The Riptide Retreat: Camie, The Mershark

After a few minutes of cleaning your room looks spotless. You double check everything is in order, and then throw on a nice change of clothes. Affairs in order, you head out the door and return to the front desk.
Vaughn looks up over a stack of papers as he notices your entrance, looking bewildered once again as he takes in your fresh appearance.
"Holy shit, Ryan! What are you mixing with my health potions? Steroids?" He hollers with a smile.
"I wish." You reply with a chuckle as you make it to the front desk.
"Anyway, it's a damn good thing you're looking as fresh as you are, because your next client is a bit of a tall order." Vaughn says with a smirk as she shuffles some papers around to find your schedule sheet.
"Oh?" You ask, raising an eyebrow.
"Yep. Merfolk."
You let out a low whistle. Merfolk are one of the most attractive species of monstergirls, which makes them prime targets for lusty humans and adventurous young men like yourself. Their natural beauty is matched only by the natural allure of their scaly tails, which are perfect for gripping things underwater.
"What kind of Merfolk, though?" You ask.

"The intense kind." Vaughn says, his smile faltering slightly. "A Mershark."
"Oh..." You reply, letting out a sigh.
Mersharks are half shark, half human mermaids. They're the standout of the mermaid family, with extremely aggressive personalities and carnivorous sexual appetites. Mersharks are infamous for their sex attacks on boats, and their predatory lust for men. Their shark half makes them dangerous in and out of the wild, with many men losing more than just their virginity to these lovely beasts.
"She's in a private pool down in the aquatic section." Vaughn says, trying to reassure you. "It'll be fine."
"I sure hope so." You reply, mustering up all your courage.
You return to the lounge, walking over to the cabinet that houses the spiral staircase down to the aquatic section of the Retreat. You descend the stairs with Vaughn following close behind, eventually making it to the central sandstone walkway of the aquatic section. Connected to it are several other walkways, which form a grid pattern around large pools of water illuminated by the glow of blue lighting crystals. Vaughn takes the lead as you step out onto the central walkway, leading you to a pool near the main canal.
"Is that her?" You ask Vaughn, pointing to a blue-green figure laying in the water.
"Yes, that's her." Vaughn replies.

The Mershark is floating lazily in the center of the pool, her smooth tailfins gently propelling her back and forth as she gazes up at the ceiling with a bored expression. The Mershark lazily swims over to the pool's edge as you and Vaughn approach.
"How are you doing today, Camie?" Vaughn asks.
"Do you want the short answer or the long answer?" Camie replies in a dull, bored tone.
"The short answer will do."
"I feel like shit today."
"That's fine, that's fine. This is the man I was telling you about, the one with the really big dick."
You cough in surprise, almost losing your balance on the thin walkway. "What the fuck, Vaughn!?"
Vaughn chuckles to himself, looking at you with a humorous grin. "Hey, I had to get people interested somehow."
Camie looks at you with disinterest as she pulls herself out of the pool. She sits on the edge with her lower half in the water, revealing that she's topless, while water drips down her body. She's actually quite pretty, with light green scales and long hair that comes in several colors that match the tones of her body. The top half of her tail is light green while the bottom half is a darker green. The rest of her body is mixture of stark white and dark blue, blending with the green colorations in smooth gradients.

"So, you're the man with the legendary dick?" Camie asks. "I have to say, I'm a little underwhelmed."
"It's not legendary because it's big," you say defensively.
"No, it's legendary because it's apparently in short supply." Camie smirks. "What, did you fall on your head as a baby? Is that why you have such a dumb expression on your face right now?"
Your brow furrows a bit as you rub your temples. "No, I'm just a little baffled at a couple of things right now. Digesting a bit of false advertising while trying to take in the sight of a Mershark is a lot to handle at once."
"I can turn around if it'll help you concentrate," Camie says, a bit of a malicious tone in her voice.
Catching on to her abrasive banter, you decide to draw upon your own reserves of snarky responses, honed from years of back and forth with your boss. "That won't be necessary. There's not much to take in after a once-over."
Camie gives you a lazy smirk, revealing incredibly sharp teeth. "Ooh, good one! I like a man who can take a hit. With a tongue like that you might actually be worth the money I paid."

"And with a body like that you might just be worth the trouble." You retort with a similar grin.
Camie runs a thumb along her chin, before turning to Vaughn. Her smile drops to an annoyed glare as she observes him. "Alright. I'm convinced. Now get lost."
Vaughn simply chuckles to himself, wordlessly making his exit.
"Now then," Camie turns back to you. "Are you sure you're up to this?"
You scoff. "You're the one who's under the weather today. How sure are you feeling?"
"I think I'll live." Camie smiles. "Let's go, stud."
She motions with a hand, at which point you simply take off your shirt and sit down on the edge of the pool. Camie seems somewhat annoyed by this, but she doesn't say anything. She slips back into the water, before surfacing a few feet away.
"So, what brings you to the retreat?" Camie asks, treading water in front of you.
"I'm an exchange employee. Here to help with the increased demands of breeding season in return for better pay." You explain as your legs drift back and forth through the water.
"Ah, makes sense. I'm here because I'm bored. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm here because I like to fuck, and this is the best place to do it."
"So you're a whore in the more traditional sense?"
"I suppose I am." Camie replies with a laugh.

You lean back against the edge of the pool to relax a bit. "Hey, I'm not complaining. Folks like you keep my bills paid, especially during breeding season. How's the season been?"
"It's been a real pain. This time of year always has me irritable, and I haven't fucked in a solid week or two, which doesn't help in the slightest." Camie strains her eyebrows as she leans back to float on the surface of the water.
"Is that why you're so snippy today?" You ask with a chuckle.
Camie doesn't answer, instead letting out a faint moan.
"Are you alright?" You ask with genuine concern.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. You're dead on, my heat's got me worked up into something nasty. Just... fuck, I need to get off. I'm so horny I've got a fucking headache."
You chuckle. "Well, that's what I'm here for. Do you want some help?"
"Yeah, but not like that. I want you to race me to the other end of the pool."
You give Camie a confused look. "You want me to race you?"
"Yeah, come on! It'll be fun. I promise."

You raise an eyebrow, but then you decide that if it's what Camie wants, you're happy to oblige. "Alright. Do you want to race along the main canal? It's a lot longer."
"Hell no. We're doing a complete circuit with the passageways."
You shrug, then lean over the edge of the pool at peer into the water. The passageways between pools are close to the bottom, but you should be able to get there easily enough. You look back at Camie and nod. "Alright, let's do this."
"On three!" Camie says excitedly.
You take a deep breath and prepare yourself.
You lean forward off of the edge.
You dive into the pool, cutting through the water with ease. You angle yourself so you're heading straight for the first tunnel. You push your hands out in front of you to prevent yourself from spinning, and then twist your body so you can head down the passageway. You twist again so you're pointed straight, heading forward.

You're almost at the first passageway when Camie goes streaking past you with frightening speed. You already knew she'd be the one with an advantage, but you're still shocked at just how fast she is in the water. You push yourself as fast as you can, but she's already long gone by the time you reach the first tunnel.
You twist and turn through the underwater passageway, heading for the second tunnel. You angle yourself so you'll be able to shoot out into the next pool, and are just about to do so when Camie once again goes flying past you. You swear that you felt a current of water push you away as she zipped by.
By the time you make it to the third pool, Camie's already done two more laps around you.
You expected to be outdone, but not this handily. Emerging from the last passageway, you start swimming back to the surface now that you've returned to pool where you and Camie started.
Before you can even make it there, you're snatched up into Camie's arms from behind and dragged to the surface by her own incredible speed. She pulls you up fast enough that your bodies manage to breach the surface of the water, briefly hanging in the air before the two of you impact with a splash.

As the bubbles settle from your splashdown, Camie pushes you up against the wall of the pool, pinning your legs with her lower half so that your head is just above the surface of the water. Her hands are keeping your wrists firmly pinned as well, while she looks at you with a playful smile.
"You're really fast..." You say, still out of breath from the exertion of trying to keep up.
"You're really strong, did you know that?" Camie asks, her smile turning into a grin.
"I'm not that strong..." You say, struggling in her grip.
"Well you're stronger than me at least," Camie says. "It's kind of scary."
"You're not scared of me are you?" You ask in a teasing tone.
"Maybe," Camie responds, grinning. "Maybe not... Depends on what you do with those muscles."
"Hmmm... I can think of a few things..." You say, grinning back at her.
"Can you now?" Camie says, her grin deepening. "I'm all ears."
You make a show of thinking hard about what you could do to Camie, taking the opportunity to look her up and down.
"Well for one thing, I could work on fixing that headache of yours." You say, returning her smile.

"Oh really?" Camie asks, tilting her head to one side. "And how do you plan on doing that?"
"You did say you were all ears..." You respond.
"Oh I see," Camie says. "Well I can think of a few other things I need help with, but I don't think you'd be up for the job."
"You'd be surprised," You say.
"Well, your hands are tied at the moment," Camie says.
"I don't always need my hands." You reply as you push your hips against her lower half.
You're still in your shorts, but the sudden friction against her body seems to have struck a very sensitive nerve, as Camie lets out a small moan.
"You're not going to make me beg are you?" Camie asks, her voice taking a more playful tone.
"We'll see about that." You say, smiling at her.
"Good enough." Camie replies, before leaning in and kissing you on the lips.
You close your eyes and enjoy the moment as your tongues embrace one another. You feel a wandering hand grab the back of your head as she pulls you into the kiss, while another hand begins run along your side.

Now that your hands are free, you rest your arms on her shoulders so that your elbows are hugging her neck, which Camie seems to enjoy quite a lot as she brushes her tongue against your lips.
You take her tongue and wrap it in between your lips, sucking on it as you gently nibble on it with your mouth. You can feel her smiling as the two of you begin making out in the middle of the pool.
As you continue to kiss Camie, you slowly move your hands down her back, and begin to rub where the small of her back meets her waist. You feel her shudder as you do so, and she lets out a pleasured moan into your mouth.
You take this opportunity to start slowly moving your hands up her back as you rub. Her body tenses up as you do so, causing her to gasp as you gently push and pull at the skin on her back. You can feel her muscles twitching as you caress her pale white skin.
Camie reciprocates by pushing her tongue into your mouth, which is surprisingly long and slender. You can't help but smile as you slide your hands around her waist and onto her stomach. You then move your hands up to her chest, which you set to work on.

Her breasts are large and soft, and you immediately begin kneading them in your hands as you feel her shudder again. You squeeze and rub at them as she begins to pant heavily. Her breathing is hot against your mouth, which is a good thing as a thin layer of water has covered both of your faces.
"Mmmm..." She says, smiling as she looks into your eyes. "You're good at this."
You smile back and continue to massage her breasts, which are now becoming increasingly firm. You then move your hands down her stomach, and onto her waist. At this point Camie's eyes begin to flutter as she starts to pant once more. You smile as you move your hands towards her hips.
You then slide your hands down to her thighs, causing Camie to shudder. You rub at the thigh muscles of her tail, and she lets out a long moan as you do so. You then move your hands back up to her waist, and then past it, all the way up to her chest.
You begin to massage her breasts again as she begins to moan loudly. She wraps her fingers around your wrist, and presses your hand against her chest. Her long and smooth fingers intertwine with your own as she presses your hand deeper into her flesh. Encouraged by her response, you massage her more vigorously as she begins to moan loudly.

"Ohhh... Mmmhh... Ah..." She moans, as you knead at her breasts with both hands.
You then begin to move your hands in a circular motion, causing Camie's head to roll back as she lets out a low growl. You then move your hands over her breasts in an up and down motion, causing her to moan uncontrollably.
"Ah...! Oh...!" Camie moans.
You then begin to pinch at her nipples, squeezing and rolling them between your fingers.
"Ah...! Oh...! Mmmm..." She moans as she arches her back, forcing her breasts and nipples to protrude forward.
You smile as you lean in and begin to lick at her right nipple.
Her reaction is instant, as you feel her tail press you against the wall even harder, her entire body wracked with a surge of pleasure. Her tail begins to writhe and slither against the front of your legs as her moans grow louder and louder.
"Mmmh! Ah!" She moans, as you begin to flick your tongue against her nipple.
You then take her right breast into your mouth, sucking on it gently. Her body begins to convulse, permeated by shivers of ecstasy as she lets out a long moan. She wraps her fingers around your head, and presses it against her chest. You begin to massage her other breast as you suck on the one in your mouth, as her moans intensify.

Camie lets out a long moan, as you feel her body continue to shudder.
You release her breast from your mouth as you move your head back.
"You alright?" You ask.
"Don't stop...!" Camie begs.
You smile as you begin to move your hands down her stomach, towards the depression in her muscles just below her waist. You gently caress her stomach and hips, causing her skin to shudder with pleasure. You slide your hands up to her thigh muscles, and then slowly towards the center of her lower half.
You gently caress her pussy through what seems to be skin-tight fabric, causing Camie's entire body to shudder and jolt again as she lets out a moan.
"Ah...! Yes...!" Camie moans.
You gently part your fingers over her mound and apply pressure, causing Camie to let out a loud gasp. You run your fingers up and down the length of her pussy several times, causing her to twitch and convulse in pleasure. You then gently press your middle finger against her clit, causing Camie to let out a loud moan. You begin to rub her clit in a circular motion, as Camie's body keeps squirming against your touch.
"Oh... oh yes! Yes! Aaahhh!" Camie shudders.

Camie's hands hastily move to her waist, where she quickly peels off what initially looks like a thin layer of skin. It's very concerning at first, but you quickly realize that it's a sort of tight water-friendly fabric that mimics the patterning of her skin. She then tosses it aside, leaving her completely naked.
You take a moment to admire her fully exposed body, even though being pinned to the wall makes it a bit difficult.
"Ah...! More...! More, please!" Camie begs.
"I don't know..." you tease, "looks like you could use a break."
"Please!" Camie begs once again.
You slowly move your hand down to her womanhood, and gently part your fingers over her pussy. You then start rubbing it with your middle finger, which you slowly push in as far as it can go. You wiggle it around a bit, and then pull it back out.
"Oh...! Fuck!" Camie screams.
You do this motion several times, each time going a bit faster than the last. You can feel Camie's body tensing up as you do this, and her voice becomes increasingly desperate.

"Oh...! Yes...! Yes...! Yes!" Camie cries.
Just as Camie's body tenses up on the edge, you bring your ministrations to a halt.
"No...! Please...!" She whimpers.
You expect her to continue groveling, but you're quickly taken by surprise as Camie pulls her body off of yours, letting you free from her pin against the wall.
There's not even time to sink down into the water before she twists her body and takes your shorts in hands. She doesn't even bother to take them off you properly, simply shredding them apart with her claws and raw strength. Your underwear has an even shorter lifespan as she tears them to ribbons as well.
Now fully naked, Camie asserts a powerful grip on your body and immediately picks up speed, whisking you through the pool and into the passageways of the aquatic section.

Before you know it, she's got you in one of the private pools, a sealed off sanctuary of warm water tinted by amber illumination crystals. Camie breaks the surface of the water with a powerful swish of her tail, planting you back-first on the edge of the pool, with her resting on top of your body.
Her soaking wet hair rings your field of view as she stares deep into your eyes, water and lust dripping off her body in equal amounts.
"No more games, no more begging. You're going to give me what I want." She says.
You don't have time to respond before she pushes your legs apart and has you completely inside her, leaning forward to kiss you as she begins to grind against you.
"I want you to... To cum inside me," Camie whispers in a seductive tone.
All your foreplay seems to have pushed Camie's aggression into overdrive, her carnivorous lust matching the intense arousal you've managed to ignite within her.
You'd be lying if you said you weren't enjoying this.

You don't have too long to think about it before all of Camie's weight pushes down on you and she rolls into the water, submerging you beneath the surface as she continues grinding against you.
Unprepared, you're short on breath. Thankfully your breather charm kicks in as Camie drags you under, providing you with the ability to breathe despite the water.
She continues grinding against you, and the warm water greatly increases both your sensations and hers. You feel her hands tightly grip your back, sinking her fingers into your skin as she twists and turns in the water with you in her arms. As your bodies their dance through the depths, you decide it's time to start returning some of the passion Camie is lavishing upon you. Your hands quickly set to work on massaging her sides and hips, slowly working their way to her ribs and chest as they creep upward.
"Oh... Oh yes! Just like that! Just like that! Don't... Don't stop!" She cries out.
You can feel yourself getting close, but you don't want it to end like this. You want to make this as pleasurable for Camie as possible. Your hands quickly slide into position, one across her waist and the other braced against her back. With a flex of your muscles, you manage to bring her grinding to a complete halt as she squirms in your grip.

"Mmmh! Interrupting my fun, are you? Oooh, you'll pay for that!" She says with a smirk.
Camie's face lunges forward into the crook of your neck, and you feel her teeth grind against your flesh. She doesn't break the skin, which is rather shocking, but her bite leaves a hot throbbing sensation in its wake.
"Aah! What the..?" You ask as she draws her mouth off of your neck.
"My teeth can do fun things to males I'm preying on. No harm done, just a few tricks to keep me predatory." She says as she swiftly begins nibbling across your body.
You can't do much but melt in her grip as you feel her teeth sink into your skin. It doesn't hurt, but it's an odd sensation that leaves the same hot throbbing feeling behind as it did on your neck.
"Ohh... Camie... You're good at that..." You moan.
Camie wordlessly glances up at you with a hungry smile, licking her lips as she slides up to eye-level. Even underwater, her breathing is accelerated from the excitement.
As she presses her body against yours once more, the various hotspots left behind by her bites suddenly explode with pleasure as they make contact with her cold skin.
"Ahh!" You gasp.

She begins to slide her tail up and down your leg, as if asking you to wrap your legs around her. You comply with her unspoken request, and she uses one hand to steady herself against your shoulder while the other wraps across your back. Her mouth opens and closes slowly, as if she's breathing heavily with anticipation.
Her eyes roll back into her head as she grinds against you. The feeling of her smooth skin sliding against your own is almost overwhelming. You feel the tip of your dick press against her just right, and she lets out a pleasured moan that sends a wave of vibrations through both of your bodies.
You let out a long and pleasured groan as you feel yourself slide into her. She's strong, able to squeeze you tight as she guides you in, but the surrounding water and the slickness of her skin makes it easy for you to glide in and out at a slow and steady pace.
"Ah... Camie... I can't take much more of this..." You moan.
"Then don't... A beast like me will devour you... But only after you've given me enough pleasure..." Camie whispers.

She begins to move her body in a rhythmic motion, using her hands to pull herself against you. The feeling of her curvy body moving against yours is overwhelming, and you can feel her body's natural moisture allowing you to slide in and out with ease.
You grip her body with your arms, using them to pull yourself in and out of her at a faster pace. Your mouth hangs open as you pant, her moaning encouraging you to continue. You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge.
"Camie... I'm going to..." You try to warn her.
"Don't hold back..." Camie whispers.
You reach your limit, and with one final motion you let yourself go. Camie's body begins to shudder as she lets out a loud moan, tightening her muscles around you while she experiences her own orgasm. Your feel yourself release with incredible force, and after a few moments the pleasure becomes too much to handle and you collapse onto her body. The two of you sink to the floor of the pool, with Camie's body still spasming as you lie there in a daze of bliss.
"Mmmh... Not bad... Not bad at all..." Camie pants as her hands run up and down your back.

She gently massages the skin on your back as her thin and sharp fingers run up and down your spine, drawing several involuntary shivers from your body. Your entire body tenses up for a moment, your legs squeezing her lower half as you press yourself against her.
Camie lets out little noises of enjoyment as she continues her work, purring and cooing as she lets her hands push and prod your torso in all manner of delightful ways.
"You're a pretty good lay, you know..." Camie says as she leans in to kiss your cheek.
"T-thanks..." You say, trying to be as confident as possible despite feeling like you're melting.
"So... You think you can go again?" Camie asks, her hands beginning to massage your shoulders and then slide down your chest.
"I wouldn't be much good if I folded right after round one, now would I?" You say with a smile.
You're doing your best not to let it show, but the intensity of Camie's love is actually quite a lot to handle.

The sensations of her touches are really overwhelming your brain right now, and you're having a hard time thinking.
"Mmmm... I was hoping you'd say that." Camie smiles, her hands beginning to massage your inner thighs while she leans in to kiss your chest.
You let out a little gasp as she touches you in such an intimate place, and Camie takes this opportunity to slide her tongue over your sternum. You let out a pleasured groan as your hands slide up her slick, wet back and into her long hair.
"Heh, you like that?" Camie whispers with a mischievous smile.
You're about to say something, but Camie slides you out of her and slowly rubs your dick between the slick thigh muscles of her tail. You gasp, and she immediately takes advantage, sliding her tongue over your chest and down your abs. You let out a pleasured groan as she slides her tongue over your member, and then you feel the warmth of her mouth slide over it.

You let out a pleasured gasp, and your fingers entwine in Camie's hair as she begins to suck on you. She expertly moves her head up and down, making sure that the experience is as pleasurable as possible.
It's a bit of a stressful experience, knowing that her razor-sharp teeth are millimeters from your most sensitive body part, but her motions seem to be executed with extreme precision and care, which makes you relax just a little bit.
"Mmmm... You taste so sweet, darling." Camie says with a cheeky smile, looking up at you.
You blush and look away as she continues pleasuring you with her mouth. The blowjob lasts for quite some time, and it's not long before you're feeling the familiar buildup of an orgasm.
"Camie... I'm going to..." You start to say.
She doesn't respond, and instead begins to go even faster. You're soon gasping and groaning as you release into her mouth. Camie keeps going even after you've finished, making sure to get every last drop. Eventually she slides her lips away from your dick and gives it one last kiss.
"There we go! That wasn't so bad, was it?" Camie smiles.
"N-ngh...!" You stutter in between pants.

"Now, now. I'm not quite finished yet." Camie says.
You look down in confusion as you feel Camie's hand wrap around your dick. Her hand begins to slide up and down, and you gasp as she continues.
You're certain there's no way your dick going to come back to life, but Camie quickly proves you wrong.
With an incredibly light graze of her teeth your dick erupts in a hot pulsing sensation, quickly magnified by her hand work.
"Holy shit!" You cry out as the feeling engulfs your lower half.
She continues to jerk you off, and you feel like you're going to melt into the floor of the pool as she presses her weight against your legs and pelvis.
"Ah...! Camie..!" You groan.
"Mmmmh... That's what I like to see!" She says with a devious smile.

You feel like you're losing all bodily control, as Camie increases the speed of her hand. You're hanging on for dear life, your fingers curled into her back and your legs wrapped around her tail.
"Camie... I can't take it anymore..." You say.
"Neither can I, darling." Camie says with a giggle.
In a single swift motion, Camie slips upwards in your grip so that she's at eye-level with you. She immediately sets to work nibbling on your neck as her body presses against you, her lower half grinding against your throbbing dick as her hands squeeze your arms.
"Oh fuck!" You gasp.
Camie laughs as she begins to speed up her grinding. She moves her head to suck on your earlobe, and you groan in response. Her hands slowly work their way down your arms until they're wrapped around your wrists. She then forces your arms above your head as she continues to grind against you, and you feel like you're about to lose your mind.
"A-ah! Camie!" You whimper.

Your dick is pulsing with need, and Camie's grinding against it. You feel her hands move from your wrists down your arms, over your chest, and towards your hips. Your entire body goes numb as she begins to caress your hips.
"C-Camie... I can't take it..." You say.
"That's the point." Camie says with a giggle.
You feel yourself go even more numb, and your dick pulsates. You let out another long moan as Camie continues to tease you.
"Camie... Camie..." You moan.
"Shh, darling." Camie says.
You're ready to explode, and Camie is ready to receive.
"P-please!" You whimper.
With that final plea, Camie shifts her hips forward and allows your dick to slip into her. You grit your teeth and moan as she slides down, her pussy squeezing every inch of you as she flexes herself around your length. You feel her hair tickle your chest as she looks into your eyes with a smile.

"How does it feel?" Camie asks.
"Good...!" You say weakly.
"You know what would make it feel better?" Camie asks.
"What?" You ask.
Without warning, Camie clamps her mouth over yours and kisses you deeply. Her tongue is ferocious, sliding past your lips to greedily taste every corner of your mouth. You're taken by surprise, but you don't resist as she wraps her arms around your shoulders and runs her nails down your back. You shut your eyes tight and moan into her mouth as you taste the faint flavor of sea water.
You feel her pull away, then feel her lips on your neck. She bites down on your neck gently, but enough to leave a mark. Then, she begins to slide her hips up and down on your dick, slowly taking you in and out of her as she keeps working on your upper body. Her teeth continue to have a bewitching effect on your skin, leaving behind a strange aching warmth that begs for attention after each nibble.
Camie's tongue feels even hotter than your skin as she runs it along her bite spots, at which point your flesh erupts in pleasure. You moan and whimper as she continues to slither her tongue over your neck, tracing the curves of your muscles. She then begins to suck on your collarbone and slide up and down on your dick faster than before. You grit your teeth and tense your entire body as you feel yourself nearing the edge.

"C-Camie... I'm gonna..."
"That's perfect, darling. Let it all out." Camie purrs.
You feel yourself being pushed over the edge as Camie grinds into you, your dick twitching as it lets loose. Camie's eyes roll back in ecstasy as she grinds you into the pool floor, her entire body pulsing with lust and hunger as she presses against you with everything she has. You moan and whimper as you feel your dick giving everything it has to Camie, who eagerly accepts every drop.
You gasp and shiver as your orgasm comes to an end, leaving you feeling absolutely spent. Camie is still riding our her own climax, muffled moans absorbed by your neck as she gentles nibbles on it to keep herself as tightly attached to you as possible. You gently massage her back as her grinding and quivering begins to slow down, her breathing slowly returning to a more relaxed pace as she unwinds.
"Mmm... That was amazing, darling." Camie purrs, lifting her head up to kiss you on the lips.

Her kiss is finally a bit softer, with most of her aggressive appetite having been drained from her body. You softly caress her cheek as you part from the kiss, smiling.
"Yeah, it really was."
You're a little too spent to fully return her affection right now, but that's perfectly fine. Camie cuddles into your chest with a smile, letting out a long and happy yawn as she snuggles against you. You wrap your arms around her, gently kissing her forehead as you feel her breathing slow down.
You're in a blissful, post-coital daze as you enjoy the feeling of your bodies pressed against one another. The water is still warm and relaxing, and Camie's gentle breathing is quite calming. You feel her chest gently rising and falling as she lets out a long, happy sigh.
"I feel a lot better." She whispers, gently kissing you on the chest before resting her head on it again.
"Happy to help." You whisper back with a satisfied smile.

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