is incredible," he added.

Tom continued, "Maybe it's okay for couples to experience things that bring a new dimension to their relationships."

"It's new territory for us but we've got a strong relationship." "I don't want to look back and regret not trying new things."

Paula felt warm inside at the expression of his love and the excitement in his voice. There was also fear that some boundaries, once crossed, cannot be recovered.

"I don't want to push you or talk you into anything" he continued.

"But it sounds like the girls stay safe and keep things fun." "If we want to experiment, it sounds like a good way," he concluded.

Paula leaned up and kissed him quickly and turned to finish the dishes.

As she thought about what Tom said she challenged him by asking, "What about you?" "I know there is a lot to see at those car shows."

Tom looked at her seriously and said, "Does that make you uncomfortable?"

Paula paused, knowing that what she was feeling wasn't logical or equitable.

"It does, a little," she said quietly.

Tom smiled and hugged her again.

"I'm willing to try if you are," he said.

"Besides" he added. "I've never seen anything as nice as this."

He hugged her and grabbing her butt with both hands, pulled her against him. She could feel him against her and she felt the familiar warmth.

Tom kissed her playfully and turned toward the garage.

"I need to check on the car battery."

As he walked toward the garage door, he turned and added with a wink, "If you don't keep the battery fully charged, you'll never have any fun."

Paula had to rush to get things finished in time to meet Sheila but as she walked to the front entrance of her office building, with her wheeled suitcase, shoulder bag and purse she saw Sheila's black Escalade turn into the semi-circular drive. Paula took Sheila's advice and was bringing a suitcase a little larger than needed to accommodate the spoils of her shopping. They would each check one bag and carry the smaller bag on board.

Paula lifted the larger bag into the back after Sheila opened the rear hatch from inside. She dropped the shoulder bag next to Sheila's luggage, closed the hatch and walked around to the right to slide into the front seat.

Paula was still wearing her dark blue suit and three inch heels and saw that Sheila was wearing a blazer and blouse with a gray skirt and heels. Her "Real Estate" uniform as she sometimes referred to these ensembles. Paula noticed that the skirt was shorter than the standard "uniform" and wondered if she was using some of Marge's sales techniques today.

They chatted excitedly about the day as they drove to the airport. Once inside the garage, the unloaded their bags, large enough for the weekend but still small enough to handle without help. After closing the doors, they noted the location by the colored signs and numbers. The alarm system gave the confirming "chirp" as Sheila locked the doors and they turned toward the elevator.

As they settled into their wide leather seats, took the first sip of their wine and relaxed from the activity of check-in, screening and boarding, Paula had her first thought of the weekend ahead. She was excited and enthusiastic but still wondered what the weekend would bring. She felt mainly okay with what might be ahead and Tom's encouragement this morning for her to enjoy the weekend and stay safe helped her relax.

As the 737 climbed away from MCI, Sheila turned to Paula and said, "I hope you like the other girls."

"I know they are looking forward to meeting you," she added.

Paula smiled and assured Sheila she was excited and hoped the others liked her as well.

Sheila began to brief Paula on what was ahead. They would be the last ones to check into their rooms this evening and they would meet for a drink in the "Skybar" at the hotel. Sheila said that the other "new girl" was named Joni and was a friend of Marge's. They met at an exercise class at their gym and had become friends. Sheila said that Marge hoped she would enjoy the weekend. Marge said that she could be a little "uptight" but was a lovely lady, in her mid-forties. Her husband is in sales and "wasn't much fun," as Marge had put it. Marge said that Joni needed to loosen up and as Marge put it, "needed to get laid....a lot."

Sheila continued by saying that typically Penny set the schedule. Sheila said Penny referred to herself as the "Den Mother". Paula flashed back to her son's Cub Scout days and somehow thought that Penny would be a lot different than the Den Mothers she knew, but understood the concept and laughed at the image.

Paula was excited to find out that Anne had "called in a favor" and got tickets to one of the hottest new plays in town for Friday evening. There would be dinner first at a nearby restaurant. Paula immediately thought of what to wear but Sheila assured her that they could shop their way through any issues there.

Sheila continued that Penny was handling the details for Saturday and Sunday evenings. Sheila laughed and advised Paula to just relax and enjoy herself.

"Is this the initiation you mentioned?" Paula asked.

Sheila laughed and suddenly remembered her earlier conversation with Paula.

"You could call it that," Sheila said.

Sheila felt obligated to explain and perhaps assure Paula about the upcoming activities. Sheila explained that there was a certain feeling that the girls in "The Club" wanted any new "members" to have shared experiences with them to bond with the group.

"Some of the shared experiences might not be understood or appreciated by just anyone," she explained.

"Challenging new girls to the edges of their comfort zone, gave the girls comfort that they could enjoy whatever any of them did and not feel threatened," Sheila continued.

Paula laughed and said in her attorney voice, "You mean they need to have some leverage."

Sheila laughed and said, "Maybe just a little."

O'Hare Airport, was the usual crowd scene but the first class tags on their bags made sure their bags were some of the first to flop down on the carousel. The short walk to the taxi cue followed and as the girls settled in for the hour-long drive to the hotel, they enjoyed the quiet.

As they walked across the beautiful lobby Paula was beginning to feel the length of the day and was glad that there was no one in line ahead of them to check in. The smiling clerk quickly provided them with their keys and directions to the elevators. As they walked away they saw large signs welcoming several groups to the hotel. Paula noticed the logo of a well-known sports equipment manufacturer and two "alphabet" groups that she did not recognize.

Sheila saw the sign too and said, "There is almost always big groups here."

As the elevator doors opened at their floor, Paula and Sheila noticed two well-built, late-twenty-something men with lanyards around their necks smile and step back to allow the ladies to exit the elevator car with their bags.

As the doors closed behind them, Sheila said, "I told you there would be lots of exciting things to see here in the city."

Paula laughed and said, "Maybe a little young for us?"

Sheila countered, "To quote Penny, young, hung and full of cum."

They laughed and Paula could feel herself blush.

Paula said, "Penny sounds like a real handful."

Sheila said, "She sure is." "She is a great friend too."

Sheila added, "Wait until you see Hunter says, she's more than two hands-full."

Paula flashed the keycard across the lock and when the light turned green, opened the door. It's always awkward dragging your own bags into a hotel room while holding the door open she mentally complained. Once inside the room she opened the lock on her side of the connecting door and knocked. As she turned to begin unpacking, she heard the latch click and Sheila walked into Paula's room with her phone to her ear.

"We'll freshen up and meet you there in a few," Paula heard her say.

Sheila touched the screen to end the call and said, "That was Anne."

"They're upstairs in the club," she added.

"It sounds like they have a head-start on us."

Sheila turned back into her room and Paula retrieved her make-up kit from her carry-on bag and headed for the bathroom. After touching up her make-up she opened the door and headed to Sheila's room. The girls grabbed their purses and room keys and headed back to the elevators.

When the elevator doors opened on the club floor the noise of the crowd flooded into the car. Sheila smiled and led Paula into the crowded room. As their eyes adjusted to the dim light they could tell the mostly male crowd was spilt evenly around the bar and at tables. The tables were more mixed and gave the impression of familiar co-workers in town for meetings. As Sheila looked around the room, rising on her toes in a failed effort for her short frame see over the crowd, a tall attractive sharply-dressed women with short gray styled hair approached them.

Sheila beamed and said, "Hi Anne, it's tough to find anyone in this crowd."

After a quick friendly hug she turned and introduced Paula. Anne had a sincere smile and Paula instantly liked her. She was more attractive than in her photos and Paula appreciated the success she had clearly earned on her own.

Anne led them through the crowd to a round table against the wall but near the bar. The women were settled in and Paula noticed nearly empty glasses in front of each of them. The women excitedly greeted Sheila and the girls took the two seats already set out for them.

Although Sheila immediately began introductions, Paula recognized the Club members instantly. Of course, Anne and seated next to her was a tall, slender blonde in a bright red blouse, slacks and heels. The bright colors and slender figure immediately identified her as Jane, Sheila's college roommate. She smiled but seemed to study Paula carefully.

The gregarious brunette with an expensive tailored suit had to be Marge. She had the "never met a stranger" approach that someone in her profession would develop. Seated next to her was a petite blonde. Attractive, dressed conservatively in a dress with a blazer and although she seemed a little lost, she smiled at Paula and seemed pleased that she was not the only "new girl" this weekend.

But the standout in the group was Penny. Although Paula knew her age in the early 70's from Sheila's description Paula would have guessed at least ten years younger. She had, as they say, good genes....and a disciplined approach to exercise and health. Despite her flaming red-hair and trendy outfit, she had a very genuine quality about her and Paula knew she would like her. Penny had the look of a woman who had led a full life but had not let the years wear against her.

And...Hunter was right. In a word she was "stacked".

She wore a shimmering satiny silver blouse covered by a fitted wool jacket that zipped up in front but the poor zipper couldn't possibly make the turn from her tummy up around her chest...and Paula was sure that Penny never intended for it to try. Her impressive cleavage showed a bit of age but she still seemed much firmer than a woman would expect while still looking natural and unenhanced. Paula was quick to look away and not be caught staring.

She instantly appreciated, the difficulty gentlemen face in similar situations.

As the girls sat, a young bartender noticed their arrival and came from behind the bar. He was young and good looking and seemed to be enjoying serving their party although perhaps not completely comfortable.

As he approached, Marge motioned to him and said, "Thank you Rob, our friends have had a long day and need some drinks."

Marge turned toward the girls and said "The cosmo martinis are fabulous."

Rob smiled and turned to Sheila who said, "We can't take her word for something this important." "Two martinis!"

Rob smiled, nodded and hurried back to the bar. As he walked away, Jane looked at Penny and said "You're killing the poor kid."

"He can't keep his eyes out of your blouse" she scolded.

Penny smiled politely and said "At my age, I have to show whatever good that is left to turn a head."

"Besides, with my poor Edgar's health, the "girls" don't get a chance to play much at home anymore."

"He wants to have fun and as long as he knows you girls are around to keep me safe, he's very understanding."

"He wants to hear every detail when I get home" she added with a wink.

"You are a lucky woman" Anne chimed in.

"We have developed a don't ask, don't tell attitude." "He doesn't ask and I don't tell" Anne added with a smile.

Rob returned with the glasses on a tray but a bit unsteadily.

"Did you make these?" Sheila asked.

Rob explained, "I'm new here and just the bartender's helper."

"I'm learning to mix drinks and it should be a great skill for part time jobs through the rest of my college at U Chicago."

"With the big crowd this week, I've been helping wait a few tables by the bar" he added.

Rob set the glasses slowly and carefully in front of Sheila and Paula. Paula smiled as Rob stood and before asking if anyone else needed drinks, his eyes dropped again to Penny's cleavage. With her position with her back to the bar, Rob naturally approached the table from over her right shoulder and the view was perfect from his perspective.

Marge spoke up and ordered another martini and also another glass of wine for Joni.

Joni began to protest but Marge cut her short and said "Trust me Joni, you need several more drinks."

Rob made mental note of the order while trying to make eye contact with Marge, turned and stepped back behind the bar.

Penny spoke in an official voice and raised her glass, "A toast to a great weekend and to new friends....and accomplices."

After all glasses were raised and brought to waiting lips, Jane announced, "That means the weekend has officially begun!"

Anne explained the details for the show the next night and the dinner reservations she made at one of her favorite restaurants a short walk from the theatre. They would take cabs from the hotel at 5:30 in order to enjoy dinner and be seated at the theatre before curtain time.

Jane spoke up and said that she made reservations at her favorite spa at 10 the next morning. She would meet everyone who wanted to join her in the lobby at 9:45 to catch a cab. She looked at Paula and Joni and said, "Mandatory attendance for the "new girls"." Her look was part smile and partly sizing up their reaction.

Paula and Joni quickly nodded their acceptance and Sheila and Marge confirmed as well.

Rob reappeared quietly at Marge's shoulder and placed another glass carefully in front of her on a new napkin and removed the used glass. He repeated the process with Joni and stood, asking if there was anything else anyone needed.

Penny spoke up and said, "Rob you have been a dear to put up with us."

"Please put everything on the tab I started when we arrived."

Rob nodded, struggling to make eye contact with Penny. He smiled and made the few steps back to the bar and stepped up to the computer terminal to make the charges.

For the next hour everyone got acquainted and Paula felt quickly comfortable with the group. Paula noted that Joni, although quiet seemed to be having a good time and was beginning to loosen up a bit. Paula found that she was a CPA and did tax accounting for one of the corporations in town. With a daughter in her first year away at college, she began taking the train in town early and workout before heading to her office. That is where she met Marge. Her husband travelled extensively in sales for another large corporation and they lived west of the city with convenient trains to both downtown and O'Hare.

Joni was a cute petite blonde and was like the quiet girls everyone knew in school. It would take a while to get to know her, Paula thought.

As the glasses emptied, Penny appeared ready to speak and the group quieted.

"Ladies" she said, looking mostly at Paula and Joni.

"Our little group here enjoys these weekend get-together and more importantly the company of like-minded women."

"We find ourselves at a point in life where we no longer need to deny ourselves pleasure and know and enjoy what it takes to find it."

"Our little group provided safe means for the four of us to explore and fulfill ourselves." "We are extending this advantage to you as well."

"We do not take this offer lightly and it comes with the understanding that you respect everyone's privacy," she added.

"Also, we enjoy helping others explore things they may have never experienced before." "We may push you a bit and that is done in the spirit of friendship and to give you an opportunity to discover for yourself the self-confidence and empowerment we have enjoyed."

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