"Oh, I'm not being evasive," Adrienne said, airily. "I just haven't picked one yet." She waved vaguely to indicate the entire bar. Or possibly the entire hotel. "I just came by to say: I'm here. Settle in. Get yourselves merrily in the mood for some educational debauchery, and I'll go find us a volunteer. Okay?"

Bethany, Hannah and Dawn all looked at each other, and shrugged.


"Marvellous. See you soon, darlings. Now" — she held up her hands with their immaculate nails, and flexed them. Her eyes flashed and she gave a wicked grin — "to work!"

Ravi pressed the elevator button, and tapped the room key-card against his other hand. His heart was beating, his penis was like a rod in the front of his jeans, and he wondered what on earth he was doing. The elevator pinged, the doors opened, and he jumped to find two old women standing the elevator already, each with a wheel-case in hand. He stepped into the lift. He felt guilty, judged. He was sure that these women were aware of his erection; that they knew exactly what he was up to, and that they disapproved. What had he to say for himself, hmm?

"Well?" one of the women asked.

"What?" he said, in a panicked voice.

"Which floor?"

"Oh, right. Er." He stopped to think of the room number Adrienne had given him. 627, she'd said. "Floor six, please. Thank you."

The woman started at him for a moment, then turned and pressed the panel beside her. "Floor six."

"Thank you."

The elevator ride seemed to take forever, during which time his erection all but disappeared under the weight of their cold expressions, but it could only have been fifteen to twenty seconds at most. At floor six, he stepped out, and paused, and was pleased to see that the doors closed behind him on the two women. Better than them following him down the corridors, glaring at him. He looked at the signs on the wall and turned in the direction of room 627.

After only a couple of corridor turns, he found his goal and swiped the card. He was half-hoping it would flash red, but it came up green, and he heard the door unlock.

"Last chance to back out," he thought to himself.

He opened the door.

Inside, there was a standard hotel room. The door opened onto a small lobby space, with a bathroom to one side and coat hooks and a wardrobe to the other. After a few feet, the room opened up. There was a desk along the side of the room, with some drawers and a single chair, and a king-size bed made up in white linen and duvet. There were bedside tables with a single drawer on either side of the bed, and reading lights protruded from the walls above them.

And on the bed...

On the bed there were a collection of things made of strips of black leather, each of which had a folded piece of card propped on the duvet next to it. As he stepped closer, Ravi could read the writing in ornate cursive on each card. They said:

"Ankle cuffs."

"Wrist cuffs."


His erection was back to full, he realised.

He looked at his phone; he had eight minutes left of the twenty she'd given him. Where had the time gone?

Sitting on the sole chair, he began untying his shoelaces. Rushing, he managed to get both of them into knots and he lost more time struggling to undo them, before electing to kick them off untied. He pulled off his socks, put them into the shoes, and then pushed the shoes under the chair. Next, his shirt. The buttons seemed to give him far more trouble than they should, but finally he could pull that off and he draped it over the back to the chair. His jeans followed - at least that was easy.

He hesitated over his boxers for a moment, but she had said "all", so he pulled them down too, and laid the jeans and underwear on the chair, too. He checked his phone. Four minutes left.

He was, he realised, standing naked in a strange woman's room, waiting for her to come and do something sexual with him.

He was also incredibly horny.

He proceeded to put on the leather bondage gear she'd left on the bed, starting with the ankle cuffs. How tight should they be? He had no idea. He did them up enough so that they didn't slide down over his ankles. He put the wrist cuffs on next, treating them like a watch strap. And finally the collar. The collar gave him some trouble - he had to look in the mirror to fasten the buckle.

Only a minute to go. Following her instructions, he knelt down on the floor at the foot of the bed, with his hands in his lap.

Time ticked by. At any second he expected the door to open, giving whomever might be at the door a clear view of him naked, in this kinky bondage gear, with a huge erection sticking up from his lap. His heart was pounding, and he was struggling to avoid touching his cock in case he exploded immediately.

There was a whirr from the door lock, and the door opened. Adrienne stood there, holding the door open, looking at him. She had unbuttoned the bottom half of her blouse and knotted under her breasts, emphasising them, while also showing off her flat midriff. Her skirt was shorter now, or perhaps she had hitched it up a bit; Ravi could swear that the hem only just covered her crotch. The tops of the stockings were clear now, and the suspenders.

Was she ever going to shut the door, he wondered? What if someone walked past?

"Hmm," she said, considering. "Good. You're able to follow basic instructions, at least. I like that." She stepped forward and, to Ravi's relief, the door closed on the corridor.

Of course, now he was locked in with a strange woman in her bedroom, naked and at her mercy...

She strode over to him, hands on hips, and stood in front of him, legs wide. She still had underwear on, he could see. Black, like the skirt. She looked down on him over her breasts.

"Here are the rules," she said. "Nothing that happens is going to injure you. Nothing will be painful. You are going to leave here satisfied and drained. And there are no safe words: No means no. You can stop this at any time, just by saying no, but if you do, then everything stops, and you get dressed and leave immediately. Do you understand these rules?"

He nodded.

"Do you accept these rules?"

Another nod.

She smiled at him. "I'm very glad to hear that. Hands behind your back."

She stepped around behind him as he obeyed, and a moment later, she clipped his wrist cuffs together. He heard her moving around the room, and the sound of his clothes being dropped onto the floor. A moment later, she was back in front, holding a black crop in one hand, and dragging the room chair in the other. She released the chair, then gave him two quick taps on the inside of his thighs, very close together, as she said, "Knees apart. I want to see."

He shuffled, spreading his knees wider.

"Mmm. Nice." She touched the crop to the base of his cock, and he shivered as it moved slowly up to the tip. "I'm glad to see you've brought me a decent-sized penis. I would not have been happy if you'd disappointed me by having a tiny penis." She slid the tip of the crop across his stomach, sliding it up to his chest, then around his shoulder and onto his back as she moved around. "A nice body overall. Good." She whacked him on the buttocks. Harder, sharply, but not too hard. More a surprise than painful.

She completed her circuit, and stood in front of him, gazing at him for a moment. Turning side on, she ran her hand over her buttock. "You were staring at my bottom earlier, weren't you, you naughty boy. I saw you." She turned away from him, crossing one ankle over the other again, and bent forward, presenting herself to him. "Do you like what you see?" Bent over, she looked back at him.

Ravi nodded.

"Hmm. well. We'll see." She straightened, and took hold of the back of his head, then pulled his face into her, squashing him into her backside. "Show me how much you like it."

Ravi rubbed his face around her backside, from cheek to cheek and up and down, feeling the smooth fabric of her skirt and the firm but yielding flesh underneath. He kissed it though the material, while she tousled his hair with her hand.

"Mmm. Good." She left him pull back for a moment as she spun round to face him and, placing one foot on the seat of the chair, immediately pulled him in again, his nose and mouth under the hem of the skirt, into her groin. She'd removed the panties while she was behind him, and his nose was buried into her neatly-trimmed pubic hair. The smell of her was incredible. Ravi didn't have to be told: he reached out with his tongue to lick and rub at her as best he could. "Good boy," she murmured, moving her hips to grind against him.

Adrienne let him lap at her lips and mound for a few minutes, giving him enough flexibility to shift about on his knees, but not letting him pull too far back. His cock felt enormous, and desperate for attention, but his hands were firmly fastened behind his back. And he feared that the first touch might cause him to come immediately.

She pulled him back and released him; he dropped back, onto his haunches, working his mouth and tongue to relax them again after unaccustomed activity.

"Very good," she said. "Not a bad start." She reached out and lopped her finger through the metal ring on the front of his collar, and tugged on it, pulling back to his knees again. She kept tugging, and he realised she wanted him to stand, so he did.

Once he was on his feet, she ran the tip of the crop over his chest again, moving up to his lips, then trailing it back down his body to his groin. She reached out, and grabbed his balls, lightly, feeling him.

"These feel pretty heavy," she said. "When was the last time you came?"

Ravi had to count back. "Six days," he said.

She raised her eyebrows. "Six? Wow. That's a long time."

"The wedding," he explained. "Big family, all in the same house."

She nodded understanding. "Well, then I guess you'd like me to take care of that, would you?"

He nodded.

She squeezed his balls a bit tighter briefly, making him flinch. Not painful, not bad, but startling. And, Ravi was surprised to notice, good. "I can't hear you," she said.


She squeezed again, not relaxing this time. It was an unsettling feeling, but a pleasurable one, too.


"Yes, please."

She tilted her head, and the squeeze got tighter, slightly, and she pulled down on his balls, too, a bit. His cock was still as stiff as ever it had been.

"Yes, please... ma'am?" Ravi guessed.

"Close enough." She relaxed her grip on his balls, and shifted her hand to the base of his cock, grasping it firmly, but not moving her hand to stroke him. "Well, since you've asked so nicely, I did promise you I'd make you come harder than you've ever come before, didn't I?"

"Yes, ma'am."

She smiled. "Good boy. I like a quick learner. And I will keep that promise. But first, you're going to work for it." She released his cock, much to his frustration.

Stepping over to the bed, she pulled the duvet off it over to the side of the room. There were straps cutting across each of the corners of the mattress, with metal rings on them. She leaned over the bed, bending at the waist to show off that fabulous backside of hers again, and fingered the metal ring on the corner nearest to her, while looking back at him wickedly.

Standing, she grabbed him by the base of his cock once more, and used it as a handle to move him around until he was standing at the foot of the bed, with his back to the bed.

From her jacket pocket, she pulled out a long strip of black silk, and gave him a slow smile. "I'm going to blindfold you," she said, "and then tie you to the straps on the bed. You'll find that greatly enhances the sensations." She gave him a moment to object, and when he did not, she wrapped the silk around his head twice, over his eyes, so that he could not see. She unclipped his wrists, and then told him to sit down on the bed. With her crop, she guided him until he was positioned on the bed to her liking, and then she clipped each of the cuffs to a corner, ankles first, then wrists, spread-eagling him.

"Comfy?" she asked. "Warm enough?"

"Yes, ma'am."

The crop traced the underside of his cock again. "And still happy, I see."

He shivered pleasurably in response. "Yes, ma'am."

She began tracing different parts of his body with the crop, touching first one part, and then another, at random, returning to his cock and balls frequently but unpredictably. She started using something else, too, something much lighter than the crop, giving him a soft, tickling sensation. Each touch elsewhere on his body tingled delightfully, not quite enough to tickle or annoy; each touch on his groin made him gasp, straining for more, wanting to feel her hand again.

"Good boy," she said. Then he felt the bed shift, as she got onto it. With a few quick movements, she had straddled his head, and was sitting down on his face, lowering her lips onto his mouth. "I'm going to give you the best orgasm you've ever had," she said, "but first, you have to earn it. First you have to make me come."

As commanded, Ravi began licking and sucking. She was wet, and he quickly found his way among the folds, moving his tongue from her clitoris to her vagina and back. As he did, Adrienne rubbed her hands along his chest and stomach. Occasionally, she would lightly touch his cock, running her finger around the tip, or grasp it tightly, but without stroking, keeping him hard, but not letting him come yet.

She gave him instructions, telling him to work faster or slower, harder or softer, or to move to a different location. When he managed to lose his position, she reached under and spread herself with her fingers so that he could find the right spot again.

Ravi found the experience a struggle, but exciting. Keeping in the right place was tricky - when Adrienne moved, he didn't know whether it was with pleasure, and he should move with her, to keep doing what he was doing, or because she wanted to position herself better relative to him, but she soon corrected him if he strayed too far. His face was covered in saliva and her juices, and her aroma enveloped him, encouraging him.

After a while, she started to spasm. "Mmm, yeah. Just keep doing that. Right there." Her hips ground into his chin, making his jaws ache, but he kept going as instructed, and soon she grabbed the base of his cock tightly as her orgasm broke. "Ohhh, fuck," she said. "Ohhh god yes mmmmm." Her thighs clamped around his head for a moment, and he struggled for a moment to find a position where he could still breathe. He managed to shift enough so that he could still get air while her shaking subsided.

"Mmm," she said, after a while. "That was very good. Well done. Now, I think we should take care of this, don't you?" She squeezed his cock briefly as she climbed off him and off the bed. "There are a couple of things to take care of first." He heard her rummaging around for a moment, then he felt her fingers on his lips. "Open," she said.

He opened his mouth as requested, and she placed something solid between his teeth and quickly clipped it behind his head. "Urrf?" he said, in surprise.

"Oh, stop whining," she said, with an amused tone of voice. "There should be just enough give for you to spit that gag out. Try it, to make sure."

He did; by moving his head, he could get the gag to fall out onto his chin.

"Good," she said. "So you know that you can, if you need to. But you won't want to, will you?"

"No, ma'am."

"Good boy. Open again." And she replaced the gag when he did.

She started trailing her fingers around his stomach and groin again. He was eager to finally come.

"Now," she said, "in a moment there's going to be a knock at the door from some girlfriends of mine."

What, he wondered.

Meanwhile, she continued to drift her fingertips over him, tickling and teasing as she talked. "There's a sweet young nineteen-year-old who never learned how to give her guy a good orgasm. Luckily for you, you and your big, beautiful, hard cock are in a position to help me show her how. Now, if you prefer, I can send them away, and it'll just be me watching you spurt your load. But think what you'll be missing. You'll be at our mercy, unable to resist while horny women use you for our nefarious, sexy and educational purposes." She squeezed his cock again, before continuing to move her hand around. "And you won't know what they look like. You won't know if or when you bump into them again. But they'll know. They could be sitting at the table next to you at breakfast tomorrow morning, or they could be the server who brings your coffee. Maybe the receptionist helping you check out has a reason for that knowing look. Perhaps the hot girl next to you on your flight isn't asleep - maybe she's remembering what you look like when you come."

And on cue, there was a knock at the door.

She lightly ran the tips of her fingers around the tip of his cock. "Well? Shall I send them away?"

Ravi paused. He couldn't ask questions, or make comments. It was only "yes" or "no". All or nothing.

He shook his head.

She leaned close to his ear, still teasing his cock. "Shall I let them in?" she whispered.

He nodded.

"Good boy."

Hannah and the others had shared a glance as Adrienne stalked off towards the bar.

"Well!" said Bethany, meaningfully.

"I can't even," Dawn agreed.

Hannah nodded. "Our girl is... quite the handful."

"Is she really going to just grab a man from the bar like that?" Dawn asked. "I wonder who she'll pick?"

"I wonder if he'll survive," Bethany muttered.

Hannah watched Adrienne walk to the bar area. After a few steps of walking normally, she switched her walk, turning it into a seductive sway. Hannah envied Adrienne's ability to do that - to turn on presence or charisma or pure sexiness as easily as flipping a switch. Adrienne walked around one side of the bar and disappeared behind, making a full circuit before appearing on the other side. She glanced over to Hannah and winked as she walked up to a young man with his back to the lobby, who was watching the television above the bar. Adrienne leant on the bar and started talking to him.

Okay. As easy as that, is it?

"Right. Okay, then," she said brightly. "Another bottle of wine?"

More wine was ordered, and arrived in due course. Hannah kept an eye on Adrienne at the bar, while the ladies sipped and chatted. Hannah could not help but admire the sheer craft with which Adrienne lured her prey; she was too far away to hear their conversation, but she could see the body language, the flirtatious gestures, and the way Adrienne kept arranging to give the young man opportunities to surreptitiously ogle her body while he thought she might not be aware.

Eventually, the young man got up and left; as soon as he was out of sight, Adrienne turned to the tables, and raised her glass to them, a smile on her face, before turning back to summon the barman.

A few minutes later, Adrienne came over to join them, a smug look on her face, swirling the remaining wine in her glass.

Bethany held up her hand, and Adrienne high-fived it. "Respect, girl," Bethany said.

"So... are we going now?" Dawn asked, picking up her coat.

"Oh, no, sweetie," Adrienne said. "First, our young man has to get settled in. And then he needs to earn it." She waggled her eyebrows suggestively. "You lovely people stay here. Give me about, oh, fifteen, twenty minutes, then I'll send you a text with a room number in it." She tossed off the rest of her wine and placed the empty glass on the table. "Time for Act Two!"

They watched her go.

"That woman is quite the operator," Bethany said.

"I almost feel sorry for the young man," Hannah said.

"I don't," Bethany said. "I think he's about to have the night of his life."

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