The key slid into the backdoor lock with ease, but when Ashley turned it, it stuck. "Ugh, come on!" she growled as she jiggled the handle. She was forever grateful that her grandmother had left her this house when she passed, but sometimes owning the older home was a real pain in the rear end.

And right now her rear end was sweating in these nylons under her church dress. Easter had fallen late this year, and here in lower Alabama, it might as well have already been summer. But the young woman couldn't show up to Easter service with bare legs—her granny would roll over in her grave at such a scandalous notion. So sweaty nylons it was.

One more wiggle of the handle and a bump of her hip, and the lock turned just before the door popped open. With a sigh of relief, Ash jumped inside and slammed the door behind her. The window unit from the living room had cooled off the house back to the kitchen, for which she was grateful. She kicked off her white heels and begin pulling pins out of the floppy sky blue hat she wore, her pale blond curls falling free around her shoulders. Another silly tradition in her opinion—Jesus didn't come to save their souls only to criticize their fashion choices—but again it was a tradition her grandmother had insisted she keep. This was the first Easter since the older woman had died here in this house, and Ashley couldn't shake off the need for her approval.

Granny's last three years had been painful for the whole family as cancer conquered one organ after another. Ashley had given up college to be the beloved woman's caretaker, and losing her had spiraled her into a bit of a crisis. At twenty-three, her sense of purpose and identity had crumbled at her grandmother's death. What was she now that she didn't have someone to take care of anymore?

"Oh stop," she chided herself as she picked up her shoes and headed back to her bedroom. "She wouldn't want you moping! Besides, you'll figure out what to do soon." She hoped and prayed she would anyway. Sitting around the house watching soaps had lost its luster after the first month. Four months on, she was desperate for a new venture, some direction for her suddenly wayward life.

As she walked through the house, she frowned. Something, but she couldn't put a finger on what. Like someone else had been in here while she'd been out. The skin on her arms prickled at the thought, so she stopped through the living room and parlor to ensure the windows were still shut. Then she checked the front door. The chain rested in the lock where she left it.

With a chuckle, she turned to head back to the bedroom when her stocking foot landed in something wet and slimy. "Eeeeeewwww!" she yelped and jumped back. "Damn it, Chester!" The cat was nowhere to be found now that he'd barfed all over the foyer, which was typical. He was a temperamental cat, sometimes showering her with affection and other times pooping in her shoes. Or, in this case, puking where he knew she'd step in it.

Her little elfin nose wrinkled in disgust as she hobbled back to the bathroom on one good foot and only the heel of the other, trying not to compound the mess. At her room, she tossed her shoes and hat into it before making her way to the room across the hall. She propped her dirty foot on the lip of the tub. She ripped off the pantyhose and dropped them into the trash—not like she would wear nylons before Easter next year—then dampened a washrag and cleaned off the sole of her foot. The rag went into the trash, too, as she had no interest in ever using that again on her face.

As she went back across to her room, she unzipped the pastel floral dress. It was pretty in an old fashioned sort of way, with an A-line hem and chintz to puff out the skirt. She stepped out of it and hung it back up, not wanting to wrinkle it. Then she yanked out a pair of gray yoga pants and an old t-shirt before corralling her hair up into a ponytail. Despite the casualness of her new outfit, she still managed to look every bit the cheerleader she'd been in high school.

"I'm gonna kill that darn cat when I see him," she grumbled as she got some cleaning supplies together. Then she was down in her knees, attacking the mess. Ashley had expected to gag the whole time, as she found few smells as revolting as cat puke—but to her surprise, it didn't bother her at all today. She thought maybe she still had the scent of all those flowers from church stuck in her nose because she swore it had a flowery scent, like honeysuckle in the late summer heat. "No complaints for minor miracles!"

As she sprinkled the mess with baking soda, she noticed it wasn't drying up like it should. "Huh, weird," she mused as she sprinkled more over it. But ten minutes later and the puddle was still a puddle. As gross as she found the notion, she poked at it with her finger. "Ick," she grumbled as she wiped her finger off on the sponge she'd brought with her. It was extra slimy and, for some reason, didn't want to come off her skin.

Ashley rubbed her hand against her yoga pants, also to no avail. Panic rose slightly in her as she began shaking her hand. The slimy goo rippled off her finger and onto her face. With a shriek, she wiped frantically at the substance that she was beginning to realize wasn't cat vomit. Rather than come off, she only succeeded in smearing it across her skin. And—oh God—it tingled as if it were trying to move on its own!

The room wavered as fear coursed through her. What was this stuff? The smell grew stronger and, with each inhalation if her rapid breath, Ashley felt her limbs grow sluggish. She couldn't swipe at her face anymore—her arm was too heavy. The room spun before her eyes and soon she was too dizzy to sit upright. What is happening to me? she wondered as she slid to her back, the world growing soft and fuzzy around her. The fear slipped away, replaced by a sense of pleasant calm.

The scent of flowers became overwhelming, keeping Ashley's mind placid and unconcerned. She didn't wonder about the source of the aroma or notice that the viscous substance that had gotten on her hands and face rolled off her skin and trickled back towards the mess on the floor. And with her mind growing less aware, she didn't notice an amorphous blob creeping towards her.

At first it appeared to have a faint milky tint to it, a haze that prevented it from being camouflaged by the room. It slid over spot on where it had laid the bait for her, absorbing the mess back into its whole. It processed the information about the human's DNA and biology from where it had come into contact with her. Then it grew completely translucent and shone with a faint illumination. Yes, this was the right human. It would take her to the Controller and, along the way, it would feed.

As Ashley laid there, her toes began to tingle. A lazy smile rippled her lips as it tickled a little at first before warming her skin. It was faintly damp and rough, like when Chester licked her feet, but this felt so nice. It was, she supposed, what a warm oil massage must be like. The sensation increased and slowly crept its way up her legs. Where the oily touch encountered her yoga pants, she felt a faint vibration and a sense of the fabric dissolving before the touch was back on her skin. She sighed, fully relaxed and entranced by the silky brushing of a hundred delicate fingers against her legs.

Higher and higher the sensation moved, past her thighs. As the last of her yoga pants melted away, the sensation grew warmer and more insistent as it spread across her ass, between her legs. Ashley's eyes fluttered wide as her clit began to throb. A dampness all her own began to spread down her thighs as the throbbing intensified, as though whatever was causing these feelings knew it had hit a pleasure center.

The sudden arousal sharpened Ashley's focus for a moment. She was a good, God-fearing woman who believed that sex was for marriage and masturbation was a sin. Even when she'd made out with her high school boyfriend, she had always made it clear she was saving herself and refused to let things go too far to avoid lustful temptation. Whatever was happening, it had to be bad.

But a gentle wet tug on her clit elicited a deep moan from her as her brain grew fuzzy again from the pleasure. As wrong as she believed these physical phenomena were, she was helpless against them. The rapture was too much. And as her pubic hair fell away as easily as her clothes, she gave up fighting and reveled in the sensations.

By the time the feeling had moved up to her breasts, Ashley was moaning and sighing at the undulating pressure on every part of her. She felt encased in that soft oily touch and welcomed it as it enfolded her bosom. The bra melted away, and she had time for a momentary pang at its loss—it had been her favorite—before her nipples awoke. A new wave of groans slid from her as they pulled taut, as if a mouth suckled them.

Soon the throbbing tugs worked in unison, so that her nipples and clit rippled at the same time. It was so distracting that she didn't notice when her head became enveloped. The world had already grown fuzzy; so what if there was a heavy translucent sheen to everything now? She could still breathe just fine, and most certainly still felt the aching pressure against her most sensitive parts.

Something slithered around her wrists, pulling them tightly together. Then it pulled her arms out straight so that her fingers rested against her now-bare pussy. She shook her head, mind rebelling for a moment against touching herself in any way, especially here in the foyer of her grandmother's house. But her wrists were moved against her will, and soon the inadvertent play of her fingertips against her swollen clit created enough friction that she began fingering herself without assistance. Oh yes, she thought, that felt soooooo good...

While she was distracted, something between her slippery legs solidified and inched its way to the entrance of her pussy. There, it burrowed its way into her tight, virginal passage and began to work its way in and out, in and out.

Unable to help herself, Ashley cried out as the pleasure doubled and tripled, her fingers now working at blazing speed against her clit. The thing inside her rubbed against a certain spot, and an orgasm exploded through her body. Her pussy contracted as her entire body shook, completely lost to the enjoyment of the moment. All thoughts of purity and chastity burned themselves from her mind as she craved more of this ecstasy.

Her mouth fell slack as she cooled off for a moment, only to find the oil beginning to trickle in. Another stiff appendage materialized before her face and pressed itself between her lips. She shuddered as it moved in time with the object between her legs, her mouth and pussy being crammed full simultaneously. In no time, she came again, nearly torn apart by how strong it was.

But whatever this was that had ensnared her and swallowed her whole wasn't quite done with her. As Ashley felt herself floating on the edge of consciousness, one last thing pressed against her ass. A hint of fear coursed through her as it began to breech her asshole, but the efforts against her breasts, in her pussy and her mouth redoubled, and soon she was so worked up that the thing forcing its way into her ass felt nearly as good as the one in her cunt.

The coordinated effort of these things kept her coming, again and again and again. She was so disoriented by what was happening that she didn't realize the creature had taken from her home, its natural camouflage hiding them as they moved, to steal her away to its keeper. She only knew that it felt better than anything else she'd ever experienced and that if it didn't stop soon, she was going to completely lose her mind.

But that wasn't the plan. No, she only needed to be ready to crack enough so that she would be receptive to the Controller and what his plans for her were.

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