Although he was asleep he had a raging hard on. Amy got back home from work at 6.00, she looked around for her handsome new stranger who had given her the fucking she hadn’t had for quite some time now, Nick was in the bathroom taking a hot shower. And as Amy went upstairs she could her the water of the shower flowing, her thoughts immediately went back to the first time she saw him in the shower, she entered the room quite slowly and undressed herself, then quietly making her way forward to the bathroom she slowly slide the door open and entered Nick was unaware that she had arrived home, he was enjoying his shower with his face towards the shower and his eyes closed he could not tell if anyone had come in or not. However as Amy reached quite close to him a cold wind drifted pass Nick bare ass. Nick immediately felt the chill coz it was hot in the shower and he was sure that he had closed the door. Opening his eyes he saw Amy standing besides him admiring his toned body. And then her eyes feel upon the object of desire which was dangling between his legs. With the hot water still running and her eyes still upon it Nick felt his dick getting hard. Amy’s eyes widened as she saw it increase its size and turn erect right in front of her eyes. With that Nick spoke up "Never knew you were home" to which Amy replied "Oh I just stepped in and heard the water flowing so I thought …." And she was cut off by Nick who pulled her close into himself and began kissing her passionately. He felt her nipples harden while she was pressed hard against his chest, that made him kiss her even more passionately this time using more of his tongue to explore the deep reaches of her mouth.

Amy was getting more and more excited and she could feel a tingling sensation between her legs. She wanted more, Nick read her mind and turning her around and pressing her up against the wall, he began kissing her on the neck with his hands moving all over the place, starting from her luscious breasts then resting them between her legs. Nick began to further lower himself on to her back and bringing himself to rest on her ass while his hands played around between her legs. Amy sensed what he wanted to do and she spread her legs giving him better access. Nick then spread the cheeks of her ass and then placing his tongue at the top of the crease sliding all the way down to land on her tight brown bud. This sent shivers throughout Amy’s body, which in return made her little brown bud to squeeze itself a closer. Nick began licking Amy’s asshole and gently trying to insert his tongue. Amy now was letting out small moans. Nick then took his middle finger sucked it inserted it into Amy’s tight hole Amy let out a moan "AHHH" Nick then inserted two fingers into her and began pushing in and pulling out at a fast pace this was getting the wetness of Amy’s to increase, Nick’s dick was now hard as it could ever be he wanted to feel the tightest of Amy’s little brown bud he wanted his dick to be inside of her.

Standing up Nick positioned himself behind Amy and with his left hand lowering her back a little so that he could see where he was putting it. Amy knew that she was going to be taken from behind, but the thought of Nick’s cock inside of her just made get even more wetter. Although she had never taken a cock up her ass before Amy knew that she was going to enjoy it. Nick was waiting for a "GO" signal from Amy, so that he could start. Amy realized that he had not started yet and she looked back up at him. She found him waiting and smiling at her, she smiled back at him giving him the signal he was waiting for. With that he pressed the head of his cock against the outer walls of Amy’s ass. This feeling was new to Amy, but as she felt him press more of his cock’s head into her she gave out a low yelp and she bucked her hips a bit. Nick stopped and told her to relax her muscles he told her that it would hurt a bit at first but gradually it will get better. Amy began to relax her body and Nick began to push a little after little of his organ into her.

Once Nick has his complete size in her, he began to rock backwards and forwards in a slow motion. The pain had finally subsided and Amy gradually began moaning and so did Nick. He had never felt anything so tight, the walls of Amy’s ass were griping him like a vice. He started to get the feeling of cumming but he was holding back, he didn’t want to ruin this for Amy after all she has done for him, he wanted to give her something to remember him by as a token of his affection. Nick increased his pace and now started slamming hard up into Amy’s ass with every stroke he would give Amy’s ass would jiggle and that made Nick slam it into her harder. Amy was now moaning as loud as she could "OHHHH YEAAA NICCCKK, THAT FEELLSS SOOO GOOOD" " FUCCCKK MYYY ASSSS HARRDDDD, FUCCCKK MMYY ASSS" "HMMMMM". Nick knew that he was going to go off the cliff pretty soon, but he wanted Amy to enjoy this, so he kept holding back. He was going to fill her up to the brim. By now Nick was slamming hard n fast into Amy’s ass and Amy was moaning and moving her hips up into him in order to get more of his cock into her and to keep up with his pace.

All of a sudden Nick raised his right hand and gave a hard smack on Amy’s right cheek, this new feeling made Amy cry out with pleasure "AAAAHHH, UMMMM" Nick then gave her another smack this time on her left cheek, causing Amy to cry out once again. Nick was enjoying this new pleasure as well as it was his first time also but he wanted it to be ground breaking something that he to would always remember. Nick gave Amy a couple of more smacks on each of her cheeks each time with a little more force. This was pushing Amy the edge and she was screaming "OHHHH NICCCKK SMAACCK MMYYY ASSSS SMMAACK MEE HAARRDD AHHHH!!!!!

Amy’s ass had now turned red with all the smacking that Nick had given her. Nick was getting more and more close to cumming. And he knew that he could not last any longer. He lifted his left hand and placed it on Amy’s left shoulder and with the other he let Amy have a FINAL smack which was harder than the others that he had given. In fact this last smack was so hard that it sent Amy over the EGDE. "OOHHHH NICCCKKK I AAMMM CUMMINNNGGG AHHHHH FUCCKKK MEEE HARDDDERRR AHHHHHH" Amy came furiously as one after the other the waves of pleasure swept throughout her body each wave more intense than the other. Hearing her moaning Nick himself couldn’t take it any more and he pulled his cock out right till the head and griping Amy’s shoulder for more support buried it deep inside her and came "AHHHHH AMYYY I MMM CUMMINNGGGG TOOOO!!! AAHHHHHHHHH" spurt after spurt was downloaded into Amy’s tight (no longer virgin) ass.

Amy had never got such a filling like this ever in her life. Amy’s tight walls milked each and every drop of cum that Nick’s dick had to offer. Nick fell over Amy’s ached back both of them had beads of sweat on they heads and were grasping for air. "Wow Nick that was the best FUCK I have ever had, I really enjoyed that" Amy spoke out between breaths. "Thanks, you’ve got a really nice n tight ass" chuckled Nick. As Nick’s cock deflated within Amy’s ass, Amy could feel Nick’s cum gush out off her.

Nick withdrew his dick and began cleaning it. Amy straightened herself and went over to Nick turning him around and kissing him deeply. "I Never want you to LEAVE ME NICK" "PROMISE ME THAT YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME" Amy said. "I WONT THAT’S A PROMISE" said NICK. "Now get cleaned up so that we can have dinner then if your still up to it I will show u some more tricks" Nick said with a grin on his face "WOW I’LL BE OUT IN A FLASH THEN" said Amy, with that Nick went out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around his waist and putting on his night robe.

Amy got cleaned up and came downstairs wearing a white see through nightie with nothing but panties on coz she didn’t want to leak while they were eating.

After dinner both Nick as Amy went out for a walk. And upon returning after an hour or so they found a note on the door saying "HEY THERE SIS ITS ME EVE, CAME OVER BUT NO ONE WAS HOME. I M COMING TOMORROW TO SPEND A WEEK AT YOUR PLACE. WE ARE GOIN TO HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!! After reading the note Amy face lit up, coz her baby sister Eve was coming over tomorrow and was going to stay for a week. The reason for the glow on her face was that both EVE and herself shared some deep deep secrets. Nick on the other hand was wondering if Amy was so hot then how will her younger sister look like ………………

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