you are desperate to find conservation work, and indeed you needed to for money
but everything is either volunteering or simply above your qualifications
you have almost entirely given up, when a mysterious letter arrived in your post
odd as you’ve looked online and seen nothing about it
the address is not given but it’s supposed to be from the “Members of the Council”
it reads: “Dear anon, we have been observing your efforts and we are pleased to confirm one of our members has a paid and rare conservation opportunity for breeding an endangered species…once you have read this letter, we shall send someone to collect you - regards, The Council”
this is highly cryptic and kind of strange but it is a job, right? what’s the worst that could happen?
mere moments later, as you contemplate whether to change or shower, you hear a knock at the door
”HIRyS, it’s IRyS!” answers a red-haired horned woman in strange clothes - did the Council send a succubus?
you greet her and ask if she was sent by the Council, suspicious of her, as she has a powerful aura
”Yup, I’m here to escort you, if you could just wear this for me…” she hands you a white blindfold
is this a good idea? wearing a blindfold in front of someone you just met?
you refuse to wear it, so she takes to persuasion
the succubus launches herself at you and shoves her tongue in your throat for a full minute
her strong kiss and strangely energetic saliva remove your inhibition, and you obediently put on the blindfold for her…
”That’s more like it!” you can’t see it but IRyS is smiling contently, as she draws her instrument of choice
”Okay anon. This is gonna hurt a little, but you’ll be all better by the time you wake up~”
her voice is soothing and comforting, you feel like you could listen for hours…wait, wake up?
before you can come to your senses, your new escort swings a wooden paddle at the back of your head - THWACK - and you fall to the floor with a thud

you awake in a forest clearing, and the succubus from before is standing observing you
your head is rested softly on a pillow against one of the trees, a shapely maple, and you can see four other girls, and a…centaur?
this must be some kind of dream, or else the succubus hit you pretty hard
the girls are dressed just as strangely as IRyS, the blue-haired one catching your eye with what looks like a helicopter spinning above her
suddenly, IRyS calls to the others, indicating you’re awake, and they walk over
you can see them all clearly, there’s a short, almost mouselike one with bright red hair, another short girl in a brown cloak, and a tall, tanned blonde woman in an elegant leotard plus the blue-haired helicopter girl
as for the centaur, she is even more beautiful, sporting antlers, a frilly dress, and vivid grass-green hair, plus piercing yellow eyes fixed on you even from here
IRyS gestures to you “Come on anon, I’ll introduce you!” she grabs your hand and you’re on your feet again
you are surrounded by the girls who introduce themselves one by one - the blue haired girl is known as Kronii, the red haired one is Bae, the brown-clothed owl-like figure Mumei and the tall girl Sana
they have full names but decide formalities aren’t really needed
so this must be the Council…but what endangered species are you breeding? you see no animals in sight except innumerable insects around the cow-parsley surrounding you
you ask, and the centaur steps close to you and introduces herself
”My name is Ceres Fauna, I’m the protector of nature” she says in a soft, cute voice
giggling nervously, she adds “I’m a kirin and a centaur, and the last of my kind, so it’s me that the breeding programme is for”
she blushes profusely and her tail wiggles about wildly
you’ve never worked with horses before much less centaurs…and breeding them sounds…difficult
you ask how this will work, and who’s going to provide the necessary “seed”
Fauna giggles again, and trots right in front of you, licking her lips menacingly
”Ahh, don’t worry anon, I have the full package right here, if you’d like to take a look…”
she smells very floral, like a bouquet of hyacinths or roses, and you can see her erect nipples poking through her shirt
”She’s telling you to go under her skirt and take a look, mate” shouts Bae in an Australian accent, interrupting your trance
you’re slightly concerned about doing this, because the Kirin is strong looking and muscular, but you decide you should do your job…
ducking under her frilled white dress, you see - and smell - something quite extraordinary

Fauna is wearing almost no underwear, as might be expected for a kirin
she giggles again, and you notice a rather large sock of sorts, draped over what might be a syringe..?
”Uuu, you’re almost there, anon, the “insemination” tool is under the cloth” she giggles
the cloth is visibly stained with fluid, and on closer look is bursting at the seams
cautiously, you lift the cloth-sock away, revealing…
an absolutely massive horsecock, complete with bulging golden nuts, and hanging semi erect underneath the cloth
you gasp audibly and recieve a potent dose of the floral smell, clearly this is its source
Fauna giggles at you, and her dick begins to lengthen even more…she pulls a cord too, and her elegant dress falls to the floor, exposing you to the prying eyes of the Council
”Okay anon, kirin became rare because we prefer to breed with and inseminate males and ran out of suitable mates…but you seem like a suitable candidate, wouldn’t you agree?”
you don’t want to entertain the thought of carrying this weird horse-woman’s offspring inside you and refuse, promoting angry stomps
”Hmmm? You really want to refuse? Really? Maybe THIS will change your mind, anon.”
without warning she kicks you in the stomach with her hooves, winding you, and begins to trample around you angrily
”I could stampede your stupid face easily, and give what’s left of you over to my friends here. Just like me, they’re futanari - so I guess maybe you’d like 5 cocks inside you instead of one, you whore” her furious tone as she scolds you gives you a surprising and unwanted boner
you roll around and try to avoid her hooves crushing your skull, or anything else for that matter
”Or maybe you’d prefer being filled with arrows instead of cum, is that it? I’m quite the archer” says the Kirin as she continues to try and crush you
”Come on then anon, answer me before I crush that dumb cock of yours. You aren’t gonna use it for anything anyway”
she could crush it into paste with a single stomp…
noting her growing erection and heightened aggression you concede and agree to do your job
the trampling ceases and she positions her dick close to your face
”Mmm, good boy, that’s more like it. Now, get to worshipping mama nature, I’m super backed up…”
”I want you to clean up my dick so it’s ready for proper breeding, and you better swallow too, unless you want cum all over you”
she giggles again and says “Come on anon, get sucking already”
this thing is absolutely massive, but you did want a conservation job…

you apply spit to your hands and grasp Fauna’s massive shaft with both hands, beginnning to stroke it gently
it continues to lengthen almost endlessly, whilst Fauna herself begins to softly moan with approval at your handiwork
as for the rest of the Council, they seem to just be content watching you
your hands run up and down the kirin’s length, caressing every vein and feeling the sweat and precum dripping and slathering it
you have no clue when her cock was last washed but you try not to think about it, although the grassy, new mown hay aftertaste hints it’s been a while
you hear her unbutton her shirt and caressing her tits, a sign she’s enjoying herself
you move you hands and face to her balls, kissing them and licking up the sweat
evidently this takes her by surprise
”Uuu, naughty sapling, you shouldn’t touch my golden apples without permission…”
in spite of your initial hesitation her nutsack’s potent floral yet sweaty aroma pulls you in
tonguing up and down through the hairs and folds of her balls earns you a kneeing from Fauna
”Knock it off, it’s my cock you’re here for, it’s not gonna suck itself”
her annoyed tone persuades you to get to work
her heart shaped flared tip is glistening, ready for attention
you can’t believe you’re about to do this
you give the tip a gentle kiss, licking up the salty veil of precum that coats it
you open your mouth as wide as possible and guide the nature guardian’s cock end into your throat, taking care not to choke
instantly Fauna lets out a pleased moaning noise, as if she was craving your warm lips and mouth on her dick for hours
she struggles a bit to keep her footing with the pleasure, and opts to ram herself deeper inside you
her length is only a quarter of the way inside but you’re desperately trying to stay conscious as the Kirin instinctively thrusts and mates with your throat
tears are running down your face, and any attempt to beg her to slow down just causes gagging and spluttering that arouses her further
clinging to her, you wonder if you really will choke, but suddenly and without warning she shoots a stringy load of backed-up cum inside your mouth
you swallow it, or rather you try to, but the odd, salty-lime taste and slimy texture plus the sheer quantity prevent it
she can tell and pulls out, still spurting everywhere and glazing her seed all over you as she moans uncontrollably
eventually the flood reduces to a trickle, and finally stops
by the time it’s over you can feel a large amount of cum has inflated your stomach, and you feel strangely full

Fauna steps away to look at you, still bathing in her afterglow, as you adjust to the feeling of the sun again
she sits on the grass for a moment, panting heavily, clearly she enjoyed that
her shirt has been shed already so she’s totally nude, although you can see why from her lactating tits
caught in your own daze, you suddenly notice the Council and IRyS coming over, bringing…stocks?
you edge away on the grass, but Sana lifts you up effortlessly, laughing at your feeble attempts to escape
she puts you in a chokehold, holding you above the ground as Mumei sets up the stocks
Kronii watches your struggles and says “Hey Fauna, if he’s still alive when you’re finished, I need to shove my clock into anon, he’s really cute”
the Kirin stands up and agrees, having regained her energy after a moment of clarity
”Uuu…this is the main breeding session anon. I’ll try not to break you, okay? Just be a good little sapling and take my seed” she’s giggling again, clearly both nervous and aroused
the stocks are ready and the girls quickly fix you into them, standing secured for breeding
your legs are also tied in place to make sure your butt will stay put with Fauna’s thrusts
IRyS pulls down your trousers and slaps your ass hard for good measure, before doodling with a marker on your exposed skin
the feeling is cold and uncomfortable and you wriggle about, whilst Mumei wipes some of Fauna’s drying cum from your face with a damp towel before walking off out of sight
you ask IRyS what she’s writing, anxiously trying to get her to stop
”You’ll see, just a second!”
you hear a photo being taken, and she runs to your front, gleefully showing you her phone with a big smile on her face
the photo is of your exposed ass, with the words “KIRIN CUM DUMP” “FREE USE” and “BREEDING BITCH” and some arrows pointing to your vulnerable asshole, all written in ink…
”Suits you, don’t you think?” she kisses your cheek before writing “INSERT CLOCK HERE” on it, evidently preparing for Kronii
Kronii laughs as she watches you, barely hiding her own boner, and shoves Fauna’s dirty cocksleeve in your mouth to gag you
suddenly a cold, wet feeling in your ass makes you squirm, and you can tell one of the girls is lubing your ass for Fauna
as to which one, you can’t tell…
you lay still and endure, until her delicate fingers reach too far
moaning like a girl involuntarily, albeit in a muffled voice thanks to the gag, you shoot cum into the grass as Mumei’s handiwork touches your prostate
you know it’s Mumei because she’s surprised and says “Wow anon, I thought I was the one who forgot to have any stamina, haha” before slapping your ass again for good measure
”Okay Fauna, he’s all yours!”

”Uuu, I’m gonna enjoy this…”
Fauna lunges forward into you, mounting you with ease thanks to the lubricant
immediately, her thrusting feels like she’s going to impale you, you have no way of knowing how deep she’ll actually go
you are completely at her mercy as her equine body presses against you, holding you down as her mating toy
her flared tip gets a little stuck to begin with, but enough force and it slides in with a lewd pop
”Nn, I’m not gonna stop till you’re full of my seed anon. Let’s restore the kirin race together!”
you can hear the sloppy sounds of her cock thrusting in an out and you can sure as hell feel it
your prostate is being crushed by the force of her tip, and you think you’re gonna cum again
you can see the Council watching you, perhaps they’re going to ravage you afterwards, maybe this is your life now
as you think about it Fauna’s shaft goes deeper and deeper, and you feel her veins pulsating as she breathes heavily
you cum again shooting weakly onto the grass, as your entire body feels like Fauna’s weight is going to crush it
”You’re so cute anon. I can’t wait to raise hundreds of new kirins with you…mama nature’s gonna cum…!”
”Nnnn, I love you, anon!”
she speeds up and hilts herself, going almost to the base of her cock, as her golden apples slap powerfully against you
Fauna’s breasts are lactating heavily, scattering milk all over the place, as she fondles and caresses them furiously, moaning loudly and clearly to assert her powerful sexual energy
the scent of sex mingled with Fauna’s pheromones hangs in your nose
meanwhile an especially thick load of Kirin sperm inflates your ass and stomach from behind
your belly visibly expands and feels incredibly full with your new mate’s semen
but despite your bloated state, it just keeps cumming, and cumming, and cumming
you feel like you’re going to pass out
your dick feels like it’s about to break as well as a prostate orgasm triggers again from Fauna’s creamy load
your cum is watery and weak compared to Fauna’s thick, superior Kirin seed…
panting and moaning, Fauna finally seems to have stopped, and attempts to pull out
but your ass is too tight
”Ahh, I’m stuck, anon! I’ll just, haa, have to fuck your ass some more until it’s loose enough to pull out, okay? I love you anon…”
her frustrated rocking back and forth draws her in, and your ass vacuums her cock balls deep inside
”Nnn, ahhh - m-my golden apples…” moments after her orgasm finishes she immediately has another, creampie-ing you again and again
whenever she does so your entire body feels like jelly, and yet the pleasure is incredible even as you inflate with her jizz
this continues for what feels like hours, the Council watching, stripping and eventually masturbating all the while…

You awake on the grass as the sun begins to set, Fauna sat beside you
your stomach is still absolutely bloated with her cum, but it feels…different, somehow…
Fauna giggles yet again and says to you in a soft tone “Well done anon, you’re carrying the first litter of the new futanari kirin race~”
”Oh, and, the Council had their way with you too, so don’t be surprised if you have some rats or owls in the litter too, you really are a good little nature loving sapling…”
she strokes your hair softly, and you drift back off to sleep, wondering just what the fuck you got yourself into….

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