Well, she did not lie to her, in fact was a bit too forthcoming, but she left me out of it.

We had a nice dinner at the Wharf, good conversation, well they did, I could not get a word in.

We sat in front of the TV, but I was the only one watching, I was left out again. Greta went to bed, and left Ingrid and I to ourselves, not a good idea.

I turned on the late show, and Ingrid, I thought was saying goodnight as crawled up on my lap, and she kissed me to thank me for dinner. It was more than just a thank you kiss, and we continued to kiss, and swap tongues. There was no way I was going to do anything right then and there, right down the hall from Greta.

It was all I could do to keep things from escalating, her and Greta had a few drinks at dinner, and I did not. She had on a sundress, and no bra. She had to be aware that I had been staring at her cleavage all evening, and now those voluptuous breast were right in front of me on display. She reached up, and pushed the straps off of her shoulders, and let it drop to her waist. I put my hands up under her breast, how could I not, I lifted each one up and kissed its nipple, as I told her we better stop, and now. She did not get up, and pull up her straps back up, until she had ground her pussy into my cock so long, I was in pain. I had to jerk one off yet again, my resistance was getting weaker. I went off to take care of myself, and then to bed.

Tuesday morning, was an early court day for Greta, but it was also a day she is early to get home. Astrid was fixing breakfast again, and I was not due in the office, so I was just casual at the table, shorts and a shirt. Greta was dressed for court, and Astrid, had one of my tees on, she said Greta loaned her a couple of mine to wear. Sometimes I just can't figure Greta out, I think she wanted her sister to tease me, she gave her one of my shorter shirts. It seemed like she expected me to fuck her, but after all the shit I took after fucking her paralegal she sent to the house, I was cautious.

Greta left, I was drinking my coffee, and enjoying the view. Astrid was washing the skillet she scrambled the eggs in. Every time she leaned over the sink, I would see ass and pussy, and she knew it of course. I was just sorry I had to go in to the office, as far as we got the night before, I was good for at least a blow job today. I had to go get my shower, and get dressed.

I told Astrid, that tomorrow I would take time off to take her to the Dali Museum, and went up to kiss her for making breakfast. I kissed her, on the lips, and she pulled me in for another, with tongue. She had motives, she was teasing again. She said, "It's a shame you have to go to work, I will have to masturbate all alone today. Then she put her hands down my shorts. Grabbed my penis, and said, I am going to miss seeing this cute little guy get angry, and go off."

I would have delayed leaving for work if she would have pulled it out. She didn't, so I figured I had a free feel coming, so I put my hands up under her shirt, my shirt actually. I got a good feel of her ass with one hand I used behind her, the other in the front, and between her legs, letting my middle finger drag between her pussy lips. She had tried to turn me on grabbing my cock, I had a responsibility to return the favor. Let it be her that has to masturbate this time. After another long kiss, I left to get ready for work. It was clear we both enjoyed the teasing game we had going.

I got back late on Tuesday, and that was just fine, I did not need any more sexual tension. Greta was early to get back and the sisters had some alone time together. I made it a point to go to bed the same time as Greta, she was horny, and I was glad she was. She gave me head for being so kind to her sister she claimed, and then rode me till we both got off.

Wednesday morning, Greta was fixing breakfast, she had to go into the office, but not until 9. We had our museum plans, but it did not open till 10. Astrid took over to clean up the kitchen, when Greta left to get ready for work. I decided to help her, after being pretty sure she had nothing on underneath. I lifted her shirt to confirm it, and we groped each other as we cleaned. There was no doubt we wanted to fuck, it is just a tight rope we were on. As far as Greta goes, I think she suspected something when she came back through the kitchen on her way to her car, she may have even seen me with my hands on her sis. We have an open relationship, but this is her sister, but then again, she has fucked my brother more than once. It's fucking complicated dealing with a female that is trained in arguing in court, as a lawyer, I am sure she could come up with a good argument on why me fucking her sister, is different than her and Ted getting it on. My guess was, me encouraging her to tease him, to help get him out of his shell would be her argument.

Greta left, and we headed to our rooms to get showered, and dress. I had just got stripped, and ready to enter the shower, when there was a little knock on the door. I opened it, and there stood Astrid with nothing on but an ornery grin on her face. She entered, then followed me into the shower, nothing had to be said, we were about to shower together. She started washing me, and spent a lot, and I mean a lot of time on my cock, I was stiff enough to make it difficult for us to move around each other. I did her then, I made sure my hard cock was in her crack from both sides as I did. Could not help but to spend extra time on her ass, and breast. I wanted to finger her in both her holes, but did not want to get soap where it should not be.

We dried each other off, and Astrid just got to the point, and said, "We are so clean and fresh, it would be a shame not to enjoy each other with a 69 before we go? Sis didn't think to ask me if we had done that."

We headed for the guest room, as I did not want to have to change our sheets, or leave any evidence. I was so anxious to get my tongue inside her, I was afraid I was going to cum before we even got started.

She was just laying there, legs spread waiting for me. As I got ready I could see her pussy was just dripping, and I know it had been dry, I had used a towel to dry it. We wanted each other bad, watching each other masturbating, and the teasing that followed, just served to make us want each other even more. It gave me a better understanding of why Greta, could not resist my brother's cock.

I lapped up the extra moisture, as she swallowed my cock, and I mean swallowed it, I don't know how she keeps losing boyfriends, with her body, looks, and oral skills. But my brother can't seem to get a girl either, and he is packing a monster cock. I got her off, and then I pulled out of her mouth, to let her get her breath.

Astrid just laid there on her back, as I mentioned it was time to get ready to go, she replied, "But I need more of that cock I was swallowing, I need it somewhere else," as she spread her legs, then took her hands to open her hole, to show me where, and added "I need it in this hole, and right away, no more games, I give in."

I abided, and we fucked, me on top first, it was the first time my cock entered her hole after a lot of teasing, and even more lusting. I loved being in her, and kissing her as I stroked her. Just gazing in her eyes made it hard for me to last very long. I gave up too at this point, and I pulled out but only, because I intended to finish it off between her breast, did not want to fill her if we were going to the museum. I also did not want to pass on the opportunity to slide my hard cock, between her big tits. It postponed my orgasim as I stroked them for awhile, as she held them tight.

She wanted my cock again, and she left go of her breast to pull me forward, and I let her have my cock. I got up on my knees, so it would be a straight shot in her mouth, and to her throat, and I face fucked her until my cock started pulsating, and shooting her mouth full of cum, she got a lot of cum, and I got, a lot of pleasure. She tried to take it all, and opened her mouth to show me my load. The excess was running out the sides.

We laid there in silence as we gathered ourselves up. but it did not take long for me to recover, and then I had the ability to last a while. We were soon fucking again with her on top, then with me back on top again. I rolled her over after that, and made her my doggie. I fucked her that way until my balls hurt from slapping against her ass. I sucked it up, and ended the session by pile driving her as she screamed for more. "Oh My God Josh, fuck me hard, fuck me like you fuck my sister."

All together we spent over two hours, in the bed, most of it fucking, I was proud of myself for lasting for that long of fuck. I finally succumbed to my urge. Looking down at the look on her face, and her flushed neck, and chest was all it took. I came deep inside her, and pumped every bit of cum I had left in her beautiful pussy. We finally ended up on our backs just thinking about what we did, and talked about how bad we were for doing it, then just looked at each other, and laughed, and could not help but kiss, and make out for a while.

We spooned to rest up a bit, we had burned up a lot of time, and decided to come up with an excuse on why we did not go to the Dali Museum. One of us was going to have to come up with a lie. I took the hit. I decided to tell Greta I had a business thing come up, and I had to take a Zoom conference. We still had a couple of hours free before Greta could possibly return, not enough time to go anywhere.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to just hang at the pool, and headed there. Of course Astrid did not bother putting anything on. I was not going to let her out do me, so I just carried my suit down to the pool, and joined her in the buff.

We took a couple of dives, but did not lay out right away. I cornered her in the shallow area, and we started kissing again, she reached down for signs of life in my penis. I got hard even though I was in pool water. I wanted more of her, and I had her up against the side of the pool, with my stiff cock pushing against her pussy. She wanted more too, she turned around sticking that big ass of hers out, I grabbed her hips as she held a hold of the side, and I started fucking her again.

I had fucked in a pool before, this is Florida, most of my girlfriends had them. It feels a little different, and I am sure plenty of pool filters get their share of cum. It is kind of cool to see the ropes float around on their way to the skimmers. It was not long before I dumped another load in her. I waited a long time for this chance, and only had a day left before I had Ted for competition. I just could not pass this chance up. She was very receptive to it though, I think we wanted each other pretty equally.

We went in the house to get a snack, all the exercise burned off our breakfast. We did not even bother to dress, we had the house to ourselves, and being so hot for each other we could not get enough of even the view of each other naked. I was in sexual heaven. I had not had someone new since Carla, and she was not someone that I had a long standing lust for, like Ingrid.

The two of them were a lot alike in their actions during sex, both good at oral, and receptive to hard fucking, and lots of it. One thing Astrid had, that no other lover I had in the past, was a much more defined pussy. Her clitoris stood out at the least bit of arousal, this would make things easier for my brother Ted, if they even get together. According to Greta, he is a little challenged in that area, or maybe she just says that to justify giving him more lessons in oral. Those so-called oral lessons, usually end up with her taking that big cock of his, inside her.

We made out in the house a little, we were like teens, could not keep our hands off each other. We had to go back to the pool and in the water to cool down, and try to get ourselves under control, didn't we fuck enough for one day?

We both left the pool, Astrid put on some shorts and a top, she looked sexy in them too. I put some at home work clothes on, so I could sell Greta on my business call. I had my zoom attire on, dress shirt and tie, and workout shorts.

Greta got home a little early, so it was good we got our shit together when we did. Her, and her sister hung out the rest of the day. I stayed in my office, that is also the second guest room. I ended up taking another nice nap on the pull out couch. I was not used to doing all this fucking in a short time, but even Greta got worn out from young Ted's horniness. The plan was for me to fix dinner on the grill later that evening.

We had a nice dinner that night, and I tried to give them some more time together. I just watched TV later on, and Astrid joined me on the couch after Greta retired. We just watched a late show, but I had her head on my shoulder as soon as she thought it was safe.

We did not plan on fucking again with Greta just down the hall, but we kissed, a few times, and I could not help but to get under her blouse. Not long after that, Ingrid pulled my shorts down, and had my cock in her mouth. It was all I could do to keep quiet, as she licked my sensitive knob, then the shaft, and ended up swallowing my cock. We just had to risk it, we finished undressing each other. We would have been busted big time if Greta got up.

We were both naked, so I don't think I would have even stopped if Greta would have walked in, we were back in a 69 again, just like we started early that morning. She was getting too loud, and we had to change positions again. I was not sure my body had enough time to produce much semen, but I was having no trouble staying hard, and I just had to see that ass of hers in its entirety again. I got her to turn over, and stick it up for me. This time I did not resist her butt hole, I filled it with my tongue, and even stroked her with it, as I fingered her pussy.

I did not want to wait any longer to enter her again, I did not want to risk losing my hardon. I entered her again, and started fucking her as she buried her head in a pillow. I admit that the taboo of fucking my girl's little sister right down the hall from her, added to the thrill. I did not think I was ever going to cum, and did not care, I just wanted to be in her, and fucking. I finally pulled out, laid back against the other end of the couch, and she finished me off with her mouth, and hand. I looked down into her eyes, as she opened her mouth, and she pumped my cum in it. Leaving it open long enough to show me the more meager load I gave her this time, before swallowing it.

Greta and Ted had nothing on us, we were just as addicted to each other as they were on their day home alone, I think we may have even out fucked them.

Thursday I slept in, Greta was gone when I got up, and Ingrid was just sitting in the kitchen eating a pastry, and drinking coffee. We managed to get ready without having any kind of sex. Astrid and I, then took our rescheduled trip to Dali. She enjoyed it, I have been there several times with visitors staying with us, but they have a lot of rotating works, so there is always some you have not seen. We left there about lunchtime. I took her to a nice little restaurant, Greta and I like to go to for lunch. The owner spotted me, and came over, I did not introduce her as Greta's sister, just thought I would fuck with him, and make him wonder.

St Petersburg has gone through quite a renaissance, it has some beautiful parks, and gardens to walk through. We ended up on a bench overlooking the harbor. Astrid had her head on my shoulder again, I really liked the feel of all her attention. She told me how glad she was she came to visit, that I am such a sweet guy, and that she has always been jealous of her sister. I was not sure I liked where she was going.

"I wish I could find someone like you, we have always got along so well. Now I know we are extremely sexually compatible. I have never felt better having sex, than I do with you inside me. Why do you have to belong to my sister?"

A question she did not expect an answer to, but got one. I was even more afraid of where this was going.

"As Greta told Ted when he was here in the fall, she does not belong to anyone, and I feel the same way about myself, we have tried to keep things that way. I do however, love her very much, and am not looking for a new partner in life."

"That's just my luck, but maybe we will get a chance to spend some more alone time this week, I just can't get enough of you, Daddy."

That was a shock, the first time I ever had someone call me that, I thought it was only in porn's that younger women called their older lovers that, am I her older lover in her eyes? I had thought she was just fucking with me when she called me old man a couple of times. She continued to be clingy, and was acting like a teenager although she was past those years. I have to admit I liked getting that kind of attention, it has been 10 years or more since I was in my teens.

I really did not want to go back to the house too soon. Under the circumstances, I did not want to be there alone with Astrid. I took her to some shops to look around, and I bought her a top she was looking at, but could not afford.

To kill some time, I took her for a ride down the coastline. We were walking on the beach near sunset, at one of the bigger parks, and public beaches. There is not much undeveloped land on the west coast of Florida, but this was an exception, left in its natural state, not used nearly as much as others, as you have to take a trail from the lot to get to it. Families usually have too much to carry, and avoid it.

She had me in her grips, I just could not understand how things got so out of hand with Astrid, after just one day together as lovers. She was just all over me, and I was just as upset with the fact that I kind of liked it, even when she called me Daddy again, when I purchased the top for her.

We needed to head back, so we hit the trail for the lot, we had only seen a few people there, it was a weekday. The next thing I knew, she had me by my arm, pulling me down a side trail, saying, "Lets see where this one goes Daddy, she found a spot she apparently liked, and she pulled down her shorts, and panties, then pulled off her top. She pulled my shorts, and boxers down too, and I just surrendered my shirt at that point. There we were, standing naked on the trail. She kneeled, and started sucking me, once she had me hard, she stood back up, and asked me to take her right then and there.

It was then, I spotted another couple through the trees, we were about 50 feet away from the beach. and they were just barely into the woods from that direction. they were also engaging each other, and told her they could see us too, we were that close. She just said, good, I hope so, and said, "they look busy with each other too, just fuck me here Daddy."

I confess I liked being naked in the woods, the thought that another couple could be watching us fuck as they made out, just heightened my arousal.

It was a hot scene, there was a glow from the sunset, coming down through the trees, and it lit up her entire naked body, making her irresistible to me, and us both us and the other couple more visible. I remember thinking that I didn't care if someone would walk up on us, I was just going to keep fucking till I came.

Our bodies pressed together again, and I held her by her ass cheeks as we kissed. I turned her around then, and held her from behind so we could both see the sunset. She freaked me out a little when she moved even closer toward them, but it was just to get to, a spot where two trees were close together, and grabbed one with each hand, then leaned over, deliberate or not, it had to be a awesome view for them, her entire front exposed.

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