A collection of the many flags made for me.

First; the favorites.

wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf LOL, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes puppet, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes puppet, f
Firefagender: Transfem flag, but specifically for me. fuck you 7 stripe flags

Asexual: Feels no sexual attraction. WE EXIST

Aromantic: Feels no romantic attraction.

WAHAHAHA! WELCOME TO WA only use this one if you've gotten the best ending in a wario land game
Wariosexual: A sexuality/romanticism that puts aside all other attraction in favor of Wario.

4 stripe DOS CGA color version 5 stripe homestuck color version 4 stripe sunset version 5 stripe version unconventional version I don't like this onje could mozart still be alive?
Noiric: Flag for those who deeply relate to Bec Noir from Homestuck. call me evil idc

clover emoi
Paleromantic: A romanticism that's basically just the pale quadrants from Homestuck I'm not gonna lie to you (the pale quadrants aren't even romantic ?? hometuck sucks)

Latvia: what?? this isn't a pride flag this is the glag of latfia why is it here

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