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List Of The Best Strip Clubs In Barcelona#

Looking for a list of strip clubs in Barcelona? You can find plenty of information throughout this website. Here, we want to give you a bit of advice on what to think about when you go through a list of nightclubs in Barcelona. Yes, we are aware that there is no such thing as the ‘ideal’ strip club. What one person likes may not necessarily be what another person likes. Here, we are massive fans of strip clubs with somewhat of a party atmosphere.

We know that there are many people who prefer strip clubs with a more laid back, casual atmosphere. This is why it is incredibly important that when you are going through a list of strip clubs, you check what they are bringing to the table. Check what the overall ‘atmosphere’ at the strip club is going to be. Most of them will make it clear. Of course, you are in Barcelona so you are going to enjoy a whopping amount of choice. This is something that you are quickly going to get to love!


Yes. There are various ‘facilities’ at the best strip clubs in Barcelona. As you go through a list of nightclubs in Barcelona, you may wish to think long and hard about what you want from one. For example; do you need there to be private rooms where you can be entertained by the performers? Are you just going to be happy seeing people perform up there on stage? Some clubs in Barcelona may even offer a combination of them. Do bear in mind that if you are looking for a place with more of a private atmosphere, you may be spending a bit of extra cash.

How much does it cost to get in?

Sure, there are some free strip clubs in Barcelona. We are not going to say that they are a bad place to be at either. We know that many people out there just want to see a few people stripping and to have some fun with their friends. However, if you want the real ‘decent’ strip club experience with plenty of fantastic people performing, then you will want to opt for one with an entrance fee. You will be surprised at how amazing the experience is like this. The drinks may even be a bit cheaper!

Do they cater for groups

Most of the people that come and visit our list of nightclubs in Barcelona are going there as a group. For example; we know that many of the people who are viewing this page are planning a stag party. If you fall into this group, then look for a strip club which caters for groups. Many of them will offer private seating for you. Some of them may offer free transportation to and from the venue. Some of the best ones with an entrance fee may even give you a discount as you are bringing so many people along. In fact, some even are free!

strip clubs barcelona

Feast of Sant Joan Party At The Strip Clubs In Barcelona#

Throughout Europe, also the United Kingdom for some reason, the various countries place a lot of emphasis on the Summer Solstice. This is the shortest night of the year. One city which seems to put an overwhelming amount of focus on this day is Barcelona. If you are lucky enough to be in the city for this, then you will be able to enjoy an event known as the Feast of Saint Joan. We want to talk to you a little bit about what this is on this page, and how you can enjoy a great night at one of the best strip clubs or nightclubs Barcelona.

What is the Feast of Saint Joan?

This essentially celebrates the start of the summer. It is the shortest night of the year. For those that live in Catalunya, it is one of the most important feasts. Unlike other countries, they do not just celebrate it during the evening. It is a whole day celebration. What does it mean to these people? Well, it is said that the sun is a symbol of fertility and wealth. The idea of the celebration is to boost the strength of the sun and make it offer more fertility and wealth to the people that are celebrating it.

In order to give the sun strength on the Feast of Saint Joan, the people celebrating the event light bonfires and fireworks. In fact, three distinct things are done to boost the strength of the sun. We have already covered the fire (fireworks and bonfires), but there are also two other things carried out throughout the celebration. This includes:
Water: this is meant to symbolize healing. On some nights, you will find that people bathe in the sea or other water. It cleanses them off.

Herbs: many people believe in the healing powers of herbs. It is said that during the Feast of Saint Joan, the healing power of these herbs is bolstered by over 100 times. This means that people are more likely to use herbal remedies on this day. You will also find that people are very superstitious and will pick these herbs on the Feast of Saint Joan because they feel that they will be more potent.

The sad thing about the Feast of Saint Joan is that many of the rituals which have been built up over the centuries are very obscure now. This means that if you are visiting the city on this day, you are unlikely to see the more unique of rituals. However, you will be able to see tons of fireworks.

It is probably worth pointing out that Feast of Saint Joan in Barcelona is incredibly popular. This means that if you do want to travel to the city ‘on the day’, you will need to make sure that you book your hotel in advance. If you do not, you will find it very tough to find a place. If you are planning to head to a night club or strip club Barcelona, then also take the time to check out the various events they are offering!

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