Rekulous' Krunker Settings

In this Rentry, I will show you how to import my Krunker settings and use them. I have made these settings for ease of playing, performance, and to improve gameplay.


  • Please change the game server settings to your closest or fastest location in order to reduce game lag, or ping. The default setting is set to New York servers.
  • Please change the game keybind / control settings to your desired keys. The keybinds are untouched default Krunker settings.
  • Please change the game's display and graphics settings to match your device's best performance and looks. You can change the game's resolution, particles, bullet trails, and more to improve performance and gameplay.
  • The default crosshair is the generic green, compact crosshair with no dot that you would see in many FPS games like CS:GO. This crosshair can be changed if you want to, but note that it's normally used to improve gameplay and for most people, their aim.
  • When you aim down sights (ADS / Aim your gun), you won't see your weapon, the weapon's ADS offset is moved down, and you can notice that the FOV doesn't change much. This is to decrease distractions for some players and to be able to see more enemies at the same time while being able to drag your mouse around quickly to shoot them all up. If you want, you can disable or change these settings to your own desire.
  • The game FOV is turned up to make the game feel faster and so you can be able to see more of your surroundings to keep away or approach enemies. Please change the FOV to your desire if you do not like the default setting.

How to import settings

  1. Go to your Krunker settings
  2. Click the import button on the top bar of the Krunker settings page
  3. Copy all of this below:


  1. Paste it into the text box of the import settings tab
  2. Click save
  3. Restart Krunker / Join a different game
  4. Enjoy your new Krunker settings!

Made by u/RekulousToad on Reddit. Guide made for BIOHAZARD, r/FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH, and The MegaDrive.

Pub: 15 Dec 2021 16:44 UTC
Edit: 15 Dec 2021 16:49 UTC
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