Old Changelog

In Anki Modern and Simple Format: added Frequency field (for Marv's Frequency Sorter)

In Yomichan:

Added FSRS Algorithm (still experimental) on Retention How-to

Updated Immersion Spreadsheet up to 2025, existing users check the last bullet for instructions.

In Anki (Modern Design): update here or front, back, styling

  • Added Modern design(Simple will still exist): [Light Mode | Dark Mode], reference a lot from medamayaki#0328's grammar deck
  • Fully supports mobile sizing
  • Existing user: easier to update through copy and paste: Browse Deck > Mining Deck > Card... > front/back/styling


  • Added Yomichan Local Audio Source(optional), can be found by the end of Yomichan Section

In Anki (Simple Design): update here or front, back, styling

  • Added Light Mode
  • Added Alternative Dark Mode, go here
  • Added automatic sentence hint in front of the card when vocab is Furigana
  • Added Additional fields(Browse > Card > Fields...), please add Meikyou, Jitsuyou, Kenkyusha (case-sensitive)
    • This is optional and existing anki format will work just fine, it just won't fetch this monolingual dictionaries
    • This is manual update for existing anki format users since you can't really copy paste fields

In Yomichan settings:

  • Updated Monolingual profile; it didn't have the auto light/dark mode pitch accent graph
  • Design improvement for hovering; manual snippet here
  • Made a cleaner handlebar format that removes things like 〘v5m・vt〙or →さばを読む
  • Added the new fields into anki mining template


In Yomichan settings:

  • Collapsible monolingual dictionary so it isn't hard to scroll down
  • Minor handlebar changes
  • Changed the Frequency sorting dictionary

In Anki add-ons:

  • Added forvo audio add-on, in 'Browse' you can highlight a card and click audio button to add audio
  • Added AJT Mortician add-on, this is optional, you can edit the config on the toolbar through 'AJT'

2022-04-03 (late and new combined):

Pub: 03 Oct 2022 02:34 UTC
Edit: 17 Feb 2023 05:03 UTC
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