We have agreed that I will visit Mieke's home mid-afternoon after work. I am very curious what her house with Bed & Breakfast looks like. With Google Maps I find her house very easily and I drive up the driveway. The house is in a quiet and rural location, about 80 meters from the road.

The house is indeed located in the middle of meadows and the seawall is on the other side of the road. There are some cows grazing in the pasture behind her house. I also see some sheep scratching around on the seawall.

I park my car with my heart pounding from the thrill in the clearing under the double carport. Mieke, a smooth and quite attractive woman with long reddish brown hair, is already coming out of the side door of the house to welcome me. It does not stop at one hand because the cheeks are immediately kissed 3 times. A warm welcome.

"Hi Mieke, so I am Max."

Like any man, I also look briefly and inconspicuously at her breasts and bottom. They look good! She asks, noticeably nervous, whether I have been able to find her house easily. I mention Google Maps and say it was a breeze. I say that it is quite exciting to me. Especially the way in which we have been contacted adds extra weight to this visit.

She walks in front of me and asks if I would like coffee and in the meantime leads me to the guest room where I may be staying for a long time. I just have to look around. Then she will take care of the coffee. The room is spacious. Tiled floor. A nice double bed with a shower cubicle in one corner. A sink, a TV, a few cupboards, a two-seater sofa and even a self-catering facility with a fridge and microwave. That is exactly what I am looking for. Better than my hotel room and also a lot cheaper.

Mieke enters the room and asks if I like what I see. I look at her and say ambiguously that I am very happy with what I see. She understands what I mean and blushes a little and says she was hoping for that. "Are you coming to the living room for coffee? Then we'll talk a bit further there. " I follow her down a long hallway, past a very large bathroom and toilet, through the kitchen to the small living room. Truly a front house of a farm. The guest room and the other rooms are located in the former part. She says her bedroom is above the living room. The house is beautifully decorated in a country style in terms of furniture and colors. Paneling in a soft shade of green and white walls and ceilings with dark brown beams. I like this.

We sit down at the dining table and Mieke puts a large mug of coffee in front of me and offers me a coconut macaroon. I will not turn it down because I love it. "Sugar and milk?" "No thanks. Just black. "

"Well," I say, "what kind of work are you doing? Is your Bed & Breakfast for some extra income or do you do that because it is fun to do? "

She says that she works in a small administration office and that the B&B is indeed more of a hobby. In the summer months it is a nice extra income, but she does not make much of it because she wants her guests to have everything they need. I ask her how long she has lived here and if she has always been single.

"I got divorced about five years ago. He cheated on me with another woman. " "Hey bah," I say, "that's annoying to hear. I hope your trust in men has not completely disappeared right now? "

"No, men are not all the same. Whatever they say about men hahaha! "

"Well," I answer, "you are not on a dating site for nothing."

Mieke asks "The weather is nice. Shall we get a breath of fresh air on the seawall? "

That seems like an excellent idea. We go outside and after the driveway cross the road to a staircase over the seawall. We walk a bit over the dike and sit on a bench that looks out over the Wadden Sea. It is low tide and in the mud sandpipers are eagerly pecking for nutritious lugworms and shellfish.

We talk about anything and everything. About experiences on holidays and some preferences for restaurants and such.

"I hope you like the guest room and want to rent you for a while. I think I like your company. "

I say that I really like it and that I feel comfortable with her too. I therefore say that I definitely want to try it for a while. After that we will see if it is satisfactory to stay longer.

"That seems fine! How long do we meet? " I say two months seems like a nice probationary period.

"Beautiful! That is a deal. Are you staying tonight? "

"Why not? I still have to go to my hotel to check out and get my things. "

"In the meantime, I'll go get a few groceries in Harlingen to make sure you have breakfast tomorrow. And do you want a hot meal here too? What do you like?"

"Very much! Make something then hear. As long as it doesn't contain any fish, because I can't stand that. "

"Well, then I'll make Spaghetti. Is that good?"

"Yummy! But then I have to go straight to my hotel now. Otherwise it will be a bit late. "

No sooner said than done. We walk back to the house and we both get in our own cars. On the way to the hotel, I congratulate myself on this rapid positive development.

Fortunately, the lady of the hotel is not difficult and the payment is smooth. We agreed that I could cancel per day. I quickly grab my things from the room and put the key on the desk and walk back to my car.

After a good half hour drive I am back at Mieke's house. I ring the bell but she says the door is open.

"The door is always open during the day. I will give you the key in the same way. By the way, we can sit at the table right away. I hope you are hungry. "

"Well and if I'm hungry!" I say with a big smile, looking at her extensively.

"A bit naughty eh? I like that. You deserved dessert after dinner. " she says in a defiant sultry voice. "I actually want to touch you a bit. I'm ready for that. "

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