An organized list of all currently leaked unreleased/unimplemented items in Destiny 2.

Last updated: 2022/03/03

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Just to clarify something: The notepad and the pastebin are the exact same thing. Saying that they are two different things is just wrong.
Also, all Season 13 and Season 14 items we already have in the game have been removed.
Additional "leaks" can be found on the links below:

Season 15

  • Releases August 24th, 2021 🌟
  • Season of the Lost 🌟
  • New Matchmade Activity - The Shattered Realm (similar to Hack the Network)
  • Season 15 Story Beat
    • Mara comes back 🌟
    • DC gets its conclusion πŸ’€ (curse still remains)
    • Taken & Scorn 🌟
    • Savathun killed at the end of the season 🌟
    • She won't be revealed straight away πŸ’€ (She was revealed right away)
    • We find out Osiris was replaced by Savathun, she is behind most of the events this year 🌟
    • Crow & "Osiristhun" will be having ongoing stories building up in the background throughout the year, culminating in S15
      (Crow interacting with Mara, Osiristhun exposed) 🌟
    • Savathun will give the real Osiris back if we rid her of her worm, when we do that, the Traveler gives her the fucking Light
      and the Hive have Ghosts, 🌟
    • Savathun is killed in S15 when we help rid her of her worm 🌟
  • Bungie want to put Trials of the Nine weapons into Prophecy w/ random rolls 🌟
    • Prophecy Weapon Refresh (Weapons from Trials of the Nine) (All can roll with Osmosis and Demolitionist) 🌟 (unsure about the perks)
      • Swift Verdict (Void) 🌟
      • Judgement 🌟
      • Last Breath 🌟
      • A Sudden Death 🌟
      • Long Walk (Solar) 🌟
      • Darkest Before (Arc) 🌟
  • "last hurrah" for Warmind Cells, with a big nerf planned for S15 🌟
  • Crossplay is early S15 🌟
    • Opt-in matchmaking for PvP 🌟
  • Strikes 🌟
    • Strikes have rep with difficulties 🌟 (mentioned)
    • Regular = 10, GM = 35
  • Infamy has been tuned to be quicker 🌟
    • Roughly 10 hours for a full reset
  • 2 New Exotics 🌟
    • Heavy Stasis Trace Rifle that consumes your super to use 🌟 (It's actually kinetic)
    • Energy LFR with a "Bounty Hunter" gimmick, 1st perk is a negative, 2nd perk provides a bonus on killing your "bounty" 🌟 (Lorentz Driver)
  • Traveler's Chosen Catalyst (Osmosis + Full Auto) 🌟
  • Exotic Armor (All will be changing but still have similar concepts) 🌟
    • Gauntlets like Nothing Manacles (from D1) 🌟
    • Boots like Radiant Dance Machines (from D1) 🌟
    • Gauntlets like No Backup Plans (from D1) 🌟
  • S15 Exotic Ornaments
    • Cloudstrike 🌟
    • Warbeast Bakris 🌟
    • Corsair Necrotic Grips 🌟
    • Citan 🌟
    • Queen's Guard Chap 🌟
    • Sleeper πŸ’€
    • Lament 🌟
    • & More 🌟 (there was indeed more)
  • Seasonal Armour set is Queen's Guard Themed (Think House of Wolves/The Reef) 🌟
  • Eververse set is "FL themed" (Fighting lion?) 🌟
  • Playlist Weapons 🌟
    • Rapid Fire Scout 🌟
    • Solar Suros Sidearm 🌟
    • Arc Slug Shotgun πŸ’€
  • Ritual Weapon is an Arc Aggressive frame RL with Explosive Light πŸ’€ (Solar Precision)
  • PvP
    • 3-peeking fixed for S15 🌟 (mentioned)
    • Stasis and Light balancing over next few seasons 🌟
    • S15 universal Stasis changes 🌟
    • S15 Light buffs 🌟
    • Doubling their security/bans team
    • Anticheat still on the way (no specific news in SoD) 🌟 (added, see below)
    • Look to change how Glory works
      • Add it to Rumble
    • Trials Overhaul (Loot and Matchmaking) 🌟 (mentioned)
      • Described as "more complicated version of the Crypt loot system"
      • Solo player stuff for Trials 🌟
      • Trials Reward Rework 🌟 (mentioned, nothing below is confirmed)
        • Based on how any games played on a card, you gain an amount of tokens back when its reset. πŸ’€ (Tokens removed)
        • With those tokens, you can buy engrams as well as specific loot for random rolls. πŸ’€ (Tokens removed)
        • Playing on 7 wins gives high chances for high stat armor as well as +16 stat distribution
      • 2 Trials Weapon ideas:
        • Stasis LFR 🌟
        • Stasis Fusion
    • Iron Banner
      • New IB armour is in development: Hunter set based on a Yak (No idea on other 2) 🌟 (Kinda)
      • IB overhaul seems to be set for S15, which is when that armour would come out 🌟
      • IB mods have been approved and will be in the overhaul (spitballed idea was an overshield for capping all 3 zones etc)
      • 2 New Banner weapons:
        • Stasis Sidearm 🌟
        • Solar Adaptive Pulse 🌟

Before Witch Queen (Season 16/Filler Season?)

  • New dungeon this year at some point:
    • Thorn-themed Armor set 🌟
    • D1 Weapons (Eyasluna, Matador, etc.) 🌟
  • Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack 🌟
    • Release Date - 21st December 2021 πŸ’€ (It's 7. December)
    • New PvP mode (No Abilities, Weapons Only) called "Hardware" πŸ’€ (not before WQ but maybe will be in Year 5)
    • 4 new PvP maps new to D2 (2 brand new, 2 from D1) 🌟 (mentioned)
    • Prison of Elders is no longer planned, only content looks to be New Dungeon, 2 Secret Missions and the PvP content
    • Buyable pack between 15 and 16, Bungie want the Halo CE Magnum in this pack,🌟
      Dungeon (unique exotic), Unvaulting D1 content, MANY exotic quests, weapons, armours celebrating Bungie,
      so Halo & Marathon tie-ins 🌟
    • New Weapons from past Bungie Games: 🌟 Some
      • Sniper from Halo (Exotic Heavy) πŸ’€
      • Gravity Hammer from Halo (Exotic Heavy) πŸ’€
      • Battle Rifle from Halo (Legendary) 🌟
      • CE Magnum from Halo (Legendary) 🌟 (was exotic but still right about the weapon)
      • Claymore from Myth (Not Sure) 🌟
      • GL from Paths and Darkness (Not sure) 🌟
      • Shotgun from Marathon (Not sure) 🌟
      • Halo weapons will have a new recoil frame, increasing their hipfire and in-air accuracy 🌟
      • Possible some weapons/gear from Oni as well
    • Private Bubble in "The Plains of the Nine" acting as a Scavenger Hunt for Strange Coins, when you've accumulated 23 you
      can go to Xur and buy Gjallarhorn(s) πŸ’€
    • Will ship with a full cosmetic spread i.e. Emblems, Shaders, Ghosts, Sparrows, Ships 🌟
    • Will have confirmation on Halo stuff in the 30th Pack pretty soon as S15 development is beginning to kick off 🌟
    • "Season" Pass armour is Oni themed
    • Halo Themed Armour for each class: πŸ’€
      • Hunter: ODST πŸ’€
      • Titan: Reach Spartan πŸ’€
        • Master Chief was not the choice for the Titan armor set because it would be far too "on the nose" for a
          crossover, Carter set is much more of a Sci-Fi mishmash πŸ’€
      • Warlock: The Arbiter πŸ’€
    • 2 Secret missions (both Halo themed) πŸ’€
    • 1 of the 2 seasonal teams working on the pack, apparently $75 value, gonna sell for about $20
    • Apparently gonna be a 30% off Eververse sale on around the time it drops
    • Slight chance of one of the secret missions featuring a 3 player vehicle, as Bungie were toying around with this concept
      in RnD earlier in the year but ran into netcode issues πŸ’€ (lost to netcode issues rip)
  • Anti-Cheat 🌟 (with discrepancies)
    • Anticheat not next season but DEFINITELY this year πŸ’€(It's out right now)
    • Anticheat is wanted by Q2 2021
    • Anticheat (BattleEye) April at the earliest, June at the latest πŸ’€(More like August)

Witch Queen

  • Releases 22nd February 2022 🌟
  • Early concepts for WQ armour (think trenchcoats/other western styles) 🌟
  • Theme: "southern gothic" and "detective" 🌟
    • Twin Peaks vibe
    • Internal tagline of "Survive the Truth" 🌟


  • This line of text is here just in case you try to accidentally read it.
  • Savathun be rezzed by a Ghost (fulfilling that whole devotion/bravery/sacrifice thing). 🌟
  • Bungie didn't want her to "steal" the Light, so as to keep the Traveler and Black Fleet morally grey. 🌟
  • Will be revived in the Witch Queen (more on this in that section) 🌟

    • New Hive called Lucient Lieutenants. They get light attacks and are not friendlies. 🌟
      • Lucent Lieutenants have full subclasses e.g. Knights get Sentinel, so supressor nades, barricades, etc. 🌟
      • Hive having Ghosts will factor into gameplay 🌟
      • In addition to the Lieutenants and Ghost mechanic, they will have SIVA Splicer-esque quirks (think the no
        headshots thingy) 🌟(Moths)
    • WQ Campaign:
      • Campaign will be 8 missions long, 5 will be of Presage quality or higher 🌟
      • 1st Mission overview:
        • You go to Mars, it's stuck in a past(grassy)/present/future(taken) rift 🌟
        • come up to the peak of a hill where you see the Dreadnaught for the first time 🌟
        • with Caiatl's Cabal Fleet fighting the Hive in the skybox (very Phobos mission-y) 🌟
        • Working with Ikora Rey, you launch yourself with a man-cannon onto the ship 🌟
        • this is where you fight a Hive Guardian for the first time 🌟
        • then you find the portal to Savathun's Throne World on board 🌟
        • you go through, find Savathun who sends you straight back to Mars 🌟
    • Savathun tricks us into giving her memories back to her using "Deep Sight", as when she was revived by her Ghost she
      lost them all 🌟
    • She tries to trick the Traveler into her Throne World, attempting to cut off the outside Universe from its Light using
      a "big bowl", said "bowl" is also where the Strike will be 🌟/πŸ’€(No strike in the bowl)
    • After defeating Savathun in the Campaign, she tells you "The Witness is coming". 🌟
    • The Traveler then takes her body and her Ghost escapes. 🌟
    • The Witness reveals itself "I have seen enough, I am coming" 🌟
    • At the end of the campaign, the Pyramid ship will activate, starting the road to the Raid
  • Weapons are at their memory limit right now, solely due to masterworks genning orbs 🌟
    • so they are removing this aspect of masterworking for Witch Queen 🌟
    • gonna be making Armor mods that fulfil the same purpose (this means that un-mwed guns will be able to gen orbs) 🌟
    • 34 new weapons vs the 14 in Beyond Light 🌟
  • Destinations:
    • Nessus and EDZ are being vaulted πŸ’€
    • Revamped D1 Mars (corrupted by the Taken & Hive) 🌟
    • Savathun's Dreadnaught (integrated into Mars bubble) 🌟(;Probably)
    • Savathun's Throne World 🌟 (2x the size of Oryx's Dreadnaught, 3 Lost Sectors)
  • General:
    • WQ will have same levels of secrets as Taken King Dreadnaught
    • New Ultimate Ornaments (think snazzier Exotic ornaments)
    • Forsaken goes F2P (to be vaulted with Lightfall) 🌟/ πŸ’€ (Vaulted with WQ)
    • Sparrow 2.0 planned but not final
    • New tincture-esque mechanic called "Deep Sight" learnt during the campaign used to root out Savathun's memories within 🌟
      her Throne World as well as tying into weapon crafting 🌟
    • New weapon type "Glaives" 🌟 (will be the second 3rd person melee weapon type (1st person actually), have class-based mechanics and only
      available through weapon crafting)
    • Crafting system is to create + upgrade dual wielding weapons 🌟/πŸ’€ (We don't have dual wielding weapons, but yes, you can create and upgrade weapons)
    • 9 Player PvE "The Foothold" has been downgraded to 6 Player because matchmaking and PvE netcode for 9 Players is
      not not up to par
  • All future raids and dungeons to have Adept gear
    • Savathun not final boss, nor Xivu Arath, nor Quria 🌟
    • WQ raid takes place on a broken down pyramid in Savathun's Throne World 🌟
    • Hive or Taken as main enemies πŸ’€ (Scorn and Taken)
    • Final Boss will be Darkness-based (likely the "Envoy of The Witness") 🌟
    • Still being pushed as "the most ambitious raid yet"
  • 5th Element: Opposite system, "Vapour" Element, DoT type beat think Thorn πŸ’€(doesn't seem to be WQ, maybe LF)
  • Savathun's Hive brood have a whiteish-grey colour palatte with a dark blue accent for the eyes (apparently very mothlike) 🌟
  • Strike modifiers could potentially return with Witch Queen
  • Plan in Discussions to Expand Savathun's Dreadnaught over the course of the year and have it up to the size of
    Oryx's Dreadnaught by the end of the year
  • D1 Tower makes its return at some point during Y5
  • "Sparrow 2.0" potentially for Witch Queen (whatever that means, I have no details yet)
  • Subclass 3.0 🌟
    • 1 Element per season 🌟
    • S16: Void 🌟
    • Includes reworks not just conversion 🌟
    • We would have all elements revamped by S18 🌟 (Probably)
      Savathun Key Art

Unknown or Year 5

  • Public LFG in the Tower at some point in Y5
  • Eververse Gifting in Y5
  • 60% more sniper flinch
  • PC optimisation fixes
  • On new Gambit stuff - "probably more stuff later"
  • a D1 raid reprise in Y5 depends on the success of VoG's reception 🌟
  • Plan on standby to make the Trials reward system comparable to DSC's system
  • Champion overhaul is being talked about (no idea what this entails yet)
  • Things currently being discussed in-house that could potentially happen by Witch Queen if greenlit:
    • Eliminating Power Levels
      • Power Play:
        • in S14, Power Level will only increase by 10 points 🌟
          • This is only a temporary fix until "World without Power"
  • Studio is now openly discussing setting up a "Rituals Team" for Strikes, Crucible and Gambit to keep them updated throughout
    each year separate from the 2 rotating Seasonal Teams
  • Iron Banner Rework Approved Details:
    • Brand new armour set for each class, Hunter set is inspired by a yak 🌟
    • There will be 2 brand new IB weapons, a kinetic shotgun and a LMG.
    • Each season will get 2 new OR reissued weapons, with the 2 oldest getting removed
    • Aim is to reinvigorate interest in the iron banner playlist by overhauling loot structure and match rulesets.
    • Vendor will be overhauled to be like crucible/strikes, no more tokens 🌟
    • At the start of an IB week, all player rank with saladin will get reset and begin anew
    • Rank up by playing matches, earn +10% rank for each IB armour piece worn, up to 50% (you cannot use a general ornament 🌟 / πŸ’€ (more than 50%)
      on the armour, it must be ib armour or an ib ornament)
    • Any IB emblem will count as +10% so you can run an exotic armour piece 🌟
    • At Rank 6, you can reset your vendor rank to earn the emblem + shader, and earn better loot for each new level
    • 4 weekly bounties will remain and will each give a Superior Iron Engram, plus rank up progress
    • 2 dailies and repeatables added, gives rank up progress
    • Iron banner matches will give iron engrams, or superior iron engrams, NO BLUES OR WORLD DROPS HALLELUYAH
    • Superior engrams give weapons with exclusive IB perks, and armour with high stats and 2 categories with 16+ stats.
    • New armour sets will have an IB mod socket with mods specifically for ib, granting anything from more super to weapon
      damage bonuses.
    • The match rulesets will be tuned so things like the hunt grants the team a weapon damage bonus, but the other team
      a super energy generation bonus.
      - It's meant to play like a custom version of mayhem so the matches are short, fun, and easy to engage with.
    • New title, IRON LORD. Guildable, and meant to be as hard as flawless/conqueror to earn. 🌟
    • Eververse IB stuff to act as a β€œtip jar” like the zero hour mission ornaments. Finishers, emotes, exotic ornaments, etc.
  • New Title - Weapons Master πŸ’€/🌟 (It's called Deadeye)
    • Requires all weapon kill triumphs and is gildable 🌟
    • Not sure whether triumphs are retroactive or not (leaning yes) 🌟
  • 3 years post Lightfall new DLC with the codename "Sunspot"


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