Vivek is same age as me and Disha is one year younger than us. Vivek is average looking guy who is not fond of working out at all and treats his body like a temple. Disha on the other hand is very similar to me, loves working out and stay active. She is 5'5", long brown hair big boobs and lovely curve around her waist.

One day Vivek and Disha invited me over for a dinner and I accepted without hesitation. Whilst having dinner Vivek broke the news that he has been promoted at work and he has to go abroad for a year on assignment. I congratulated him as a good friend would and told him that I am really glad its all working out. Vivek also clarified because its a temporary assignment he is not allowed take his wife with him. I was shocked to hear that as they only been married for a year. He asked if I can help his wife looking after household stuff as and when it comes up and I agreed straightaway.

I always admired how gorgeous Disha was secretly but being with her never cross my mind as she was my best friend's wife. I also had a busy work and personal life but I used to pop down to check up on Disha now and then after work. Few weeks past and I received a phone call from Disha saying she feels lonely and she would like my company over dinner.

I went to her house as normal and she opened the door with a big smile on her face. I also brought bottle of red with me because I knew she loves it. I asked her to open the bottle and pour a glass each so we can enjoy it before dinner. When she started walking towards the kitchen I noticed how tight her black dress was and how amazing her figure looked from the back. I loved how her long legs was on display and her ass cheeks were jiggling from left to right as she walked further. She came back and handed me a glass and we talked for a bit whilst watching tv.

I accidentally kicked the table in front of us whilst stretching my leg and tv remote fell on the floor. Disha lowered herself to pick the remote and all I can see was bright red padded bra hugging her big breast. I didn't realise she was looking at me when i was staring her cleave. I was gobsmacked and did not know what to say so I smiled nervously and start watching tv again.

Disha got up to prepare the dinner table and I said I will help her. She said you just help yourself to another glass and stop staring at something that you cant have and winked at me. I burst into cheeky laughter and replied there is no harm in looking. We exchanged more of this cheeky banter over dinner and sipped few more glasses of wine. I took this opportunity to take this one step further started asking her personal questions which she didnt mind answering. I asked her whats the weirdest place she and Vivek made love. She replied, Vivek is very conservative about sex and not very imaginative so they never did anywhere else apart from bedroom.

She asked me whether I ever fantasised about her whilst looking straight into my eyes. I knew this was a ice breaker and I cant lie to her after starting at her breast. I told her the truth I havent fantasised about you until today and I have to admit you look stunning today. She blushed a bit and there was dead silence for few moments. I said I should go as its getting late but she suggested I should stay till dessert. She brought strawberrys and ice-cream in a bowl from the kitchen and handed over to me. She took one strawberry from the bowl and sucked it slowly before eating it. She took another one in her hand this time bit in half, then she offered the other half to me saying do you like strawberry. I ate it before I could say no. She leaned forward and started kissing my lips and I placed both my hands on her gorgeous round ass and squeezed it gently.

We carried on kissing passionately and I let my hands wander all over body. I pushed her against the wall and start to bite her neck gently and squeezed right tit with my one hand at the same time. I unzipped her dress from the back and let it slip to the floor revealing her bright red padded bra and matching underwear. I whispered in her ear " you look amazing and I am going to fuck you so hard". She replied "please do". I asked her to go down on her knees which she did and took my trousers off. Then she bit my dick through my boxers and looked at me. I realised how naughty she really is at that point. She slid my boxers off and admired my thick long brown cock in front of her. Without wasting time she started to lick my length up and down and then took deep inside her mouth. I told her not to use her hands and pushed her mouth against the wall and started fucking her. I can tell she loved gagging on my big cock. I pulled my cock and asked her to follow me on her knees. I walked backwards toward the sofa and she followed me on her knees, i loved watching her do that.

I sat down on the sofa and she started sucking my cock. She was really good at it and she maintained eye contact which i really liked about her. I grabbed her hair from the back and shoved my cock deep inside her mouth. She choked immediately and tried to pull back but I didnt let her for few seconds. I did that few times and she loved it.

I loved hearing her moan whilst sucking my rock hard brown cock, it was such a turn on. At that point, I unhooked her shiny red bra from the back and let it drop to the floor. No doubt her tits were perfectly round and biggest one I ever seen, I also noticed her nipples were erect. I wasted no time in grabbing them one at a time with my hands and squeezed it gently at first. I leaned back as she pulled her head up and got hold of her tits together, she squeezed both of them together and inserted my dick in between them. It was the most amazing view any guy can ask for, a gorgeous woman with big breast giving tit wank. She watched my face the whole time her big boobs were sliding up and down my length. After while, I got up from the sofa, grabbed her hair and literally pushed her on the sofa on her back.

I lifted her legs up and put her on a doggy style position to get a good view of her gorgeous round ass covered in red panty. I was mesmerized by how sexy she looked from the back and I immediately slapped her ass cheek with my right hand, not as hard at first as I wanted to test the waters before I dive in. She released gentle moan as my hand made a contact but she did not say anything. I slapped her ass one more time, this time bit harder than previous time. Then, repeated that few more times, all she did was looked back at me with eyes that were telling me she want to get fucked hard no matter what. I flipped her on her back so she can face me, leaned forward and grabbed one of her tit in my mouth and gently start sucking it whilst squeezing the other one with my hand. I looked her in the eye as I did that to watch how much she enjoys her big tits getting sucked by her husband’s best friend. I start to work my way down in between her legs, I made sure they were wide open as my head got closer to her pussy which was still covered by her underwear. I kissed around the pussy area to tease her first and then slowly pulled her underwear down to reveal her clean shaved pussy.

I took my tongue out and licked her warm pussy for the first time, it was then I realized how wet it she already was. My tongue departed her moist pussy lips and it made her way deep inside, she grabbed my hair with her both hands with gentle moan. I loved looking at her facial expressions as I ate her pussy, loved the fact that she was so turned on she start to squeeze one of the pillow from the sofa when I licked her sweet spot. Whilst sucking her clit, I inserted two of my fingers deep inside her pussy which made her jump. I carried on licking and finger fucking at the same time for a while and she shouted she was about to come. She released her warm juices all over my fingers which I pulled out from her pussy and made her lick it. She told me, she never done that before. It was so sexy to watch her licking her own juices off my fingers.

I got up and placed my hard cock near the entrance of her pussy , I rubbed my length up and down on her sensitive clit before penetrating her tight pussy. I could not believe how tight she was almost like she never had sex before. I slowly penetrated her tight pussy with tip of my cock and entered deeper and deeper with each stroke. Her moan became louder and louder with sheer pleasure and pain at the same time. I squeezed one of her tit with my hand as I carried on fucking her pussy. Then pinched her nipple firmly to which she tried to grab my hand and stop but I overpowered her immediately. I looked her in the eye and told her, you belong to me now and you will do as you are told otherwise you will be punished. Not sure whether it was my voice or what I said made her more wet straightaway. I placed both of my hands on her big tits and start fucking her harder, the angle was perfect on the sofa and it made her orgasm in no time again. I loved watching her legs shake as she released her juices all over my big cock.

I pulled my cock out from her pussy, grabbed her by her hair and put her on her knees again. I told her to suck my cock and lick all her juices off which she did. I was so happy that she was playing along without objecting. I shoved my full length which was covered in her juices deep inside her mouth and watched her choke on it. I sat down on the sofa and told her to come on top. She spread her legs and stepped forward to ride my cock, her big tits were right on my face and I squeezed them one by one right away. Then, I slapped her ass hard whilst she was riding it. Her moan was very loud which turned me on even more and I slapped her round ass few more times. I could tell her inner slut was coming out as she start to talk dirty, she said I love riding your big fat cock please fuck me harder. Although I loved watching her boobs bouncing on my face and her round ass tapping balls deep on my cock I had no control which I hated it. I placed both my arms on her back, lifted her and penetrated her tight pussy harder and harder from the bottom. She could not stop herself from screaming louder and louder each time my cock went deep inside her wet hole. I grabbed her hair and lifted her face backward so I can watch her scream as she takes my cock.

After while I threw her on the side with force and bend her over on her stomach in doggy style position. I stretched her, not so tight pussy now, from behind and went balls deep. I grabbed her hair with one hand so I can get a good grip and go as deep as I can. I fucked her so hard without mercy and loved hearing her scream as she took my fat cock. Her gorgeous round ass looked so good from behind whilst I was stretching it and I couldn’t help myself but to slap it hard. Her ass cheek turned bright red and I could see my finger prints on it. I told her you are my naughty slut from now on and this pussy belongs to me to which she replied yes Jay I am your slut please don’t tell Vivek anything about this.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy as I was getting closer to release my load, I told her to suck it like a good slut until I cum. She took my one my balls in her mouth and stroked my cock at the same time which was unbelievable and made me cum in few seconds. I released my warm load all over her big tits and witnessed the biggest smile on her face. I told her are you going to let that go to waste? She was bit surprised when I said that but I told her I want you to lick every last drop. She realized she had no choice but to do as I told her if she wants my big cock again whilst Vivek is away.

We collapsed on the sofa and giggled at what just happened and then went to shower together and fucked all night. I just cant wait to see Vivek’s face when he comes back and knowing his wife is more than satisfied.

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