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This page serves as a collection of /WHO/s very own weekly newspaper. This is a continuation of the pastebin that served as the repository for Weekly Owls but has become a bit too cluttered and unorganized over the weeks and months.

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Weekly Owls

Early Editions

Edition Additional Notes
CCIII Link to Thread 2021 Dec 21 - CCIII. The Prototype, first Owl on record.
CCIVLink to Thread 2021 Dec 22 - CCIV. First Owl as a weekly, still a little rough here and there.
CCXIVLink to Thread 2021 Dec 29 - CCXI. Second and also last Owl for a while.

More recent Editions

Edition Additional Notes
CCLXIIILink to Thread 2022 Jan 23 - CCLXIII. Weekly Owl reborn, complete rebuild - we have the technology! Still a little experimental (Colors, Layout etc)
CCLXXILink to Thread 2022 Jan 30 - CCLXXXI. Mostly settled on the Layout and gone fully B/W now (Filesize limitations are a bitch).
CCXCVLink to Thread 2022 Feb 06 - CCXCV. The week of the NSO stream. Piecing together the headline image was a lot of fun.
CCCXVILink to Thread 2022 Feb 13 - CCCXVI. Totally RNG EN Doodles, yes. Also the first time Friend-Dot made an appearance.
CCCXXXIIILink to Thread 2022 Feb 20 - CCCXXXIII. First color edition and some changes to the background, separation of the crumble and color layer instead of having it be a static crumpled backdrop. Not even the brute force approach could make the color png fit into the file size limit. Color PNG version is a re-creation as a certain dumdum did not bother to save a version pre-desaturation at the time. Link to the old B/W Version
CCCLIIILink to Thread 2022 Feb 27 - CCCLIII. Little Bird Edition. Also, half a year of Council.
CCCLXVLink to Thread 2022 Mar 07 - CCCLXV. Mumei moving, also Owlcams(tm).
CCCLXXXIVLink to Thread 2022 Mar 13 - CCCLXXXIV. Owl is back!
CDIVLink to Thread 2022 Mar 21 - CDIV. MOOM ETERNAL. Another late edition, another color edition. Starting from here xfc in color are being kept.
CDXIXLink to Thread 2022 Mar 27 - CDXIX.
OWL-A EditionLink to Thread 2022 Apr 01 - CDXXX. Aprils Fools shitpost. Most cursed Edition so far, some of the eye changes that did not make it are outright creepy.
CDXXXVILink to Thread 2022 Apr 04 - CDXXXVI. All the extra stuff is kept in a separate file from here on.
CDLIILink to Thread 2022 Apr 11 - CDLII. Last Edition to mention anything about the owl cams.
CDLXVILink to Thread 2022 Apr 17 - CDLXVI. Headlines off to the side worked quite nice this time.
CDLXXXLink to Thread 2022 Apr 24 - CDLXXX. Civ-duties schizo edition.
CDXCIILink to Thread 2022 Mei 01 - CDXCII. I totally did not forget that i planned moving to rentry earlier.. whoopsie.
DXIV - Page 1DXIV - Page 2Link to Thread 2022 Mei 8+15 - DXIV. Skipped one week due to stuff happening. In return that edition got turned it into a double edition. That means pages 2/3/4/etc should be possible. Link to the original B/W Files. Page1 Page2
DXXVIILink to Thread 2022 Mei 22 - DXXVII. Last full week before the owls vacation.
DXXXIIILink to Thread 2022 Mei 26 - DXXXIII. Special WEBM COVER RELEASE - EXTRA OWL! Rentry does not like WebM, make sure to check the links! As one Anon put it, we are HOOgwarts now.
DLXILink to Thread 2022 Mei 26 - DLXI. Special Back from Vacation - EXTRA OWL!
DLXXVLink to Thread 2022 Jun 20 - DLXXV. Back to the regular format after messing around a bit with the Hooter and Extra /WebM Editions.
DLXXXIVLink to Thread 2022 Jun 26 - DLXXXIV. TiltMei Edition
DCLink to ThreadDCLink to Thread 2022 Jul 4 - DC. Another Double Edition, yay?
DCXXVIIILink to Thread Skipping one week due to various stuff and not much other than the off-collab happening. At least that was what I was thinking... quiet before the storm.
DCXLVILink to Thread Ooops all Collabs. Not only a lot of stream but also a lot of collabs. File size limitations bit me again. No way to make a color version work without down scaling everything. Link to BW


Edition Additional Notes
The HOOTER   #1Link to Thread 2022 Mei 30. First Edition of The HOOTER. Evil-Twin to the Weekly Owl.
The HOOTER   #2 Page1The HOOTER   #2 Page2Link to Thread 2022 June 12. Owlien abduction schizo-rambling edition.

Change log

  • 2022 06 02: Replaced thumbnails with actual tiny tiny smol thumbnails. Using full size was a bad idea. Bad idea, yes...
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