"So you just dropped her off at the train station?"

"Yeah... what do you mean?"

Susan Anderson wiped her brow with the back of her forearm, dragging away sweat and clumps of sticky blond hair. The July heat was murder. She sat at the long side of the dinner table, speaking to her son, seated on her right. She took a swig of iced lemonade, the chill slowly spreading within her, as she clarified.

"Well... did you... like... kiss her goodbye or anything?"

"Leave the boy alone," Andrew muttered to her left, at the head of the table, not looking up from his phone. "No eighteen-year old wants to talk about this stuff with his parents."

Susan shot her husband a dirty look that he didn't see. He had been absent from the whole dinner as usual - why was he butting in now?

"It's nothing like that," Seth quickly retorted in a tone that matched his mother's.

"Alright whatever, don't gang up on me now - I don't want to hear about this stuff. I'm gonna call Alex and see what he's up to this weekend."

Susan rolled her eyes at his usual prudishness. "Okay, well don't forget that you're still picking me up from..."

Andrew was already on his call before Susan could finish. She sighed.

"Sometimes I think that dad wishes that Mr Stone would adopt him," Seth muttered, moving his chair closer to his mother's.

Susan couldn't help but laugh out loud, spitting a small amount of lemonade. She tried to recover, "Well... our marriage counselor says that it's good for him to have his friends."

Now just a foot away, Seth dropped his conversation to a more intimate volume: "Friends are great, but it's no excuse to skip out on your woman."

Susan's eyebrows rose, "Wow, what a gentleman."

Seth chuckled, "No seriously. If I were him, I'd be taking you on a date on a Friday night!"

Susan couldn't help but beam, her heart full of pure love, and grabbed his left hand with her right, "Aww... thank you sweetie. I mean it. Penny was a lucky girl - she was giddy every time she picked you up."

"Well, that's because she was looking forward to what happened after the date..." the boy grinned suggestively, his hand now grasping hers as well, eyes fixed into hers.

"Oh, I see. So, is this what you had in mind for this date you're taking me on?"

"I had lots of things in mind. Including helping with that baby you've been trying to have."

Susan laughed in surprise as she playfully slapped his hand away. "That's your dad's job, you rascal!"

Seth chuckled shaking his hand in mock pain, "Well he's not doing a very good job..."

"And you think you can do better, huh?" she asked, while her toes began to flirt with his.

"Yup. I'll guarantee that you'll see that double plus sign before August rolls around. So... wanna hire me?" the boy asked jokingly, but also while placing his left hand on her right thigh, just below the hem of her shorts.

Susan folded her arms in mock anger, her suppressed smile belying her racing heart and frantic toes, as she felt his fingers move playfully on her sweaty, alabaster skin: "I'm not looking to hire right now. Besides, you don't have any experience, buster - you've never even made a baby!"

"Yes I do! I've just practiced with... training wheels on," the teen muttered as his fingers snuck just below the outline of her shorts.

Despite her excitement at the illicit contact, Susan couldn't help but laugh, "Is that what you kids are calling condoms these days?"

"Yeah... get with the lingo, mom."

"Okay... okay. Well, I've certainly seen many 'training wheels' charged to my card..." Susan smiled at him in mocking admonishment.

"Hey, you're the one who taught me to use protection! And yeah... you can't blame a guy for wanting to have some fun."

Susan sighed, as she felt the boy's fingers now caressing her inner thigh. She looked over her shoulder at the hallway to make sure her husband was still distracted. "Baby-making might be fun for a guy like you, buster, but it's all work for us women."

"Well okay yeah at the end, but I'll promise you'll have a whole lot of fun during... the preparations..."

The teen grinned at her, but his eyes looked into hers with a sincerity borne of experience. Susan could hear her heart thudding in her ears. Having watched her baby boy grow into an accomplished lothario with girlfriend after girlfriend over the years, she wasn't new to the concept of his sexuality or her maternal envy. More frightening was the increasing boundary-breaking that both of them were guilty of. Worst of all, she couldn't remember her last orgasm, and the promise of a "whole lot" was something she wanted more than she could ever admit. She suddenly pulled away and tried to change the subject.

"Oh sure, Romeo... in the meanwhile, you can't even tell me if you kissed her or not."

"Yeah, of course I did," the boy retorted, retracting his hand from her skirt, slightly cooled from her rebuff.

"That's it? Come on, no lover's farewell? Where are all those teenage hormones I keep hearing about?"

The young man drank some of his own lemonade and grinned, scratching his hair, also blond and sweaty. His brown eyes playfully looked into hers as he replied.

"Oh... yeah, we got a little... frisky. Why so curious?"

Susan felt her ears burning. As she scanned the teen's shiny, sculpted shoulders, visible in his sweaty tank top, she knew the answer in her head, but refused to say. She pressed on, her voice quiet but animated.

"Frisky?? Come on, tell me if you pounded some puss! Your prude of a father isn't here, just me! Details, boy!"

Seth laughed at her vulgarity and then lowered his voice, "Well... we always used to go to that hill at the end of Prospect Street that looks onto the town. You know the one?"

Susan's smile grew big, lopsidedly accentuating the dimples on her left side. She shook her head, "Of course you'd spend lots of time there, perv."

"What?! You know about Happy Hill?"

"Of course. Don't forget that your mom was once a young girl that also went to your high school."

"Woah... I wanna hear details..." the boy drifted off, his eyes suddenly glazed with a dreamy look.

"You first... and for the third time this week, eyes up here, mister." Susan stuck out her tongue, giggling at him. Her pale skin couldn't help but blush ever so slightly at his reaction, and she suddenly felt conscious of the sweaty tank top that now seemed stretched against her ample bosom.

"Can you blame a guy for having an imagination?"

"No, not for that. What were you imagining?"

"If I tell you, I'll make you blush again."

Susan felt her face grow hot - the teen had her exactly where he wanted. She smiled coyly, suddenly unable to meet his eyes.

"Don't be too embarrassed. You're having an effect on me too," he whispered gently, wrapping his large hand around her wrist and moving it towards his shorts.

Susan didn't have to even peek below the table to know what her hand had just curled around; she'd seen and, at times when Andrew wasn't looking, subsequently felt enough of his prolific and prominent bulges through his various garments to know better. As usual, the hot sensation of his youthful throbbing inspired one of her own in her belly, wishing she hadn't pushed his fingers away from their target.

"So... you were saying? You took Penny to Happy Hill? And then got... frisky?"

Seth smiled, "Yes... well, she asked me to drive her there a few hours before she had to go. We started making out in the car. She was so horny that she immediately began taking off my... hey dad!"

Susan jumped with a start, her heart pounding, eyes wide. She pulled her hand away. Andrew was standing right by them. She had been picturing a blond girl that looked eerily like a teenage Susan running her hands over their son's rigid abdomen and preparing to tongue-lash his large knob.

"O-oh... hi... how are Alex and Leah doing?" Susan asked faintly, trying her best to mitigate the deepening redness in her face.

Andrew was back at his seat, eyes back on his phone. "They're good. Alex is gonna play the game on his big screen - the Yankees are on. Wanna join me?"

Susan sighed with relief at his obliviousness, as she tried to think about something she cared less about than baseball, "Sure, I guess. Weren't we gonna go out for dinner?"

"We've got all weekend to get dinner. Seth... don't you wanna go to Mr Stone's?"

"Sorry dad, I still can't get into baseball. I'm gonna be hanging out with Tommy until late. Speaking of which, I promised him that I'd meet him for a movie."

Andrew frowned, but didn't respond, already losing interest in the conversation. Susan smiled at her son in relief, and muttered, "Need some money for the movies?"

"No, I've got plenty. And thanks for dinner - it was delicious." The boy turned around just before he exited the door and looked into her eyes again, "Remember my offer. I'll see you at the barbeque. I love you."

"Yeah see you there. I love you..." Susan couldn't help but feel a thrill at the teen's boldness.

"What's he talking about?" Andrew asked, still not looking up from his phone.

"Oh nothing..." Susan muttered dreamily, and soon a silence settled over the dinner table. She didn't really notice though, now armed with the image of her recent peek, and resumed the daydream that her husband had so rudely interrupted.

"I can't blame you for daydreaming, hon. Seth's growing up to be quite the scrumptious young man."

Susan woke with a start to notice a very pregnant woman in her late 30s grinning at her, as she pushed back her deep red hair. She wore a baby blue two-piece bathing suit that matched her eyes and grinned at her naughtily.

"Oh... hey Becca...I... uh... " Susan blushed, having been caught red-handed ogling her son's shapely glutes, flexing in his tight pool shorts as he bent over to grab a drink from the cooler. What she had been imagining in her head was even worse.

"Happy Independence Day to you too. It's okay... as a fellow mother of a handsome teenage boy, I completely understand. Also, girl... why are you not drinking?? If it weren't for this one, I'd be sauced through the whole long weekend."

Susan couldn't help but laugh, and accepted the glass of wine thrust upon her. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy as she watched Rebecca massage her massive baby bulge, and took a big swig of her glass.

"Thanks Becca... happy 4th to you too. And thanks to you and Dwight for inviting us to your barbeque"

"You bet, sweetheart. Love to see you, anytime." When she noticed her friend eyeing her belly, she dropped her voice, "so... any luck on the baby making?"

"Nope. Haven't even bothered testing recently - Andrew's been really busy as of late."

"Oh please... a total hottie like you can get it whenever she wants."

"No she can't... I even wore lingerie in bed last night hoping... but he was just too tired."

"What an idiot... he's got a blonde bombshell in his bed, and he does nothing with it! You're wasted on him!"

Susan smiled, "Thanks girl... you're the best. It's not like we haven't tried in the last year. I've actually been thinking... maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just too old."

"Maybe Andrew's too old."

With most of her glass already empty, Susan couldn't help but laugh. "Maybe. If only I had a time machine."

"Well you have the next best thing," Rebecca whispered with a smile, as she gestured towards Seth.

"Becca!" Susan playfully smacked her arm, blushing, after her friend's insinuation crystallized.

"What?! Are you looking at the same hunk that I am? I'm sure he'd be delighted to help - in fact, look! I caught him ogling us! Oooh and what's that thing in his shorts?"

Susan couldn't help but smile as she saw her son trying her best to look innocent, his awkwardly held over his swimming shorts, doing little to hide the obvious protuberance.

Rebecca whistled and she grabbed another wine glass from the passing waiter, "You're wasting so many... gifts, sweetheart. Here, hopefully another glass will help you come to your senses."

Susan stuck out her tongue at her, "Gee thanks, what a humanitarian. I've seen enough evidence to know that Roman's... gifted too. Did YOU ask him for help for your current bump?"

Rebecca burst out laughing uncontrollably, and wouldn't stop for nearly half a minute, drawing looks even from the people nearby chatting. When she finally caught her breath, she composed herself and smiled, and addressed her friend, who looked at her eyes wide and shaking her head.

"Oh... sorry... I couldn't help it."

"Wow. You're going to explain yourself later when we meet this week. Where is Roman anyway?" Susan asked, trying her best not to look towards Seth.

"He's already at State for an early summer program. Dwight got him a nice apartment."

"He didn't want to come for the long weekend?"

Rebecca laughed, somewhat bitterly, "Oh please... and butt antlers with his dad? No way. Besides, whenever I visit, the myriad of used condoms in the trash are enough evidence that's not missing his dear old mother that much."

"Aw sweetheart, don't say that. I know that the boy adores you."

Rebecca sighed before chuckling, "I know - I'm just being a bitter old mare. He's always had so much... energy, so it's not a surprise he's busy. College is good to... gifted boys like ours; I'm envious of the the lucky girls they'll meet. Thank god Dwight's out of town next weekend; my baby's coming to visit me, and we'll have the house all to ourselves."

"Becca?" Susan asked after her friend settled into a dreamy look for more than a moment. Yet, as she herself imagined Seth plowing an endless supply of co-eds next year at university, she could commiserate.

Now, it was Rebecca's turn to blush. "Sorry... I've got a... scrumptious boy of my own, and now I'm being a bad host! I better make the rounds, but it's always nice to see you. Don't give up with the baby, hon - it took me a while too, but I... eventually found a way. Just follow your heart, and I know you'll find one too. Give me your empty glass - you need a full one!"

Susan walked around the party, drinking her wines as she chewed the fat with all the characters from the neighborhood. She looked for her son, but couldn't find him. Three more full glasses later, Susan was decently drunk as she approached her husband. She found him as usual amongst the gaggle of male friends. He saw her and quickly broke from the group to meet her.

"Oh hey Suzie... enjoying the party? Oh... haha wow you're drunk..."

She approached him, sliding an arm around him, and whispered into his ear, "Baby... let's go home."

"Wha-? Now?"

"Yeah... I want... let's try... for the baby?"

"Ohh... shit. Uh... well, sorry honey, remember how I said I was gonna go to the game?"

Susan gave him a dark look and pushed him away.

You're making a scene!" Andrew whispered harshly.

Susan looked around to indeed find his friends awkwardly glancing at them.


"It's okay... now you're drunk, sweetheart. Maybe go back home and lie down? I'll just go to the Stones' on my own, and you rest up tonight."

Susan was too defeated to argue, and strode away in a huff. She considered employing Rebecca's always available ears, but then saw her friend mingling with the crowd, and decided to shuffle home. She tried to look forward to the night - perhaps this would be the one that'd finally lead to the little blue plus sign she'd been hoping for so long. The walk did her good; by the time she was unlocking her front door, her mood had vastly improved and she actually did feel like lying down for a bit.

As soon as she opened the door, however, she heard voices from upstairs. The timbre of her son's was unmistakable - the boy must have slipped out of the party quickly. And... now there was... a female one too! The scoundrel had brought a girl home back from the party. Susan began undoing her shoes, noticing a pair of pumps that she didn't recognize. Now barefoot, Susan carefully climbed the stairs.

Who could it be? Susan had assumed that he and Penny would have tried a long-distance relationship, but she also knew that an asset like her son was not going to go ignored over a summer vacation.

At the top of the stairs, it became clear that it was a woman. As she approached, the woman's cries, increasingly more desperate and insistent, began to align with the rhythm thudding that now seemed deafening.

"Ohh!! SETH!! So deep!" the woman squealed.

Susan's heart began to race. She was listening to her son have sex for the first time. Although thanks to the loud pounding of the bed against the wall and his partner's caterwauling, it sounded more like an exorcism than anything she had experienced in her own bedroom. Her maternal instincts cautioned her to leave, but a need that had insidiously creeped inside pushed her forward. Besides, given the number of times she had let the boy peek in on her during various states of undress, it was only fair to reciprocate. When she reached the door, she found it wide open; clearly its occupants expected an empty house.

Susan peeked into the bedroom from around the side wall and her eyes went wide.

A woman of about her own age, completely naked except for a half-opened brassiere, lay supine on the teenager's bed, her breasts and bellyfat rocking to the tempo of the sex, and her long, blond hair was spread loose. Her small hands were at her sides, pale from the effort of clutching the fitted sheet. Her eyeshadow-covered eyelids, complete with long eyelashes, were squeezed shut and her lips and teeth took turns licking and biting her lipstick-red lips.

Meanwhile, with his large hands clutching the woman's pale ankles wide apart, her son stood at the side of the bed, completely nude in all his glory. The sculpted upper body that Susan had admired while she had watched him work out shirtless innumerable times was now taut and sweaty from the effort of splaying the woman's legs open. As she studied the determined grit in his jaw, the veins bulging in his unyielding forearms, the avatar of her baby boy slowly dissolved into a regnant man. Although she had peeked in on them enough times over the years to not be unfamiliar, Susan was hypnotized by the rock hard glutes that powered the robust fuck he was busy delivering. They made him seem years older and made her dizzy. At the zenith of his withdrawal, the largest penis Susan had ever seen glistened with juices of its most recent host. Soon enough, somehow, the pole disappeared and Seth's balls pressed against the woman's butthole. Susan couldn't help but wonder if she too could accommodate the whole of him.

When the boy squeezed his glutes and rolled his hips, the woman howled, her small pale hands moving to clutch her lover's muscular thighs desperately as he vigorously belabored her depths. She was writhing on the bed, her face and chest flushed red and drenched in sweat, her breaths and words struggling to escape, "Unhh... unnh... fuckk... soooo DEEEP... oooh... oh god... my pussy's so fucking wet... stirrr that snatch... OHHH!! FUCK!!"

Even contorted in ecstasy, the woman's face was immediately familiar to Susan; it was Penny's mother, June.

June's gasps and mewls crescendoed to shrieks as the teen accelerated his hard thrusts, their sodden union now resounding a loud thwack with each thrust. Her sweet boy turned into an animal before her, his teeth bared, eyes set, traps flared, as he seemed to use every bit of his monumental strength to pound the shit out of her friend. His chiseled abs flexed and relaxed, glistening from the sweat that poured down his torso. In the summer afternoon heat, both partners were dripping and the room was filled with the musk of their fucking. Susan squeezed her thighs, struggling to remember the last time she had been so turned on.

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