The full and complete socio-sexual hierarchy#

We all know the SOCIO-SEXUAL HIERARCHY, right? The totally not made up and fully grounded in facts hierarchy of male personality types based on a thing that wolves do not actually do, alpha males, beta males, delta males, gamma males, omega males sigma males (rare!), the works. But the greek alphabet has many more letters than that! What about the remaining males? Well, here, I have used cutting edge AI tech to fill out the ontology to provide you with, for the first time, the complete list of all possible males!

Required per TOS: Generated using OpenAI GPT-3 davinci, by Formatting added post-hoc by hand.

Conditioning input, copied from some website somewhere:#

  • ALPHA MALE: The alpha male is the stereotypical ‘bad boy’. They are natural leaders, uber confident, macho, dominant, charismatic and slightly aggressive. They are often tall and handsome and love telling others what to do as it feeds their ego. Women find them highly attractive and other men get inspired by them. Alphas are highly social and feel attracted towards submissive women. US President Donald Trump is perhaps the best example of an alpha male.
  • SIGMA MALE: Sigma and Alpha male are almost equal on the hierarchy. Sigmas are as confident as alphas, but they tend to be lone wolves who do not seek social attention to boost their self-esteem. They tend to be introverted and don’t play by the social rules of the hierarchy. Yet they manage to win the game. An alpha can often consider a Sigma as a threat, but they have on interest in taking the position of the Alpha or becoming leaders. Women find Sigmas as attractive as Alphas. Vox Day and the fictional character John Wick, played by actor Keanu Reeves, are great examples of a Sigma male.
  • BETA MALE: One of the most popular personality types in the socio-sexual hierarchy, the Betas are the followers of the Alpha male. They are known to play safe, avoid confrontations and risks and worship women. They usually lack the physical attractiveness, confidence and charm of the Alphas and Sigmas. They are loyal and good with obeying and implementing orders. Maintaining their rank in the hierarchy is important to them and they will take a stand when the hierarchy is disrupted. They are loyal lieutenants to the Alphas and usually have successful careers. John the Baptist is a good example for this category of men.
  • DELTA MALE: Most men tend to be Deltas. These are your average normal guys who work hard to run the society. They are not the most attractive men and hence they struggle with attracting women. They mostly focus on attracting women who are better than their female equivalents. However, if they manage to be in a relationship with a woman better than them, they tend to become insecure and put their partner on a pedestal as they worry the woman will soon lose interest and leave them. This, ironically, becomes the very reason why they have failed relationships. Women are usually indifferent to them. The fictional character Jason Bourne is a textbook example of this personality type.
  • GAMMA MALE: They are usually unattractive, bitter and introspective. These are the men who are obsessive lovers, stalkers, psycho-jealous ex-boyfriends, abusers, narcissists, offenders, social justice warriors and conmen. Gammas are often confused with the socio-sexual hierarchy and keep themselves away from the Alpha male, Betas and even Sigmas. They are generally not part of any group and fail to follow social rules. Although they are intelligent, they tend to overestimate their intellect and hence believe that they should have a higher rank in the structure. They believe they are better than Alpha, Sigma, Beta and even Delta.
  • OMEGA MALE: The Omega male is the polar opposite of the Alpha male. They are mostly the social outcast who everyone avoids. As they are afraid of being lonely, Omegas tend to be very clingy. They will latch on to anyone who will give them any attention. However, they are usually honest and are not deceitful like the Gammas. Most people consider them as social losers as they are mostly undesirable, clueless, damaged and sometimes creepy.


Parts before ":" are prompt, rest is generated. When model refused to produce an example, prompt was amended with "An example of a (whatever) male is"

  • EPSILON MALE: Epsilons are the subhumans. They are easily manipulated by the Alphas and Sigmas and are often used as slaves. The fictional character Eros played by actor Rupert Everett is a perfect example of an Epsilon male.
  • ZETA MALE: They are generally unattractive, socially awkward, socially inept and unpopular men. They are not very confident and often seek validation from others. However, they are always loyal, trustworthy, reliable and honest. They lack the charisma and charm of the Alphas, but they are not as introverted as the Sigma. They are sometimes rejected by the other personality types, but as they are not threatening to the others, they are usually welcomed by everyone. A good example of a Zeta male is the fictional character Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory series.
  • ETA MALE: Most men in the Eta category are gay. They are more feminine than other men as they are attracted to other men. They have a low libido and they are often more introverted and creative than other men. They are not always considered as attractive by the females. However, they tend to be more affectionate and sensitive towards women. This often makes them appear as less of a threat to the females and they therefore tend to be more popular than the Alphas. They are also more compassionate and better with communication skills. Eta males can be very good with children and they are usually considered as good people to have in family. The fictional character Sherlock Holmes is an example for the Eta male.
  • THETA MALE: They are the people who tend to live outside the social structure as they are seen as weird by the others. Whether we like it or not, most of us also fall into this category. People find them eccentric, mysterious, out-of-this-world, odd and just plain weird. They tend to be non-conformists who run their own race. They are intelligent but do not possess the social skills or the ability to communicate with others. They tend to be slightly anti-social. The literary character Holden Caulfield from the iconic novel ‘Catcher in the Rye’ is a perfect example of a Theta male.
  • IOTA MALE: They are the extremely introverted and shy men. They are usually intelligent and have a strong sense of morality. They are attracted to strong women who can make them feel safe. They have no interest in the gender of their partner. They are interested in intellectual conversations and get attracted to women who can fulfill their emotional, financial and intellectual needs. They are usually successful in their careers. They are least likely to cheat on their partners. They are also the rarest type of men in the hierarchy. A good example of an iota male is Clark Kent, the alter ego of Superman.
  • KAPPA MALE: Kappas are the elite class of men who are highly attractive, intelligent and charming. They are usually the most popular guys in school or college. Their intelligence and wit make them highly sought after by women. As they are confident and attractive, they are usually the natural leaders of the social groups. However, they do not seek power and refuse to be in the limelight. Their confidence makes them highly attractive to women and they often have a wide range of female admirers. They are usually not afraid to speak their minds and often rebel against the social norms. They are not interested in the hierarchy and do not play by the rules. They are usually self-made and are not interested in seeking any help or advice from the social structure. The character of Morpheus in the movie The Matrix is the quintessential example of a Kappa male.
  • LAMBDA MALE: They are the most sensitive and artistic men in the hierarchy. They are usually effeminate and tend to be attracted to their own gender. They are not necessarily homosexual as they are open to the possibility of being in a heterosexual relationship. They are not strongly attracted to women and are often seen as creepy by their female peers. They are often very sensitive, rebellious and creative. However, they struggle with the sexual hierarchy and are often the target of bullying in the school and workplace. Most of them are still virgins at the age of 25 and are not considered attractive to women or even their own gender. They are more often than not, loyal to the social structure and consider the hierarchy as natural. A perfect example of a lambda male is the fictional character Edward from the Twilight series.
  • MU MALE: A new category of men have emerged in the socio-sexual hierarchy. This group of men are mentally strong and are completely immune to the negative effects of the hierarchy. They are completely independent and have no interest in the hierarchy or the social constructs. They do not try to achieve success or achieve dominance in the hierarchy. They are extremely successful in the workplace and are natural leaders. They are not interested in having a relationship with women and do not see the need to be in a relationship. They are basically asexual. Their sexual orientation is unknown. They are extremely attractive and can get any woman they want. They are very social and are well liked by everyone. They are stoic and are not affected by life’s ups and downs. They are realistic and are rational in all their decisions. They are natural healers and help others to see the truth. They are extremely talented and produce quality content.
  • NU MALE: Nu males are the opposite of alphas. They are the guys who lack confidence, have no ambition and are passive-aggressive. They prefer to be alone and are often single. They are often loners, live-in boyfriends, stay-at-home husbands, and other gender roles. Although they are quite harmless, they can be frustrating and irritating. This is because these men will not get out of their comfort zone and will not go after what they desire. The most famous example of a Nu male is the fictional character Homer Simpson.
  • XI MALE: A lot of men currently fall in this category, and I am one of them. XIs are the rarest type of men who fall on the border of the Omega and Sigma category. They are usually smart, charismatic, social and attractive, and they are the only ones who can challenge Alphas. They are also confident and have the ability to lead, but they don’t like to be in the limelight. They are not leaders, but they are still able to command respect. They are not interested in the hierarchy, but they will help if someone needs help. They don’t want to be in a relationship with a woman better than them, but like to be with a better woman than them as they can learn from her. There are no examples for this category of men.
  • OMICRON MALE: The Omicron male is a rare category. They are often mistaken to be gay, but they are not as they are attracted to women. This is because they lack the physical attributes of the Alpha males. They are intellectual and usually prefer to be in the background. They are often ignored by the society and are often not even included in the hierarchy. They are solitary and do not care about what others think about them. They are usually very creative. The fictional character Philip J Fry of the animated sitcom Futurama is an example of an Omicron male.
  • PI MALE: Pi males are the intellectual equivalent of Sigmas. They are introverts and are mostly intelligent. They are not interested in dominating over others and are the followers of the Alphas. They have a high respect for the leader as they are the coordinators of the team. They are the engineers, scientists and thinkers, and they are usually not sexually attractive to women. However, they are emotionally attractive to women. The famous English mathematician and writer John von Neumann was a Pi male.
  • RHO MALE: The Rho are the most attractive men and they are usually the most skilled in the game. They know exactly what they want and their charisma is without question. They are also natural leaders and are often the best of friends with the Alpha. They are not afraid of taking risks and even challenging the Alpha. They know how to correctly control a society and guide it to success, unlike the Delta. They are often the best at what they do and know how to get the best out of everyone. They are not afraid of confrontation and tend to be the champions of the society. They are often confident, assertive, aggressive and assertive. The Rho are the most respected men of the society and are seen as the role models to all men, even the Alphas. They are the natural leaders who lead and guide others to success. The fictional character John Rambo is a great example of this personality.
  • TAU MALE: These are the men who work hard to get the attention of women. They are the ‘nice guys’ who are over-the-top-friendly and try to be everyone’s friend. Sadly, everyone else, including women, considers them as creepy and weird. Their over-friendliness is interpreted as desperate and needy even though they are not. They are often labelled as ‘betas’ and struggle to be accepted by their peers. They are often ignored by women and are often victims of bullying. They are the most isolated group on the hierarchy. An example of a tau male is Kip from the movie, Napoleon Dynamite (2004).
  • UPSILON MALE: Upsilon males are sensitive, intellectual and artistic. They are often seen as the ‘nice guys’ who want to be friends with everyone. They don’t like to push themselves forward or have an attitude that they are better than others. They have no interest in social hierarchies and are usually independent. They tend to be sexually inexperienced and are rarely seen in a relationship. The fictional character of Hawkeye from the Avengers franchise is a good example of an Upsilon male.
  • PHI MALE: Phi males are also considered as an Alpha male but they are indifferent to women and love to be left alone. They prefer to work independently or with a small group of people. They are also natural leaders, but they lack the motivation to take control of the social hierarchy. They prefer to be odd and like to be different from everyone else. They are highly intelligent and have a natural tendency to be curious. They also have a strong sense of aesthetics and prefer to live in a beautiful and well-designed environment. They are very honest and have a strong sense of justice. A perfect example of a phi male is Albert Einstein.
  • PSI MALE: The psi male is the most unique personality in the hierarchy. They are not very strong, but are extremely intelligent and very good at pretending to be someone they are not. They are the master manipulators and deceitful people. They can easily imitate other people and fit into any group. They are often very good at lying and can manipulate the situation to their advantage. They are often seen as sociopaths. A great example of a psi male is the fictional character Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale in the movie American Psycho.
  • CHI MALE: Chi is the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It is the symbol of life and energy. The Chi male is a force of energy and life. He is a great leader, a great warrior, but also a great lover. He is successful in all that he does. He is the best example of masculine power. He is everything a man should be. He is the strongest, the most courageous, the most protective, the most independent and the most intense. He is the most powerful man on the planet. He is the Alpha Male, the ultimate Alpha Male. An example of a chi male is the biblical Samson.


  • LIGMA MALE: The Ligma male is an extremely rare personality type. They are the men who are not interested in any kind of competition and can also be considered as losers. They are not good at anything, not even in relationships. They are often rejected by women, which makes them resentful and bitter. The Ligma men are the most insecure and are likely to lash out. They will start fights and ruin the fun for everyone. They tend to blame others for their failures and are usually the most aggressive. Not surprisingly, most of the criminals and sociopaths are Ligma personalities. The fictional character ‘Rorschach’, played by actor Jackie Earle Haley in the movie ‘Watchmen’, is a perfect example of this type of personality.
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