Pantyboy graduates to cross-dressing PT2

After my cross-dressing and public ejaculation adventure with my hairdresser, Felicia, I went home and counted the days until my next appointment. I really think I was falling in love with my big beautiful sexy Nubian goddess. About a week later I got a call from Felicia. She apologized for calling me on my personal cell. She got it from the computer at the salon. She wanted to know if we could meet for lunch.

I answered back "SURE!"

She said she would pick me up at my house and we would take her car.

"Just one thing," She said. "Would you mind dressing cute? You know? Like you did last week at the Salon?"

I stammered "Um...where are we going?"

I was thinking that dressing as a girl and going to a salon was one thing, but going out dressed up just anywhere was intimidating. She must have heard nervousness in my voice.

"Its OK baby. I'll take care of you. It will be fun!" she said.

So I agreed. And she said she would pick me up that next day. The next morning, I had a long bath and I shaved my legs, ass, my pubes and my chest. I put on some very nice lotion. I put on some stockings with garters, a nice pair of Victoria's Secret lace panties in the thong style. And my sexiest heels. Then I sat at my vanity and did my make up. I used a curling iron on my hair (my hair is long) and then put on a cute little summery one-piece dress in magenta that went great with my black stockings and came to just above mid thigh. It was sexy but not too blatantly slutty. I did not know where were going after all... I looked at down at my left wrist and noticed my Oris Dive Watch. It went with my outfit but was too big and too masculine for a crossdresser! Something would have to be done. Also I decided I needed a purse. I had no pockets for my wallet. I gave Felicia my address and apartment number and she knocked right on time. I invited her in. She was a vision; Tall and buxom and looking very feminine in sundress of white that completely offset her dark cocoa skin. The hem came to about 4 inches below the curve of her glorious ass. Her black hair was braided into corn rows with beads that clicked and clacked as she moved. She was wearing slip on knee high black leather boots that went with her black purse. We both looked at each other and (I'm not making this up) whistled. I told her that she looked like a goddess. She smiled so sweetly at me, and leaned in and gave

me a kiss on my lips. "So sugar, are you wearing panties today or are you naked under your little dress?" she asked.

I smiled and raised up my dress and showed her my Victoria Secret lace thong.

And she said, "Very pretty!" I said, "What about you? I never asked you what kind of panties you wear."

Then she smiled even bigger and said, "I have to admit that seeing you come into the salon the other day with nothing on under your skirt had me daydreaming all that day. So,"

With that she grabbed each side of the hem of her dress and hiked it up waist high, and I saw all of her cocoa skin and her bare pussy with a lovely little landing strip of kinky black pubic hair. She did a little pirouette and I finally saw her perfect big ass. Her smile was a mischievous grin and she came back around to face me. And I looked down at her pretty vagina. Without thinking, I fell to my knees at her feet and thrust my face into her pussy. She was already wet and I licked her clit hungrily. She sighed sweetly and stretched up on her toes and she put hers hands on the back of my head and mumbled

"Oh sugar, that is so nice...oh yeah..." and the like.

Within about 2 minutes, she had an orgasm and her pussy poured out to me. She was breathing hard as she urged me up to face her. "Oh my god! You made me come so fast! But now we need to redo your lipstick."

I led her to my vanity and she redid my lipstick and took a tissue and wiped her juices off my face and then kissed me again. "Ready?" she asked and we headed out the door.

It was then I began to wonder about my neighbors. Before, I had snuck out my back door with my girl clothes in a bag so my neighbors would not see me. We came down the hall to the elevator and pressed the button.

Then I heard one of my neighbor's apartment doors open and a quick "Hold the elevator!"

My Neighbor, Monica, rushed into the elevator. She glanced at me, and then Felicia and mumbled a quick "Hi." Then she did a quick double take and looked at me again. "Paul? Is that you?" All I could do was nod and blush. Monica said, "Wow!...I...Wow! You look...different." Felicia said, "I think he looks lovely," and she pulled me close and planted a kiss on me. Monica smiled and giggled. When the kiss ended, I said, "This is Felicia. She and I are...friends." They shook hands with a pleased to meet you. And we small talked as the elevator went to the ground floor.

Monica said, "Well it was nice to meet you Felicia and ...Nice to see you, like this, Paul." And we parted ways. Felicia led me to her car, a metallic silver '70's Cadillac El Dorado convertible. As the weather was fine that day, the top was down and we climbed in. As we drove, Felicia said we were going to lunch first and then, maybe she could take me shopping. I liked the sound of this but I admitted I was nervous going out into the real world dressed as a girl.

She smiled again and said, "I will take care of you baby. I wont let anything bad happen."

And with that I scooted over and leaned against her and she snuggled to me. Feeling emboldened, I reached up and caressed her breasts through her dress. And she responded with a sigh and a moan. With her right hand she reached down and started masturbating herself and she controlled the car with her left hand. I freed her right breast and started suckling her beautiful nipple. I reached down and pulled my little penis out of my panties and started jacking off. She was looking at the road and also at me masturbating. The sun was warm and it occurred to me that any pedestrian would be able to clearly see what we were doing. In about a minute she came again. She moaned and sighed so sweetly. I mentioned how easily she could cum.

And she replied "When I am relaxed and feeling safe, I cum quickly and a lot. And I feel safe with you. Very safe, because you let me be in control, and I know you would not harm me. I don't do well when men try to control me. I had some bad experiences as a girl. And you seem OK with a woman who calls the shots. And, baby, you also dress so sexy, and you are such a little slut, that you really get me hot!"

I felt very happy to hear this. We pulled onto the interstate and drove to the next city over, which is about 12 miles. Felicia exited and I saw she was taking us to Crossroads mall. It's a big mall that I knew of but had not visited yet. She parked near one of the restaurants called The Turano Grill and we parked. Then we walked into the mall entrance. I was nervous. There was no mistaking I was a boy but I was dressed as a girl. But Felicia's big arm was around my shoulders so I just went with the flow. We passed a group of 3 big guys near the entrance. They were staring at Felicia (who could blame them) but also at me. It was like they could not figure out why a smallish guy dressed as a girl would rate such a beautiful large woman.

One of the men said, "Hey baby. Why don't you ditch that fggt and come with a real man".

Not only was this rude but I really dislike that F word!! I was about to give the guy what for (and possibly get my ass kicked) when Felicia pushed the guy HARD and he stumbled backward, barely catching himself from going down. She was surprisingly strong.

She said, "Listen you macho asshole. This little white boy will be face deep in my ass later today, while you go home and jack off. It just might be that if you could be comfortable with your feminine side, you might just score with a woman like me."

Then she leaned into me and kissed me deeply with tongue while the macho guy watched, at a loss for words. We walked to the restaurant and the hostess seated us. She barely looked twice at me. Like wise the waitress noticed my outfit but seemed very cool about it. That is when I knew that everything would be OK and so we had a leisurely lunch, then dessert and espresso. During lunch she told me about her boyfriend. They lived together. I worried that Felicia and I being together would jeopardize that relationship.

She responded "Oh don't worry. He knows about you. He wants to meet you. See, he likes wearing panties. He likes being spanked. He likes me to stick my finger up his ass when fuck. He has a submissive side. He admitted to me that he has thought about being fucked by a man, and said that he fantasized about it. He thinks about being fucked up the ass by a man while his face is buried in my crotch. But he is nervous. He wants a man with a small penis. And when I finally saw your penis at the salon last week that gave me an idea. So I was thinking that maybe you could come over to our house, and if you like my boyfriend, we could have some fun. Also my man has wanted to dress up like a slut and go out in public. Since you are so brave maybe you could help him". I was floored, but the idea did not repulse me. I don't think of myself as gay. I am always attracted to women, but this idea was so daring that I agreed to meet with them. I had put my credit card down the front of my thong panties (because I can't carry a wallet in a cocktail dress) and so I paid the tab and we walked out into the mall.

"Now we go shopping! Do you need some panties?" she asked

"Always!" I laughed and she took me Victoria's secret, which was across the mall. We walked into VC, and I could not help but notice that every saleslady was very attractive. And they were everywhere.

I whispered to Felicia "They are all lovely! I hope I don't get a boner!"

She had me by the hand and led me over to the spring Angel collection that had just come out.

One of the salesladies came up, smiling, and said, "Hi. I'm Kat. Can I help you ladies?"

Then she looked at me in the face and said, "Oh...I'm sorry I though you were a woman!"

I said, "I'll take that as a compliment!" and Kat laughed and relaxed. She had a lovely laugh. And Felicia took over. She said, "We are shopping some panties for my sweet boy here. Maybe some stockings might be in order."

Kat asked, "I guessing you are about a 6 or a 7?"

She took a tape from her pocket and measured around my hips. Her hands on me were all business but still arousing.

"Yes, " She said. What styles do you prefer? Boy pants? Low riders? Thongs? Bikinis? "

I said, "I like them all as long as they are really sexy and feminine. I love lace and see through materials".

Kat laughed and said, "You little slut." And we all laughed.

Kat grabbed some different colors and Felicia would hold them up to my pelvis. This caused a stir and some of the other shoppers were watching as well as a couple of other sales ladies.

Kat said, "I like these low rise bikinis. But maybe there is not enough material in front to hold your, you know, your, um, to hold you." She ended grinning.

Felicia said rather loudly "Oh don't worry. His penis is pretty small."

Kats eyes got big and her hand flew to her mouth.

Then Felicia said, "Small but very pretty." So Kat led us back to the dressing rooms and one of the other salesladies just followed. Kat unlocked the dressing room and Felicia urged me in and handed me some panties. And both she and Kat and the other saleslady (I never got her name) stopped and watch me expectantly. As an exhibitionist, I was in heaven. Felicia said "Here baby, try these on" and she held up a pair of very sheer pink bikini panties. So I lifted the hem of my skirt and whisked down my current thong.

Kat said, "Very nice".

Then to my surprise, Felicia knelt down at my feet and had me put one foot and then the other into the new panties, then she slowly pulled them up. This was sexy in two ways. To relinquish control and allow myself to be dressed by a woman was hot. And also, I was able to be basically naked from the waist down (except for the stockings) for Felicia, Kat and the other saleslady. It was clear they were all going to be on hand for all of this and it was giving me an erection. After the third pair of panties, I was completely hard.

Kat said, "I see what you mean. His cock is pretty small. Maybe the smallest I have seen. But it is very pretty. The shape and the taper, the curve of his erection is just lovely."

And then Felicia said, "Hmm. and he always seems to be hard".

The girls checking me out and talking about me as if I weren't there, was very hot. I basically chose to buy every pair of panties I was shown. And the Kat came back with several pairs of thigh high stockings, and garters and stockings. So I tried on all of these.

About half way through, Felicia said, "I suspect he really likes to wear the stockings, and the heels, and nothing else whenever he can get away with it. No dress or top or skirt and no panties.... just stockings and heels. DO you like that, Paul?" I nodded! Kat said, "Wow! You have done this in public? Were you hard? How did people react? That is something I would like to see!"

Even the other sales lady said, "Me too!"

And with that, Felicia reached out and grabbed my dress and pulled it up over my head and put it in her big handbag. Then she pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them. She handed them to Kat. So there I was in my stockings and heels in a lingerie store dressing room with Felicia and the door open while two sales ladies watched through the open door of the dressing room. It was one of the most erotic things that had ever happened to me. And so I answered Kat's questions. "Well," I said. "I have not really done it out and about yet. I did something like this at a rave and at a Halloween party last year. But I was wearing boy clothes with the stocking on underneath. At the Halloween party, everyone went out to the swimming pool and started to undress, down to their underwear and jumped in the pool. It was heated. I was wearing thigh high stockings and some pretty panties. So I was wondering which would be weirder for everyone. I could take off everything and then I would be the only one that was naked, which would be exciting but might make people uncomfortable. Or I could just go in my stockings and panties. I would not be naked but it would be weirder. In the end, I just went into the pool in my stockings and panties. That was pretty much the first time anyone knew I was a panty-boy. And also that was the day that this girl I had been trying to get off with, finally noticed me and she and I got busy that night." As I was talking, the ladies were really looking at me and I was getting harder by the moment. I was glad I had shaved everything extra close. Kat said, "You have a nice body. You are more muscular than I thought you would be. And I think I like the look with no body hair. What happened at the rave? Did you wear panties or not?"

"The rave, yes," I said. "I was with a group of friends, and one girl gave me a some ecstasy. I told her I was a lightweight and did not do drugs much but she talked me into it. I told her not to let me get naked because EX does that to me which is why I don't do it much."

After about an hour at the rave, we noticed many of the men were shirtless and a few women were in their bras. It was hot in there. I was really feeling it and was sweating. And my friend was urging me to take off my shirt. I think that was her plan all the time. So I did take my shirt off. Half an hour later I saw a woman dancing in her panties and I told my friend as we were dancing that I wanted to be dancing naked and that I would rather be naked all the time. And so with my friend's urging, I started to pull my jeans down as I kick off my loafers. At the last minute, I remembered I was wearing stockings and no panties. So when my pants got down to mid thigh, I stopped and started to pull them back up.

And my friend screamed 'what are you wearing?'

So I had to show her and she made me take my pants all the way off. So there I was with the flashing lights and the loud house music in my stockings and nothing else. My friend was laughing and I was getting excited."

At this point, in the dressing room, telling the three ladies about my adventure, my memory of the events was almost as exciting. Without thinking about it I reached down to stroke my three-inch hard on as I spoke. All three ladies followed the motion of my hand.

The saleslady whose name I did not know said "I'll let you know if anyone is coming...I mean if anyone else is coming!" I continued with my story. "I don't know how most people at the rave reacted about me dancing around in nothing but stockings." I went on. "I was hard for about an hour and the warm air on my body was wonderful. I was felt up about a thousand times and I kept dancing with my friend and another couple who danced themselves closer. I felt so free and I know this sounds crazy, but I felt beautiful. My ass was slapped and my penis grabbed and I was ground upon and did my own grinding as well. The girl from the couple I was dancing with was grinding her ass into my erection and her boyfriend was grinding himself into my ass, and I felt my orgasm coming so I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up so I could yell a warning in her ear.

"I am going to come and I don't want to come on your cute outfit".

She looked at me wide eyed and turned around to watch and at the moment she looked down at my penis, I came right in front of her and everyone who was near. It was heaven. It was possible the most erotic thing to happen to me up until that point."

I was looking at the sales ladies who were looking at me and I was really starting to stroke myself. I was so hard, and was in nothing but stockings, and completely hairless, and these women (including Felicia) were watching my hand on my penis. And I felt my climax building. And I started moaning and whimpering a little. "Oh my god!" I whined, "I am going to come!"

And my hips started that familiar humping motion as I moaned, trying to keep quiet in case there were people in the store. Felicia smiled at me and put her hand on my ass with her middle finger at the opening of my asshole. When I felt the pressure of her finger I moaned louder and bent over a bit and pushed my ass into her hand.

She laughed and said, "I think I can tell what you want. You want my finger inside you!"

The idea of being probed by her with other watching, in a public place, with me naked and hairless except for pretty stocking was incredible, and I emptied my self on the wooden floor as the others watched. When I calmed down a bit, Kat said, "That is the wildest and weirdest and hottest thing I have ever seen". I was leaning up against my big Nubian princess because my knees were weak.

I said, "I am sorry I came on your floor. Please let me clean it up."

Kat reached onto a shelf and got a towel and some spray cleaner and handed them to me. As I got down on my hands and knees, and began to clean up after myself, I realized how submissive the situation was and started smiling.

Felicia said, "What are you smiling about, Sugar?"

And I said, "I feel like a sexy maid cleaning up for my mistresses! It makes me feel sexy."

Felicia bent down and slapped my ass lightly and said, "You can clean my floor anytime sugar." The sales ladies were smiling and looked a bit wide-eyed at what they had seen. Kat said "I can't wait to tell all my friends about this. I don't think they will believe me. This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me at work."

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