My wife runs the entertainment in a state park in our state. She has the food court and the boats and gear, plus she is in charge of the swimming area. Diane is 32 and a beautiful woman at any age she is a head turner. She is a woman who turns every man's head when she enters a room and has since she was fourteen. And we have been friends way earlier in our lives than that. And then as she filled our and her body began to mature it only made heads stay turned her way longer.

As I became use to Diane being around me I guess I became numb to how men stared at her beauty. I expected it. And as her hips filled out and her breasts got much more mature I thought nothing of the looks men gave her. And age didn't make it happen less. In fact it happened more and more. Diane and I became a couple in high school and continued through college. We got married a year after Diane graduated. And I had gotten my consulting business off the grown.

My wife worked for several different firms as a secretary the first few years after we were married. She is a very good one. But a couple years ago she applied for this job with the state and got it. It was a mess, but she slowly began to rebuild it. The first year it was still a mess but it began to turn around last year. Diane was doing a fantastic job of bringing the park into a very great place to enjoy.

The one problem she was having was with life guards. She could not find enough kids who wanted to work and do it. There is a college not far from the park and lots of young people came out to swim at the lake in the park. So her only solution so far had been for her to do it herself. Her bathing suit was old school one piece and I teased her she needed a new sexy little tiny one that just covered her nipples and slit.

She slapped at me and told me I would not permit her to wear it around those horny college jocks.

"Bet me I would love to see my sexy wife tease those little hard cocks with her sexy body. I will even buy the suit for you."

Several days passed and I left a bag on the counter before I went to work. It was kind of a joke? Because it was the smallest bikini I have ever seen and I knew My wife would not wear it in our bedroom let alone out at the lake life guarding a group of college kids. I laughed all the way to work. A couple weeks pasted and I was very sure she had stuck it away in a place in our closet.

I got off early a few days later and drove by the Park. I stopped by the diner to see if Diane was helping out in there, she wasn't. I went to the office and checked but not there either, So I Drove around the lake toward the swimming area. As I got near it I could see on the life guard stand a naked life guard. I got my glasses out and looked to see if I was right? Diane was up on the stand in the almost suit I had bought her. Covering almost nothing.

And fifty young adults were playing all around her. She seemed completely at ease being nearly naked on the stand in front of them. Several of the young women were dressed nearly as sexy as Diane so maybe she felt she fit in.

But even with my glasses I could see my wife could move very little up on her stand or her nipples peaked out into full view. In fact I had seen one or the other of her full breast completely exposed and she had not bothered to cover it for more than a minute twice.

I finally drove on down around the swimming area and I waved at her as I passed by and she waved back. As I drove on I could see Diane trying to get her nipples both back under the little white patches meant to cover them. When she got home that evening I had dinner ready and the table set. We ate dinner and cleaned up for the night. She went up to shower.

She was in bed when I came from the shower and I joined her. She grabbed my cock when I got into bed with her.

"Are we just a bit frisky tonight?"

"Were you surprised at what I was wearing at the lake today?"

"Nope I bought it for you to wear and you look great in it."

"You are ok with all the little hard cocks looking at your wife semi naked?"

"I did see your beauties are exposed part of the time for them to enjoy."

"The little Snots have told me to just leave the top off they have all seen them both bare anyway and they have a point."

"So why wear it then?"

"I probably wouldn't but if I guard topless soon the girl will all be doing it too and the shit will hit the fan."

"So you have a boys night only night don't you?"

"Ya, but I usually have guy life guards that night. And it is later I don't want to encourage them."

"What's the matter are they telling you how good they can make to feel if you'll get naked?"

"That has been talked about yes."

She was horny and we made love before going to sleep.

I had to leave early the next morning so I was gone before she got up. About 4pm I got a text from my wife. She said she had to do a late shift at the lake tonight for a stag night college boys thing. Her guard couldn't show tonight. I texted her back and teased her about her new suit. Oh yes she was wearing it for them. I ask back if she was wearing both top and bottom or only the bottoms?

Long pause. And then.

Not sure about it they teased about it this afternoon. They want me to do it topless.

I texted back and ask if she was going to do it?

The text came back, thinking about it. Am I stupid?

I sent back, No think you should do it for them.

Her return was, They want me naked up on the stand after crowd clears out say after 11pm, usually just a few hang around, maybe less than ten?

I sent back this, So they want to see your pussy?

Hers was, they want to fuck me.

I said, yes am sure they do, so let them.

Long pause again. Do you know the shit storm I could open up if I fell off this stand nude and they fuck me?

I sent back a smiley face.

Some time later I got another text. I should be home before Midnight. If not home before 1am I am doing bad things. If I am not home by 3am come looking for me.

My evening was as usual and I drank a couple beers and was watching TV. At about 10pm I got a text.

It said simply, My top fell off. At 11pm I wondered if her bottoms came off, but I heard nothing. As midnight was nearing I kept an ear out for her car. But heard nothing. As time slipped by the midnight hour I began to really begin to think she might be doing more than guarding. As the 1am hour came and passed I knew some of the young college guys were fucking Diane. I found it very sexy. And I wondered how many of them were fucking her?

I went out and got in my pickup and headed over to the park. I circled the lake but found the beach and stand empty. but Diane's car and several others were still there. So where did they have her? The staff housing was the only building with lights on. So I walked over there, I looked into the front room and could see at least ten college aged boys in various stages of dress dressing. Some were about dressed and I could hear them talking.

They were laughing and slapping hands. I knew from the conversations they had all fucked my wife. And I knew some one had her back in the staff bedroom fucking her then. I walked around to the back and found lights on it the back bedroom. The window blinds were open and as I looked in I could see Diane on the bed with Frank the head of staff at the park fucking her.

Big Frank is the head ranger for the area. Divorced several years and not called Big Frank because of his size. Frank Decker is maybe 5'10" and 220lbs of 55 year old man. But his cock as I could see as he plunged in and out of my wife was the thickest cock I had ever even imagined. My wrist is fully 8" around and I swear his cock is ten inches at least around and Diane was in full passion as Frank work on her. His cock did not seem over long at maybe 6" to 7" long but the thickness of him was driving her crazy.

The other 3 staff were naked waiting turns with her and complaining about how Big, Big Frank is and that he was loosening her up for them. All three men looked good enough to hold their own in that department. I slipped off back to my truck and headed home. This night was likely going to change Diane's work at work after this night. The staff was going to expect to see a bit more of my wife and word was going to get out with the college boys too.

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