I had always had a thing for older couples. My first threesome was with my boss at a weekend gig waiting tables, she wanted to give her husband an anniversary gift and they both had a soft spot for redheads. Moving in next to Claude and Amy was what my slutty little dreams were made of.

A professional couple in their late 40s/early 50s, he was French and worked in advertising, she taught yoga and baked. Everything about them seemed so cool, I would see them sitting out on their little balcony drinking wine every night during the summer, and sometimes in the winter too, albeit it with jackets and cigarettes keeping them warm. Him with his salt and pepper beard, chiselled jaw, and balding head showing the classic handsomeness a distinguished and fashionable man achieves effortlessly as he grows older. She was beautiful too, a short blonde bob, stunning blue eyes, and bold red lips, almost always wearing a light silk scarf. They were the dream European fantasy, and very much my fantasy.

We'd got to know each other a little over the first few months of me living next door to them. The occasional mis-delivered parcel, nods from the balcony, spotted in line at the coffee shop round the corner. It was early June and I spotted Amy struggling to open her door whilst juggling some groceries, I took a bag from her to help her out, and she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes, and smiled with her classic red lipstick. I melted. She thanked me and mentioned off handedly they were throwing a barbecue that night for a few friends and invited me along.

I was probably the youngest there, which is not something I felt often as I was about to approach 30, but I got on with all their friends. It turns out I had worked for a few of Claude's friends, and he said he had some design work I'd be good for. I got to talk with him about Serge Gainsbourg and the sexiness of French pop. Me and Amy traded some bread recipes and she offered to teach me yoga, something I maintained I didn't have the patience for. The more I got to know them and be friends with them, the more I was crushing on them.

I'd attend some of Amy's yoga's lessons, some private ones in her living room too. I did some work for some of Claude's clients and would sometimes meet them and him for drinks. We became firm friends, I'd see them a few times a week, often having dinner at theirs once a week, with excellent wine and an easy walk home. The perfect date if for the lack of romance. We spoke candidly about work, friends, love lives (or lack of in my case). They'd mention how pretty I was and offer to set me up with people, but never them. I wanted to make a move but was scared I was projecting my own views of sexuality and free-spiritness on them, and I didn't want to risk our budding friendship.

However my love life did take a turn thanks to them in late July. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were all drinking in their garden. Me in a floral summer dress, low cut, flirty, sunny. Amy was in her classic mom jeans and breton striped tee with a peach scarf loosley and artfully draped round her slender neck. Claude had some navy trousers on, he never wore jeans, boat shoes, no socks, and a crisp white shirt with the top three buttons undone. He's the only man I've known in real life who can pull off aviators. We heard their front door go and a few moments later into the garden walked their daughter, Emily.

She was 19, stunning, the way Hollywood portrays 19 year olds. Bright yellow culottes, a crisp white man's shirt too big for her, tied at the waste, a long straight brown hair, a large black sunhat, her mother's blue eyes and distinct lipstick. I'd never met her before, I'd seen photos but most were a few years old and she seemed to have really blossomed into her self. No longer looking like a child trying to seem grown-up, but a chic sophisticated adult all of her own.

We got on instantly, she went to my alma mater, even lived on a road where an ex-boyfriend of mine lived. We spoke about the city and various bars and our student days, we spoke about her parents and our new friendship (she had heard of me, oh my heart), and we even spoke of love lives, both agreeing the other was too beautiful to be single.

She was back for the summer and my fantasies had started to shift, just as I was giving up on her parents, this young sexy single version of them walks into my life. And a few nights later into my apartment. She came to see if I wanted to go for a drink, but she certainly didn't want to go out. I opened a bottle of wine and before we'd finished our first glass we had started making out.

I hadn't been with a woman in almost three years, I hadn't been with a teenager since I was one. She was curious, a little dominant, and up for all sorts of fun. I'd let my sex toy collection slide over the course of my last relationship due to an insecure boyfriend, luckily Emily brought her strap-on home for the holidays.

I don't know if her parents knew about our affair that summer. We'd sometimes have drinks all together, even meals. Emily never mentioned it so I didn't either, terrified that maybe something would change if my friends found out I was sleeping with their daughter. But not terrified enough to stop.

Emily was home for a little over a month, we slept together on about a dozen different occasions, always at my place. It was fun and hot, but we both knew it was a fling. It gave me the confidence to put myself out there dating more again, Emily even enjoyed swiping with me at times.

After Emily left for Uni again I started dating a girl for a bit, she was a student too, I like to think it was a coincidence but maybe not. However we parted ways as I felt too old to hang out with her friends. I set my age settings a bit higher and when swiping one day I came across Amy.

"Not looking for anything serious. If you want to impress me, you'll have to impress my husband too ;)"

I stared at it for hours, unsure whether I should swipe right or not. I could pass it off as flirty or friendly, just being supportive, it was a bit of fun I didn't MEAN it. I swiped right and it was a match. They had seen me and liked me. I was going to type a message when I received one from them that just said "finally."

The sex was everything I could have hoped for and more. It was the very best way of being with a couple, not them all focussed on you as a novelty or something that will fix their relationship, not all about them either with you just as a toy. It was joining them. I felt what it was like to be a part of their marriage, the tenderness and the roughness, the communication, the laughter. I can safely say Claude is the most skilled man I have ever fucked, I had never had orgasms like it without having to work my clit while a man was inside me. And Amy, was something, she liked to bite and scratch and yell, and then it happened.

It was the third time we were sleeping together and Amy slapped my ass and called me a slut and it was the exact same tone Emily used when she called me that. I couldn't stop thinking about similarites between them. Their eyes, their smiles, how they sounded when they came even. I found it so hot, in amongst this incredible experience I had my own little secret.

I wouldn't think about it all the time, mostly my times with Claude and Amy were about us. I'd see them once a week usually, have our regular meal, and them some exquisite fucking. I dated casually, but could be pickier, I was being taken care of, and still had great friends next door I could hang out with for drinks of yoga when I wanted.

Then the Christmas holidays came and Emily returned home. We'd texted a little, but mainly just followed each other on Instagram. I knew she was coming home and didn't know what to do. I'd made excuses to not be around for a welcome home dinner for her. But the next night she had gone out for drinks with old friends and had bumped into me. I knew it was a bar her parents would never go to, but she isn't entirely her parents' daughter.

I joined her and her friends for drinks, then Emily joined me back at my place. I didn't tell her. I felt so guilty right up until she bit my nipples and called me a slut. I looked into her eyes and she smiled with that bright red lipstick and I got out the new strap on I had bought. She wore it and I thought of Claude.

The next morning we were getting coffee at the shop round the corner. Her parents walked in after us. Emily said she was getting this on her way home when she bumped in to me. She clearly didn't want to tell her parents. All three of them insisted I must come over for their christmas party that weekend. As they went to leave Amy kissed me on the cheek. And both Claude and Emily gave me cheeky smiles, unaware of how each other's faces looked.

I may have to move house.

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