The players: Rubenstock vs Andre_2i
List of news articles about the game compiled by Hjörleif and Padpai

Dark Age

Part I: Walling in berries

Feudal Age

Part II: The age of towers

Castle Age

Part III: Castle age fights

Imperial Age

Part IV: Running out of gold
Part V: Andre chops his last tree at 02:34:40
Part VI: Ruben chops his last tree at 02:38:52
Part VII: Stealing farms

03:00:00 check-in:
Andre has 4 relics, but only 84 pop and is running out of res (and still creating vills)
Ruben has only 1 relic, but 178 pop and 4.6k food banked

Part VIII: Andre's monastery gets sniped
Part IX: Ruben's monastery falls

Stalemate Age

Part X: Auto-farm strikes again
Part XI: Ruben afk, Andre wipes out excess buildings & tries dodging ballistics
Part XII: Andre afk, Ruben takes down castle with vills
Part XIII: Taking down second castle, but Andre wakes up
Part XIV: The last monk falls
Part XV: Another attempt on the second castle (petard dies)
Part XVI: Yet another attempt at the castle, but Andre is there
Part XVII: The last camel archer
Part XVIII: Patching the last weakness
Part XIX: Good Morning alert Ruben's perspective - Andre's perspective
Part XX: The End?


The Final Showdown: Ruben's perspective - Andre's perspective


How long was the game?

98:14:53 in-game hours (before restore). The game started at 11:22 on Wednesday (2022-02-09) and ended when Rubenstock disconnected at 22:58 on Friday (2022-02-11) evening (local time, Finland and Romania are in the same time zone). The game was restored on Monday (2022-02-14), and after the conclusion the final game time was 100:04:27 in-game hours. The game runs at 1.65x speed, so that's about 60 real hours in total.

What happened to Rubenstock?

His internet dropped. There is no clip because the stream went down for a moment too.

How big is the recorded game file?

235 MB.

How much elo did Andre gain?


End of game statistics?

Score - Military - Economy - Technology - Society - Timeline (bugged for long games)

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